Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Akash crying looking at Rachna’s pic. Pragya enters and asks if he is happy. He hides pic and says he is. She asks why is he hiding his face then. He says he could not convince Rachna at all to marry him and troubled her a lot. She says if she should talk to her. He says daadi told he cannot be happy with that girl, so he is fine and asks her not to worry.

Tanu calls Pragya and says already 1 day is over and she has not found any solution. Pragya asks her calm down and wait until she finds a solution with which everyone is benefited. Abhi hears her words and tries to enter changing room, but she unknowingly closes door. He writhes in pain. She sucks his finger to ease his pain. He says she does a good acting and says he felt bad when she rejected him and says now she will feel his pain.

Maid informs Pragya that bride and her people have come. She goes down. Girl tells she is very excited thinking she is marrying in Abhi the rockstar’s family. Daasi says she is marrying Abhi’s brother and not Abhi and asks to look at Akash first. Dad asks how will he arrange marriage in 1 day. Mom asks why did Akash’s first marriage break. Daadi says that issue was different and assures that her daughter will be happy with Akash.

Racha (can hold Guinness record for longest human pregnancy of maybe 2 years) walks on the road reminiscing Akash’s words and is about to fall when Pragya comes on time (from Abhi’s house in a split of second) like a super hero and holds her. She asks why is she troubling herself here and Akash there. Rachna continues her emotional speech and says even if she accepts Akash, Suresh will not and leaves.

Abhi reminisces getting intimate with Pragya and feels angry. Pragya comes there (in a split of second from Rachna’s colony to Abhi’s house miles apart) and their usual verbal argument start. She says her friend is pregnant but her boyfriend ia already married and she is tensed. He asks who is it. She says it is none of his business and she will solve it herself. He thinks she must be talking about Rachna and Akash.

Taiji scolds servants for taking Daadi’s orders instead of her. Daadi silently watches that. Mitali signals taiji that daadi is watching. Taiji gets tensed and apologizes daadi. Daadi permits her to take over for 1 day. Taiji gets happy.

Abhi wearing weird girl’s like designed black DESIGNER kurta (golden umbrella border only at the bottom) walks around and daadi commands him to take are of the arrangement. Pragya thinks Akash and Rachna are behaving like immature kids and she will have to correct them. She calls Rachna and asks her to reach temple right now as she wants to talk to her. Rachna hesitantly agrees. Pragya then calls akash and asks him to reach temple. They both reach temple.

Rachna gets angry seeing Akash and asks why did he call her here taking Pragya’s help. Akash says he did not call her. She asks if meeting here on his marriage day is a coincidence. Prakash enters and says she called them both to get them married right now at this temple.

Precap: Purab and Purvi promote new serial tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi ho.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hasan well said…guinness record…pls dnt dragging this part…wowww one day over..its medical miracle..last time three days challenge pragya propose to abhi..how much they dragged…abhi is a rockstar turned to devdas now he s gng to detective…abhi pls share ur problem with purab …he will find the solution…

  2. ?????? BORING>>>>????

  3. Abhi has become a detective and following his wife Pragya, to know her intentions and what is she hiding from him. He hides from her sight and follows her to the market. Pragya tells him that she came for shopping and does something else. He tries to know what is she upto and is worried for her changed behavior. Pragya wants to make herself kicked out of home and give her place to Tanu. Pragya gets slapped by Dadi and helps Akash in his marriage. Pragya senses Abhi is around her. How will Abhi bring out the truth and end Tanu’s lies?

    1. Can u tell me wat did abhi reminses

    2. I think dat kiss karne walla scene where he seduces her

  4. Can anyone tell me wat intimate moment did abhi reminces…if anyone has seen d episode… plz…

    1. I didn’t. See….i too think dat wednesday scene

    2. Wat was shown

    3. Ntng much he just holds her face tightly and nearly to kiss. But nthng happens. He just spoke a lengthy dialog And then she escaped

    4. Its so boring….praghya is overacting now…

  5. They writer’s probably forgot Rachna is pregnant…she just put on a lot of weight lol

    1. Yaaaaaahhhhh

  6. Then what abt the yesterday’s precap….that seen has not come today…..

    1. Wat was d precap

  7. Any tamilians here??

    1. Yes I am tamilian…..precap:abhi asks Pragya if she felt good when he touched her.she nervously says no.he says he told her when she will start getting a feeling for him,he will leave her,now he will…..this was the precap davy…

  8. Hope Abhi & Pragya unite by their first anniversary….

  9. Dragging show..Abhi share ur problm wth purab..he vl help u…Pragya dnt beleive tat stupid tanu.

  10. Who is Prakash?

  11. Nice episode.

  12. waiting for abhighya to be united

  13. O Bhai, ye Rachana got pregnant some 50-60 episodes back. Was she really pregnant or just ate something spicey and her tummy started to bulge like a balloon?

  14. OMG very frustated the storyline plz stop, I want a happy abhipragya story

  15. Cant stop myself from laughing on looking Abhi’s designer dress……..Very comical it was….

  16. who is this prakash

  17. purab nd bulbul rocksssss…

  18. Why is Rachna so stubborn Akash did you wrong in the past but he realize is mistake and ask for forgiveness every human being deserves a second chance…so what’s the problem Akash wants to marry her so she prefers to raise a child single handedly, she’s not thinking about that child left to be mocked and ridicule by society for not having married parents

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