Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: King reveals that Pragya is his Manager

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Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with King calling Pragya and telling that someone from the Indian Embassy came here and asking to show their passports. Pragya says who does this in India. King says I also told about this, and says someone might have sent them as I am a celebrity. Abhi is waiting to know Pragya’s truth and speaks to Purab. He tells him that he recalled the day when he proposed Pragya. Disha asks when? Abhi says if they do their work nicely then he will propose her again infront of them. Pragya tells King about her passport. Abhi sees Pragya talking on phone. Mainu jogi hona plays….Abhi says your handkerchief. Pragya says it is old trick to flirt. She says I can see your face and tell that you are making stories. He calls her double battery. Pragya says she is not double battery.

Chachi brings water and snacks. Purab’s beard gets removed a bit. Disha signs him and coughs aloud. Chachi hits on her back. Disha runs. King asks Chachi to go to room. Disha and Purab see Pragya’s passport and asks King to show the marriage certificate. King tells her that they are not married and Pragya is just his Manager. He tells that some years back, Pragya needed his surname due to some reasons which he can’t tell. Purab and Disha get happy, tells that his papers are all clear.

Kiara scolds Sunny for forgetting the lines and tells that she accepted his proposal before he proposed her. Abhi asks them to say the truth always. Pragya asks Kiara to come. Disha and Purab come to car. Purab thanks Disha as it is because of her, King told the truth. Abhi hears them and tells that his Pragya is his wife and he will bring her back. Disha asks him not to argue with her or confront on her doings. Abhi says no, no and tells that he will not fight. He says he will go to Pragya. Allah Wariyan plays….Abhi tells Sunny that he is very very happy. Sunny asks him to thank God. Abhi asks him to come with him. They come to school temple area. Abhi folds his hand and thinks he believes him even though he doesn’t believe on him. Pragya comes and says she is happy to see that he is believing on God. Abhi says I can’t pray like you. but want to do it like you. He tells that this has happened because of you. Kiara says you want to do aarti and says she will bring flowers from outside the school. Sunny shouts and asks her not to go out. Abhi and Pragya get shocked.

Abhi brings an injured Kiara to hospital and asks Doctor to save him. Pragya hugs him and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again??!!! This poor child will have more injuries than an 80 year old before she is a teen. What a Joke. Waste of time.

  2. I really really sympathize with the way King is being duped wittingly by ppl he trusts so much in this family. When the shit hits the fan, how is he supposed to react? Almost everyone in the Mehra’s house has ulterior motives for just about every occasion…so, Purab and Disha and undercover husband Abhi snooping, disguising, interrogating and plotting how to unite Abhigya right under the unsuspecting nose of King, without thinking of the ramifications. Even though Pragya is still under the influence of Abhi’s love vibrations she has never explicitly explained to King that the relationship they share is purely platonic and not romantically inclined ,so therefore the good kind man King is, has fallen in love with her because of all the years in close proximity and is thinking of settling down as a couple… All blame goes to Pragya for never setting the record straight.. King has admitted to the phony immigration officers that he lent his name to Pragya many years ago but declined to state why she sought this change.. What did she tell King so many years ago that it was imperative she use his name in disguise only for the world to know, does he not know her real name, how has she been conducting business for all these years for King using a fake name? Then all contracts are null and void!! Sigh…even Kiara grew up believing that King is her father, what a sad situation this is. Didn’t Pragya have belly enough to tell King the truth for all the years she lived under his roof? King is going to remember every single thing Chachi said to him in the past concerning Pragya and it’ll sting him deeply…and when the day of reckoning comes before Pragya, what excuse does she give for keeping this secret from him? How would she answer him for all the telltale signs he chose to ignore because he trusted her completely? What would she say to explain all the days all the occasions, all the times he caught her in almost too close for comfort kinda situations? And as for King, he looked for all that’s about to happen, that’s for trusting a woman who came to him with baggage and didn’t think it right to start off with someone’s clean life slate… Who employs ppl without a thorough background check?? Why am I asking these things when these writers brains don’t think the depth we the viewers go to… None of these things will be explained… I can see King becoming rogue for all the backstabbing, the treachery, the deceit, the secrets that was served to him by the woman he thinks highly of, the pathetic Abhi and the sickening duo who tricked him into disclosing a very pertinent and important secret of his and Pragya’s life,!

    1. Leisa s morris

      Actually naz forgive me if im wrong but king told disha and purab he give his name to pragya for reasons he cannot tell dem not dat he dont know d reason. He knew she was pregnant which is y she probably needed d name used so ppl wont call kiara a bastard. And king knew without a doubt dat pragya still loved her husband he has said it many times. He has also stated dat she will get upset if she knows how he has started feeling about her giving further credence dat he knows she doesnt feel for him in dat way but hes hoping now dat he has those feelings. Its just as was with bhoomi and sahil although bhoomi had more rights to believe as SHE actually was married to sahil. We all said dat she knew sahil would never love her even though dey had been married for 5 yrs so we cant say different for king who isnt even married to pragya just because we like him whereas we hated bhoomi. Pragya has even encouraged him over d yrs to find a wife so he knows perfectly well she doesnt have dat kind of feelings for him and at one point he even told tanu/ aliyah dat if pragya found someone he wont stand in d way of her happiness. He is truly a gd person just caught up in a wrong situation. As for disha and purab forgive me again , yes I dont like how dey r goib about doin tings but dey truly believes dat abhi and pragya belongs together, despite d many crimes down in dat family, and as their friends they r wrking to acheive dat and get rid of tanu who is toxic. D only reason we have issues with wat dey r doing is because we really like king. U cant tell me if someone had done dis with bhoomi we would b upset and indignant as we r with our beloved king. No we wuda encouraged such behaviour if it meant getting rid of bhoomi

  3. Thank-you H. Hasan for your dedicated work. Wishing you best happiness and wonderful ‘always’ strength!

    Naz and Tango, the script is designed specifically for the viewer to NOT go deep, but to rather focus on distraction after distraction so that false beliefs may be more easily and effectively imprinted on the viewer’s heart/mind. Like yesterday’s scene of Abhi saying to Pragya that he would never take her for granted. That is all he has ever done. Because when ever it comes down to brass tacks, Abhi dismisses Pragya constantly. Making criminal acts into humour is just another method of normalizing that criminal behaviour. And Tango, I agree, in any other part of the world, somebody, perhaps the school would have already begun to ask questions about the number of Kiara’s injuries. The script continues to read like a 5-7 year olds desperate attempts to lie to their mommy about what really happened that day in school. The story keeps changing and issues are forgotten as the child makes several attempts to convince you of their nonsense, with a brand new story each time they are caught out.. “I love Pragya” is a joke. Actions, speak louder than words. Real love does not require criminality. Pragya will be the biggest fool in the world to return to the murder mansion. All this time with distractions and cuteness does nothing to resolve the aliyah/tuna/mithali questions. The dragging with the use of distractions is just softening the viewer’s, lathering them up with spices and perhaps a bit of red wine in order to toss them all into an oven to insure that their minds are thoroughly ‘cooked’. No drugs needed. Just Ekta Kapoor productions. The fake flashbacks are distressing. Almost as if the viewers are being told that the quality of the first section of KKB episodes (1-400) never existed. Pragya is looking tired and bored. Her diversification in work (Sriti Jha), may indicate that she is preparing for a change that viewers do not know about as yet.

    1. Hi Akituster…long time no chat!! The primary lesson of KKB is how to make abusive relationships a romantic one…its been around a long time now, it’s just that nobody has displayed it as an acceptable option…have you heard the saying…beat me but don’t leave me? That’s the corner Pragya is in now, no matter what Abhi does to her, she’ll go back to him! She just loves the emotional, mental and psychological abuse, how else do we look at it??? Ekta’s serials teaches us that no matter what the man does to a woman or how he treats her, it just doesn’t matter, she’s got to stick to him and the marriage till she’s ready to go on the pyre.. I like your point of making criminal acts, a humorous thing, just to normalize the criminal behavior…that’s 100% correct. As for Sriti, since a long time now, she’s developed frown lines, it’s just automatic…she doesn’t realize that the stress of KKB has been transferred to her appearance and my goodness, it has aged her drastically… Poor thing but like all Ekta’s slaves, she thinks she can’t do better so she has to stay there just like how she has to stay with Abhi till she’s dead!!

      1. naz i cant understand your last lines f her sriti

    2. S dr hai aki i missed ur cimmnets yersterday since this was not updates anyway hai agajn fell pity for actresss playinv pragya s really feel how muc partiality has been fone for hee it is like she t her profession for child ans grown up actors like vin and ruchi since these two were beatifully potraying roles yesterday i alao dotn say they are not but ex husband who saud hia wife has died for hk ahould no do this till he haa garbagw aa his wife i can see clearly the date of entry and exit of doormat pragya i dont know how to feel for abhi yesterday AND Y SRITI IS NOW DOING OTHER S CH GIVES HER PEACE I CAN SEE CLEARLY SHE IS NOT INTERESTED IN THIS STROY FOR ACTING THUS CHEAP CHARACTER SHE MIGHT LEAVE THE STORY BUT SHE IS DONT KNOW IRRIATTED ONCE THE PRAGYA WHO WAS BOLD CONFIDENT SUPER IS EVEB ASKING KING TI GIVE HER IDENTITY

      1. Ishu. ..my last lines insinuates that just like others who work for the Balaji banner or rather Ekta Kapoor, thinks that they are obligated to stay on her serials because she is their big ticket to powerful roles, it doesn’t matter if she gives them roles like Pragya’s or Abhi’s or Tanu’s, doesn’t matter if they look older through their stressful characters, they believe that they have to stay in her serials and put up with it…like abused people! Maybe they think they cannot get better roles to do or probably afraid of her heavy influence in the mainstream entertainment industry who knows! When Arjit Taneja aka original Purab went on to his new serial Kaleerein ,what promised to be a great serial quickly turned into a disaster and his character went downhill in no time , he turned into an abusive lover and subsequent abusive husband and was bashed badly by the viewers…who knows, maybe it was sabotage from the highest ranks or plain politics of assassination character if I’ve ever seen one!! BTW, that serial had a painful end run, even I abandoned it… I bet Sriti and Co are afraid of this happening to them so they prefer staying on in kkb till Ekta call it a day, then they will be free to take other roles… It the same way with Pragya’s character, no matter what, she will still kiss Abhi’s ass, she thinks that she can’t do better for herself so even though she found an excellent husband figure in King, she won’t commit to a intimate relationship with him because she thinks she owes Abhi her love and loyalty, even if he uses humorous criminal acts to get her back in his life, even though he abused her in the past, she believes that as she’s taken her saat pheras with him, she has to stay in 7 births with him…so basically that means she’s with him till she kicks the bucket..by that I mean, when she dies….so that’s the essence of my last lines, hope you understand what my message says.. Anyways…how are you friend, I do read your comments too, sometimes I don’t understand all of it but I understand what you say.. I guess English isn’t your primary language, however..i do know what you are saying… Keep it up..

    3. I have watched some serials that I believe are Urdu (they have English subtitles for me to understand) , they also have repetitive themes. However, the BIG PLUS is that they don’t drag on forever with the same themes of evil conquering good. They are shorter and in the end, the good guys always win. Maybe I’m a sucker for happy endings. That is why I can tolerate those serials because I know that the good guys win and the pain and suffering is short and resolved. This serial is so frustrating and painful to watch. I hate being disappointed so that is why I stop watching KKB. I thank you though for your comments

  4. Hullo Naz and Ishu,
    Oh Naz. Yes, you are correct about the false belief that has been entrained in Pragya and both, men and women within the Indian culture. “I have no choice” “This is my state. I will never have choice in this lifetime.” “Being born a woman is a curse. You are living out a curse, because it is your karma. The only time that your curse will lift is when you have another lifetime as a man.” False beliefs based on purposeful misinterpretations in order to control the population, male and female both. Far less expensive, than let’s say actually paying people for their work, resources and production. Yes, I too have been watching Sriti Jha aging. I have not seen much magic from her shortly after the leap. Sometimes I have wondered if Abhi’s increasing franticness is an effort to keep the magic energy going. This whole abhigya ‘passion’ has opened up a whole new world for both actors. Why allow the growing Ahbigya enterprise to die out? Again, I see Sriti Jha being able to create that chemistry with anyone assigned to her. With a supportive script as well. For Shabir A.? I don’t know. And Ishu, I’m wondering if King only saw the bold, imaginative problem solving Pragya? He’s really not seeing Pragya being victimized, currently. King seems to miss those moments all the time. He will be very hurt, I am sure to realize that Abhi is ‘that’ mumbai bad man. I think that he will disgusted, with or by Pragya, if he finds out what Pragya has been putting up with, since their return to India. Murder attempt, tuna cutting her neck, attacks on Kiara… He would be crazy not to wonder about who she really is. How could she keep this secret? It is him that invested the time and energy to care for her and give her a new life. Yes, she’s more than proven herself. They have been a team for seven years… a family. The current betrayal would require a very conscious person or an idiot, to accept. King is neither. So, here we are involved with the distractions… and hopefully challenging the validity of the written characters. A study of emotional immaturity and illness? Yes. A love story? Not so much. There was never any love to start with. When Pragya began to see Abhi’s ‘punishments’ as cute, that was the few moments when her heart accepted her victimhood. She found acceptance (not love) by becoming a willing victim. Abhi’s ‘love’ for Kiara is far more about his neediness to control someone who is o.k. being controlled (and doesn’t know any better. so a child is perfect) and now also he wants revenge. “She can’t take my daughter away from me!!” Notice the script changed 3/4 days later and he began to include Pragya… “I want them both back”. That didn’t look planned by the writers. The writing is too often scrambled and almost feels desperate for production, for anything. Ekta Kapoor is expanding her business outwards. She’s not concerned about the quality of the work being produced. She doesn’t need to be. All that matters is that her demographic is kept emotionally hooked as they identify emotionally (positively or negatively) with their favourite character.

    1. s everything after leap since due to negative comments script has beeen changed or otherwise tanu and abhi again might have started their relationship like that days with tanu as his best charm and lucky .what to say is i dont want abhi to get hurt or something everything ater leap script wasnt good due to negative they had to change the script suddenly showing pragya in india i dont know what was the original script really wish to see that and main, make up and her dressing style sucs like anything for sriti hate her hairstyle and make up compare to others .sucks everything ,poor editing dont know who is the main reason for running the show not sriti only becuase of shabir vin and ruchi i can clearly say that their magic and everything ruinned off nothing to see just back to back their changing the script and dialogues.pragya character has been degraded to the core tht she has left saying “i slept with king to abhi whivch may ground her level ,or may be she can say why should i give b irth to kiara only after marrying king ” like that alreasy she has been ruinned .there is no such suprise if she tells that also to abhi if he again abuse her physically who knows

  5. Wow. Naz. I didn’t know that about Kaleerein. It was weird when I watched it a few times. I wondered if you were supposed to be on a drug trip of some kind in order for it to make sense. I believe that BulBul and the first Tanu went on to ‘better’. (?) . Yet still, I think, “uh – huh” as Ekta does seemingly like the power of being able to punish people, who want to leave. I also see her as having a love of ridiculing others. Let’s hope that her twin self, Ravi, will bring balance to heart. She might start doing better work. I’ not holding my breath! Would you?

    1. to stay in ekta serals y should once loving and was being love pragya character to be been ruined i dont now y tanu noways screeching and saying i am his wife and i love him like that irriatted and also before leap she doent even give damn about abhi, but his money and wealth. alia was the one struggling her to make belive she us the bst for abhi that they showed after leap what a change yar.

    2. Hi there,
      Nope, I wdn’t hold my breath, except for d foul air thz serial z emitting. Just dropped in to say that I think her father’s real name is Ravi Kapoor & his screen name is Jeetendra. Hope am right. With Kind regards.

      1. Thank-you Viji, for that tidbit. That kind of throws the whole twin ideology into Creepy Land. Of course it could just be a daughter’s sweet love for her father. Hmmm… I had to giggle at your foul air comment! What an image! : )
        And Ishu, remember that Tuna fish always planned on putting Aliyah into her place, after she ‘owned’ Abhi through marriage. Aliyah had picked Tuna fish because she believed that stupid Tuna would be easily controlled through her greed. After all she needed some female to take care of the s*xual part of the relationship. Aliyah always wanted full control of Abhi, but couldn’t be his wife. That’s why she chose Purab for a husband… also easily controlled, or so she thought.

    3. Hello Akituster,
      I noticed tht u promptly & faithfully acknowledge d replies addressed to you ?. Atta girl. Been going thro all d comments which hav more life in thm than d episodes ?. Hope to catch up with my own comments one of these days. Until then, itz bye from me.

      1. Thanks ViJi! I’ll keep an eye out for comments! I do try to answer…but like everyone else I may not see the comment in time or just be unavailable. I do enjoy conversation.

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