kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 25)

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Hai …back with my update..how all are fit and  fine…so let’s get into the story…straightly and  i too think it cant be a big update..
     “What should I wear tanu..” pragya enters while having a lots of dresses in her hands. Tanu looks at her and the dresses and says we are going for a party not a pooja..its club pragya not temple.. pragya keeps the dresses on the bed and say their with a sad face. Tanu who was sitting there working on a laptop looks at her and says I am sorry ..I didn’t mean to.. PRAGYA,  you too said as like riya. I know that we are going for a party and I never gone there . I said before that I can’t come to such places as it’s not familiar for me and becomes sad. Tanu holding her hand says I am sorry baby..look arjun allowed me here that I can help you ..if he knows that I hurted you he would rather throw me out.

PRAGYA chuckles to which tanu hugs her saying that’s my darling. PRAGYA , leave that..come on say .. what should I wear.. they heard a knock at the door and looks who was that. Looking at the person ; pragya , ma..come in..why you are asking permission..you have full rights to come.she gets up and goes to her. Arjun’s ma smiles at her saying ok baba..i will never repear this.. arjun said you will talk more but I never expected this much . Tanu,  aunty..it’s less only.if you want to know about her details contact abhi..he only knows about her. PRAGYA throws a pillow which was on her hand eying not to say. She smiled saying if I want I will surely ask him.. pragya smiles back asking what happened..
arjun’ s mom shows her the outfit. Pragya exclaiming , ma..its so nice..thank you ..she hugs her and tanu smiles at her.
At 7 pm in evening ,arjun comes near pragya’s room asking how love you gonna take pragya? Actually abhi is continuously calling me as you didn’t pick your phone. He looks at pragya who came there  and he  says beautiful..you look like an angel.. pragya smiles saying thank you.. arjun confused , for what.. pragya with tears in her eyes , for giving  mom like her. Arjun hugs her saying no tears. .your makeup will go off and then how will abhi get impress of
your beauty.pragya pushed him saying you idiot.. arjun smiling asked where is that girl..is she getting ready till now. Tanu comes there saying i am ready ..let’s go. They three moves to the party area.

    Abhi was getting ready in his favourite black shirt not only his but her’s too.he looks at mirror saying i am eagerly waiting for you but you are not picking my calls..let’s see what reason you gonna say. Purab and nikkil comes there and abhi didn’t noticed them. PURAB, see this is called loveattackphenia. NIKKIL om confused tone , what’s that ..Abhi looks at them and was eagerly waiting for purab’s reply. PURAB , I could not define but can say the symptoms like the person will smile looking at his phone , will not eat or sleep and most important thing he will speak looking at the mirror.now both u nderstoods that he I teasing abhi. Abhi , and one more symptom is there.. PURAB in confused look , what’s that.Abhi nears him saying that’s the most important thing ..NIKKIL ,what’s that.Abhi holds purab’s hand saying the person will beat like this..he starts to beat and continues saying when someone irritates him. PURAB stops him saying please..leave me..I am sorry. Abhi , am I looking like a mad for you both. NIKKIL and purab looking at each other says how can we say you like that..Abhi , I know you both are wasting time with your useless talks..I am ready let’s go. PURAB nods saying let’s go ji…

     PRAGYA gets down from the car as arjun opens the door and tanu looks at nikkil who was standing there and leaves to see him. PRAGYA holds arjun’s hand saying , I am little bit feared ..please you be with me. Arjun smiling asked why you are getting fear..I will be with you and more over abhi is there n.a.. pragya nods while she looks at abhi who was coming towards them. He admires pragya who was glistening in her dress which is peach colour long dress covering till her knee which doesn’t hold abhi from hugging her. He rushed to her and hugs saying looking beautiful. He kissed her cheeks saying hot too.pragya blushes saying thank you and you too looking handsome. ….Arjun clears his throat saying i am also here bro. Abhi moves away from pragya but holds her hand saying let’s go. They entered the club and it was noisy as the music was playing aloud and pragya holds abhi’s hand tighter which makes sense for abhi as he know it’s her first time.

He surrounds his hand around her whispering in her ears saying i am with you . They looks at nikkil , tanu,purab ,arjun ,riya near the corner where there is less noice . Riya looks at pragya who was smilling at them while purab whistles seeing her. He gets up and says welcome abhi and beautiful pragya ..abhi in jealous , what’s that beautifull pragya..and just abhi.  Purab teasing him says jealous abhi and beautifull pragya ..how about this..Abhi gritting his teeth ,it’s bad as you are looking. All smiles at their convo and abhi makes pragya to sit and the waiter comes there. Abhi , guys..order what you want.. but for you purab..he looks at purab who was looking at him…you just drink only bitterguard juice . Purab pouts asking is that so..then I don’t need it. Abhi ,are you sure.. PURAB turning to opposite direction , I am sure. All laughs at them while abhi says come on..it’s my success party ..I don’t want you to stay in pain. PURAB turns to him smiling says that’s my bro.everyone orders and the waiter looks at pragya asking mam ..your order please.

Pragya looks at abhi and tells no..I don’t need anything. Abhi , a coke … the waiter moves from there while others started chatting . PRAGYA pulls abhi towards her and murmers , low your drink rockstar…if I found you are drinking more ..I will just leave. Abhi smiles and says how can i miss my beautiful hot girlfriend for this drink. PRAGYA smiles while riya hears them..riya in her mind , so you will leave anger when abhi drinks more..thanks pragya for making my job easier. She gets up saying excuse me and walks towards the bar counter…..

Will be continued..

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    Nice…hereafter make everything as pragya favour… nice..awaiting for next ff

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    fabulous epi

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