Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Aaliya to take action against Prachi

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The Episode starts with Prachi going to bathroom from the room. Aaliya asks Rhea what is all this? Rhea acts innocent and tells that she doesn’t know. The people starts gossiping about Prachi. Ranbir is in shock. Rhea thinks Prachi will become bad now and she (herself) will become good. She asks Aaliya about Abhi. Aaliya says he is not at home and asks Rhea to bring Prachi there. She tells everyone that she hopes that they don’t stop her from doing what she wants, after watching all this. Purab tells Abhi that he should have picked Aaliya’s call. Abhi tells Purab that he called Aaliya and said that they are at Disha’s house seeing her car there, so she went. Purab thanks him for saving him and says he will get tattoo made that he is under his debt. He tells that tattoo will be painful, so plan cancelled. Abhi asks him to inform him and pick his call when he goes somewhere. Purab tells Abhi that Disha lied to him.

Hritik tells Disha that he never said her that he is from Chandigarh. Disha says he only told him. Hritik asks why is she taking interest in him and called him to her place. Disha says today is Diwali and tells that Abhishek Mehra and Purab Khanna came here, so she invited him. Hritik tells that Abhishek came with me. Disha says she called him as they were coming. Disha asks about his college, business, papa and says if anybody asks you anything then? She asks him to give milk from the fridge.

Prachi washes her face in the bathroom and still feels drowsy. Sanju thinks he needs to look good infront of her so that she agrees to marry him. He calls her and asks if she is fine. Rhea knocks on the door asking her to open the door. Sanju opens the door and whispers that he did his work and asks her to do her work. Rhea asks him not to talk to her now. Prachi comes out of bathroom and asks what? Rhea asks her to come downstairs with her boyfriend. Prachi asks boyfriend? Rhea goes.

Purab tells that Disha lied to him about hritik. Abhi says her heart beats for you still and asks him to ask her directly why she lied. He asks if he needs Pandit for mahurat and says you are scared of rejection. He asks him to confront her and don’t give her a chance to lie. Purab says I tried, but Disha made excuse and left. Abhi says when someone likes someone then know about their likes and dislikes and says we shall ask them. Purab says I tried, but Disha made an excuse that something is on gas and left. Abhi asks Purab what is my name and asks what is his favorite game which he used to play with his band. He says card game?

Beeji and Meera come to the party hall. Beeji says Meera was scared of children’s cracker. They see everyone tensed. Meera asks Vikram if anything happened? Priyanka says I will tell. She says everyone is from a reputed family here and that’s why nobody wants to say anything, but I shall tell as someone has to speak.

Disha and Hritik bring coffee. Abhi asks for the black board or slate. Disha asks why do you need it? Purab says to know the truth. Abhi says he is mad and tells that Purab told that he wants to play truth or dare game, but I said that we shall play something else, card game. Hritik asks about the game. Abhi says Hritik seems to know the game and will win. Hritik says answers shall match. Abhi says no.

Shahana comes to the party hall. Priyanka goes to her and says welcome back Shahana. She asks did you come for some work or came to save your sister Prachi. Shahana asks where is Prachi and asks what is happening? She asks why everyone is looking at me like this. Priyanka says everyone is in shock as they saw something shocking which they never saw and that too on Diwali day. Beeji asks her to tell clearly. Aaliya says we didn’t think that Prachi will do something disgusting. Shahana asks Ranbir about Prachi. Priyanka says Prachi is in guest room and trying to trap a rich guy. Vikram asks her to mind her language and says Prachi will give clarification. Aaliya says we have seen everything. Priyanka says she came from such background and has blackened her face. Shahana asks her to mind her language. Priyanka says she got a good chance to did something wrong. Shahana says I knew her and she can’t do anything. Priyanka says Prachi must have taken your help and asked you to handle us here. Shahana says I know what she can do and what she can’t. Aaliya asks her to keep her mouth shut.

Pragya is still on the way and asks driver, when they will reach there. Driver says 5-10 mins. Pragya calls Prachi, but she is not picking the call. Pragya thinks Prachi must be talking to Mr. Mehra’s family, they are like family to her.

Update in ProgressPrecap: Ranbir tells Prachi that he couldn’t understand her. Aaliya says we always think wrong about small city girls and asks her to leave. Abhi comes and says she will not go anywhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Don’t doctors there know how to do drug tests? I guess it’s the usual case of stupidity with a dose of no common sense. Don’t you remember when Pragya was put into the same situation and it was only Abhi’s nephew’s toy car with a SD card in that recorded what really happened. Such rubbish. No creativity. This show has been going downhill fast. Seems like the creators don’t feel it’s necessary to redeem themselves. Thinking that jealousy, evil and cruelty is entertainment really shows what the writers think about those watching. I come back to read the updates sometimes. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment. Like PT Barnum once said “there’s a sucker born every minute”……guilty!!!

  2. high class mentally has tendency to do this type of criminal mind behavior like aliya where she has trained rhea during from childhood.

    middle class family like pragya ‘s daughter cannot do this as middle class family prestige and respect is important compared high class family.

    ekta kapoor is also high class family that is why making this serial like criminal mind. this serial is criminal bhagya

    1. Ekta Kapoor, and her team do not have any other entertainment except repeating the same storyline, first Pragya and Suresh and now Prachi and Sanju. I hope she ends this rubbish soon.

  3. Can the two psychopath obssessed LOVERS Alia and Priyanka just shut their mouths???, they are the cause of everything????, one provoked Rhea through her useless lecture of MIDDLE CLASS WOMEN?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, other using Rhea to get her revenge?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️.
    These two and the Pragya’s 2 daughters are the worst in the show???.
    The WOMEN re disgusting, and the men present ARYAN and RANBIR are not even acting like MEN, only Vikram is doing something???.

  4. Leisa s morris

    I have a few questions,why was there a cctv camera in d bedroom in d first place,isnt dat a place of privacy? How come prachi went to dat exact room? Who d hell is aliyah to chastise anyone when she trapped purab in d same fashion and has done worst? And how d hell pragya aint reach as yet although shahana has returned. So r we to believe dat dis happened with pragya daughter yet she is not gonna be there to confr.ont anyone and realise dat rhea is abhis daughter and dat abhi already knows prachi. Just like rhea faking accident and blaming prachi and many others. As a parent after d first incident i would’ve met d other kids parent already but only in kkb kids r sent to prison,accused of murder,expelled ftom school and their parents aint had a sit down to even discuss wst is causing it much less even meet each other smh

    1. Leisa s morris

      Ok so i have one more question make dat two. D first one being how come dey can interfere with d cctv isnt dat like in a special locked room or something and will abhi or anyone be wise enuff to notice dat only d cctv camera in dat room was so wat happened to d others. Afterall abhi has been in a situation like dis before with suresh and pragya

  5. Lisa was right I hate this scene how many times that rhea has to torture Prachi again and again uff so useless ?

  6. This is more like the story is repeating itself again…is it that all the people in the house are so dump that they can’t sense that something is not right, who would put CCTV cameras to make people see them do something prachi is being accused of…this is disgusting

  7. in kumkum bhagya got one bakari that is prachi to torture by rhea
    in kundali bhagya got one bakari that is preeta (dumb) and coward to tortured by kareena and sherlin soap wash by prithivi

    prachi is better than preeta

  8. Absolute garbage this show is. You have the snake in your house RHEA AND ALIAYA) you’re blaming this poor girl (PRACHI) cheated. I’m rooting for PRIYANKA AND RHEA FRINEDSi to bring MEHRA(ABHI) on the streets!



  9. Verma4

    Really low grade bs. cannot stand this so called high class crap. revolting story line.

  10. Anita Hemant

    its getting crap more and more we are moving forward

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