Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya takes care of unwell Abhi

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Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tarun and Neha switching off the lights. Abhi thinks what happened? Pragya comes and asks what happened? Abhi says he lost his phone and asks her to search it. They begin searching. Abhi shouts. Pragya gets scared. Abhi says I thought you will take advantage of me. Pragya says I will be 5 steps far from you. Abhi says then my respect will be saved. Pragya gets angry. Neha comes and asks if it is 3 am. She tells that she is scared of darkness. They all get scared as something falls and hug each other. Abhi asks Neha why did she hug them and moves her. He hugs Pragya. Pragya tells that she hugged him to support Neha. Neha tells him that she saw cockroaches, rats ets. Tanu thinks if Pragya told lie or truth and plays flower petals game. Aaliya asks what is she doing? Neha says

she was afraid of bats, rats and cockroaches. Pragya says I don’t get afraid of it now. She calls them and says she will show them. Neha shouts rat is there. Pragya and Abhi jump to the sofa. Neha runs from there and comes to Tarun. Abhi tells Pragya that he shouted as he scared of Neha and asks Pragya to keep her foot down. Pragya says if rat attacks then. She asks him to keep his foot down. Abhi says we shall keep our foot together. Tarun says just as they put their foot down, we will throw ball on their foot. They are about to keep the foot down, when Tarun throws ball. Pragya gets scared and hugs him.

Neha thanks Tarun and hugs him. Abhi says I have saved you. They see Tarun and Neha hugging each other. Abhi asks Pragya to come. Tanu comes to conclusion and tells Aaliya that whatever Pragya said first was right. She says everything. Aaliya asks her not to exaggerate the matter. Tanu says Pragya’s child…aaliya stops her and asks her not to talk about it. She says you don’t understand that Pragya and Abhi want to make you mad and then when you go to mental asylum then they will sing love song. Mitali comes to Police station and asks if Neha is found. Inspector says no. Chachi comes there and says she wants to meet King. Inspector says she is Tarun’s mum. Mitali gets angry. Abhi and Pragya understand their plan and scold them for making them hug. He says love doesn’t happen with a hug and can’t make years long problems end. Neha says you both love each other. Abhi tells that Pragya and he had ego problems. Pragya says I don’t have. Neha says you people fight same even now and love can’t change. He says we can’t stay together. Pragya says now you have married Tanu. Abhi thinks Pragya is married to King now. She scolds Tarun for trying to unite them. Abhi feels drowsy, Pragya checks and says he is having fever. They take him inside.

Mitali scolds Chachi. Chachi thinks she shall make King think that she is worried for him. She scolds Mitali and tells that she understood seeing her that she is neha’s mum and asks why did she send King to jail. Mitali argues and says she knows how to free her daughter and asks her to save her son. King tries to stop her, but in vain. Mitali leaves. Chachi asks King why did he stop her. king says I am asking you not to stop. Pragya takes care of Abhi while he is sleeping and recalls their memories. She thinks she knew that he will catch fever and that’s why gave him kada. She asks him to get up and fight with her. She keeps water cloth on his forehead. Neha comes and smiles seeing Pragya taking care of him and tells that she saw seeing her taking care of him. Pragya asks her not to try to unite them. Neha says my feelings can’t be wrong. Pragya asks her to take care of him. Abhi gains consciousness. Pragya says Babli took care of you all night. Abhi says they shall leave. Pragya says no and asks him to rest for sometime. She says we don’t know car driving and I won’t let tarun drive as he is nervous.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cathy

    Naz! Got your message, thanks for letting me know.

    1. You are most welcome dear Cathy….

  2. Just doesn’t appear charming today. Tuna’s expression as she plucked flower petals was exactly the same expression that she used to have when she was pregnant and acting for Abhi regarding her fake physical pain or when she was lying about Pragya. Same 3 yr old desperation. Mithali looks just kind of dumb. No sympathetic cuteness, today. Chachi of course exposes herself and her future upcoming ‘player’ role. Great. Yet, another female playing a negative role. And of course Aliyah has told us through her actions that she remains a psychopath who’s natural solutions contain violence and restraints. Neha’s and Tarun’s love is turned into a teenage infatuation. Don’t a lot of young people find their partner in college? Most of the episode is dark. Could this mean that the writers are bending into metaphysical love? You know, from the darkness will come light. So from this scene’s ‘seeding’ the Abhi/Pragya love will return? When is the awards ceremony? Or is this the darkness that hides the machinations of the new psychopathic version of the Aliyah/Tuna crime spree? Their mentalities likely require more crime because neither one of them is able to express their passions through s*x. Since that’s out, they find their power through hurting, maiming and torturing others. Could someone please call a male gigolo to service these two ice-bitten hearts and well, you know, make sure they experience some satisfaction in their lives. Pay the extra fee so that the gigolo will bring them flowers, as well. All the murders sure didn’t do it, for them. After all, everybody is visibly aging in this show and the cuteness is just not that charming. Oh yeah, but I know that cute romance is addictive and I’m sure that most will love this episode. But what’s Ekta going to do? Replace the leads Tuna/Aliyah and their sidekicks Abhi/Pragya with younger/smaller actors, like she did with Bubli/Neha?

  3. I think neha n Tarun will escape from them again

  4. Where is Bunty? Won’t he help his sister, keep her love interest? Or did he as well, enter the black hole of Ekta’s plot? Disappeared, forever because he was not needed any longer for this plot/non-plot that runs around in circles in Ekta’s mind.

  5. I think it’s high time some people realize this is just a TV show and not real.

    1. Yes! Yes! I agree TaeYang! Please, please message that to all the people who have fallen in love with Abhi or Pragya. Please message that to the women who begin acting out some of the attitudes taught in this tv production. You know, the women who’s family members have to deal with the way they begin to behave after watching this show or others like it. Just because it’s a tv show and not real does not mean it doesn’t have an effect on more innocent minds and hearts. Since you are watching television, I am sure that you are aware of the many impacts that a show like this, may have on the viewers. You have learned about that during schooling, right?

  6. Sick.. Can’t call it childish can’t call it cute.. Just sick… Though abhigya share a fantastic chemistry the things that are expected from them is too childish especially now that they look aged. Pragya still looks cute but abhi looks past the romance age and has put on a lot of weight and has lost his charm and cuteness… Tims to move the story ahead. Next 2-3 weeks show how evil is punishes. How tanu and aliya are exposed and punished. Show what happened when abhi asked pragya to leave, how she met king, why did abhi marry tanu… Show some romance between abhigya and not those fights which look like a lotof of effort Need to be made ri make it look comic.. Show Kiara growing up to be like abhi… And the sibling bond between Kiara and sunny..

    1. Alka, these writers don’t have your progressive imagination and it’s so painful for you or me or Akituster or Cathy or anyone else to have to point out this to them, they are so embarrassingly incompetent in their telescopic view that they can’t see what you see. I agree with your ideas 100% but to have to spell it out so clearly, I don’t have the zeal to do so, kudos to you, even though you were to the point, you touched on what is most important and the rest of what you intended to say, I understand. Imagine a young couple has to give ideas to a couple who’s been around the block before how to romance, how stupid that looks and Abhi really looks too mature to be behaving the way he does. Who the heck wants a man Abhi’s age to romance them with so much cheesiness? That’s why man-child is a perfect description for him. Women love confident, charismatic and man to the bone kinda lovers, only Pragya could settle for sub standard style, that’s the emotionally dependent woman in her, doesn’t think she could do better ,just like Tuna, with her whorish nature, I’m sure she can get a real man, more rich and who would satisfy her desires, instead she’s holding on to Abhi and he won’t even smell her much less sleep in the same room with her, how pathetic is that for Tuna, she too has sub standard taste…but what can she expect, she’s getting older and Abhi is her financial security so she ain’t thinking of going anywhere unless Pragya take Abhi back…and she still wouldn’t go too… Imagine Mithali or Disha, had to point that out to her, Aliya is getting old and may not likely get a husband but so too is Tuna, but all she can see is her vanity in the mirror, reminding her of how beautiful she looks… Seriously, she should have settled down with Nikhil, they are the equivalent of each other, deserving of themselves…. Sigh, we expect too much from these writers….

  7. Its always Pragya taking care of Abhi how cheap and crap

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