Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya romance during Diwali celebrations

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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Disha and Neha why they are taking much time to make rangoli. Disha says Neha gave idea for organic colors, but we didn’t get much colors. She teases Neha taking Tarun’s name. Abhi comes and says guests will come…Just then he stops seeing Pragya coming and goes towards her. Pragya also walks towards her. Jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai plays….He says Pragya…..and is a about to hold her face, when Tanu calls his name. Abhi stops and looks at Tanu. He then turns towards Pragya, but she is not there. It is his imagination. Tanu comes to Abhi and says I need your help and asks him to pull up her blouse zip. Abhi asks her to ask someone. Tanu says I am bahu of this house and it don’t look nice to ask anybody else. Abhi zips her blouse. Everyone looks at them.

Tanu slips and falls in his embrace. King comes with Pragya and says wow…RK pose, nice. Abhi thinks Pragya might get angry now. King says I thought you are singer, but you are filmy too. He tells Pragya that they are romancing openly. Abhi asks Tanu to get up. She gets up, but falls again. Her earring gets stuck in his kurta. Disha says sorry as oil falls down by her. She hugs Pragya.

King says we thought to greet Abhi and wish him happy Diwali, but his wife is not letting him free for 2 mins. He asks Abhi to do bromance if romance is over with him. He frees Tanu’s earrings from his kurta and is about to go to King to greet him, but steps on the oil and falls on Pragya. He keeps his hand on the kumkum plate for support and then asks Pragya if she is fine keeping his head on her forehead. He sees kumkum applied with his hand on her forehead and smiles. King is about to go to Pragya, but Disha stops him saying oil is on floor. Abhi and Pragya falls again. Abhi says lets dance. He says sorry. King says it is not your fault, you slipped accidently. Abhi says I will not say sorry. Tanu asks him to change. Abhi says I will not change. Tanu asks him to change his clothes. King asks Pragya to wash kumkum from her forehead. Dadi says let it be as it is a sign of married woman. King asks why? Pragya asks him not to ask many questions. Abhi signs at Pragya. King asks her to come.

Tanu thinks everyone is welcoming Pragya and ignoring her. She thinks I have to do something, says Abhi is my husband. She says she will see the result. Kiara is with neighbors. Pragya calls neighbor and asks about her. Neighbor says he is a caring mum. Sunny tells that aunty called him and asked to come there. Kiara says I think mamma don’t want to come to your house. Disha gives something to Pandit ji and asks about the mahurat time. Pandit ji asks her to call everyone after mahurat. Dasi asks about Chachi. King says she will come after lighting diyas. Abhi asks Disha about Sunny. Disha says Sunny went to his friend’s house with Kiara. Abhi says kids shall be here. Pragya thinks it is good that I sent them there. Disha tells him that she sent Purab to bring the kids. Abhi gets happy. Pragya thinks to leave soon. Abhi comes to Pragya and tells that he will make her meet someone who is more cute than her. pragya smiles. Abhi goes to change his clothes. He returns after changing his clothes. Two women laugh at Abhi. Pragya signs him to button it. Abhi signs what happened and asks her to come to side. Tanu gets jealous.

They go to room. Abhi asks Pragya why she was signing him for romance. Pragya says I was signing you as your button was opened. She says you didn’t know how that girl was watching you. Abhi pretends to get happy. Pragya tries to button his suit. Tere sang yaara plays…….Abhi asks her to stay far from him and says you are sticking to me on the pretext of buttons. Pragya says she is not doing that. Abhi says you took me here before that girl takes me, and says he likes it. Pragya asks him to take off his suit and go. Abhi says I can handle girls and says I was getting the feeling of…seeing that girl. Pragya asks him not to come behind her. Abhi says I am dying to meet that girl. Purab comes to Kiara and Sunny and asks them to come. They tell that they will burn chakri and come. Sunny gets scared when it lights up. Purab asks driver to bring car. Sunny says I want to burn more crackers, but Kiara wanted to go. Purab asks them to burn crackers at home now. Purab invites Sunny and Kiara’s friend parents to his house.

Abhi comes behind Pragya. King calls Pragya. Abhi says KMH, kabab mein haddi. Pragya comes to King. Tanu thinks to show her limits to Pragya so that she stays far from Abhi.

Disha and Purab wait for Kiara to say mummy to Pragya. Kiara comes and looks at Abhi and Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope she call out to her mom in front of everyone

  2. Hullo Cathy, Naz and friends! First … the show. Well I ended up commenting yesterday. You know that feeling, when the silly gets just too high. I succumbed. And today as well. It was a lovely scene. The prince and princess, the real ones, romantically are able to greet each other. oh it’s a dream/wish! Tuna fish is tired of being a fish and looks like a fashionable vampire circa 1990’s american television for 11-14 year old viewers. Will this get-up work to get her the coveted prize? …in the real world? The ploys used by her to get Abhi are perfectly executed goldigger strategies. Again, generally kept in the minds/hearts of 11-14 year old girls. So, is this Miss Ekta’s brainy creativity at work? Or her able bodied writers. Notice I referred to their bodies. Not their minds. You’d think that someone could inform them that they are not 11-14 year old little North American girls with two working parents who don’t know what their daughters are up to. We are offered the requisite ‘nok jhok’, filling the addictive needs of viewers and then we are done! Oh joy! I wonder how many weeks Diwali night will last? Tuna fish will look like a vampire for that long! On the other hand, they might speed up the production so that the fish can wear a few more outfits before the voting begins on her coveted contest, Mean Girl prize.
    And Cathy, obviously I didn’t get in touch. I’m now aiming for the weekend. I really want my road trip! Medically, we discovered what was causing me to ‘disappear’ for 10-12 days at a time. I had become quite worried, as I knew that the issue was delaying my movement forward. I try to remind myself that each delay in your life serves a purpose somehow, somewhere but it is frustrating beyond belief. Worse, it is impossible to pretend that you are fine when you are not. I’m definitely becoming more peaceful with the slow process and am looking forward to the day when I will be laughing at this long past, trial. Naz, I am wondering where you watch television. I would imagine it would be hard to watch tv with all the warmth outside, beckoning you. Mind you, that’s from someone who faces bitter cold when stepping outside! When I have lived in tropical weather the warmth is not a thrill/holiday any longer. It just ‘is’. Cathy, I hope that I will have started watching Bashar Momin before we meet. That is my intention. Thus far, my schedule is not in my hands but I am trying. I will be driving through and in the City of Edmonton next Wed or Thur. Before confirming my appt. (must be done by mon am) I thought I would check with you, just in case you happen to be in Edmonton or area… is there a mall that you frequent? (Gawd, I do hope you are either in or around that cold city or one of it’s suburbs) Name the mall/strip mall. Name the store, coffee shop or food court and I could meet you there at your best time, after my morning appointment. I will wait to confirm my appt. after I hear from you! Can you imagine? There might be other KKB viewers in Edmonton who might surprise us by joining! Or if you’d prefer privacy (tee hee!) you could leave a note for me with directions to where you are! ; )

    1. Welcome back Akituster… I just knew that you were on some medical sojourn but I didn’t want to ask. How are you feeling dear? Now that you know what you are dealing with medically, there’s no doubt that the problem could be fixed with a good dose of determination and patience at your side. Well, Akituster…the serials are aired during the night on Zeetv Caribbean which is cool at that time and believe it or not, this time of the year it’s better than from May to September because we do get the residue of the cold Northers coming from obviously North America, so the colder it is up north, the better it is for us….sorry friend!! My comfort in a small way at your expense… So fear not, I do have AC in the house… The heat and warmth I think I could do without but I’m appreciative of it when I’m in the cold North…lol… Anyway, please do watch Bashar Momin, you won’t regret it… What more can I say concerning this Pragya…just that she’s taking over Tuna’s job of wanting a man despite him having a wife I imagine Ekta is just like that…allegedly!!! I have to admit that Pragya and Abhi does look great together and I wouldn’t be bashing Abhi so much lately if he had accorded Tuna the proper place in his life which is that of a sl*t where he could have had fun with her with no strings attached leaving the post of wife /life partner vacant for precisely the scenes we are seeing now and Abhi could have cavorted even under Tuna’s nose and she would have had to suck it up…but no, the fool got sucked in by the leech and now getting rid of her is making him increasingly as frustrated as getting back Pragya in his life so much so that he’s romancing with her in the open and doesn’t care a damn about anyone… Plus, Pragya is so in love with her previous abuser cum Prince Charming that she’s wearing sindoor for him! What can I say, maybe he’ll treat her better this time after spending so much time with the b*t*h /leech, he has realized that being with his abuse victim is way better than being with that slimy wretch, having to wake up every day to see Tuna must have been torture, you really don’t know what you have until you exchange it for something else not worth a dime… So… It’s Divali time in KKB land, elsewhere it’s already passed, let’s see how long Divali night lasts here… If a party can last for more than two weeks, then Divali can go the same time too… If I left out any more sarcasm, I’ll be back…..

      1. Dear Naz, thank-you for your up-lifting words! Thank-fully I am a ‘determined’ type of person who was unwittingly given the role of Sisyphus. So, it is good to be reminded, within, that I have the ability shirk the role. And I’m working on that! I have a new set of health rules to organise and follow, so here we go! Progress in real life, eventually, I trust will not engender so many ‘health interruptions’. After reading about your evenings, I do miss gazing at the huge full moon from my old verandah. And the two geckos that used share my bedroom with me. Cathy’s idea of meeting in Mexico… maybe the Caribbean sounds better and better! And obviously I find your sarcasm quite fun! It’s on point! The worst part is that I have to make an effort to even recall what happened in Fri’s show. The episodes are so much the same. I wish Pragya would see an abuse counsellor and stop being such a pulverized, pathetic ninny. I haven’t forgotten any of Aliyahs and Tanu’s past tricks and torture. My enjoyment used to come from the reflection that this show provides, of the producer’s nature. But who wants to keep watching such painful and ugly disclosures of someone’s inner reality, when it is this ‘yuck’. And only reruns. You know, “that’s it. that’s all she’s got. Nothing more living in this producer.” I kept hoping that the creator of this show would offer some redemption to herself, through her characters but am now learning even more about the depth and inclusiveness demanded by the producer. From an energetic perspective. Abhi and Pragya, both could easily end Tuna and Aliyah. The producer does not have the wherewithal, the brains, or heart to handle anything else but victim/abuse porn. There’s not much left to do but feel sad for such a forlorn human being. Unfortunately, I’m clearly not in my highest spiritual form at this moment, because I am feeling a bored type of scorn. You are perfectly right about the connection here. I will show up next Friday, just in case I still haven’t completed my tech work. I too, enjoy the chat!

  3. Dear Cathy, well it would appear that I was totally off of the mark when I thought you might have been around the Edmonton area! Another Northern City it must be. But if you do read this… I hope that you are well. I have imagined these two very strong women meeting somewhere and giving each other some kind of secret KKB hand signal! You are right, I have been visiting La-La land. Or that could be me, a secret Trekkie, romanticizing the Vulcan greeting. Hope that you are fine and do get to read this. See you, next time! on Friday next or in your messages.

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