Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya walking on the road reminiscing Daadi’s request to give her a great grandchild and Tanu telling Abhi’s family will never accept her child until she is Abhi’s wife. She thinks she will have to give her place to Tanu to get her child accepted. She thinks she cannot give them child reminiscing Abhi telling he hates her and continues walking on road.

Tauji sees Taiji walking tensely and asks to sit, else she will blame him for losing weight. She says she is tensed as one son is in jail and another is missing. Tauji thinks sons have gone on Taiji, so they are weird. Mitali comes and asks why is she tensed. Taiji says she is tensed as she has a bahu like her. Daadi comes and asks if she is tensed for Akash and says Abhi will bring him back. Abhi calls Akash’s friends and everybody says Akash is not with them. He asks Taiji to relax. Pragya comes back home. Akash comes inebriated and starts drama.

Abhi goes to Aaliya’s room and asks how is she. She says he is ignoring him now a days. He says she can call him. She says she tried his number many times, but he did not pick call. She came to his room 2 days ago, but came to know he is in their apartment. She continues that Tanu has not eaten since 2 days after he asked her to get out and says he has to at least tell his decision to Tanu, she will crib for some days but will eventually keep quiet. She asks what is happening with him. He says for anything he has to take Daadi’s permission and he has lost faith on relationship. Pragya comes near door and hears their conversation. Aaliya continues her blah blah blah…. He says he is very confused and does not know what to do, he is fed up of his marriage and cannot kick Pragya out because of Daadi.

Pragya thinks Abhi went against her when she told she does not love him, so she has to use same kind of trick and make whole family against her.

In the morning, daadi calls whole family. Akash does not come. She asks Taiji to call Akash. Akash comes and says he is ashamed of his yesterday’s mistake and promises he will never drink. Daadi says he will be punished and his punishment is he should marry tomorrow. Akash is shocked to hear that. Daadi says she knows he loves Rachna, but she rejected his pleas many times, so now she wants him to marry the girl she selects. He agrees and says he will marry the girl she selects. Daadi asks Taiji if she is happy. She says she is but how will marriage happen tomorrow. Abhi says Daadi must have thought well. Daadi asks taiji to call her selected girls’s parents.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya if she felt good when he touched her. She nervously says no. He says he told her when she will start getting a feeling for him, he will leave her, now he will.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this serial is sooooooooooooooo much shit I do not know why the writers do not end it the serial just does not make sense it is going around in circles when you think that abhi and pragya will make up it is because it is more arguing again which we all know they does best and we are fed up now another thing in these serials people are doing all sorts of wicked deeds and are not being caught and punished and I mean this is going on in every one of these serials for instance the corporator up to now he has not pointed out Aliya and the person whom he blamed everyone has turned against her even pragya and that part just end so with proving her innocence and what about alihya she doing so much wrong too and not being caught I am just fed up with all these indian serials I do not know how these people think all I know is that it looks like they are all evil people with no regard for others writers please please end these shitty serials now

    1. Gloria ,do you realize that the writers are not consistent.They give you something to get pumped up then they inflate you the next day as a balloon.I do not know what script writing school they went to.If I have to write a summary on this whole story there will be missing links.Just as you said the corporator is still out there and the other culprits still making mischief.You cannot follow in a consistent way.I am fed up and I watch when I have wasted time ie–nothing pressing to do.

  2. Im fed up of this drama…abhi will spy on pragya…upcoming episode abhi will know pragya hiding something from him….pls abhi xpose the tanu and alaiya truth also…..hey alaiya u r talking too much today episode…wat u said u can share anything with me ahhh….we r waiting for gud episode …pls writters dnt lose ur kkb fans…

  3. What the helllll…… i am just hating it now a adays… and why is praagya sacrificing her everything just for tannu?????

  4. This serial is shit

  5. this serial is an shit.tanu have to go out of abhi his life.how can abhi live with two women.what nonsense is that.is this what the writer want to learn us.I want to see romance between husband and wife, abhie and pragya.that makes an marriage stronger.

  6. Now this drama has gone from childish to stupid

  7. May be the selected girl will be rachna…

  8. Why have the writers changed the show?After the kidnapping the script was becoming good but since it has shifted it has become boring and no logic.Why Pragya will not tell her husband the truth,She should not be compromising her marital life for Tanu ,this is crazy.Pragya always act like a dumb fool.

  9. Kalpana Deepak

    Its boring,pls stop dz serial.

  10. itz rly goin frm bad to worse !!!

  11. Plz end this nonsense! Pragya is getting foolish to stupid and Abhi is still crazy!

  12. too much nonsense how much more garbage are we expecting to see ? these writers are making Indian marriages look like the worst form of torture any human being can experience ,come on ,people of various ethnic group view these serials please let us look like people with common sense

  13. Its entertainmet just go with flow or stop watching. I like this serial – it is so funny.

    1. Which part is funny – the part about the pregnant mistress, or the husband that cheats on his wife or the sister that tried to have her brother’s wife killed or the married couple that cannot unite even though they love one another??? Which part? Cause I could use a good laugh!!!

      1. Luisa, if u guys have a problem with dis series u can stop watching it. And btw, the fights between abhi and pragya are the funny parts. Not forgetting bulbul and purab’s romantic story. The only thing I see going wrong is pragya not telling abhi about tanu’s pregnancy.

  14. i really dont like this stupid serial anymore… so boring

  15. The sacrifices are too much!! Y do u have to sacrifice ur love n happiness all d tym…no way!!!!!!

  16. Guys relax Indian soapies are a bit draggy but wen alls fine no one remembers da parts of da seriel dey hated dey all remember Wat dey loved like eg wen pavitra rishta was on I Neva like da fact dat ankita sacrificed herself for park but den all went well and ankita and naren became one again n wen it finished up to now I really missed Wat I loved in in
    So just be patient n take it from pragyas view and character nor is she selfish so obviously shell think for the opposite first n Dis tym her opposite isn’t tanu its an unborn child and she doesn’t even know dat its not abhis child or if tanu is even pregnant or not

  17. I meant pari not park
    Sowi typing error

  18. Father of stupidness

  19. Its true the serials are becoming so annoying just when u think u can finally be happy for Abhi n Pragya , there is something else, please we as viewers just want to see this couple unite for once…

  20. amiyna williams

    I to am getting fedup they prolonging it to much man I want to see action I want to see tanu n aliya exposed and abhi and pragya together omg feel i need to give this show a break when I see action taking place then I will start bk to watch

  21. heidi oldenstam

    Hellooo i am following kkb and I liked ii so much but now i am so angry how the story is going . Don t like it at all !!!

  22. Pls change the story line. We don’t like to c them abhi and pragya to depart. Wat the hell still aliya and tanu r in safer side. Soooooooo boring?

  23. writters are dragging the story
    so much

  24. ohh wt d hel abhi is doin…abhi ur really stupid cnt u lov pragya? c is ur wife n snce long ur togthr..dnt u think of pragya!? n othr hnd tanu fo her pragya is goin sarcfce..ohh shit…abhi gt divorce vd pragya n married vd tanu…really fed of dz serialss

  25. ????????

  26. Zee TV kumkum Bhagya is one of the
    most loved show on Zee TV.The nok-
    jhok and love between Abhi and
    Pragya is intriguing the audience with
    it’s interesting twists and turns.
    As we have seen,Pragya breaks
    Abhi’s heart that she fooled him
    saying that she loves him.Shocked by
    her response, Abhi slaps her and tells
    her that he hates her now, even though
    he loves her. But somewhere down in
    his gut, he feels that Pragya is lying.
    Tanu tells Pragya that she is pregnant
    with Abhi’s child; this shatters Pragya
    and she loses all hope of ever having
    a married life with Abhi. In order to
    keep him away from her, she lies
    about her feelings. Pragya decides
    that it is about time that she leaves
    the Mehra house, and she can do that
    only by making everyone hate her.
    As the family decides to do Aakash’s
    marriage,Pragya is quite opposite to
    them.She talks with Akash and finds
    out that he still loves Rachana.On
    remembering Dadi’s decision of
    making him marry another girl,Pragya
    gets and idea.She Convinces Akash
    and Rachana to marry in the temple.
    When family see them,they will get
    shocked.Pragya tells everyone that
    she did everything.Dadi scolds her
    and pragya asks dadi that why she is
    differentiating her kids Abhi and
    Akash.It makes Dadi angry and she
    slaps Pragya.Later Pragya cries
    alone for hurting dadi.
    Abhi finds out that she is hiding
    something.So when she goes out he
    keeps following her to find out the
    secret behind her lie.
    Will Abhi able to find Pragya’s truth?Is
    Tannu really pregnant of Abhi’s child?
    To know more keep reading for more

  27. Guys…what i’m seeing from here,the comment…most of u all give bad comment..n still keepon C this drama n reading the update…so i don’t thk so writer or director loose anything from ths…

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