kumkum bhagya – accept me (part-1)

The episode starts in a beutifull morning a gorgeous modern girl is shown dressed in joging dress with her hair tied in a pony tail she looks in a mirror then her face is shown its our pragya. She then looks a schedul pastedon the wall in her room it is in the following order

6:00-6:30; joging
6:30-7:00 shawer
7:00-8:00 dressing and make up
8:30- leave to for the parking and go and disturb him as long as possible(with a heart)

She foollow this schedul till 8:4 when realise this the time while having break fast with her family she freaks out and storms in the house thinking i will miss hin nonono she storms out with her bag an car key.

While at 7:55 abhi is seen racing in his oom to get ready he goes down were his family is having breakfast he grabs a toast and his car key and runs to his car please god make sure i do not meet her she will start it again then they both reach the parking at the same time since they both changed car they do not realise who the other person was.

Abhi:oh yes its not her.
Pragya : please make it be a guy if not my trick will not work by the way where is he.

They both get down without looking at each other first and just started fighting.

Pragya:who the hell are u then she realise its abhi but still shouts are now following me?

Abhi:yeah thats my life.

Abhi:god did i really have to meet u.

Pragya:oh you are the one stalking me and…she just start smilling moving toqards him seductively in her knee level dress and here high heelas with her hair. strand falling on he front side.

Abhi:Hey mrs stop that it will not work with me today you are just wasting your time she comes infront of him such that there is little space between them.

Abhi: mrs wath ever stay in your limites
Now she even gets closser then takes his hands and puts on her waists then say

Pragya:honey’s gat a new car love it so when are u taking me for a llllo
ng drive. Abhi just look at her lost

Pragya:did u notice my new car which by the way i will lik to park on your spot dou mind?
Abhi nods i no sign then the pull away from him and turns away her back from him and leaves then starts to move towards her car then turn looks at him then smiles him parks her car then leaves to her office then abhi calls purab

Abhi: man that girl is killer.

Purab :what which girl and who did she kill.

Abhi: no on she is just smooking hot. Oh its the girl i told u about yesteday.

Purab:i though u were mad at her.

Abhi:yes i am and she did it again and now she even did worse.

Purab :what did she do

Abhi narrates the scene purab laugh and and abhi gets agry and hang up then goes to work in the afternoon pragya comes home and is literally attacked by her mom.

Sarla:you are late lets go.

Pragya:but ma i am hung…she is cut off by bulbul: di lets go the family must be waiting and drags her out at the MM abhi telling his momo what happened in the morning and she laughs when the calling bell ring.

Divya:yes the girl u asked to lookfor u as wife has arrived wait here i will call u in 10min.
After ten mins abhi is called down and comes very excited to see his wife to be.pragya is from the back but abhi recognise her and shouts u here are u following me pragya heres this and turns to see who is shouting and is shocked to see him screen freeze on thier shocked faces

Precape do you know her no reply ok her name is pragya your wife to be.the abhi shouts you cheater everyone is shocked except pragya who smirks.

Sorry if i bored u and also for not answering your comments i am very new i donnot know how to reply the comments thanks for reading it

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  1. wow super dear……..

  2. Superb dear…

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  4. Prathi

    Not at all boring dear!! Pragya’s new avatar loving it

    1. Sritijosee

      thank u very much

  5. Super epic

  6. Superb episode yaar loved it

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