Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Part-5)

The episode starts with pragya looking around then asking ;what is this abhi.

Abhi; a mall (raising his eye brows)

pragya;why are we here do i look like i work at a mall for u? listen if this is a joke you better stop it right now and take me to my office right now.

Abhi; none of us is going to any office today i planned a full couples day out honey.

Pragya; oh because we are getting married u think u have such right on me. let me tell u one think babe u are dreaming.

abhi just ignores her talk

Pragya getting into the car say;i think i was clear enough now drop me at my office fast.

Abhi smiling say; i think i was not clear none of us including u is going to the office and now get down that car lets get into that mall and first get u a more casual and comfortable dress for the day you look too professional that is for the office.

pragya looked shocked by his bossy attitude then calmly said ;but i have two very important meeting right now.

Abhi looked at her then said call your office and cancel them.

pragya getting hyper again yelled ; that is so unprofessional i fixed those meeting s i can not just call to cancel at the last minute .

abhi said nothing

pragya got out of the car then stood in front of abhi then asked; do u want to spoil ur future wife carrier .
abhi hade i do not care look on his face then pragya said i will go by my own means and took out her phone to dail bulbuls number abhi just seized it from her hands and said u have the right to call nobody

pragya; are u crazy u are trying to give me orders

no reply she spoke a while more like talking alone then finally said ; fine i have a deal you drop me at my office and come back an hour later i will be free for the entire day

Abhi; finally we are talking but i have a better deal we both go to your office i wait for while u attain ur meeting we live after an hour

whats the difference your deal and mine asked pragya

abhi; yous give u the chance to escape while mine do not.

pragya; ok my deal your deal who cares as long as i have an hour to do my work.lets go

abhi ;try it again

pragya; can we please go now

abhi;that like a good girl ; they get into the car and live for pragya’s office they soon reach there as soon as the car stop pragya jumps down and starts running on high heels she immediately gets in and ask her secretary ;did u send her in my office and she say yes

pragya then get in her office or cabin abhi just watch this and think;wow she is so professional even if she is the boss she still care about making every one comfortable

pragya enters her office and say sorry mrs tanushree metha for being late i hope you did not wait to long

tanu;no problem mrs arora we all have those days they smile at each other then pragya takes out a file from he drawer then say;mrs metha i invited u planned this meeting to ask u if u will like to be the lead model for my upcoming fashion show you will have to wear the main piece of my new collection tanu has a broad smile on her face they keep talking about the deal while the screen shift to sarla at the mm to meet pandit ji ,they are talking about the date for the different ceremonies the finally agree on the date of the engagement function to be in two days divya and sarla are very happy then the screen shift to tanu living pragya’s cabin she passes to the waiting area where she sees abhi and smile then goes to him

tanu;hi abhi

abhi; hi tanu

tanu; it has been a long time

abhi;yah since your friend is back ton australia u do not come home any more
they start having a chit chat this time pragya finishes her second meeting and is coming to get abhi so that they live from the corridore she sees abhi talking with tanu and thinks ;atleast he was not alone he had some one to talk to then she see’s how tanu is looking at abhi basically worshiping everything he say and she have an evil smile and think ;hmmm this will be fun and moves slowly and confident to abhi the sits on his laps and wrap her hand round his neck a smile lovingly at him looks at tanu who looks hell shocked and heart broken then back to abhi and say;can we go now

abhi says first let me introduce u to tanu
pragya just say ok

abhi ;tanu meet pragya arora my future wife and pragya meet tanus my sister alia’s best friend

pragya and tanu just look at each other then pragya pass a smile that say its not over she stands up wait for abhi to stand the hold arm tight with her two hands the say bye tanu

they move out then pragya take abhi’s car key and give it to a man saying ; monohar go get abhi’s car please the man says yes madam

while waiting abhi leans on a wall then pragya turns and see’s tanu still siting stairing at them she thinks ;she wants some more.

since the parking is a little bit far from her office manohar take some time to get there pragya use this time to irritate tanu even more she flips her hair to one side then leans on abhi with her back facing him then she takes his hands and wrap on her waists and she stays like that abhi starts thinking.

abhi thinking;what just came over one hour ago she wanted to kill me now this should i ask her then he leans towards pragyas neck and ask her what are u doing pragya simply smile

this movement from tanu’s distance looks like abhi is kissing pragya’s neck she gets up and gets out fumming. then manohar bring the car and pragya says shall we moves from abhi towards the car, she gets in and looks at abhi who still looks confused she gestures him to get into the car which he does and they live pragyas office for thier date day the screen freeze on pragya’s victorious smile and abhi’s confused look

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