Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Part-4)

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pragya the pushes to the couch ,flips here hair to the side then leans this ear and says softly

pragya; everything
before abhi could react they heard sarla ma saying

sarla;girls lets go

pragya; coming mom
abhi the go to his mom and say ;mom i will like to spend some time with pragya to get to know

divya;but she is a busy young lady she does not have time for such things
sarla who heard this said there is not such thing it her future husband she has to create time for him you can pick her up at her work tomorrow in the afternoon ,have dinner then drop her home

pragya; but mom what about my car ?i cannot just live it at my offices parking.

sarla;then you will take your car to your work tomorrow.

pragya; and how do i get there?

sarla; you take taxi.

pragya; eww mom no (pouting)

abhi; i can pick u up in the morning and drop you at your office

pragya;no i do not want i have my own car

sarla;you can pick her up tomorrow(looking at pragya more like scaring her)

pragya; u better not be late and make me late i want u home at 8:00

abhi;ok boss(pragya stared at him like wait and watch)
the arora’s left living abhi to chat with his mom.

oh mom i even forgot to ask her number and adresse how do i pick her up.

i have them say divya giving them to him.

abhi;thanks mom

divya;she is a special girl na


divya;what a character she is not like the typical indian bahu i love it

abhi; stop praising her i am to my room

divya; good night

abhi;bye mom

divya; do not wake up late if not you will be grounded ( abhi laughs out loud)

the next day pragya followed her planning till 7;45 when her phone rang she pick it up and answers

pragya; hello.

abhi;hello honey

pragya;what the …..who is your honey, who the hell are u ?

abhi; (laughs)chill pragya it just me .

pragya;you who.

abhi ;your fiance your love

pragya ; sorry u have the wrong number i have no fiance nor love ok .

abhi still laughing at how frustrated she sounds;ok its me abhi.

pragya;which abhi

abhi ;the only one u will marry.

pragya; oh that one were the hell are u its almost 8;00

abhi;i am on my way i will be there in about ten minutes

pragya;you have exactly 9 minutes left
abhi;ok your majesty

pragya hang off then smile then goes back to her room after thinking about some thing then bulbul follows her

bulbul ; what are u doing here

pragya nothing

bulbul;checking if you look good enough for jiju (in teasing tone)

pragya ;nothing like that just adding the final touch to one of my designs got it.

bulbul pointing at pragya”s schedul asked;what is that thing there with the big red heart

pragya;nothig what are u even doing in my room?

bulbul ;i came to help you prepare so that you look good.
pragya; i already do.then they hear sarla call for them saying abhi is already there.

pragya gets down abhi just stares at her without saying any thing she gets down the cough for him to get back to his senses and sarla say they should live now they go out and gets into abhi’s car and they take off sarla smile and goes back inside the house.in the car pragya takes out some papers and start drawing not giving abhi any attention abhi takes his phone while driving and text purab

abhi;could u please cancel all my appointments for today.

purab;why are u sick

abhi ;no ya i just have a date day with the girl of last morning

purab;no way i thought she was playing with you na.i want to see a picture of her.


purab;to see the girl that can make a guy like u crazy

abhi dicretly takes a picture of here while she was concentrating on her work and smiling and sends it to purab

purab;oh pragya di

abhi ;you know her and u call her di

purab;yeah she is my girlfriends elder sister.

abhi;u mean bulbul is ur gf

purab;yes i taught i told u na .

abhi ;oh yeah i forgot talk to u later do not forget to cancel my meetings bye

after some time they reach a place and abhi stops the car and pragya looks up saying thanks for droppintking face.g me at my….. the words dye of her mouth then she looks around then at abhi then screams;what the hell is this does this look like my office to u (abhi just smirks) the screen freeze on abhi’s smi

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