Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rhea feigns falling off the cliff to accuse Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaina calling Dimpy and tells that Prachi is coming there. Rhea says Prachi will come here, but will see me and not Saraswati Maam. They hide. Rhea comes out from hide out and walks towards Prachi. Prachi thinks there is nobody here. Rhea asks what are you doing here? Prachi says Saraswati Maam called me. Rhea says lie and asks her not to make excuses. Prachi asks her to think what she wants and says I don’t want to hear you. Rhea says you came here to the camp, but your mom is not here. She says where is she today? She then asks about her Dad and says I didn’t see your Dad. She asks if he left your mom. She says your mom is so good, even I like her then who separated them and says you are that reason. She says your Dad left your mum because of you. She says your Dad left you and that’s why you want to snatch my dad. She says if he takes your name then..She asks him to show her dad, how is she? Prachi asks her not to take her mother or father’s name. She pushes Prachi. Pragya pushes her. Rhea falls and signs Shaina. She gets up and smiles. She tells Prachi that she has no idea what she did. Prachi asks if she has gone mad and tells that she don’t deserve her dad. Rhea says I am my dad’s princess. Prachi asks her to stay away from her mother. Rhea tries to go near the cliff. Prachi stops her holding her hand. Rhea says your mum will also leave you like your father. Prachi slaps her.

Rhea smiles and asks her friend to show the pics to everyone. She asks her to cry and tell that she couldn’t save Rhea when Prachi pushed her off the cliff. She tells that Dad will feel bad when he comes to know and tells she will be found and will do acting. She says Dad will kick her out of the college and from Delhi. She says she will hide somewhere and will be in contact with her. Pragya gets worried for Sarita behen and says something is wrong with my daughter. Sarita behen says mother’s heart is such and says so many students are going with her. Pragya is still worried. Sarita behen says Prachi is fine and asks Pragya not to worry. Principal asks Saraswati maam if all the students are ready. Saraswati maam says some students are coming. Shaina and other friend inform Principal that Prachi pushed Rhea off the cliff.

Principal asks the students to search a rescue team and asks where is Prachi? Dimpy says may be she went to ruin all the proofs. Rhea calls Shaina. Shaina says she has done the work and convinced Principal. Ranbir and Aryan are walking in the jungle. He asks Aryan to ask Rhea to come to red cliff and says he will propose her here and will come here every year and romance with her. Aryan asks if she knows. Ranbir says she had uploaded the pic last year, she had come here, I have seen. Aryan goes to call Rhea. Pragya calls Prachi, but her phone is unreachable. Pragya calls Prachi. Prachi tells that the call was not connecting as she was on the hill side. She comes back while keeping the call on hold. Shaina and other friends blame Prachi for pushing Rhea off the cliff. Principal comes and blames Prachi. Prachi says I haven’t done anything. Principal asks her to come to office. He asks Saraswati to call Dimpy and Shaina and tells that they shall call Mr. Mehra.

Abhi is in the meeting. Principal asks her to come to the camp. Abhi asks what did she do? Principal says she met with an accident and there is a chance that she is dead. Abhi is shocked and drops the phone. Vikram asks him to handle himself. Abhi says Principal said that may be she is dead. He says she must be joking. When she left in the morning, I didn’t talk to her as I was upset. He feels guilty. Shahana comes and tells that Prachi is innocent and is blamed always. Principal says we have to find the proofs. Prachi says she had an argument with her, but she didn’t make her fall. Dimpy says Prachi must have come here to take revenge from her. Prachi says for what? She says when she came here, her mum asked her not to fight with Rhea. Dimpy says she has seen her pushing Rhea down from the cliff and shows the pictures. She says I went there to click mountain pics. Principal sees the pics and says if you will still say that you didn’t do anything.

Pragya is on the way and prays for both Rhea and Prachi. She thinks Prachi didn’t do anything and Rhea is saved.

Precap: Abhi tells Prachi that he always supported her, but she tried to kill her daughter and says mistake is of your mum. Prachi asks him not to blame her mum. Abhi says he will talk to her mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. seriously… i cant believe i still watch this show. one nonsense scheme after another.. nothing makes sense
    Complete nonsense.

    1. Only in India. Ekta Kapoor’s India has to be stupid (in a slavish way) in order to serve the bank accounts of herself and her political/corporate friends. The ‘slavish’ training part, has been a success.
      Obviously, it is serving too many elites too well. And the Indian public thinks this is just fine because the Ekta Kapoor productions are still on air. It’s surprising that Youtube allows the hate to continue. Mind you, on the little youtube vids, they do not show the hatred, criminal abuse and outright instructional crime episodes. I don’t think Ekta Kapoor is capable of shame, excepting for her body image. She really does believe that everybody (majority India) is dumb, servile and obedient and needs to stay that way.

    2. What do you do when you have a 14 year old mind writing the ridiculous plots using a thirty something ‘actress’ (who’s nothing more than a reality star and it shows!), dressing like she belongs in the red-light district trying to pretend that she’s what, 18 years old. Her ‘talking’, more often sounds like she is a 12 year old delinquent in need of censure and punishment before a one year rehabilitation program is started.

  2. It’s so disappointing .. It should be laughed .. They have ruined the story .. Proof that the actor abandons the plateau of kumkum bhagya .. Sriti and shabhir spend more time off the shelf than on the plateau .. This new generation brings so much negative to today’s society … Rhea is very perverse .. While prachi is very sweet .. Really this track with this new generation makes the audience sleep ..

  3. In the end to ask how they have or engender 3 child only rhea is very negative … Pragya’s education is very good .. View that her two daughter kiara and Prachi are very very positive .. The story can be well. If the writer made sure that finally abhigya meets and finally that they learn the truth .. I do not understand rhea she seems to appreciate my mother of prachi but hurts the girl and makes the mother suffer .. I dare to imagine a script or the two girls unite to find kiara and found the broken family. 5 years that the series lasts but the charm is over because we ruined the main couple

  4. hasan don’t know why but you wanna to enjoy criticism of this show iisn’t it haaaha # may be anti ekta campaign i guess

    1. Dear Modiji, very respectfully, just to remind you that H.Hasan does not reply to comments. That might even imply that you are awkwardly and in a round-a-bout fashion, offering your own critique or criticism not so much about the show/production and the people who make it possible …but rather about other commenters and their critiques! Such a cute effort! I look forward to reading your analysis and critique of the show and all of it’s participating creators! By the way, critiques and valid criticisms (sometimes very emotional) have been present for the whole life of the show. Just check past updates. Best wishes to you.

  5. Leisa s morris

    Hmmm very disappointing series. I had such high hopes in d beginning of this serial but zee writers gut it to such an extent that its not entertaining any more and havent been for a long time. Proof dat spoiling a child is not parenting and is only gonna create a monster later on and with d added help of aliyah dats exactly what rhea has turned into….a monster. Pragya has had three children and raised two by herself and each child turned into amazing individual best abhi did let her take d two children and just support financially wei. Although in real life when husband and wife cant see eye to eye they usually make arrangements to benefit d kids and not this complete separation. So onto d storyline I hope prachi keeps an eye on shaina and as soon as rhea calls her intercept d call and put it on loud speaker for everyone including abhi to hear exactly what his precious daughter planned for prachi.

    1. That’s a good story line, Leisa. I hope so. But I wonder if Prachi is smart enough or daring enough. Shahana would come up with an idea like that as she is feisty or ‘quick’ all the time. Prachi’s too busy being obedient. She’s too innocent and young, so they tell us.

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