Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi witnesses Sunil’s murder and gets kidnapped

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The Episode starts with Prachi thinking what did Ranbir thinks of himself and calls him mannerless. Ranbir comes there in car and laughs. He tells that they shall go to a iceparlour and have icecream. Prachi asks if he is scared to go alone. Ranbir says Maa and beeji asked him to drop her home. Prachi calls him mad. Ranbir drives the car slow. Prachi asks why he is coming behind her. Ranbir asks her to go to side and walk. She says she will shout and call people, will tell them that he is teasing her. Ranbir says Maa and Dida don’t know you. They call each other mad. He drives off. Sunil thinks to go to his village and pay the loans. He sees goons coming. The goons tell him that Sanju has sent them. Sunil asks for his money. The goons tell that they have brought hockey and rod to kill him. He says Sanju has sent us. Sunil runs. The goons run behind him and ask him to come out. They threaten him. Sanju calls his friend out of car and tells that they shall check if they have done our work or not. He calls the contractor killer and asks if the work is done. The contractor killer tells that work will be done fully, even though they have taken half payment. Sanju tells his friend that the work will be done and he will call him. He says they shall have chole and kulche.

Prachi is walking on the road and sees waiter running on the road. She thinks to ask him on whose insistence they spiked her cold drink. She sees goons on the bike following him. She comes behind him. Sunil asks them to leave him. The contractor killer gives him 10 mins and asks him to run. Sunil runs. The contractor killer throws hockey on his neck and injures him. They beat him to death. Prachi witnesses the murder and is shocked. Her photo falls down in her house. Pragya gets worried and thinks Prachi should have come back home by now. She calls Prachi. The goons hear the ring tone and see Prachi standing. Prachi runs while the goons run behind her. The goon (Mahendra) calls Sanju and thinks he will decide if he doesn’t pick the call. He thinks to kill the girl and take payment from Sanju. Prachi takes the rod and throws on them. They fall down from the bike. Prachi thinks Ranbir might be in the icecream parlour and runs again.

Mahendra says this girl is making her own death difficult. Pragya gets worried and asks Shahana if Prachi came. Shahana says no. Madhu asks her not to worry. Pragya tells that Prachi is in trouble as her pic fell down. Shahana says you felt this before also, but she was fine. Pragya then gets worried for her other daughter. Shahana says I called her sometime back and she said that she is coming back. Pragya says she should have talked to me. Shahana says she will come in 10-15 mins. Prachi continues to run and is coming to the ice parlour. She calls Ranbir and sees his car there. She thinks where is he? The goons come near her. Prachi keeps her phone on his car and runs. Ranbir comes back and collides with the goon. The goon says that the girl is running with the purse. Ranbir thinks which girl steals. The goon runs behind her and hits rod on her head. Prachi faints. They take her in taxi.

Ranbir starts his car and sees mud on the car door. He gets down and finds her watch. He calls her and finds her phone on the car. He takes it and thinks why does she do this. He comes to Prachi’s house and calls her. Pragya asks if she is not with him. Ranbir says no and tells that he came to complain to her about Prachi and tells that she had put the muddy water on my car. He shows her phone. Pragya asks when did you see? Ranbir tells that he had offered her to come to icecream parlour, but she refused and got down the car. Pragya says you shouldn’t have dropped her on road. Ranbir says when I went to take her back, she refused and told that she will shout and call people. Pragya says she shouldn’t have done this. She tells that Prachi haven’t come. Ranbir gets worried and says this means…Pragya says she is in trouble,

Precap: Abhi tells Aaliya that Rhea is a small girl and it is their responsibility to teach her right or wrong. Mahendra asks his goon to give knife. Prachi is unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why is MOTHER INDIA Pragya giving disgusted looks to Ranbir???, 4 having not dropped Prachi???????
    It was tat b*t*h Prachi who is the root cause of this TROUBLE, not Ranbir???
    And kkb is round and round over the same series of kidnaps which it had been showing nearly a century times over the past 5 yrs.?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ !!!

    1. Before pragya and now prachi experimenting stupid things

  2. Koi iss show no boycott karega….abhi aur Pragya bhi sath mein nhi Hain..why to follow it

  3. why does Pragya think that her daughter is so special for screaming to ranbir the girl who act like an idiot

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