ranbir enters prachi cabin

while prachi was attending a call , reading a file and drinking water

prachi- kiu ko bhej ke galti kardi (i did a mistake sending kiu)

ranbir- mein kuch madad kardo (may i help)

prachi- ranbir stay away from me

ranbir- why prachi i love you

prachi- no need to act i know about the bet but you thought i will be broken that i may also die

ranbir- prachi (shout)

prachi- no need to shout i know your ttue colour now i hate you to the core

ranbir- prachi why can’t you understand i love u

prachi- even if you love me i don’t give it a dam cause i hste you mr.ranbir kohli

she left

ranbir- why did i accept that stupid bet why but i will win back prachi (sees her photo in the table)

i promise you prachi that i will win you back and ranbir kohli never breaks his promise

after some time

prachi- how was his mom

kiara- you know prachi she was so sweet

prachi- kiu we have to go to a meeting so while returnin it will be late so the three of them and we wil stay in our hotel

prachi- kiu call them to my cabin

ria,sahana,ranbir,aryan reach prachi cabin

kiara- prachi thay came

prachi- kiu can you check it once (gives a file )

kiara- sure

prachi- i know you all are new so take 1 week to make you ready with the office and there are some rules so you should follow them

1 no late comers allowed

2 while officw hours if it’s unavoidable then only you can take leave

3 do not mix personal and professional life

the list goes on

and yeah there is a meeting in 3.5 hours you see the company history and prepare for the meeting now you may leave

just then a man enters

sorry for short update and sorry for not posting for long please comment

  1. Wow amazing episode….lets see that how will Ranbir convince Prachi…..
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  3. Aldy

    Nice update….post soon.

  4. Jasminerahul

    sad that prachi behaved rudely with ranbir bcz of the bet.hope the misunderstandings will get over soon.which man entered?Nice pic.plz update the other ff also.

  5. Padmarupa

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  7. Zara11

    This story is so amazing that I read it in one go. Update soon

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