Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi thinking how to tell the truth to Dadi and thinks what will happen if she takes the talk on her heart. dadi comes there and asks did you talk to Pragya? Abhi is silent. Dadi says I know you are tensed and asks him to sit so that she can massage his head. Abhi says he is tired. He asks her not to talk to Pragya. He tells her that she did something which he can’t forget all his life. He makes her sit and asks her to promise that she won’t take it on heart. He tells her that they are betrayed by her bahu. Dadi asks, who? Abhi says, Pragya betrayed us and helped Purab to elope from the wedding altar. Dadi says, I am sure that there is some misunderstanding. Abhi says, Pragya cares only for her family.

He tells her that he went to meet Purab and saw Pragya and Bulbul there. She wanted to get her sister married to Purab. she hide the truth from us. We wouldn’t have get Purab engaged to Aaliya. She went there alone. She insulted us for her sister’s happiness. He says sorry and says your choice and decision was wrong. I can’t live with her. Whenever I see her face then I will remember her betrayal. Dadi listens in shock. Abhi says, if you wants her to stay here then she can, but she won’t have any relations with me. Decision is in your hands now. He apologizes to her.

He comes to his room and tells God that you have to go with Pragya. I will punish her. Abhi sees the sherwani and recalls the past moments with her. Mahesh comes to Abhi’s home and introduces himself to Mitali. Darpan tells Mitali that Gannu is bringing brother for her. mitali congrats her. Mitali says, she will come to meet them. Darpan reminds her that her show is coming from 16th September.

Bulbul asks Purab to take her to Mumbai as she is worried for Pragya. Aaliya shows the door to Pragya. Tanu says, we are kicking you out of the house. Aaliya asks her to leave. Tanu says, she might be thinking that she is going empty handed. Aaliya goes to bring a cheque. Tanu asks, why you are giving her cheque. Aaliya says, she is giving her cheque on her vidaai to make sure that her vidaai is permanent. She asks her to leave before they kick her out. Pragya gets teary eyed and asks about Abhi’s decision. Aaliya says, this is his decision. Pragya asks about Dadi. Tanu says, Dadi don’t want to see your face. Pragya turns to leave. Tanu stops her and says you are taking something which is not yours. Take out your mangalsutra. Pragya is shocked.

Tanu is about to snatch it, but Pragya stops her and says this mangalsutra is her identity. No one can snatched the right from her. She is leaving the house not breaking the relation. She warns her not to touch it. Aaliya feels pity on her and tells Tanu that you are mean. Pragya will sell the mangalsutra during worst days. Pragya tells her that you took advantage of your brother. She is leaving the house and recalls her marriage with Abhi. She thinks to meet Abhi and go. Then thinks he would have come to see me for one last time. She turns and sees Tanu and Aaliya standing. She recalls her grah pravesh with Abhi and goes out. Aaliya asks Tanu to close the door. Tanu says, she is super happy as she is out.

Pragya recalls Abhi and Aaliya’s words and cries while walking on the road. She recalls Sarla’s words and wonders where to go.

Abhi comes to aaliya and Tanu and asks about Pragya. Aaliya says, they have thrown her out of the house. Abhi asks, what was the hurry. I wanted to see Dadi’s reaction. Aaliya asks, do you feel for her. Abhi says no. Aaliya asks, what do you want? Abhi says sorry and says he don’t want to see her face. I will handle Dadi. Tanu says, our bad days are gone. Aaliya says, it was a bad phase for all of us. Abhi says, you deserves someone better. Tanu says, she needs everything whatever she missed and hugs him. She says, she wants to convince Dadi that she will be the best wife for him. Abhi smiles.

Sarla gets a heart attack. Suresh sees her falling down. Abhi’s brother informs Dadi that Sarla got a heart attack. Dadi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This is the worst episode ever….i hate tanu and aliya

  2. wow! the biggest culprit is Abhi, but he is not made to feel ashamed. Instead Purab is portrayed as a whimp. jeez who wants a man who cant fight for his right? also thsi shows supports the wrongness that abhi has done….and for a show that talks about ‘fiesty’ women, pragya is looking like the weak female who takes the all the sh**that is handed to her…….no bravado.

  3. OHH Mokka malada………………..

  4. I will NOT watch it….

    1. i wl not watch it agn.

  5. Blood boils even by reading this update..geezzzz!!! Shame on Abhi..poor Pragya facing through hell..Thank God for tellyupdates.com for saving my time watching this stupid serial..will continue reading for now..

    1. I thought it was only me that do that. I read all the updates and then decide which ones I would watch when they come on in the night lolol

  6. Pragya was my fav female character of all the ZeeTv shows, but over the last month…..I dislike how she is being portrayed…. the writers are not doing her justice at all….and I agree with vee….they have Purab like a weakling…..just taking licks and allowing people to take advantage of him. Thank God he had enough sense to leave Aliya at the altar (the Indian version to it, that I don’t know by name)

  7. hi guys new member

  8. Pragya and Bulbul are shame for all the women out there. both are not standing up for what they want/like. Their family don’t support them at all.

  9. If pragya had to be kicked, then why was there so much drama about revealing the truth and other stuff…… I found the plot cold….. How can someone write this type of story….

  10. I’ve been saying this for a while that everything being done on this Serial is childish and stupid, but so far the writers are not listening to viewers because their TRP is good right now but if they don’t put some guts in pragya and even Puranas this show will go down the drain like pavitra rishta.

  11. I mean Puranas.

  12. lame!!! stupid and childish……..

  13. Thnx my tym is saved just read the update…not watching it…horrible…irritating…laughter show…huh

  14. I remember ektas old famous show kutumb that was also a hate marriage story but very well bonded,well written I miss that show even now also…that was my fav,a very wel established show strong characters were there,why kumkum bhagya became like this…I feel sad…

  15. Hopeless episode…

  16. kkb has become another version of ‘DRAG ‘me to hell!”

  17. And would whoever is responsible for Aliya’s wardrobe……please provide her with more outfits please!!!!! I am fed up seeing her (when I watch) in the same clothes. lol

  18. Writer has got worst story line. They are trying to show that women are weak link and should never stand up. Its boring story, one sided with bad guy and ladies bullying kind women. Typical story that women should bear it. Silly Pragya’s character, her mum would have found out that she was going to chucked out either way. .. So whats point of being nice. Useless story line

  19. i hate pragya mom she does overacting and only think of pragya not for bulbul. i want purab and bulbul to reunite.

  20. How much longer will they drag this stupid story. Pragya acts like a mute and senseless person,Abhi is being a jerk and poor Purab is bring pulled in circles because of Bulbul. Why hasn’t anyone found the real letter already?
    Sarla was expected to get sick now Purab will be disliked even more because he will be blamed by both Pragya and Bulbul. Why on earth would writers show Abhi’s interest in Sarla when he treats her daughter like dirt. Silly story. Soaps are suppose to be entertaining not irritating.

  21. It’s very stupid storyline all together . Better stop watching so that ekhta will have some sense to write something better. Let the rating go down then they will know wat the viewers really want.

  22. Oh God! cant predict.. dont know what twist is awaiting.

  23. Good episode loss of twist now in future that’s is why the No 2.show right now good goin 🙂

  24. The show is doing good coz many viewers enjoy this kind of twist and turns and das why it is doing good 🙂

  25. i cant believe a professor in this kind of state too bad, all about this show is now rubbish

  26. After reading the entire Spoiler of what to come in this show….it really gets too stupid. These men in this show are all idiots!!! You mean after all this, Bulbul marries Suresh and Purab still marries Aliya…a bunch of them all stupid! No longer interested in this show!

  27. seriously abhi shud b slapped…… pragya babes get some guts

  28. Stupid serial, waste of time,

  29. What the hell who flippin is using my name please guys stop it I really donnot like it neha ((the fake one))

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