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Disha – congratulations to  both of you now I will get daughter in my home I was tired of this boy 

PURAB and mehras were  shocked to SEE DISHA

Sunny – mom (whines )

Again they got shocked who they thought was akash was SUNNY

Prachi – what mom you are correct MASI this boy is like this only only makes other people tired

Sunny – oh I make you tired

Suddenly dadi says DISHA

Disha – dadi what are you doing here

Prachi – wait , guests so can leave the party is FINISHED

All guests leave

Prachi – kiu I told you I will give your gift later this is your gift (claps ) police please come

Police enters along with TANU and ALIA but they are handcuffed by police

Kiara – what will I do with these ladies

Prachi  – kiu you happen to be my big sister

Kiara – what

Prachi- yes I had a doubt that how can your and my sister birthday can be on same day so I hired I private investigator and found that these two were behind my sister meaning your KIDNAPPING

PRAGYA- what kia is KIARA

Kiara – (angrily ) no this cannot be this people did not even decided to find me

Prachi – these women had removed any traces of you so they were not able to find you

  1. SKD

    Amazing ❤

  2. Nice can you please give me 1st episode link

  3. Purple girl

    I loved that u started to write again

    1. Jasminerahul

      Glad that talia got arrested.really happy that they recognized kiara.in this ff are kiara n sunny rohan n aneri?I forgot.

  4. sitara you have given intro for many ff’s but not wrote or posted one episode in them
    so pls post

  5. i am sixth and loves reading your ff’s

  6. Sitara013

    Thank you all of you and yes aneri and rohan are SUNNY and kiara

  7. Please upload next episode as fast as possible just can’t wait 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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