Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi leaves to bring Pragya back from her house


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Pragya walks to the Mandair exclaiming that she is giving the last chance as if god desires that those who believe in him keep their belief then he would have to make sure that her husband is healthy and comes back to him, she doesnot know what he would do, Pragya starts the pooja taking up the fire, she exclaims that she has not asked or anything for herself but today would ask and has become selfish so doesnot care for anything, she is praying when there is lightning in the skies, Abhi also starts moving, she exclaims that people say that if one prays with the heart, he never turns the believer, the nurse sees Abhi is restless so tries closing the window but is frustrated as it is not closing, Pragya prays that either Abhi come back to her or her life should be snatched, she is still praying when the lantern drops on the floor, Abhi suddenly wakes up calling her name remembering when the got married, Pragya starts crying.

Ranbir is walking when he sees Prachi in the office, he stands by the office asking why is she still here, Prachi mentions she is leaving but asks if there is something which he has to say, he asks if she has the contact of a mechanic because his car broke down, she explains that she is no longer his personal assistant but even then calls Supriya, she hands Ranbir the contact, he immediately calls the mechanic, she tries to leave but gets uncomfortable when he is standing near her, she says goodbye, she is about to walk away, Ranbir asks how will she go as it is raining so she can stay in the office till the weather calms down, she walks to her chair but drops her files, Ranbir picks them for her before leaving the office.

Dadi comes to the hall in the house Alia and the entire family also come, Alia asks if they have heard, Mitali Bhabhi says that she has also heard Abhi’s voice, Dadi is eager to meet Abhi however she hurts her feet, Ria asks her to clam down and sit down because they have to check for any injury, Alia exclaims that this means Abhi has regained his memory and so they would be ruined, Mitali Bhabhi mentions that he would not leave them.

Pragya is adamant to go and meet Abhi because he called her, Savita jee explains that this is not the case because she did not hear anything, Pragya insists but she then explains that Pragya herself informed her that the doctors gave him an injection so he would be asleep, they both hug each other.

Alia is with Mitali Bhabhi who asks her what would happen to them if Abhi has regained all of his memory however doesnot know who Pragya is because this is exactly what happened the last time when he lost his memory, Mitali Bhabhi mentions that this means he would get mad with them when he comes to know that Alia has brought back Tanu so he would throw them all out of the house, Dadi however pleads with Ria to take her to Abhi’s room because she needs to meet him, Alia also agrees then when they are walking up the stairs, Abhi comes out of the room asking where is she, Mitali says he is asking of Tanu however Abhi asks about Pragya, they are all shocked when Abhi explains that he remembers everything and knows that he got his life back after marrying Pragya but some people did not let them live and so came after them but he got hit by the bullet however has come back, he is adamant to bring back Pragya when Alia asks why does he want to bring her because she left him lying outside the hospital when he needed medical attention however Abhi stops her saying that she is lying because he knows that Pragya was the person who saved his life, Alia is adamant that she left him outside the hospital and his treatment did not start till they came.

Dadi stops her saying that she will inform him how Alia uued to treat him, she used to beat him with a rod and he was given a food which was worse then animals, she was threatened which is why she remained quiet as she desired to be with Abhi, Pragya came to meet him but Alia did not allow her so she had to come back disguised as Gayatri, Pragya is the owner of the house but was forced to live like a worker, she came to know about her truth so threw her out when she was constantly pleading them to let her remain with Abhi, but they did not allow her, Abhi asks her to not worry as he would correct everything then leaves to bring back Pragya.

Alia asks Dadi if she has fulfilled her desire and said everything against her questioning what good did it do because Abhi still left without saying anything to her, Dadi leaves explaining she doesnot have to say anything now because Abhi is healthy once again so would correct everything, she leaves for her room.

Ria asks Alia what all this is because she informed her that Pragya did not come even once however she lied, Alia explains that Pragya came to get their property, she must not worry and go back to her room, Ria leaves thinking that her father is healthy so what is the need for creating any scene, Alia sees Tanu coming from the corner who is really angry and leaves.

Prachi sits on the chair in her office, she is tensed when Ranbir enters asking if she would drink coffee, she agrees then he asks her to also bring one for him, she agrees and is about to leave when she accidently stumbles, she is about to fall however Ranbir catches her, they both are not even able to move away, she gets nervous.

Precap: Abhi throws Aaliya’s bags and says that Pragya is his wife, his life, owner of that house. He tells Aaliya to leave the house along with Tanu. He then goes to Pragya’s home. Pragya opens the door and is pleasantly surprised seeing him. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Finally this should last

    1. ikr abhi should throw them out,i think the show is ending soon thats why

    2. Hlobisile Nkosi

      Finally abhishek come to his senses

  2. Finally!!!! this is so much better go Abhi go get ur Pragya and srsly how is Rhea so easily manipulated…. Thank god Dadi told him everything tho honestly Pranbir moments left me teary eyes…. Still glad Abhigaya will be reunited!!!!

  3. Don’t hold your breath because it is either a dream episode or it won’t last. Remember, the day Pragya and Abhi get together and live happily as a family with their 2 girls, this serial will be over. I hope I am wrong but this serial is a never ending merry-go-round. Same story over and over again.

  4. Ekta kapoor is a hypocrite burai me achai ki jeet hoti hai holi main she preaches in her serial now she is showing Alia and tanu as gods of kumkum bhagya

  5. God has answered Pragya’s prayers. Thanks to dad for telling Abhi everything but is it adream or real.Still waiting to see the outcome of Tanu in the house and how Abhi will talk to Aaliya.

    1. Abhi will throw Aliya out off house it is seen in promo on youtube that abhi says Aliya to leave the house along with Tanu.

  6. At last abhigya met
    U had not added precap so,

    1. I hope one of them.not dreaming 😭

  7. Aaliya looks like a golden wax bean in that dull yellow outfit. the design looks just like a bean, where you could snap the sides and the delicious garden fresh beans would pop out. I wouldn’t eat this bean whole, after all, the beans inside are poisonous. What a horrible outfit. they even thought her trademark dark rich lips were too much for that nasty yellow colour. (saw a clip on youtube) . If the series ends, good, but I’m sure that there will be another ‘surprise’ over the next week or so.

  8. Finally Pragya got her prayers answered after do many years of trials and tribulations. Rhea is such a fool to be easily manipulated by Aaliyah and Tanu. If the show is ending , hoping to see Aaliyah and her evil sidekicks getting their butts thrown out of the house. Raj and Mitali joined hands with madame evil to rob Abhi and his family. This serial depicts what happens in some families who scheme, connive to destroy their siblings lives for money and property. Am waiting for Purab to be reunited with Disha and their children. Somehow there could be a twist that Aryan could be Purab and Disha son. Aaliyah destroyed too many lives to be with Purab, who doesn’t have any feelings for her. It will really be good that Kiara is alive and reunites with her parents and siblings.

    1. Rhea should be thrown out with Aliya, the tuna-fish, Raj/Mitali. She’s too far-gone into evil and she’s rather stupid. Funny, the first Rhea looked like the first Aliyah (with her several face surgeries) and new Rhea has a faint resemblance to new Aliyah (with her surgeries and gawd knows what else they have done to her face)

  9. I loved this episode. However I hope precap isn’t a dream! Alia needs to be thrown out along with Tanu, Mitali and Raj and Abhi’s mean aunt forgot her name 😂 hope abhi brings his wife and daughter home where they rightfully belong but it won’t be easy as i Rhea will not let him. And we all know abhi always listens to her 🙄I feel like the family will reunite right at the end cos Ekta loves making evil win😭! and Pranbir are getting closer can’t wait for upcoming scenes of them, loving their chemistry hope they reunite soon..I think the truth will come out on his wedding day and he will marry Prachi ♥️

  10. I think purab went to London there he come to know about Kiara may be


    abhi did a nice thing finally.he should have done it before leap(20 years) before itself. Then he would have a happy life with pragya, prachi, and rhea.

  12. That precap is nice. I hope it is not pragya dreaming. Finally Pragya gets to go back with her husband. Now Kiara should enter the scene.

  13. K.Lakshmi lavanya

    Please concentrate on abhigya. Only abhigya is agaimed trp ratings.so called daughters engagement got low trp ratings

    1. Riyasharma

      You can’t actually blame the second generation for trp. When Abhigya where getting chased by goons.. before Abhi got mental, even then the show didn’t make it to top 5. Also even when Abhigya were far from meeting, during second generation, Kumkum Bhagya was in top 5 as the audience did like the KKB second generation. Plus, the trp really can’t be blamed on any generation or couple… the show is getting low views as people were tired of watching the same unnecessary things over and over again, so a lot of people decided to stop watching.

    2. Exactly Riya your right. Abhigya fans blamed Pranbir for the low trp which was two weeks ago when actually the trp wasn’t of the engagement sequence 😂😂as the trp was from 20-26th march and the engagement didn’t occur then. It’s only low trp because of all the evil going on with alia and tanu they constantly winning. And both couples were seperated!! Can you blame people for not watching the show??

  14. Riyasharma

    I’m excited for the precap, I don’t think it’s a dream this time around but it could be. 🙁 But anyhow I’m excited to see a PROPER Abhigya reunion and Alia and Tanu possibly getting kicked out of the house! I just hope it’s not a trp stunt.

  15. Let this serial finish now.too much boring serial

  16. Seriously I am very much interested in the episode, very enjoyable
    Update me every day
    Thank you very much
    From Namibia

  17. Mardiyya garba

    I just hope is not Aliyah’s dreams or imagination, cause ekta Kapoor is good at that

  18. I normally read the comments and the written updates but if the precap is true then I’m gonna watch it….want to see the 2 ugly 🧙‍♂️🧹🧙‍♀️🧹 kicked out finally!!

  19. Akituster; guter Vergleich, Aliyah mit einer Bohne zu vergleichen, nur das sie keine goldgelbe eher eine sehr überreife, giftige Bohne ist. Hat Aliyah sich die Lippen gestoßen, die sehen so geschwollen, übergroß aus, einfach eklig.
    Hoffe auch das die Vereinigung von Abhigya keine Traumsequenz ist und Abhi wirklich Pragya, mit all ihr zustehenden Rechten als Ehefrau und Mutter seiner Töchter und Prachi als seine Tochter gibt und sie nach Hause bringt, was schon lange überfällig ist. Endlich Abhigya als Familie gezeigt wird, wo auch genug Probleme für die beiden zu bewältigen sind.

    1. Dear Lene first I translated your post. my comment is right after!
      “Akituster; good comparison to compare aliyah with a bean, only that it is not a golden yellow but rather a very overripe, poisonous bean. Aliyah has poked his lips, they look so swollen, oversized, just gross.
      I also hope that the union of Abhigya is not a dream sequence and that Abhi really gives Pragya, with all her rights as wife and mother of his daughters and Prachi as his daughter, and brings them home, which is long overdue. Finally Abhigya is shown as a family, where there are enough problems for both of them to cope with. ”
      LOL, Dear Lene! Yes she must be a castor bean of a golden yellow variety! Castor beans are filled with the poison ricin. And yes, I have had images of all the actresses in a row, with chemicals dripping and pouring out of their lips, facial fillers… etc etc. (maybe a reaction to having been exposed to a ball of light containing LOVE and HONESTY. I love fashion and beauty… but the ridiculous trend in today’s world where true beauty does this to themselves and then some from the majority (i’m part of the majority) go to these ridiculous lengths because they are ‘not enough’ are living from somebody else’s standards whose only motives are to prey on their insecurities to make money, while persuading them to believe that looking like a plastic clown or a s*x doll is somehow fashionable beauty. These victims of con artists need to work on their hearts…not their faces. Every human shines an individual beauty especially when they are happy, loved …and generally when they are young and just entering the ‘mating game’.
      And yes, I will make a point of watching the next episode to see the slimy tuna-fish and the ugly aliyah removed from the house!! Mitali has to go as well or it will be hours/days before human garbage returns. Just like Ekta… who continually pops up everywhere, selling herself (all of her) and maintaining her money machines.

  20. I think precap is dream

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