Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi’s emotional meet with Kiara

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The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Kiara’s school and thinks teacher will not let him meet Kiara as classes might have started. He thinks how to stop myself from meeting her. Pragya is still standing outside the school. A girl comes and asks pragya to buy the balloons and give to a little kid in her house. Pragya says ok, give me all. Abhi doesn’t see her and gets down to get the balloons, but Pragya takes it and goes. He doesn’t see her and sits in the car. Song plays…He thinks someone took my daughter away from me and someone took balloons away which I want to take for Kiara. Balloons flies and falls on Abhi’s car. Abhi thinks these balloons belong to the woman who brought it. Pragya doesn’t see him and comes near his car. She sees Abhi’s face and hides behind his car. Abhi thinks

whose balloons they are, and thinks the person might come to take it. He gets down from his car and thinks why did the person buy it, if she doesn’t want. He thinks to make the balloons fly, but then says it seems like it is brought by someone close to him. He says I will take it for Kiara and will give it to her. Pragya gets happy and smiles. Allah Wariyan plays….

Abhi sits in his car and goes. He stops at the signal and thinks if it is Kiara’s heart or Pragya’s heart. He thinks this must be Kiara’s heart. Pragya thinks it is her heart. She hides her face with the magazine and thinks I have to face him one day and answer him. She reaches home. King informs her that Abhishek Mehra came today, may be to thank you for last night help. He says Abhi was very upset and stressed. Pragya asks did he tell you? King says no and tells that one thing is confirmed that he has problem in his marriage. He asked me not to believe on any woman in life. Pragya looks on and recalls Abhi asking her to hold his hand and they will make new family. King asks her not to worry and says we will meet him in the evening. Pragya thinks what might be the matter.

Abhi comes home and thinks these balloons are for my daughter, and it seems someone close to me gave this. He thinks cookie will stay with Kiara and him. He plans to drop Kiara to school, outing etc. He thinks if Kiara will agree to stay with us. He hears Kiara laughing and comes out of room. He asks Dadi, Dasi, Mitali and Tai ji if Kiara came. Mitali says she didn’t come. Abhi thinks I am missing her so much that I am imagining her. He hears Kiara laughing again and asks everyone if they heard her. Tanu tries to stop him, but he don’t stops. Tai ji says what happened? Dasi says he might be missing her. Mitali thinks abhi’s heart is connected with his daughter. Abhi goes to Disha’s room following her voice. He sees Kiara and hugs her. Kiara smiles. Song plays….kyunki tum dhadkan main dil….Disha and Sunny smiles. Abhi says my daughter and kisses on her cheeks. Kiara tells Disha that she calls him fake dad so he calls her daughter. He asks where was you, I was searching you. Kiara says I was in school and asks why you are meeting me as if you are meeting me after many days. Abhi says I am meeting you after seven years. He says he went to her house and then school. Kiara says I was in school only. Abhi says I dropped the idea to meet you in school thinking teacher will scold me. He tells that he brought heart shaped balloons for you, but I will not give it you and will keep it safely as it is my daughter’s heart. Disha takes Sunny from there to leave them alone. Kiara says Superman and wipes his tears. She says you are sad even now for me and says I am fine now. She says you gave me your blood, and I am fine because of that and became strong like you.

She hugs him asking him not to cry. Abhi says I love you. Kiara says I love you too. Abhi says we are one, we have very strong bond between us. He asks her to give her hand and asks her to feel sensation touching him. He says you will feel sensation as if your blood is in me and my blood is in you. Kiara says superman. He asks do you feel connection when we hug each other. He hugs her again. He asks her to tell what he means to her. Kiara says I love you so much, you are my superman, superhero. She says I love you. Abhi asks if I don’t look like a dad, and asks if she don’t think that it is strange that your friend is a big man and says why my heart asks you to call you daughter, and why your heart calls him dad, and says do you think? She nods no. Abhi says you are my daughter and I am your Dad. Kiara hugs him.

She wipes his tears and says you are mature, but crying. Abhi says I have everything, but don’t have a daughter and asks her to become his daughter. Kiara says I am your daughter and asks him not to cry. Abhi says I remembered something and that’s why cried. He says tap is closed now and smiles. Kiara smiles.

Aaliya tells King that Pragya is a cheater. King is shocked. Tanu tells Pragya that surely there is some problem between King and her, as she is not having sindoor on her forehead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I thi k tanu will go to king and tell him about abhi n pragya

  2. Just slap this abhi pragya as he doesn’t deserve anything. Neither u nor ur daughter. Jo biwi se pyaar na kr ska woh beti se pyaar kaise karega. Bafe acche lagte hai jaisi story na bn jaye jahan beti hi badi hone ke baad villain bn jati hai.

  3. Don’t know whether gk feel for him missing kiara or ti get angry that hs is over possible and protective fr his daughter is kiara that much smart of not whatever it is how can she allow this man to take advantage she didn’t even know he is het father how can he ask and she Also said k when he Asked can you be my daughter what a grateful thing of kiara
    Even though he is her Superman how can she even forget about her sl called dada and pragya

  4. We begin with the same tone, missing each other, hidden by balloons etc, just like at the beginning of the Leap. Abhi returns home. Kiara’s school day seems to last for less than 0 minutes. She and Sunni make it back to the Mehra Mansion before Abhi returns home from trying to meet Kiara at the school where she had just been dropped off. That takes up more than half of today’s program. Abhi’s flashbacks last more than 1 minute. Because we’ve seen the flashbacks several times now, it’s become redundant not so much heart wrenching. Disha and Sunny sit silently as Abhi and Kiara converse. another 2.5 minutes of screen time filled. At that point Disha and Sunny leave their bedroom in order to give Abhi and Kiara some privacy. I have to ask, what kind of upbringing did this girl have that it is ok to be so physically intimate with an adult male that her mother has never met? Sure, I know that he is her physical father. But she doesn’t. Of course, Kiara has forgotten the existence of her Dada, King. Yes, all little girls aged around 7 forget their dada in the presence of new adult men in their lives. Right. This scene takes us to the end of today’s offering. But hey! This is the time travelling morning and of course the sangeet for Tarun/Neha is ‘tonight’. Well, it was New Moon yesterday. And as hospitals and police stations across the world are alert during New Moon and Full Moon periods, knowing of the heightened emotions, inhibitions freed, at these times, so is this production. Playing viewers for all they are worth. Literally. We had a short glimpse of the Tuna monster on the stairs of the MM. It befuddles my mind that no one has pushed her down the stairs. The whole family is aware of her nonsense and familiar with her methods. She always gets away with her crimes. Why hasn’t a family member returned the favour as yet. Where’s that spear-fisher? We were hoping that King could become the spear-fisher who pierced the fish monsters heart. When? When? Lucky us. The freak show begins next week as the fish monster and the kardashian vampire take over the screen. Oh joy. : (

    1. Hi Akituster.. I thought of that same thing you mentioned, Abhi never knew who Kiara’s parents are, this little girl has been coming there in that house for so long, wasn’t he uncomfortable to lie on a bed and snuggle up to her or be so physically close when they weren’t aware of the parameters of their relationship? Didn’t Abhi not feel uncomfortable holding someone else’s daughter so close to him, forget about us knowing that Abhi’s daughter…the fact remains that the scenes should never have been done… Don’t we all teach our children to be wary of strangers, especially men? When there’s so much crimes being perpetrated by adults in the society towards children, didn’t Pragya teach Kiara anything about no physical closeness between her and other people? Of course Pragya knew afterwards about who Kiara’s superman is but if she was so concerned about her daughter’s safety, why allow her to go into the lions den? Why didn’t she take her daughter and go back to where she came from? Of course she wouldn’t do that, because she does want Abhi and truth be told, if Tanu wasn’t a bad woman, the way how I’m frustrated by Pragya’s pathetic behavior, I’d say better Abhi stay in his loveless marriage because together, Abhi and Pragya make one pathetic couple, I don’t know who more stupid!! BTW Akituster, I saw a video on YouTube with Ekta on Divali day and OMG.. I swear to God that I thought it was the back of a man in a saree, 😲😲…if I looked like that, I’d never wear a saree,…instead of hiding the layers and layers of fat on her everywhere, she flaunted it for everyone to see, someting is wrong with this woman, doesn’t she have parents to point out to her when she’s looking awful? I know you always talk about her fashion sense but this outfit she wore was horrendous, gosh, does she not have an ounce of shame? This is why she glorifies Tanu’s character, she’s allowing herself to fantasize what she could look like if only she had the figure like Tanu….so in fact she’s living a life inside the character called Tanu…

      1. Ha! Ha! Naz…but Tuna is a yoyo dieter for sure. I see Aliyah and Tuna both being reflections of Miss Ekta. The manipulative qualities are likely similar to Miss Ekta’s own. The depth of the manipulation is extreme. Her four leads were hired for their natural personalities. Another reason they play those parts so well. I’m not claiming that the actress who plays Aliyah is exactly like her character. No. But the base personality traits…. absolutely. And those traits do have either positive or negative manifestations. I’ve spent the last two days researching the variety of conditions for women in India and am even more certain about Miss Ekta’s intentions. Pragya first shown as a victim, now shown as being an utterly dumb victim even when she has the ability to stop the carnage in her life, is purposeful. We know that everything is about to blamed on Pragya. Do you think they will figure out a new way to kill her? They haven’t tried poison as yet. Miss Ekta hates women, therefore herself. But because of her situation will likely never explore that part of herself. She does not need to grow up. In fact during the research, I became so upset, in my notes bolded I wrote,
        “Are you listening Ekta, you f*****g l**** b****! She’ll never listen, she doesn’t need to. There are many wonderful efforts in India to change life for women. To stop the belief that women/girls are commodities, cattle or convenient c**ts. You are the property of your father and then your husband. Anything you produce belongs to your father/husband/brother. Of course each resource I explored continued to repeat the same message. Paraphrased, repeatedly I read or heard that their battle is an uphill battle as what must be done is to change societal norms and the medieval cultural values of India. So what does Ekta do? Her shows have a huge rural audience. She promotes whores, lying, cheating, violence, abuse against women, children and the elderly and she is encouraged by her friends who are in gov’t. (recently). Ekta Kapoor while fulfilling her own personal ego’s needs is doing the opposite of what India needs. Ekta doesn’t care, she’s making her money. I wish to believe that the actress who plays Alia understands and gets what is going on and has chosen to remain for the employment ride, only. But Pragya? (The actress who plays her) This actress was the star. Not Abhi. It is Pragya’s face and manner which made this show. This actress had power. And she used that power supposedly to help the 2nd rate actress who does the tuna fish?? By the way, that scenario is perfectly understandable just knowing their sun signs and having watched them working. The last weeks, I noticed that the director has let slip again several times, moments where the actor stops acting and becomes self-congratulatory before the scene has been fully completed. As well, 2-3 times I have noticed as one of Abhi’s leading ladies looks into his eyes, they are also having a 2nd non-character conversation going on. I am beginning to understand why his real wife wants to be seen with him a lot in public. Or she wants her own publicity because supposedly she is one of Miss Ekta’s close friends. I cannot believe that this is going on! On the other hand the prime-minister is a part of the RSS, a regressive group that want to insure that women remain as commodities for the use of men. Miss Kapoor has been brought up in a Sikh home a religion which brags that it considers it’s daughters to be equal to sons. That’s a lie. Sikh’s have brought their honour killings etc to all the countries where they have immigrated. And the belief, “If you have more money than me, we can be friends. If you have less money or education than me then you are a POS. Get away from me, you filth.” Of course not all Sikh’s think or behave this way. More than enough do and I am able to say this as I come from a Sikh home that pretended to be fully westernized. The younger children were fully westernized. The older children faced the ridiculous rules and abuse available to children brought up in India. It is to Miss Ekta’s benefit to keep India just the way it is. She is enemy #1 of all Indian women. Well, except those women like her who are making their money by continuing to normalise ‘women are property, easily abused and easily replaced’. As long as India continues to play with fascism it will never become a spiritual beacon to the world. Half of it’s population remain slaves. The next time a woman is raped in India, the man/men should all shout out, “Thanks for helping that happen, Ekta!”.

      2. Regarding Abhi. Isn’t that called ‘grooming’ the child? Worse still, in this production, where ‘love’ includes lies, theft and murder (attempts mostly), gawd knows what a father/daughter relationship would look like. And the freaky Mehra family turns a blind eye to all criminal activity.

  5. And of course, when the sangeet begins just like Purab and many other characters Pagya will not have spoken to King about the truth. These characters will spend 10 minutes speaking, “I have something to tell you” “I need to speak to you” “Listen to me please” What bothers me is that in the Ekta productions I have seen, no character simply starts talking about their issue. They will spend that 10 minutes asking…. so much easier to simply speak the truth. It would appear that Miss Ekta thinks everyone is super stupid, excepting her personal ‘friends’ who are obedient to her whims. As a part of the public I am glad that her hoped for marriage partner (a desperation choice, no less) was smart enough to not marry her. He obviously wanted a life.

  6. Another question. Yes there is a Metoo Movement in India. Or has it been disappeared by the money men and Miss Ekta in India? What about the s*xual predators who go after children in Hollywood? Is the same happening in Bollywood? I keep reading that the actress who does Pragya really supports the actress of Tuna fish. Is she making sure that no harm comes to the child who plays Kiara or Sunny? After all, in Hollywood it was actually big female stars who helped predators gain access to new young female and child actors/actresses. Is India the same?

  7. Don’t know whether it is true or not but seems to be like that only she left her and gave her the role how ridiculous is to watch even that b*t*h can’t see her anymore but yes I hate her to the core she I seeing butchers as mother and pragya totally instead do killing her character they might have killed her because she is getting many hatred due to her likes and hidden secrets of Kiara to abhi and about abhinti King and chnachi and mainly her daughter who will be butecherd due to this hidden secrets of mother which we feel more uncomfortable in mm without knowing him father she sharing his bond can’t see this all due to that one lady really i dotn know y she is like this y y

  8. So… At the end of the day, Pragya kept her daughter away from Abhi because she feared for her life, is this how bright she really is, for a professor? Do anyone see how stupid this really is… I mean, whether Abhi was told that Kiara is his daughter or not, would that really prevent her from the piranhas?? …because they went after her still ..and if something had happened to Kiara, what would Pragya have done? Cremate her daughter and still not tell Abhi?? I looked at Pragya trying to justify to Disha why she didn’t tell Abhi about Kiara and I LMAO… Like seriously, I just don’t know if I’ll ever understand Pragya, how hard it is to confide in you sister in law and together they deal with the piranhas in true woman style.. At least Disha would have some good leverage as she lives in the same house.. Pragya is no role model for any woman…

    1. Ekta needs her to be that way. She has to make sure that any goodness in a woman is destroyed. Completely. Ekta needs to be in control. and Ekta knows, it is easy to throw away people. She has every right, she’s Ekta Kapoor. She did hire the correct writers and Director to send her message to every male and female in India.

  9. Akister I like to read your comments often wheher I read the stroy or not I come to this page mainly to see your comments and others nice I m also true that now female lead as many capabilites to do excellent work in other serials or others I don’t know y she is in serial is someone supporting her as u said or not don’t know but someone said she likes to play a good role after leap since before leap she was snot having any imp that much sp after leap she is happy playing female lead she Said in Maya 2 success party ,so only many think sriti has been bucthered and given to third rated actress

    1. Thank-you Isws! I am so glad you are joining the conversation! So much that we will never be aware of in the production …Except….like in any situation, if you watch the patterns that appear… some information is always revealed. This last week, when Tuna finished one scene, the actress was very proud of her performance. Why does the director and editor leave that moment in the production? They do this to all 3 female leads. Of course with Pragya, I’ve only seen this once or twice, since the production began. With the other two, you see it regularly. Why not cut those few seconds? I think they are left in, on purpose to make the two actresses appear petty and immature. This is highly dishonest and unfair to the two antagonists. But would be a perfect thing to do if you want the viewers to begin hating the two antagonists. So many manipulative tricks in the production. Personally I believe that the actress who plays Pragya is easily manipulated by her ‘friend’. She wants to help everybody and doesn’t see the traps before her. What reward is she receiving for ‘giving’ her screen time away? That just makes her look dumb and easy to manipulate. However, in her role, she is being hated, now. In the end, it is Miss Ekta, with the help of her astrologer, who is the mastermind of lies. I imagine she has a lot of ‘fun’, feeling powerful and playing with the lives of others. Miss Ekta is making a 2-bit actress into a star by using/ruining the career of a real star. And the real star even supported this! “Pragya” truly is a dumb victim.

  10. Really u frel very much feel for her as a friend I support her because app suported her so called Leena madam in Turkey or something also they complain that most abigya scene are cutted and they are relesing taliya scene often what is that really disguting I k really pity seeing sriti like this don’t know really is she the reason for Leena domincancy or don’t know but y I think is the actor who played abhin onscreen said that he feels embarrassed to do romantic scene so may he this might have made her give Leena the opportunity to perform and she backed up since ekta is his close friend na may be don’t know actually resodn is we are not suposed to conclude anything what is ur opinion about their actig is this serial mainly success only due to Leena madam or what because many says no one can perform like Leena so only she has been dominating butchring leads

  11. Who appreciate that b*t*h seriously can’t tolerate who did their crew what is that not even sriti as pragya the original live character that really support she was the best she gave life to pragya but not now she has been totally grouded for some domination really think world knows who is the real star as u said zee rishtey also 3 yes someone said taht she was forcefully awarded prises to increase her caabilitied I don’t know whether true or not

    1. Hullo Isws. My assumption is that personal events that are publicized are very much scripted to create a particular image. If and when a ‘surprise’ occurs, like news that the actor/actress/production house would prefer not to be printed, I would think that they have prepared responses or messaging. Journalists and media do follow protocols that are not necessarily written down in their policies when it comes to protecting the image of their celebrities. I am not an expert, this is my opinion. I felt that actress for Tuna fish played her ‘feel sorry for me’ drama rather skillfully in the public arena. Personally, I do not feel that Miss Jumani is all that talented. The actress who does Aliyah has made efforts to improve and it shows. Currently, she hasn’t been given anything challenging to see her skills. If they have her become a raving hyena again I’ll just fast-forward through her scenes like I used to. Her hatred is well-done, by the actress, but it is also just so ridiculous, outlandish and unnecessary. Sure, get your hate in there for the script. Her message is clear within her first 3/4 sentences. The writers just make it. so abominable. Dasi being ‘alive’ and fun is missed! The physical comedy which built Abhi/Pragya was gone around episode 330 (?). I agree with you that Pragya’s character has been grounded alongside Purab, Dasi, Robin who has disappeared and Sarla Ma. Come on, which Grandmother would have been kept away from her grandchild. We used to see Police Officers, charity events etc. I miss Akash/Rachna. They have cut the acting crew down to the bone. How often do we see Neha/Tarun? Thus the music, the redundant flashbacks, everything is limited. And with the gossip? Well, it is gossip. Wherever there is smoke there is fire. Some kind of fire. Just keep an eye out for patterns. The patterns gently announce truth. I find it funny/sad watching the actresses Aliyah/Tuna fish fawn over the actor who plays Abhi. You would have hoped that the editing room would not use that film… but, I had felt/noticed by about Episode 730 that the 4 lead actors were really being manipulated and taken advantage of through their work. It’s kind of neat examining every facet of this production! Especially as the whole thing reflects the producer’s attitudes and manipulative style. Thanks for the chat!

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