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The episode starts with Daadi asking Abhi to understand that he is passing marriage age and asks if he is not liking any girl among many here. Abhi jokes he likes 2 girls, one is she and another Purab. He goes and meets Purab. Abhi’s aunt says his family that Purab is a big hurdle betwen Abhi’s money and them. Once she breaks their frienship, she and her sons can get all his money and then she can get Abhi married to some foolish girl.

Abhi brings Purab on the terrace and they both go into flashback about their childhood where Abhi dreams about having a 24-storey building and living with Purab and his family happily. Purab says Abhi that he made it. Abhi says we made it and says he just knows to earn money, but Purab is handling it. Abhi’s aunt calls him and he goes. Daadi comes there and says Purab that Abhi’s overconfidence is his biggest problem.

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Pragya tries to console Madhavi and asks her not to cry as Suresh has gone to Akash’s house. Madhavi thanks Pragya for handling the situation well and is very lucky go have her as her bahu. She hugs her emotionally. Pragya remembers seeing Bulbul’s pic in Suresh’s diary and then thinks she wanted to Suresh to marry her and loved him, but Suresh loves Bulbul.

Akash exchanges engagement ring with her fiance. Abhi congrats Akash and his fiance Sukruti and says may they have a great life ahead. Security informs Purab about Suresh shouting for Akash. Purab comes out and asks Suresh what is happening. Security informs Suresh says Akash is having illegal relationship with his sister. Purab asks Suresh what prob he has. Suresh informs him everyting. Purab takes him in to the house.

Abhi’s aunt says Abhi if he dances in Akash’s marriage, bride’s parents will book whole Marriott hotel. Abhi says anything for his brother Akash. Purab signals Abhi to come out and informs him about Suresh and Akash’s illegal relationship with his sister. Suresh’s aunt says Abhi that Suresh is just lying. Abhi asks Purab about his opinion. Purab says a brother cannot say anyting about his sister and takes to Suresh. Abhi says Suresh that in Mumbai, it is common to have an affair. Akash comes there. Suresh asks Akash to tell the truth. Akash says Rachna was his girlfriend, but he did not marry her. Akash’s mom asks if he has any proof that Rachna married Akash. Suresh says he does not have any proof except Rachna’s unborn kid from Akash.

Akash’s mom asks how can she believe that Rachna’s kid is Akash’s. Suresh says he is telling truth. She asks him to get DNA test once child is born and asks him to go from now. Suresh says he will not go from here until he gets justice for his sister. Abhi asks him to go as his brother is denying about his relationship with Rachna. Suresh asks Abhi what would have he done if it would have happened to his sister. Abhi says he would have killed that guy. Suresh says whoever gets injured feels pain. His sister is devastated because of Akash. Akash says she was just his girlfriend. Akash’s mom asks Akash to shut up as he got into problem due to his innocence. She asks Suresh where was his sister till Akash got engaged and asks him howmuch money he wants. Suresh says he spits on the money and says Akash will also be punished for not taking responsibility of his own child. Abhi asks him to shut up as he trust his brother and he cannot believe Suresh. Suresh says he has to believe him as he is telling truth and he cannot stop the truth and is not worth to hide the truth. Abhi asks Purab to take Suresh from here. Purab drags him from there. Daadi comes there and asks Purab to leave Suresh. Daadi says whatever Suresh is telling, it is very difficult for a girl to accept it. She asks Akash if he knows Suresh’s sister. Akash says she was his girlfriend. Akash’s mom says Suresh’s sister does not have any proof and god should save them from these people. Daadi says she does not need any proof to justify if Suresh is telling lie or true and will findout the truth herself. She asks Suresh not to insult in front of guests outside and says he will get justice from her. Suresh agrees her and goes from there. Akash’s mom scolds daadi for believing Suresh. Abhi warns her not to speak rudely to daadi. He says his whole money belongs to daadi and takes daadi from there.

Bulbul says she did not believe that Abhi’s family memeber can do this as Abhi talks about love in his songs. Pragya says Abhi is a big lier and his family will also be the same. He says Suresh has gone there, but does not know if he gets justice. Suresh comes there and says Akash and his whole family did not believe Suresh except daadi, Abhi did not believe Suresh first, but then accepted Daadi’s words. He says daadi assured to get Rachna married if she is telling truth. Madhavi gets happy and says she will go to gurdwara to pray god.

Suresh thanks Pragya for helping his family. Pragya asks him not to say thank you and asks how did he find out the guy. Suresh says he took phone number from Rachna’s mobile and went by tooking his address. He says he went there because of Pragya and she always helps him, but he betrayed her by making her believe that she loves her. Pragya says we should think about Rachna now and says she loves him now and will love forever, though he does not love her, her love for her will not evade, she will not let her love come in between her friendship as he is an important person of his life and will pray that he gets his love, it is their fate that they will stand for eachother but cannot stand together.

Abhi helps daadi sit on bed and says he will bring water for her. She holds her hand and says now he should understand everything cannot be bought with money, if he would not have habituated his family to live lavish life, they would have understood the importance of relationships, money brings a lot of evils with it. Abhi asks her to rest and promises he will let happen whatever she likes. Daadi says we have to mend our family member and find out someone who can do that, he asks her to bring a wife who can mend their ways. Allah waariya…song plays in the background. Abhi lets her daadi sleep on bed and hugs her.

Precap: Suresh says Pragya that they both made mistakes and will have to tell the truth to their family together.

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