Kumkum Bhagya 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Purab and Disha make a plan again to unite Abhi-Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with King asking Pragya if he would have been Kiara’s father the would he be a good father. Pragya gets tensed. King asks her to relax and says he is just asking casually. Pragya smiles. King asks what is funny about this? Pragya says I can’t give answer to this question straightly and tells that God do everything for a reason, and that’s why God didn’t get you married or that you didn’t meet that girl. He says if you would have got married and have children, then you would have spoiled the children. King asks if I am a bad father? Pragya says you are the best father in the world and tells that she will not value things. King says you want to say that if we are together then I will be a good father for Kiara.

Disha asks Sunny to wear lawyer’s dress. Sunny says he is playing prince in Cindrella play and asks her to give prince dress. He thinks Disha forgot due to Purab tension and asks her to ask him to give the dress whatever he wants him to become. Disha comes to Abhi and teases him. Abhi gets happy and is lost in Pragya’s thoughts. Purab and Disha’s argument begins, she tells that Purab is very romantic and asks him to learn something from Abhi. She tells that Sunny told her that human changes with clothes. Purab asks what is the idea? Disha says we have to make King and Pragya reveal that they are not married. She says Indian embassy officer will ask them to show their passports, when they show their passport then he/she will ask why their surname is different then they have to reveal everything. Purab asks who will execute the plan. Disha says she will execute. Purab refuses to go with Disha. Abhi convinces Purab and says I love you bro.

Kiara says bye to Chachi. Pragya asks her to sit in the car and thinks to talk to Kiara. King comes to Pragya and says he will come for clothes rehearsals. Pragya asks him to come for final programme. King says ok. Disha calls Abhi and tells her that they are going to Pragya’s house and tells that Kiara had told them that Pragya is taking Kiara to school. They argue. Abhi tells that purab will get them caught. Piurab says I will get trapped one day..Abhi asks them not to end the call. Disha asks him to go with Sunny to his school.

King looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks of moments spent with her. O Saathi song plays…Purab and Disha comes to King’s house, checks their beard, moustache and thinks to ring the bell. They ring the bell. King asks who are they> Disha and Purab show their Indian Embassy ID cards and asks him to show the passport and says there is a complaint that you are overstaying. King says he will not show and says if there was any complaint then the embassy would have called them. Abhi asks Purab to tell King that rules have changed. They say the same thing.

Pragya asks abhi if he had come to her house last night and tells that she thought that. Abhi says it was not a thought, but feelings.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seriously, Disha and her sidekick husband have nothing better to do with their time? LMFAO… Two adults playing games..Disha should be washing bhartan and Purab should be at a meaningful job, time and time again Aliya asks the pertinent question as to why they don’t go live in another house…i feel the same way… Frickin interlopers…and I can’t stomach Disha’s dialogues these days especially when she’s trying to rein in runaway Pragya…so sweet it could make one become diabetic. In my opinion, this couple is in everybody’s business and it’s become unbearable, Pragya is an adult, if she wants to be with her previous abuser husband then she’s free to take him from the witch Tanu, it isn’t necessary for Purab and Disha to pretend that they are cupid.. Sigh, nothing changed in the last week so I still maintain that the episodes are nothing but cocktease or suspended orgasm… What a torture! I’ll be back!!

  2. Better than usual. No tuna fish. No Aliyah. Pragya avoids answering King about becoming Kiara’s father. King was smiling as Pragya left the room. We watch Sunny and Disha.prepare for school, joking around. Disha is especially hyper this morning. She has a plan. A plan to gain information about Pragya, King and their ‘marriage’. After all, as she points out, just because they don’t share a room doesn’t mean that King and Pragya are not married. Disha’s double dose of ‘hyper’ actually fits well alongside Abhi’s own crazy, excited, dreaminess as he imagines his immediate future… with the lives of others, who have not even been informed, much less asked about any life changes. The accompanying music is ‘clowny’ or from a circus. As Purab first protests but then agrees to the plan the music becomes normal KKB sounds. Pragya actually thinks that Disha will help her settle down Abhi’s impossible ambitions. Chachi complains silently in her head about Pragya as we watch King become happier about his hope to be with Pragya as her husband. Back to Abhi as he doesn’t recognize Disha dressed as a Sardar Ji. This is too close to BulBul’s old scene when Pragya and BulBul were trying to to trap Aliyah. Well, it’s Bulbul. She was an Arora sister. Arora sisters seem to be born to be abused, humiliated, disrespected and then forgotten until the next time they can become useful. There is more chatter from Disha and Purab, both in their costumes, to Abhi. The two are waiting for Pragya to leave her home so they may begin their plan. They are reporting their status to Abhi. King, in pragya’s bedroom reminisces a previous dance with Pragya. He seems to ignore that Pragya did not look happy or loving when she danced with him. He feels romantic towards Pragya and is thankful that she came into his life. The romantic music in the background is rather boring compared to the abhigya music. Disha and Purab arrive at King’s door. Abhi instructs Purab what to say through his phone and earbuds. King is not as trusting as Pragya. He becomes suspicious. We jump to the scene at the school where Pragya questions Abhi. So, the usual set-ups for possible future plots. Today’s episode has the new faster pace as if everyone i.e. the Mehra household, took amphetamines in the morning before beginning work. Nothing really changed today. This is worse than when an angry drag queen decides to take over a room and begins to strut ‘her’ stuff. Like the drag queen, who’s costume we are all looking at, the performance is frenzied and bright and kind of disdainful. But as the performance completes the audience is left wondering, “wha-aat? is ‘she’ done? Was that it?” You know, the usual program where the writers are informed, “Do not progress the story!” So, new director and the new writer (?) have been given the same limits as the old ones. In other words even though King became immediately suspicious of Purab’s and Disha’s game we are likely seeing the beginning of King being turned into a stupid person so that the stupid and very criminal Mehra’s can take advantage of him. Go King! Destroy those Criminal Clown Mehra’s. The danger being that Kiara will become Aliyah #2 and a few more people will be put to death because of Mehra Greed, Lust and Stupidity. The happy joyful feel of Purab/Disha hides the utter contempt that they feel for the lives of others as proven through their actions. Good, decent people don’t commit crimes to get what they want.

    1. Hai Naz you are also correct I also don’t like this no irriatted they don’t have on job rather than sideling alw with her do called jiju know something akistuer relaly sori for typing your name wrong I don’t like these two alwz I’m his room and so called supporting him an called her doormat did back I cant ad couldn’t evem compare her to bulbul she is only second wife of purab to me because she is an outsider bit nwdayas her scene are more irritating me I don’t know why can’t she rather see hr family and move out fo the house they have a cute son of them y can’t she then is she the lead of the show even pirab is just a husband for her but her actions and everything are around abhi I hate it seriously irriatted and boring and annyinh fot me

    2. Aki y are not even decent people they dotn even have life of their own irriatted alwz jiju Alia is not used proplerly these days rather than seeing their romance and other this I accept bulbul beuxse she is the exact sis of pragya but can’t this disha

      1. Hullo Ishu. I agree Bulbul is irreplaceable. I think Disha and Purab stay because Abhi insists. Remember when the couple was going to leave and then Abhi packed his bags and was going to leave with them? (Aliyah was having a tantrum and wanted them out of her house) Abhi cares too much about Sunny to let him go. As well, I would imagine that Purab is the last connection that he had to Pragya and wouldn’t want him to leave for that reason. And very good point! I do agree! Disha does spend far too much time pleasing Abhi! Is she somehow competing with Tuna fish or perhaps punishing Tuna fish. It would be like rubbing salt in a wound as Tuna has to watch Abhi be like a dear friend/family
        with Disha. And Hey Naz, good to see you!

  3. Don’t know irriatted stroy aki don’t know what to say y can’t can’t tanu just say to disha that store comming around my husband room if you have husband for you like that I m getting some disguting words for her really sorry to say sorry I didn’t get like that feeling when bulbul was there but this disha I can’t and couldn’t even see herhate her

  4. It will. D the worst re if she completes with her tanu

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