Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya if she does not agree to marry Suresh, he will press send button and upload her MMS. She stops him and says she agrees to marry Suresh. She runs to Daadi’s room and requests him to wake up, else her family will be ruined.

Abhi goes to Aaliya’s room and she asks what was he trying to do out. She says she is very innocent to understand Pragya’s plan even after studying in abroad and says wherever her thinking stops, Pragya’s thinking starts. He says Pragya does not want any alimony so that she can come back here and brainwash Daadi again, says once she marries Suresh, she will be permanently out of his life, else no. Tanu says after that, they will marry soon and hugs him.

Purab drops Bulbul to her locality. A sad song…ishq kare to rab hi jaane…. plays in the background. Purab says she does not want to meet him again thinking about Sarla, but it is god who has united them and he does not have courage to separate from her again. He holds her hand and they both reminisce their happier days. Do pal ka yaadon ka karwaan hai…..song plays in the background. They both walk in opposite direction with tears rolling down their cheeks. She thinks she wanted to tell him that without his help, she could not have helped Pragya.

Suersh meets Bulbul and says his MMS with Pragya is fake and he is very much worried about Pragya. She says he is the biggest problem in Pragya’s life and because of him, Pragya and Abhi are divorced now. He is shocked to hear that. She continues blaming him.

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Pragya at her room thinks she agreed for marriage, but she has to do something to stop it. Abhi comes there and starts searching his pend drive. He blames it on her and finds it on floor instead. He then start searching his headphone. She finds it for him. Their head strikes and he says she is the biggest problem in his life and once she gets out of his life, he will marry Tanu. Pragya says he may have convinced her, but not Suresh, suresh will not agree and his plan will flop.

Abhi reaches Suersh’s home in the morning. Suresh asks what is he doing here. Abhi says people do mistakes in their youth and even Suresh has done one. He asks since how long he loves Pragya and says he has seen him peeping at Pragya’s window. Suresh asks him to stop his rubbish. Abhi picks apple and asks when he can snatch his wife, why can’t he take his apple. He says he is stressed peeping at Pragya. Suresh says he is talking too much. Abhi says Pragya is not his wife now and he has got a good offer for him, says he hit him for MMS issue and now he will reward him for it. He forcefully makes him wear sehra/groom’s cap and says he wants him to marry Pragya.

Abhi asks him go soon and start his marriage preparations. Sursh asks him to stop his rubbish and says he cannot think wrong about Pragya. Suresh says he is caught now, so he wants to get away from Pragya, says if he does not agree to marry Pragya, Pragya will be ashamed of her life and will face insults from everyone.

Precap: Tanu asks what she needs as gift in he marriage, any favorite flower. Pragya asks her to bring red rose, it will make her realise how much it hurts to Pragya to see her husband with Tanu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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