Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya doubts Simonika

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The Episode starts with Simonika aiming gun on Sangram and gets angry on him for trying to ditch her. Sangram is shocked when Simonika tells him that she will kill him. His goons ask her not to kill Sangram. Simonika asks him to take Disha inside house and starts countdown. Sangram agrees to drop Disha back home. Pragya is happy to see Abhi sleeping peacefully and thinks who might be the person who is trying to kill Abhi. She asks God to expose that person infront of her. Doctor recalls seeing Simonika and thinks why she is lying, I shall inform Pragya. She calls Pragya and asks about Simonika. Doctor tells that Simonika was pregnant when she came to her clinic 2 years back. Pragya says she can’t afford your fees. Doctor says she is from a good family in Haryana. She tells that she don’t remember her husband’s name, who was from army and was showing arrogance and wanting me to check his wife first. She asks Pragya to enquire about Simonika.

Simonika does havan for Dushyant’s peace and thinks he will get peace when she kills Abhi. Pragya thinks if Simonika is culprit then she will not forgive her. Abhi wakes up and asks why she is awake. He asks her to sit and sings song. He massages her head. Pragya thinks now Simonika will not know that I know her truth.

Pandit tells Simonika’s goon that havan is completed. Simonika shouts and says she can’t die until she kills Abhi and says he has to die.

Sangram keeps eye on Disha and Purab as they talk. Disha says if you forget something then you will think I should have remember. Purab says we shall spend sometime with each other and go on a short honeymoon. Disha laughs. Sangram thinks he is her honey and moon and thinks he has to handle Simonika. Disha says she has to go to kitchen. Purab asks then why did you give me lecture. Disha says you thought of a trip. Purab sings song and thinks this is love.

Pragya gets ready and thinks she shall ask auto driver from where did he pick Simonika. Abhi wakes up and romances with her. Pragya asks what do you need? Abhi asks her to say thank you romantically. Pragya thanks him romantically and says she has work.

Dadi and Dasi come infront of Pragya. They ask if she is in trouble. Pragya says she was thinking something. Dasi prays that all her wishes shall come true.

Pragya and Disha are in the kitchen. Sangram eyes Disha. Simonika comes there. Pragya thinks she has a beautiful smile, but her intentions are evil. She tells Simonika that even Disha is from Haryana. Simonika says I am not from Haryana. Pragya asks about her husband. Simonika says she is unmarried and asks Pragya if she is pulling her leg. Pragya says you shouldn’t hide anything and asks if she loved anyone. Simonika says they don’t love, they marry directly.

Purab tells Disha that he is leaving. Disha asks him to go and come home soon. Pragya searches for Simonika’s file. Simonika comes there. Pragya says she is searching Khan Chacha’s file to get some contact numbers to get guitar repaired in his absence. Simonika says she will search and thinks if Pragya started doubting on her. Pragya gets Simonika’s file and asks her to search Khan Chacha’s file. Purab calls Disha and asks her to send keys of locker. Disha asks what? Purab says he is restless since she talked about their honeymoon and asks her to send selfie. Disha applies lipstick and sends selfie. Sangram thinks she is very beautiful and will break glass.

Pragya goes to Simonika’s house. Simonika calls her mother and says Maa’m has come. Pragya slaps her and says her truth is exposed before her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. leisa s morris

    Y pragya has to ask these stupid quetions if shes investigatin simonika. Isnt it obvious dat simonika will start wondering since she already said she isnt married hmmm these idiotic writers givin her a way out to escape thereby evadin arrest smdh

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