Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi comforts a worried Pragya

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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Pragya that she must have heard any case verdict where if there is no proofs, the judge gives the verdict. She says you have just 3 days. She says same thing will happen with Abhi after 3 days, when neither will you get any proofs against me nor any witness. She smiles and goes. Abhi comes there and tells Pragya that he was waiting for her and sent everyone to the farmhouse. Raghuvir ji comes there. Pragya says I will bring water. Raghuvir ji says its ok. Abhi asks what did Tanu say? Pragya tells that it doesn’t matter, as you are with me…it is enough for me. Raghuvir ji says sorry and says I met with an accident and missed the audio clip. Abhi says no problem, my wife has all the solution. He says first we shall take you to hospital. Aryan opens the door. Dadi, Aaliya and others come there. Aryan asks about Abhi? Aaliya says she is calling him. Rhea says Dad is with lawyer in the hospital. Prachi says I will call Maa, she must be with him. Mitali tells that Bahadur has already made the coffee. She tells Rhea that her room is set. Rhea goes. Pragya comes there with Abhi. Dadi asks Abhi to take a hot water bath. Abhi goes. Dadi asks if Prachi’s room is set. Mitali says I will take her to room. Rhea comes there and tells Aaliya that Bahadur haven’t set the room well. She takes her with her. Ranbir tells Aryan that they used to stay here before, but then shifted to different houses.

Pragya brings coffee for Dadi. Dadi praises her and asks her to end this case and complete her happiness. She says I know that you can do this. Pragya smiles. Dadi remembers an important work and goes. Pragya recalls Mr. Singhania’s words that Abhi is an exceptional case and had raped Tanu. She recalls Tanu’s threat. Abhi comes there and tells that he has selected clothes with her help. Pragya says it is good and tells that she forgot to bring coffee for him. Abhi tells her that she is fulfilling the promise which she had taken during their marriage and protecting him like a shield. Pragya says she couldn’t protect him, else she wouldn’t have missed the audio clip. She says she had collided with a pregnant lady, when she was helping her…someone else came and deleted the audio. Abhi says when you are with me, I get strength else I am nothing. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi asks if she wants him to get sad. Pragya nods no and hugs him. Abhi comforts her and reciprocates the hug. Allah wariyan plays…..They smile together.

Just then Abhi’s phone rings, Abhi picks the call and goes from there. Aryan tells Ranbir that he would have brought swimming costume. Ranbir says I am coming here from court. Aryan says we used to do dive in the pool if you had bought. They laugh. Aryan says I have noticed that you are very good or smart, you are doing so much for Prachi and is too good. Ranbir asks what did I do? Aryan says you have done so much for chief and even got the certificate from doctor. Ranbir says I am doing this for Chief. Aryan says I know that you love Chief a lot, but you are doing this for Prachi, don’t lie. Ranbir says I asked Prachi clearly, if she loves me and she refused me on my face. He says even I don’t love her and says I am doing this for Chief and I don’t care at all about her. He asks him not to talk to him about Prachi. Prachi overhears them and goes. A vase falls down. Aryan says she heard everything. Ranbir says it is good, I had seen her and tells that he didn’t want her to know his feelings, and thinks she goes away from him knowing his feelings.

Aaliya tells Pragya that it is very disappointing in court. Pragya says atleast he came home. Aaliya tells that he came on bail and says we went to court to get him freed. She says I will support you until Bhai gets freed. She says we can do compromise with Tanu, if you says. Pragya asks what? Aaliya says she can give her greed about property, home or shares. Pragya asks her to give her two days. Aaliya says she believes that if Bhai don’t return home then it is because of her. Dadi comes there and says you shall not say anything to Pragya, Abhi is her husband and she got the lawyer which you couldn’t do. She says if you can’t appreciate her, then don’t point your finger on her. Abhi comes there and asks what is going on? Pragya says they were talking about rooms and gives coffee to Abhi. Abhi says old house and memories and praises Pragya. Aaliya says she will call insurance company for the claim.

Shahana calls Pragya and tells that they reached farmhouse. She tells that Sarita behen got hurt and had slipped from the stairs. She tells that she wants medicines and asks Pragya to come. Sarita behen asks Shahana to end the call and scolds her. Pragya tells Abhi that she has to go and help Sarita behen. Shahana asks Sarita behen why is she hitting her with pillows and says if her eye gets hurt then nobody will marry her. Sarita behen says it’s good. She says Pragya will get worried about me.

Tanu looks at Abhi’s pic and moves rose on it. She tells that her wish is his command and he shall accept the rose. She calls Abhi. Abhi identifies her voice and says Tanu. Tanu asks why did you tell that there is nothing between us. Abhi says he don’t have waste time to talk to her and ends the call. Tanu continues talking and says only I can save you and not Pragya. She realizes the call is disconnected and calls him again. Abhi switches off his phone and throws in anger. Tanu calls him and finds her number blocked. She throws her phone down and thinks Pragya can’t do anything even if she wants, and feels happy.

Precap: Tanu tells Pragya that she just needs one thing from her. Pragya asks what? Tanu says, your ‘kumkum’. Get your husband married to me. Leave Abhi. Free him from you. Think carefully before making decision, otherwise judge will give his decision after 2 days.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wait a min wat happened 2 their old house and I’m surprised Sarita and Shanana is there and I’m confused on Ranbir does he love her or is he pretending 2 hate her like whaaa he’s character just keeps getting more confusing…

    1. Basically a fire happened at the Mehra mansion therefore they shifted to their farmhouse. The location is actually Goa I’m sure as you know they are shooting there because of mumbai lockdown. And it seems like Ranbir is only acting distant with Prachi so she doesn’t go away from him. He still loves her a lot as we can see in this episode.

  2. Aaliya this stupid cow 😡 should rather mind her own business and not constantly annoy Pragya.
    Tanu is the stupid or just stupid. How will she save Abhi, say that it was all a misunderstanding and he did not rape her.
    Then she makes a fool of herself, says he is a rapist and then he is not.🤦‍♂️😏
    I found the phone call between Abhi and Tanu funny, I mean, seriously, she thinks the man who is in jail because of her wants to talk to her on the phone.🤦‍♂️

  3. At last for the first time Prachi, Rhea, Abhi and Pragya are living together under same roof and also Prachi and Ranbir are also in same house so now we can get to see more Pranbir scenes…

    1. OR it may happen that now Prachi , Ranbir and Rhea are all living under same roof , a situation may arise such that Rhea will sea Prachi and Ranbir together and very close to each other (Ranbir said something about swimming costume so pretty much opportunity for him to be shirtless , and he might be saving Prachi from slipping / falling) and Rhea will see them in that position…….imagine the explosion that would occur.

      It’s not safe for Prachi to be there in close proximity with Rhea and Ranbir , until her image doesn’t get cleared in Ranbir’s family’s eyes , else either Rhea will play victim card and blame Prachi (Pallavi is always ready to pounce on Prachi on slightest provocation , these days) or might blackmail her still more.

  4. Finally they are all under the same roof! Without Tanu too but she’ll still be shown🙄and Pranbir are staying together so the writers better use this opportunity to get them closer🥺only thing is Rhea is there to come between them but it doesn’t matter at least they are together!

  5. PRANBIR moments are not good for Prachi so long as PRANBIR is not known and accepted by both the families…….. She is more likely to get in trouble because of them than get some happiness from them

    1. Yes Colin you are right. When Rhea came to know that Prachi and Ranbir were going to get married in temple she leaked that fake mms of Prachi which increases the rift between Pranbir. But then also if we think positively there are also chances that Rhea like always will again remind Prachi about their deal and there are chances that Ranbir could hear them, as all the three are together only. Bit gaya just some chances are there as mostly marriages are stopped during the last phera only. So let us see aage kya hota hai anything is possible.

    2. Rly doubt Rhea and Ranbir will get married pretty sure Ranbir will marry Prachi by cheat but yea ur right Pranbir scenes won’t be good with Rhea and Pallavi in the pic they torment her sadly…

  6. I don’t understand this Twist of Fate again ooo, how come Tanu came back?


  8. Ooh god!! Means still…abhi has two daughters not much famous now but still she wants him whats wrong with her even 30 years after tanu can’t find another… Again a marriage please now show something new intresting please
    I didn’t get how much money they have just to spend on marriages atleast show some work they all are roaming ideol when did they earn money and become rich uffff… Hats off to the writer please increase your IQ level…

  9. say does Ranbir still love Prachi and will marry her and not Rhea

    1. Ranbir does love Prachi but as 4 the marry part we don’t know some of us think it’ll be like Pavitra Rishta with the sister sacrifice and Rhea ending up with him while others think it’ll be him and Prachi so who knows

    2. Mia , but unlike Ovi of Pavita Rishta who was not really evil and manipulative , just obsessed with Arjun so she made a deal with Purvi to love their Archana if Purvi would sacrifice Arjun – And she DID then love her mother and to an extent , even Purvi , Rhea is nothing like it. She does not really love anybody except herself , even Ranbir , whom she is determined to get married to just because he does not love her so she wants him for herself as a trophy , a sign of her triumph over Prachi. I am forced to acknowledged that even Aliya’s love for Purab is more and truer than Rhea’s for Ranbir.

      Also , neither Aliya nor Purvi , ever intentionally hurt their love interests the way Rhea has done so with Ranbir , first with fake molestation drama and hurting him like hell through Prachi , just to bring Ranbir towards her. Hell , she did not even spare her own dad , whom she supposedly loves more than anybody and anything else in the world. When she bargained for Pragya’s happiness with Prachi , by making that deal with Prachi , she was also bargaining her dad’s happiness since Abhi will be no more happy without Pragya than Pragya without him , and she knew it , yet she is selfish enough to put a price on her dad’s happiness.

      Not only that , she did not keep her promise of keeping ABHIGYA together as per their deal , unlike Ovi in Pavitra Rishta kept her promise of loving and accepting Archana. When Archana was in coma Ovi was genuinely concerned about it , and truly happy when she came out of coma. She even came back from Canada just to meet her mother , despite ongoing problems going on in her married life.

      But Rhea never even tried to convince Aliya to bring Pragya home. She even threatened to hurt Pragya more after finding out about Ranbir’s attempt of marrying Prachi secretly , if Prachi did not stay away from Ranbir. She even supported Aliya’s decision to get Tanu married to Abhi , despite knowing that not only Pragya , but even Abhi himself wouldn’t have wanted that had he been in a right state of mind.

      So…. bottom line , while the plot seems to be going the way Pavitra Rishta did , the characters are poles apart. Ovi’s only mistake was that deal with Purvi to get married to Arjun , while Rhea’s entire span of life is dotted with much graver crimes , so if she does get married to Ranbir as she desires , even for a short time then it would be triumph of evil over good.

    3. True rhea won’t marry ranbir, kkb garnering trp only for romAnce of pranbir that’s y writer always making prachi to fall in ranbir arms. If ranbir marries rhea, prachi never back to ranbir as purvi does go to arjun.without pranbir no kkb

  10. I am not at all understanding the character of prachi what does she want when ranbir says he loves her she cries and when ranbir says he does not love her she cries. I like prachi very much but she is not doing right with ranbir.she should show her intelligence.

    1. She does love Ranbir……but she feels she is bound by promise made to Rhea that if Rhea broke Abhi and Meera’s marriage and got Abhi and Pragya wedded then she would distance herself from Ranbir and let Rhea unite with him.

      Also if you remember that scene in office Rhea threatened her again that after Pragya and Prachi move into Mehra mansion if Rhea felt neglected because of Abhi giving more attention to Pragya and Prachi then she (Rhea) will again manipulate Abhi into throwing Pragya out of his life again……. so Prachi being Prachi she has taken Rhea’s threat seriously and staying away from Ranbir

  11. Abhigya and pranbir are the bestest jodi I have ever seen. Preeran also. Keep it up 👍👍.

    1. Samaila

      *Aankhe phading* kyaaaaaaaa? Abhigya aur Preeran ko door hi raho

  12. Pragya please don’t accept tanu’s deal,don’t fall my hand please….
    Tanu is very stupid

    Aliya is an idiot,she claims she loves her brother so much but now he is in a deep mess that she partly caused upon him she is doing nothing to help him upon all the high class nonsense that she use to brag that she is.pragya that is trying even as a middle class to help ahbi, she(Aliya)is still talking nonsense

    When she was pursuing pragya from the house and said she was not her brother’s wife she didn’t know,it is now that ahbi is in a serious problem everyone including the people that bad mouthed pragya of how bad of a wife and mother she was are now leaving everything for her saying after all she is his wife
    What nonsense!
    And upon that stupid Aliya doesn’t appreciate

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