Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rhea executes her plan, Prachi in trouble

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rhea calling Sanju and telling that waiter is coming to him, asks him to make sure that he doesn’t drink anything and asks him to make Prachi drink it. Sanju says everything is under control and ends the call. Prachi asks who is on call? Sanju says my cousin from Hoshiarpur. Rhea says now everyone will know how much characterless Prachi is. She tells Priyanka that everyone will know that Prachi has a bad character. Dimpy tells Shaina that they shall tell Dadi and Mitali about Prachi. She says once Mitali knows that she will tell everyone. They come near Dadi and Mitali and act to talk to each other about Prachi. Dimpy tells Shaina that Prachi is after Sanju. Dadi and Mitali scold them for talking bad about Prachi. They say that they know about her and she can’t do anything wrong. Dimpy says sorry. She tells Shaina that their work is done. Sanju tells Prachi that he wants a drink. Waiter comes and serves them drink. Prachi takes the drink. Sanju asks her to drink and holds the glass. Prachi drinks. Rhea smiles seeing her plan working. Prachi feels dizzy and falls on Sanju. Ranbir gets upset and goes. Sanju tells that something is stuck to her clothes. Prachi says she will clean it and starts going inside. Rhea says second step is successful and then her chapter will be closed. She hugs Priyanka.

Door bell rings. Disha says Hritik must have come. Purab says why will he come here when his girlfriend is waiting for him somewhere else. Disha opens the door and gets happy seeing someone. Purab tries to see. Abhi comes inside. Purab says you. Abhi asks what did you think? Hritik says whatever it was good. Disha hugs Abhi. Abhi says he was calling Purab, but he was not picking the call. Disha asks him to have coffee and sweets. Abhi says his kurta has become tight. Disha asks Hritik to come and help her. Hritik goes to kitchen. Disha asks Abhi if he wished Diwali to Pragya. Abhi says yes, and she will remember it all life. He asks her not to tell Purab and tells that he gossips alone. Disha says ok and goes to kitchen. Abhi tells Purab that if he had not come then the trouble (Aaliya) would have come here. He says she knew that you came here.

Sanju comes to room where Prachi came and asks her to clean the stain from her dupatta. He asks her to go to washroom. Prachi goes to washroom. Sanju thinks I shall act as real and nobody shall know that I knew about CCTV here. He removes his jacket and kurta. Rhea tells that Dasi and Daljeet aunty shall be here, dhamaka can start here anytime. Aaliya thinks she can’t go, Bhai is also not here, thinks work comes first, client must be coming. Rhea tells that she can’t wait more for her plan to work and asks Dimpy to bring the mic. She tells everyone that they will not burst crackers this year and reminisces the time when her Buji, Dad and even Suwarni Dadi was small. She says lets celebrate that time. Ranbir reminisces his father’s childhood when he used to light crackers from far. Pallavi says I have that stick still. Dadi says Ranbir is better than Vikram. Rhea says I will play something.

Prachi comes back from washroom. Sanju asks her to help him, take out his shirt. Prachi says yes. Rhea acts as the CCTV couldn’t be connected and then connects it to guest room CCTV. Everyone see Sanju and Prachi on bed and get shocked.

Pragya is on the way and comes out of the car. She comes to know about the accident on the road and that’s why road is blocked. Priyanka signs Rhea to switch off the CCTV footage. Rhea switches it off. Sanju thinks Rhea must have done the work. Prachi gets up from bed and asks Sanju to leave her hand. He asks her to rest for sometime. She frees his hand and goes to washroom. Sanju thinks he came to get her and make her his.

Precap: Aaliya says I hope nobody will question me for my doings after seeing all this. Rhea comes to room and tells Prachi that she and her boyfriend are called downstairs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sick, sick minds….what a stupid plan…Rhea absolutely disgusting. Is this still a family show??

  2. What rubbish!!! It’s the same trick showed again and agian in kkb and kdb, mixing powder in the drink, making the person unconsious and go on,
    the story has no more value, and the characters are disgusting!!!
    Prachi is an the MOST disgusting a*sh*le, if she would have heard Ranbir’s words, then she would never have reached this situation, instead of that, she was shouting at him, proving him wrong and misunderstanding his character, KILL HER!!!

    1. You must be fun at parties 🙄

    2. Why do you want to come to my party ????😏😏😏🤭🤭🤭

  3. crap,

  4. Rhea n her cheap act like aliya…what if samething happened with her??? Why play with someone’s character?? Aliya n Rhea are both characterless themselves.it will take another 100 years to reunite abhi n prayga…this show will never end it’s negativity

  5. How such crap comes in minds of 20-yr clg going students 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  6. Leisa s morris

    Rhea says everyone will know prachi is characterless.but didnt dey have to drug her to even make it look so. So whos d characterless ones hmmmm

  7. Everyday i read how much you guys bash prachi….is it the character you all hate or the actress herself???just asking curious….to me the writers lost this show after the leap it just repeating itself in a younger version which show how limited these writers really are no imagination whatsoever and a really bad aliya in the form of rhea pragya in the form of prachi and I’m guessing tanu in the form of whats her name(rhea friend) and they have totally sidelined abhi pragya purab and disha the main actors….prachi character is a horribly one because of the lack of non talented writers but the actor herself not totally bad i saw her in other shows and it was ok rhea facial expressions upsets me she is aliya look a like sadly

    1. Moreen Josephine

      I completely agree with u

  8. Leisa s morris

    Dey say first impressions says alot and makes us make up our minds about an individual ftom dat point on. Hence is d case with prachi,as her first impression of ranbir wasnt a gd one. As with anybody if u meet someone u dont like u dont have much patience for dat person and may not listen if dat person tells u someting nor would u try to b nice to them. Wether ranbir is a hd person or not d impression prachi got left her to believe otherwise and her opinion is slow to change especially when u feel antagonised by dat person. Anyone who has had da first bad impression bout someone knows wat im talking bout. Sometimes this girst bad impression form d basis for our enttire dealings with someone.

  9. being a women who will do these disgusting things to other???????/ such cheap track!!! juat because she doesnt like pranchikya karatha hai.. n above that all her friends n cousins are agreeing! then there is ranbir who will do what ever shit rhea tells!

  10. Same crap….different day or should a say different year. *YAWN*……………..

  11. Hey Leisa,
    Whatever be the 1st impression or the last impression, nobody talks the way 😒😒😒 Prachi talks to Ranbir🤷🤷🤷, even if that person hates the other to the utmost core, this Prachi is really too much 😠😠😠!!!
    Day by day she is filling herself with Pride and attitude, and she is suffering for that now 👿👿👿
    She is a godammn a*sh*le 😝😝😝

    1. Leisa s morris

      Then u’ve never hated or intensely disliked someone before. I disliked a particular person before and d mere mention of his name had my stomach turning and my blood crawling lol no lie. D first time i met him he turned me off real bad and dat was it for me ,i didnt care how i talked to him if i did at all nor did i hide my feelings bout him…i was downright rude. My opinion of him hasnt change but we run in different circles now and i would b very happy not to see him again. And dats how alot of ppl r with someone dey cant stand. So as much as prachis attitude is annoying she is actually doing what one would in dat situation. Fortunately for ranbir we all know hes really a gd guy hence our objection to prachis behaviour but would we still think d same if he wasnt one of d gd guys?

  12. Rhea is evil like her aunt Alia pls guys never become like your aunt they bad evil minded influenced

  13. Same story over n over, always victory is Aliya and Rhea, nothing positive make no sense. And everytime Prachi goes to that place something wrong happens so y going and not to mention her mom is always on the road or parents are romancing like teens. This is one of the lamest show ever

  14. Verma4

    Disgusting , need to move the time slot to 11pm and change it from pg to MA. Is Ekta trying to live her fantasy thru these shows KKB & KDB.

  15. @Leisa
    I do have hated to the utmost core, a person in my real life😒😒😒, and she was nothing like Ranbir, she has given me such pain that I can never forget them in my entire life😔😔😔.
    But here Ranbir 🤷 is nothing like that, Prachi just keeps shouting at him saying what kinda flirt/ Casanova he is! 😠😠😠She can’t even remember he also took the drug deal blame over him for her😡😡😡,
    So she is really acting like a b*t*h😜😜😜
    I’ve never seen Pragya like her all throughout, she was such an understanding woman😏😏😏, but Prachi who claims to be like her is nothing like that🤭🤭🤭.

  16. Guys, please read Alyemma’s ff of kkb ep 19-24😅😅😅, it is much better😏😏 than this bullshit series and both Prachi-Rhea don’t really act like a*sh*les 😝😝😝 there.

  17. 😭 please change the story soon, this sort of serial were watching by family ur drama is same as continue party n struggle 😝 I try to stop watching it but a girl teases other girl is often in ur drama kkb

  18. Some men are indeed dogs, no offense meant..why does Purab still loaf and sniff behind Disha? Didn’t he move on and have a wife /sl*t? Seriously, how big is the world of kkb? Abhi and Pragya met and heating up but their 30+… 20 something year old daughters still haven’t met? What a shitshow! Just like the brain behind its concept!! Plus, Prachi is a hated character, always shrieking like a hyena, it’s a wonder that ranbir could see something attractive in this thing… Don’t talk about Shaina and Dimpy!! Lorddddddd….they just suck, their faces looks like they are always constipated…they have nothing relevant to do in life other than to run like dogs behind the amazon queen in waiting!! The saas bahu duo is enough to make me vomit…all they do is squabble like dressed up ducks and beg Vickram for necklaces and jewelry! How pathetic, they aren’t even funny!! Sooooo…if it wasn’t for all this shit in the show, Ekta wouldn’t have a serial at all… She isn’t able to comprehend that something interesting can be written from positivity!!

  19. Who dresses Rhea?

    Trashy & classless. And this show has become complete BS.

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