Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Raj’s daughter giving juice to Pragya and saying she has to drink it as she does a lot of work and nobody take care of her. She forces Pragya to drink and asks choc. Pragya says she does not have. Kid says Abhi told he will give choc if you drink juice. Pragya doubts Abhi and thinks he must have mixed something. Abhi and his puppets Tanu and Aaliya smirk seeing that. Puppets see Pragya behaving normally after drinking vodka and asks Abhi why is she looking normal and if he for sure mixed Vodka. He says yes. Abhi’s friend meets him and asks him to introduce his wife to him. Abhi agrees. Pragya starts getting inebriated and feeling drowsy.

Pragya starts acting wierdly. Abhi introduces his friend to PRagya, sees Vodka is working, and leaves. Friend and his wife refer Pragya as bhabhi, but she hears it as bhaji and scolds them. Pragya starts badmouthing Tanu and refers her as chudail. Tanu hears that and asks why is she refering her chudail. Pragya says she should not feel bad as rockstar is called rockstar, doctor as doctor, and Tanu as chudail. She calls Abhi’s friend’s wife as sister. Friend asks Abhi why is he insulting him and his wife by calling nurse. Aaliya senses the opportunity and asks Pragya why did she drink alcohol. Pragya says she drank juice. Aaliya says Sarla her daughter drank alcohol and spoilt her mehandi function. Daadi who hears everything asks her to stop her and says she knows who spoilt her mehandi function. She says Abhi she saw him mixing alcohol. He says he did not. She says she is her grandma and if he wants her to prove wrong. Abhi accepts his mistake. Daadi says she will forgive him this time, if he does it again, he will go to Ludhina. Abhi says he will send Aaliya instead. Daadi apologizes Sarla for Abhi’s mistake.

Sarla asks Pragya if she is fine. Pragya hugs her and says she is not fine and it should not have happened. Sarla says everything will be alright. She requests Daadi to send Pragya with her. Dadi says she and Abhi are there to take care of her. Bulbul says PRagya needs rest and even they should leave before it is too late. She takes Sarla and her Daadi and leaves. Abhi holds Pragya and takes her. Sarla asks Daadi not to worry, she will leave in auto. Daadi says she is her samdhi and it is her duty to make her reach home safely. Purab comes there and Daadi asks him to drop Sarla’s family. Bulbul resists, but her daadi says she needs to talk to him about Abhi. Purab takes them in his car.

Abhi and his puppets start scolding Pragya for insulting them. Aaliya says we will drop her from balcony and kill her. Daadi and her cousins come there and cousins joke why their faces are so serious. Dadi says Abhi gave Pragya alcohol. Cousin jokes then it is a comedy film. Daadi asks Pragya if she is alright. Pragya says she is not fine and points at Tanu. She says her and Abhi’s tory and says a man wanted to marry someone, but she did not to marry, etc., and finally says man tortures his wife daily along with his puppets. she asks Daadi to save her from torture. Cousin asks why will she torture you. Pragya says because she is married. Daadi asks her not to worry. Pragya says 3 of them torture her a lot and especially he. Cousin daadi asks her not to talk about her bedroom issues and asks her to go and sleep. Daadi scolds Abhi that it is all happening because of him and asks him to take Pragya to their room. Pragya says she will sleep with her. Abhi thinks if she will sleep with her, she will reveal everything. Abhi asks Pragya if she wants to play game with him. She says no. He says he will read books for him. She says he does not read books. He says he will read it for her. She agrees. Daadi says Abhi that Pragya is very innocent and if she makes mistake, not to get angry on her. Abhi agrees. He takes her to their room. Apne roothe… song plays in the background. Puppets Tanu and Aaliya get irked seeing them together.

Precap: Pragya misbehaves with taiji and calls her fatty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. harshitha reddy

    cumonn yaar……….al 9:30 slot serials r also done……….plzz fasttttt hasan

  2. How long will it take to get the truth revealed!!!!

  3. Tanu and Aaliya need a foot up their A&% and Abhi acts like a brainless dummy…….. Good thing Prayga has Daadi.
    Why would Purab want to marry the wicked witch Aaliya and become a part of that Nutty family????

    1. smetimes situation demand it..

  4. please reveal the truth before purab’s marrige

  5. Yes I hope the truth comes out before the marriage and yes Abhi definitely needs to be taught a lesson by Pragya and win back her trust and love.

  6. smetimes it funny when we mke fools other but realizing that we are fooled not they…………….cute fighting between in any ralation make it stronger……….so fighting between abhi pragya make their relation more more stronger…….so that no one can make a space between them……..waithng to seeeeeee such a moment……….when their relation change into beautiful lveeeeeeeeee…………………may this change happen in ever onces lfe….so to mke bonds stronger…………………………….

  7. Did abhi already apologise to pragya

  8. Omg i loved the episode.. specially the last part..and omg most specifically the background music.. i love eevery characters acting.. they are doing a wonderfull job.. i love pragya.. she a precious person on screen and off screen.. i would love to meet her.

    1. Right! The last scene was amazing! It felt like pragya and abhi were BOTH in love with one another!!!!!!

  9. Yes!!! Lol.. it was so adorable

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