Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Neha and Tarun get kidnapped because of Mitali’s foolishness

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The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that they shall go, everyone must be waiting. He slips. Pragya holds him and says you might have fall down. Abhi asks her to leave him. Pragya leaves him and he falls down. He shouts in pain and gets up, blames her for making him fall. Pragya says why I will hurt you intentionally. Mitali tells Tai ji that what we shall do, if I had known that Tarun will elope with her then I would have lock the windows. Tai ji asks her to do something so that Neha returns to them and all troubles go to King’s house. Mitali says I have thought what to do.

Abhi looks at Pragya with love and holds her hairs. Pragya closes her eyes. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays. He sees Neha and Tarun coming and says your hairs distract others. Pragya says it is my hairs and

asks did I complain when you have long hairs. Abhi says his hairs was good. Pragya says did you ever like anything of me. Abhi says your coffee, massage and scolding. Pragya says she scolds him as he gives her chance. He calls her fuggi. Tarun asks do you used to call her fuggi angrily. Abhi says not in anger, but lovingly I used to call her fuggi. Pragya smiles. Mitali brings Advertisement in the newspaper. Tai ji reads and says why anyone will call us if Tarun is found. Why King gave our address? Mitali says she got the Advertisement published with King’s name and offered 50 Lakhs money. In car, Pragya messages Kiara and smiles. Abhi thinks why is she smiling when King is in lock up. They argue. Neha asks Abhi to stop the car and says she is feeling hungry. Abhi says we will leave from here soon. Tarun asks him to stop the car for sometime. Pragya says let them eat. Abhi stops the car at the dhaba and asks them to eat dal roti. Pragya thanks him. Abhi smiles.

Tanu says why will we give money if Tarun is found. Tai ji says you should have given Neha’s advertisement. Mitali says this is not Tarun’s Advertisement, but for Neha. She says if Tarun is found, then Neha will come running to us. Aaliya says you have made the case complicated and ask for a huge sum. Mitali says you didn’t understand and says if a nice girl find Tarun then will inform us and if a bad guy catches him then he will ask for money, which I will never give.

Abhi is possessive for Neha. Pragya says you are over reacting. Abhi says if we had a daughter then he would have been possessive too. Pragya thinks she shall make him meet Kiara, but….Abhi asks her to come. Pragya says lets order food. Neha and Tarun sit afar. Pragya and Abhi sit. Abhi orders the food. the guy working at the dhaba brings tea. Tarun says it is good, but sweet. Abhi drinks and says it is not tasty. Neha asks him not to doubt Tarun’s choice and says he has good choice as he selected me. Abhi gets upset. He asks Neha to have food and says even I will eat. He looks at Pragya and smiles.

Pragya coughs. Abhi makes her drink water and says I will scold the dhaba guy for making spicy dal. Pragya asks him not to scold them. Neha and Tarun get happy seeing them fighting lovingly. She asks if you will love me the same way, like chucks love her. He says yes. Some goons come there. One goon identifies Tarun seeing the advertisement and shows to other goons. They get happy and plan to kidnap Tarun. Abhi comes to the Dhaba owner and says how did you make the dal. It is very spicy. Dhaba owner says everyone eats spicy. Abhi says but she don’t eat spicy dal. Dhaba owner says wives complain when husbands bring them to Dhaba. Abhi hugs him. Dhaba guy asks him to say if he don’t want to give money. Pragya asks Abhi to stop and says she will talk to him. Pragya talks to the Dhaba guy. Neha thinks where did Tarun go? She sees goons kidnapping and taking him in car. She tries to stop them and gets kidnapped by them too. She tries to call Abhi, but he is still busy talking to the dhaba owner.

Someone informs Abhi and Pragya that Neha and Tarun are kidnapped by the goons. Abhi and Pragya come to get them freed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. kidnapping….how original….”yawn”.


  2. The pace today felt like a normal production! There was an actual pace! Bravo!
    Stares turned into touch. Another scene to add sizzle for the award to go to Abhi
    and Pragya. Sad, that things get better (the pace) for the awards competition and stay dull the rest of the time. Again confirming that the writers are capable but are kept reined in according to the producers whims. You know, the malicious power over others.
    Yesterday, Leila, you were correct! Neha and Tarun have been removed from Abhi/pragya’s ‘possession’ and into the hands of kidnappers. Of course as the forces of evil are preparing to create more hell and nonsense, it is the non-thinking Mithali that flings the first salvo in the upcoming battle. She wants wealth for her daughter she says. Yet, when Neha falls in love with a boy from superior wealth to her own family (let’s face it. MIthali has no wealth, she has been living off of a wealthy relative) she can’t stand it. Why? Because she is not in control. Neha actually made a decision. And dimwit Mithali has probably looked forward to Neha’s marriage as a moment where she will finally have control over someone else. Her one moment where she would finally be in charge and could feel important. And it was taken away from her, by her own daughter. Mithali being a Mehra of course will never see that. So just like Tuna and Aliyah, she must have her temper tantrum and punish others. It’s even easier to do because Tarun is aligned with the known victim, Pragya. Pragya is easy to hurt, torture. It’s normal. It’s automatic best general practice in the Mehra Mansion. No other family member ever stops the abuse of it’s criminal cabal. It’s what is done in this Mehra family by their three vicious clowns. Tuna, the faded beauty, Aliyah the snake quietly readying her strike and Mithali a diseased rat finally finding something to chew on. And Tango, thank-you for the Yawn! I agree. I rolled my eyes when I realised there was to be another kidnapping. Possibly a set-up for King to turn evil and hopefully kill off the stupidity in this show i.e. Mithali, Tai Ji and for good measure the wicked Tuna and of course the slimy poisonous worm-like creature that is Aliyah. Snakes are actually rather beautiful creatures, wouldn’t want to align a beautiful creature with Aliyah.
    Alka, I agree with your words from yesterday and Naz… perfectly described! Right to the letter, you hit the nail on the head! Thank-you for the good read.

    1. You are most welcome dear Akituster… How have you been? Hope you are doing better as every day progresses…

      1. Thanks Naz, Just very unwillingly moving through some pain/mobility challenges. I’m counting the hours ’till my next appt. when relief arrives. The enforced stepping back from life is tough, very tough when you have been progressing. I have to remind myself that Universe is demanding that I review something within which I likely believe I already understand. Pain is always a message. But damn I’m tired of the relentless messages. Life is not fun in slow motion. Thank-you for the smile! It truly brightens… everything! Timing is everything and I trust that everything falls into place, even if I can’t personally see this. (And I finally get in touch with Cathy). Whew! There’s the reminder I needed to hear. What a gift, Naz. Thank-you for triggering this reminder, back into consciousness.

  3. Isn’t there anything except kidnapping..
    And it’s boring to see the same storyline everyday. The same thing ( abhigya meeting), happens in different situations and the viewers are really getting annoyed

  4. Again kidnapping…..kumkumbhagya team make a party to celebrate ,India’s first teleserial to have more kidnap scenes

    1. that funny but true, good one

  5. Seriously, can Mithali get any more juvenile in her thought process?? I don’t know how to really comment on her foolish plan to publish the supposed kidnapping on the newspaper…..and what followed was bound to happen, goondas galore walking around in the public, eating in restaurants etc… Mithali is already a teenager in her movements, biting her nails and pursing her jiggly lips, is it necessary for her to think that way too? So…another kidnapping, more puppy love infight by the duo….all this is romance happening between Abhi and Pragya while King is shut away…i really feel for him, for picking up the wrong woman in his life, better he had stayed single. ALKA… I wish writers or someone who could do something about it, see your suggestions and take them into consideration… You really have it nailed to the point… Sigh….

    1. Leisa s morris

      Lol naz technically he is still single, yes he accepted kiaras responsibility but he and pragya only have a wrking relationship. He just said married to screw with abhi wen he had his house warmin party and although he has started having feelings for pragya he knows it is onesided.

  6. Such A Nice Show why the actors don’t change their clothes it’s disgusting to see A liyah in blue outfit. since last week n Pragya too I never notice Tanu

    1. Leisa s morris

      Lmao u had me weak with dis comment ooh..dats because one day on screen takes 2/3 wks in real life so its looks like dey dont change.

  7. Akituster… Pain is always a reminder of our mortality. I have a very dear friend who suffers from severe headaches, after all the physical tests he’s done, he’s healthy as a horse for a 68 year old, he’s baffled his doctors by this prognosis but the only problem are these headaches which are believed to be triggering courtesy a sinus problem, it’s truly concerning when he can say that he can feel something running down from his head and into his nose….this aside, he always reminds himself that pain reminds us that we are alive, that people who don’t experience pain in his level, have truly become very complacent in life and when pain hits, whatever degree, then they think of God… I too have a painful lower back problem but instead of continuing with painkillers, I’ve joined a gym and I’m seeing considerable results, mind you, my mobility is 100% so hence that is a motivation. It’s wonderful news to know that you and Cathy have been in touch, I hope it’s a start of a beautiful friendship, you both live on the same land so meeting each other is a blessing and possibility in the near future. People meet for a reason, I’ve always believed this….just like I also believe that if something is meant to be, it’ll be!! It’s what we choose to do with our destiny, whether we embrace it or not, is what matters most to us. Akituster, I’ve made some good friends on TU, years ago that wasn’t even in my scope of life and I’m happy in that I’ve learnt a lot with these interactions and some people just connected with me across this cyberspace world even though it’s clinical in a sense but I’ve much to be thankful for still… We just don’t know who’s behind the keyboard and what messages they give to us but some people through their contributions find connectivity with the like minded ..one such individual I met on this same forum, a young woman by the name of Sia who resided in the US who happened to be an only child to her parents. She was an aspiring attorney working in a law firm and she’d sneak and post comments when the boss wasn’t around, just to be touch.. I would never know why she singled me out, she said its because of my contributions, she believed that I would understand her, she had problems in her young life and needed advice and didn’t care who read her public posts… I gave her the best advice I’d give to my daughter as well. On one fine day, after a few days absence, she came on to the forum and told me that she was going to be married, mind you, that was the problem itself, her parents wanting her to settle down, although 21 yrs old is too young in my book for a woman to settle down…anyways, she came back on to tell me that it’s her last day posting comments, that she’ll be moving to London after marriage and would not have time to be back here. I wished her well and a happy marriage. That was it. While on the Woh Apna Sa forum weeks after, a viewer came on to the forum and just needed to vent a sad moment in her life, that a cousin of hers had committed suicide, that she was as beautiful as Zeenat Aman and that her husband had treated her badly after around one or two months after her marriage, that she used to be on these forums, this woman was inconsolable in her contribution, she missed her cousin dearly and begged anyone who had some problem, to seek help.. Akituster… It’s the things she was saying that aroused my curiosity and I asked her if by any chance that her cousin’s name was Sia..that was typed with a thudding heart and much trepidation… .and the reply that met me hit me like a storm… It was none other than Sia!! The cousin knew that I had to have had conversations with Sia, otherwise I couldn’t have come up with the correct name… That being said, I cried for Sia as if I knew her personally, that she was a part of my life, I cried for this young woman who didn’t stand so chance from her parents who wanted her married off so early in life now they had no child, no daughter, no progeny… Nothing!! Akituster, if Sia and I hadn’t connected on this forum of KKB, I wouldn’t have had a chance to interact with such a beautiful soul.. I’m sure we met for a reason.. In the same way, I’m happy knowing so many people on TU, our lives interconnect and makes it seem like a small world… I’m pleased to meet you, Cathy and all our other friends ….Hope you have a wonderful day today Akituster… Chat soon

    1. Dear Naz, Thank-you. Let me say that my syntax in my message was at fault, but I had already pressed the ‘enter’ key. Haven’t met Cathy as yet. The current pain/lost time is slowing down nearly ‘everything’. Once the ‘everything’ is completed, my IT needs will be met then I will be free to move forward. I am really looking forward to meeting her! And you too… even if it is through tech. The ‘reminder’ I was speaking about was actually about how pain clarifies your consciousness and can be like a push/demand into higher sensitivity and awareness. But that was my faulty writing, above. My apologies.
      I wonder if your friend with the migraines has his sphenoid sitting incorrectly. I recognise the symptom. Conventional medicine does not recognise or know much about the sphenoid. If your friend can access an osteopath or a Chi Gong Master, he may be able to end the issue.
      Your memories of Sia’s story have really touched me. Parents believing that their children are useful commodities is not a part of real Hinduism, but rather a result of the invasions that India suffered. True Hinduism regards all life, men and women as equals.
      I was so fortunate to have the education/travel I have experienced. Born with fierce attitude and understanding of ‘self’ I did not allow anyone to make decisions for me. Believe me, when I say that my crazy family has punished me to criminal levels. I recall, when I was just 20 years old I was informed that I would be sent to India to get married. I laughed and replied, “And which man are you going to have me make mincemeat out of? Did you really think I would ever obey anyone? Can you find a man smarter than me? Who’s going to get the death sentence, here? Will he kill me first or will I drive him nuts? Get over yourself Mother. You know I don’t do obedience. Especially for people who make irrational decisions.” Glaring at her. Yes. I actually said that, word for word. The subject was never brought up again. At that time, I had no idea of the length that certain families go to, in order to increase their silly ‘honour’/status, using their children as disposable commodities. I learned. The hard, expensive way. I still do not ‘do’ obedience. I have endured many losses (and many wins too!) I am fortunate to be alive. Sia was not. I hope her soul heard me, honouring and validating her presence. Learning about the latest incident in Bihar (Sriti Jha’s home province) just days ago, I become even more anxious to get back to work. The research part of my current project is completed in early Nov. i.e. watching KKB. I was never meant to start commenting. Oh well. I’m glad that I have. And of course, I was under the impression that the series was ending within weeks and my research would switch to Kundali Bhagya. And connection with others? It doesn’t matter if you do not meet, physically… ultimately. What matters, in my opinion, is the exchange of emotion and thought. That is real. In the healthy relationship, as you know… it grows you. You become ‘more’ because of each connection, when you are consciously aware. Thank-you Naz. I haven’t forgotten the Fantasy Production, nor will I. Something unexpected is on it’s way, thus I have no idea what it may be but am clearly sensing an ‘arrival’ of some type. I believe that meeting Cathy and you personally is a first step to manifestation. I really do want to meet the whole gang here including our ‘friends’. They too, are a necessary and valid part of this story. And the KKB story? Well, it offered the space to meet. And it is like watching a confectioner make taffy… candy (butter, sugar, flavour) which is stretched and pulled endlessly until it takes form. I’m not sure that Miss Ekta is working with a recipe or much skill. I think not. There are those who can see the mess and there are those who line up for the sugar regardless of the condition/quality of this poisoned batch of candy. , Naz.. my smile will tell you I am excited about the ‘more’. not the candy, of course…unless it’s Mckintosh taffy, the best the world has ever seen!

      1. It doesn’t require any real skill to sell ‘candy’/KKB. Just pretty packaging. There are always buyers with ‘sugar’ addictions. ‘Sugar’ is finally being accepted as poison in some parts of the world.

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