Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi getting annoyed seeing Pragya unconscious on bed. He thinks she is acting, so that he can serve her. He then wakes her up forcefully. She wakes up and asks when did she come here. He says she was purposefully trying to act as being unconscious to take his servings. She says she is not and they both start an argument. She asks about Sarla. He says she left long back. She tries to get up and walk downstairs but falls on ground. He says she wants daadi to see her in this position. She says she is not.

Daadi brings Sarla home and asks her to stop thinking about Pragya. She asks her to keep quiet and asks Bulbul to get medicine. Bulbul leaves with Purvi to get medicines. Daadi says she is feeling good seeing silence at home and asks servant to serve her cough syrup/alcohol. Sarla sees Pragya standing in front of her and asks when did she come. Pragya asks if she totally forgave her after marriage and asks why did not she tell her. Sarla thinks she is angry as she walked out of her house even after seeing her unconscious. Pragya says she is talking about Kumkum Bhagya and asks why did she hide such a big prob from her. Sarla says she did not want to trouble her. Pragya asks if this is not her house and asks how will she feel if she will hide things from her. Sarla says she wants to see her happy and starts crying. Pragya asks her to stop crying and says she cannot be happy seeing her in trouble, says this marriage hall the part of our family. She says she will go to BMC office and will find out details about our marriage hall and will get it out of trouble, asks her to have medicine and take rest and leaves from there. Sarla thinks would must have informed about her prob to Pragya and thinks only Bulbul can do this.

Pragya walks out of Sarla’s house. Bulbul reaches home and asks Pragya when did she come and where is she going. Pragya says she is going to BMC office and asks why did not she inform about the problem to her. Bulbul says she did not want mom to get angry on her. Pragya says let us go to BMC office and save our marriage hall. Bulbul informs her about corporator’s conspiracy and tells her the whole incident happened. Purvi asks Pragya to speak to Abhi about this as he is a celebrity.

Mitali starts fighting with Raj for taking his mom’s side. Raj thinks of surprising her and shows ear rings which he brought for her. She accepts ear ring and asks about another one. He says he could buy only one with this month’s salary and will get her another next month. She gets angry hearing that.

Daadi waits for Pragya and says cousins that it is too late already. She sees Prayga coming from outside and asks where was she, says she will call Abhi. Pragya asks her not to trouble Abhi and says she went to meet Sarla. Daadi asks how is Sarla as she saw her worried today. Pragya says she went to give back Sarla’s medicine and says there is no tension over there. Abhi comes there and says she is in marriage hall business and will not have any tension. Daadi scolds Abhi for sending Pragya alone.

Aaliya asks Abhi why did not he punish Pragya and why is he being leniant with her. Cousin daadi takes Pragya to the corner and tells her that she is doubting Tanu that she is trying to trap her. Pragya says she is trying to get modeling contract via Abhi. Daadi says she is telling this from her experience.

Precap: Pragya asks Abhi to save her marriage hall.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you H Hasan for coming back with proper Recaps!

  2. Gr8 update…. Thank u h hasan

  3. Thanks hasan good 2 c u again

  4. Atleast we can understand 2days update. Thank u very muchHasan.

  5. Atleast we can understand 2days update. Thank u very much Hasan.

  6. Nice but little boring…

  7. I miss drunk Pragya and Abhi, they were funny 🙂
    Why did Kumkum Bhagya air on the 4th?… The 4th was a Saturday, right?

  8. just so that the story moves on , i hope abhi should not help Pragya. with KKB. Purab should use some out famous person from his contact to save KKB.

    1. yeah , Else it would be the same story over and over again. Pragya in trouble abhi helps then they keep fighting or abhi in trouble pragya helps again they keep fighting. Bored with that same old story.

  9. Miss Missy it was a 1 hour special episode…

    1. Oh okay… Sorry I stopped watching everything. I just read updates now.

  10. So long and yet this show is not progressing. Abhi is still a puppet. Aliyah /Tanu still queens of the show.

  11. Kinda nice

  12. Get rid of Tanu and let Pragya and Abhi begin their married life.with the same comedy.Aliya is just a burnt out oxtail.Give her a loving role to learn how to love and be loved.She is too rude and bossy.

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