Kumkum bhagya (always there for you) Chapter 11 fan fiction

sorry i didn’t wrote the chapter no. as i have weak memory

randeep- i can drop you to your house

alia- thank you for sure

randeep- ok get into the car

they reach mehra mansion

alia- hi everybody

abhi- why is randeep with you

alia- actually some goons were troubling me so randeep helped me and my car got punctured so he asked me for lift

abhi- thanks randeep

randeep- no need i am going

pragya- oh sorry we forgot to tell yiu that dida,vikram ji and pallavi ji have gone to assam

randeep- so

disha- mesns you have to stay here

randeep- that’s not a problem

next morning

randeep sits next to alia in dining table

abhi- today we will go to outing

kiara- yay

alia wore

randeep wore

they are wearing green gets noticed by family members

randeep- what happened

mitali- alia and u are wearing green

alia- hey u randeep why are u wearing green

randeep- it is my favourite color

alia- mine too

they high five and then happened eyelock bgm- agar tum saath ho

from alia hand sppon falls and the eyelock break

they all eat and get ready for outing

abhigya room

abhi- fuggy please wear this for me

pragya- ok

same happens with dishrub


sorry for short update please comment

  1. Please post chap 12

  2. Jasminerahul

    Randeep dropping alia was nice.surprising that they both have same taste in colour.eye lock with song was romantic .when will the leap start?

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