Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea’s another trick to befall Prachi

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The Episode starts with Abhi opening the door and smiling. Sumit, constable and other friend get surprised. They ask how is he here? Abhi asks them to give 300 Rs for the bet. They all give 100 each. Abhi says you have no idea, what you will get in this money. Constable asks what are you doing here? Abhi says they will play carom board. Sumit says if the owner feels bad. Abhi says I will not feel bad and tells that this is my wife’s house. His friends ask if his wife was rich, but she doesn’t look like that. Abhi says his wife is changed and says now his wife is not purse theft, but have the purse. Prachi makes the prasad and goes. Rhea comes there and adds crushed garlic in the prasad. Sid comes there and asks Rhea what is she doing here? Sid says I came to drink water. He asks where was you? Rhea says my phone is ringing and goes. Sid sees the phone in her hand and gets shocked.

Constable says I don’t understand. Sumit says your words are indigestible. His other friend asks Abhi to ask his wife to sell him to someone. Sumit says nobody will give you 25 paise. He asks Abhi if he knows the Madam before. Abhi says she might know me, but I don’t know her. Pragya comes there. They greet her. Abhi says they don’t know your name, and that’s why called you Rani Madam. Sumit tells Abhi that his eyes were on her.

Dida and Pallavi meet the guests. The guest tells Ranbir that Dida told that the bahus are dancing. Ranbir says they are dancing and asks who will watch if we become Krishna. Pallavi asks Ranbir and Sid to call Prachi and Rhea. Teji’s husband brings Vikram down and tells that he was insisting to come. Pallavi says he did good thing. Vikram misses Abhi and thinks his daughters are here, but he is not. Abhi takes his friends to the house bar. Constable asks if we can drink. Abhi asks them to have bath. Servant comes there and tells that Pragya Madam sent snacks for you. They think to enjoy. They ask if Rani bhabhi allows you to drink. Abhi says Tanu used to argue, but Rani Bhabhi asks me to drink and let her drink. The friends get happy. Pragya is sitting in the room and hears their laughing sound. Abhi says cheers and drinks with them.

Prachi and Rhea come downstairs. The guest tells that both the girls are beautiful, and they look like Radhas. Rhea says Radha is just one and thinks she is just Radha of Ranbir. Dida tells that Radha has many avatars. Pallavi says Radha was devoted to Krishna. She says whoever dances well, I will give my bangles to that bahu, which is very rare and priceless. Teji says the bahu will be lucky who gets this bangle. Ranbir asks Prachi to win the bangles. Sid asks Rhea to win. Rhea thinks Ranbir likes my dance, so I need to win this dance. They begin dancing on medley songs. Rhea forgets the steps and realizes it. She thinks may be Prachi wins and thinks to make her do wrong steps, to confirm her victory. She breaks her bangles and throws on Prachi’s way. Prachi swirls while dancing and gets her feet injured. Pallavi shouts Prachi and asks what are you doing, your feet are bleeding. Prachi checks her feet. She gets tensed. Rhea smiles.

Sumit tells that this is wine or sweet juice and says he just wants to drink. Constable says say this when your wife beats you. Other friend tells that Amit’s wife beats him. Abhi says wow. Sumit says your wife sold you. Abhi says I don’t know if I am happy or sad or angry. He tells that his wife was Pragya always and she bought him, whom I loved from before. Amit says you make any story. He says if Pragya Madam is our Bhabhi, then why you didn’t identify her, when you met her. Abhi says I am saying truth. They ask him to prove. Abhi says I am saying truth by mouth. Sumit says we will toss the coin. Abhi tosses the coin and looks up.

Precap: Pallavi tells Prachi that you are injured and you’re still dancing. You didn’t do it right. You tried to humiliate me. Prachi says, I didn’t even think like that. Pallavi says, you tried to show that I forced all puja’s responsibilities on you. I gave you permission to dance, not to do ‘tamasha’.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Raven

    When will this agony end? Ow Ekta do something constructive now na🙄smh

  2. Mahabubul Alam

    another humiliation session of prachi is coming…

    1. Why was prachi bearing the pain and dancing? She could have stopped. Really family’s harmony Is more important than a person’s safety? It’s good that Pallavi stopped her on time, but she shouldn’t have accused prachi of embarrassing her.

  3. Well well !!!
    Now , when crushed garlic will be found in Prasad then Prachi will be questioned , but I think at least THIS time she can answer with 100% surety that she did not add those in Prasad. As always Pallavi will not believe her and insult her. That will be real test of Ranbir. With whom will he side ?? If Prachi kept on insisting that she obviously didn’t add forbidden substance to Prasad and she doesn’t know how it come to be in it and Pallavi kept on insulting Prachi , whose side will Ranbir take , Prachi’s or Pallavi ??

    1. Exactly this will be the true test of his character and let’s c every1’s claim on Ranbir’s character being spoiled this will prove if his character is rly getting spoiled or not here we go

    2. I have such a bad feeling about this. I feel Ranbir will support her with the dance drama but when the prasad drama starts which will happen after Prachi’s dance humiliation will he defend her twice. In shows these things don’t happen. A good husband won’t always defend his wife especially when all the odds are against her and the mistakes are pointing at her. The episode will be a test for Ranbir for sure

    3. @Riya
      Ideally the dance drama should not be humiliation……..
      okay….. Prachi’s feet are bleeding but so what ?? They will definitely notice the bangle pieces on floor and realize what happened , but I don’t think this counts as a mistake in rational person’s mind.

      If anything , Prachi would be applauded , for keeping dancing despite injury. It would imply she is strong enough to tolerate some pain to not spoil the harmony of the dance

  4. Not noticing oil fallen on ground can be blamed on Prachi , but not garlic in the prasad if she keeps on insisting that she didn’t add it , and obviously she wouldn’t add it by mistake

  5. Y am I not surprised another humiliations of Prachi waiting 1st with the dance and next with the Prasad but now all of our doubts on Ranbir will be answered when this happens on whether or not his character is getting spoiled or not or whether he’s turning into an Abhi 2.0 let’s c if our claims on Ranbir will be proven true or not since this time Prachi can actually claim she didn’t do it so let’s c wat happens…

  6. It also depends on Prachi not just Ranbir.
    This time Prachi CAN say without any shred of doubt that she is not wrong , and she SHOULD keep insisting it.

    But if she herself , decides to apologize , AGAIN , just to placate Pallavi then it all will be of no use.

    And it will be proven for good that she has become a spineless and pitiful person. IF she bows down and accepts undeserved blame.

    In this way it’s not only Ranbir’s but Prachi’s test as well : whether she still has her self respect or has she decided to sell it to win Pallavi’s validation.

    1. exactly i have fear for prachi , i just hope this time she says boldly that she did not add garlic , then ranbir will surely support her

  7. I am not betting much on Sid supposedly having caught Rhea’s lie. KKB never works that way.

  8. Ok first off why has Mondays episode aired already?? Are they purposely trying to bring down TRP because it’s definitely working! I don’t understand why they do these things! The actors work so hard and the episodes release earlier which many of viewers watch it on zee5 instead on Tv no wonder why TRP isn’t increasing. And they could have kept this episode for tomorrow at normal time because this was Janmashtami special and the cast especially whoever plays Prachi and Rhea worked their asses off for this sequence. I hope their hard work does pay off though 🥺

    And another thing, I’m so scared for Prachi now. Pallavi just called her out in front of everyone and now that dragon will humiliate her. Everyone may forget this incident who knows they might forgive her as Dida will realise Prachi didn’t to it to embarrass them. But Pallavi will remain angry until the prasad drama starts later on in the episode 😭 the dance was one thing now this…what will Ranbir do I wonder? He might support her in the dance humiliation but will he support her again for the prasad humiliation? Pallavi will definitely lose her cool and end up slapping Prachi. The amount of chances she’s given her why would she let this go? No one can save Prachi now except for Sid! Didn’t he see Rhea coming out of the kitchen looking all worried? Don’t forget he also saw her by the temple before Prachi was humiliated for the oil part. He didn’t say anything then as he shrugged it off but it’s happened again will he shrug this off too? The writers wouldn’t make him so close to seeing Rhea more than once I guess they are planning for Sid to see Rhea for who she truly is. I hope he does speak up though he won’t blame Rhea of course but he can say he did see her in the kitchen where the prasad was. And Prachi I don’t have any hopes from her. She will definitely not speak up and let the whole world torture and blame her. The reason why people do these things to her is because she herself admits it. Like WHY when you yourself know you wouldn’t do this! She can defend herself and say she didn’t do it but she won’t because according to Prachi it’s disrespectful to show some self respect 🙂

    1. A few years ago, someone explained to me and all commentators here that TRP is determined by a fixed device on a certain fixed number of televisions in Indian households. I do not know if this is still true, but that would be why watching online etc does not factor in the determination of TRP.

  9. Ideally the dance drama should not be humiliation……..
    okay….. Prachi’s feet are bleeding but so what ?? They will definitely notice the bangle pieces on floor and realize what happened , but I don’t think this counts as a mistake in rational person’s mind.

    If anything , Prachi would be applauded , for keeping dancing despite injury. It would imply she is strong enough to tolerate some pain to not spoil the harmony of the dance.

    The real test is going to be prasad’s one. If Prachi , for once , decides to fight for her self respect then Ranbir’s love AND trust is going to be tested , trust more than love.

    Of course he will not stop loving her this , but will he trust her if she says that she is innocent this time and doesn’t deserve scolding ?? This was the poison whispered by Rhea into his ears last time , that Pallavi looks for excuses to insult her. The disaster was averted by Prachi’s submissiveness because she herself thought she deserved that scolding , but if this time she decides to stand her ground then it will inevitably be seen as if Prachi thinks that Pallavi is deliberately not listening to Prachi’s explanation.

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    2. listen Ankita that’s for a zee event.

    3. This comment is deleted for misusing other’s username.


  10. Hello all. I just came around to see what is happening. I had time, so I read some previous episodes.

    You know, I stopped reading and watching after Tanu married Abhi. I was really annoyed that those writers did not give audience the chance to enjoy Pragya and Abhi’s time together. They bring them together and separate them in very pathetic ways. Not good at all! It is always a fun watching them do their romance, tricks, jumps, getting drunk together and what have you. It brightens your day. We really want to see these. Imagine this, Pragya came back home after Abhi’s recovery from lunacy to join her husband. She actually nursed him to recover in very harsh condition. The re-union did not even last for an hour before Abhi was taken to police cell due to Tanu’s rape allegation. It ended in Abhi marrying Tanu, very senseless episodes. I was really, really annoyed so stopped reading and watching online. Looking at that story again, how will you accuse a psychiatric patient of rape? With all the money the Mehras had, they could not import a number of sound lawyers outside their location to take up the case and make a mockery of Tanu’s allegation! I mean, Abhi and his family just looked to me as real local champions without any external exposure.

    Anyway, I just came to see what is happening. Happy to see that Pragya came back strong. But I note that she is now dropping in confidence, thanks to Aliya and Tanu’s manipulation again. Throughout this new leap – and till the end of KKB – Pragya should be projected to sustain this attained strong character. She won the business woman of the year award in Australia, not an easy feat to achieve, so what is happening to her? Can’t that consistency of being strong and capable be maintained? And this Rhea and Prachi? Rhea and Prachi’s scenes are appearing really, really childish. Cooking competition, key competition, dance competition…. A blind person would have seen that nothing happened in Rhea’s kitchen, she had the main kitchen and Prachi the small kitchen. How did Pallavi, chief inspector going round to see how the cooks were faring, not see that Rhea’s kitchen was empty? For the dancing competition, the episode would have been more interesting if the dance was a part of the celebration, just for pleasure instead of some useless childish competition when the real wife of the home, the wife of the son of the family is humiliated, even after seeing Rhea’s broken bangles. Very bad taste, poor taste please. Everyone is looking stupid. Please stop this.

    If you don’t know what to do with Prachi and Rhea, focus on Abhi and Pragya. I am actually looking forward to seeing Pragya groom Prachi to follow her step. Prachi has demonstrated capability to make it in the corporate world. We see the support she gave to Sid. She has proven to be competent and reliable, Sid testifies to this. I want to see Prachi transfer same support to her mom. I want to see Prachi leave Rhea with the key (hand it to her, no need to contest with her). Let’s see Prachi leave Rhea at home and move to support her mom in the business world, become big in the corporate world, have a child (she is married for over two years now). So please Prachi, it is good that you married Ranbir at the end and that you have now been accepted by the Kholis, but please don’t confine your destiny to doing home chores. You have a very supportive Ranbir, leave Rhea with the key, let her be the wife in the house – painting her face, busy with her hair, buying all the clothes in the shops, doing pedicure and manicure (true to her upbringing). Move, aim high, pursue the corporate path. Join your mom, aim to be her successor. You will have your self-respect and will become relevant in the society in a very important way. Can those folks writing this story not be progressive in thoughts?

    So writers, we want to see exciting scenes of Abhi and Pragya. That is the real fun of the series. There are a lot of things causing depression in the society, don’t add to these, take your audience out of depression with KKB.

    Oh!!! I have really written a lot. Let me stop here.

    1. exactly , i want prachi working & pranbir out of this kohli jungle but nagpal is a sadist

  11. It will be surprising if they find any fragments from the bracelets at all, most likely, they will no longer be there. Prachi will definitely be humiliated and Pallavi will say that she has ruined everything. I really hope that they will not try the prasad that prachi has prepared. Perhaps Pallavi will ask Rhea to prepare a new prasad, as she will not trust Prachi. The probability that Prachi will somehow find garlic in prasad and fix everything is very small. Perhaps now Rhea will make a mistake somewhere and she will be caught. I really want Rhea to be caught right now after all.

    1. What’s most likely is that the bangles won’t be there Rhea probably picks even up 😂😂 but I do hope they notice it’s Rhea’s because she had red bangles on and Prachi had green. If they see red bangles on the floor they’ll know it was Rhea’s doing but this is KKB it wont happen because it’s necessary for Prachi to be blamed in every situation!

    2. We all do, but just like her evil aunt and step mum, she will never be exposed so easily or anytime soon

  12. This will be a test 4 Ranbir the most will he defend her or scold her the prasad issue is gonna be the moment that clears all of our doubts on Ranbir will Ranbir side with Prachi or his mom and will Prachi say anything this time this is gonna be the moment all pranbirians r waiting 4 as so many r saying that Ranbir has been spoiled well now let’s c wat happens man the makers r rly going too far with Prachi now this is gonna be a torture fest 4 her now

  13. Yes we are saying that this will be test of Ranbir whether he trusts Prachi or not BUT….

    To see whether Ranbir trusts Prachi or not it’s of utmost importance that PRACHI should trust herself.

    She HAS to trust herself that she did NOT make any mistake with the Prasad that the garlic WAS added there afterwards. Intentionally.

    Yes it’s not going to be easy for her to make such accusation since she will be essentially saying that someone is deliberately trying to defame/ discredit her. But it needs to be said.

    Once/ if Prachi takes this path then natural fallow through from Pallavi will be that Prachi is trying to push her own mistake on others.

    Once this course is taken then Ranbir’s part will begin. Will he agree with his mom about Prachi being careless but not upto owning to her mistakes or will he believe Prachi that she’s being framed.

    Either way ; not easy position for him to be in. Let’s hope will choose wisely

  14. I find it funny that people talk about “it’s a test for Ranbir in trusting Prachi”.
    I remember reading somewhere that Ranbir is not like Abhi or Purab, and he trusts Prachi 100%.
    So if he trusts Prachi 100% as some Pranbirfans say, why now some think it is a trust test?

    1. @Şimal
      Because we shouldn’t stick to our opinions like superglue , we should be prepared to revise and review them in light of new developments.

      We used to say Ranbir is not like Abhi and trusts Prachi 100% because he DID use to trust Prachi implicitly , without considering she could be wrong.

      When Ranbir saw Prachi’s MMS in college ( Sanju’s conspiracy with Rhea ) he didn’t doubt her even once and declared he knows it’s fake.

      When Prachi was accused of stealing 10 lacs from company , he said it’s impossible , Prachi could never have done it.

      When Pallavi accused Prachi of being in lieu with Maya , based on Aliya’s fake video , Ranbir straightaway told Pallavi that that video is fake and Prachi could never have done it.

      See , these are some examples of Ranbir’s trust on Prachi without any hesitation. BUT.

      When Rhea told him that Prachi badmouthed Pallavi , and accused her of creating issue without any reason , that time Ranbir didn’t snap back to Rhea that she’s lying or having a misunderstanding , Prachi would NEVER say bad things about his mother. He seem to be actually considering her words. Which he wouldn’t be doing if he trusts Prachi implicitly.

      This was the first time when Ranbir showed hesitation towards Prachi’s intentions, which indicates wavering of trust , so Pranbir fans are saying that this next incidence is going to be his test , whether he does still trust Prachi like he used to be.

      If Prachi makes a stand for herself and Ranbir supports her , going against Pallavi then it will be proven that his trust is intact. If he sides with Pallavi and asks Prachi to apologize then it would mean his trust is not as it used to be. Simple.

    2. Ur right Ig we were wrong the makers r already on the verge of spoiling him and that moment rly killed us Pranbirirans so Ig we’re all scared abt him in the future cuz god knows how he’s gonna react tbh not having a very good feeling at all the makers have already begun spoiling his character and his trust now who knows wats gonna happen

  15. At this point I think ekta grew up being mistreated coz happiness never lasts long in this serial

  16. Never in my life have a witnessed a more heartless character like Pallavi, the girls feet are bleeding and it is embarrassing to her? Her embarrassment, is a higher priority than someone else’s pain.
    I do agree, the fragments of the bangles will magically vanish and as usual Rhea will be praised although her dancing was pathetic.
    I am hoping that Sid disposed the prasad once discovering that it was tampered with and maybe asked the helper to prepare a new batch…then again, won’t hold my breath as I sure Prachi will be blamed and humiliated, hurt feet and all….

  17. K.Lakshmi lavanya

    Stop nonsense what a worst dp track. Please spin off or end this generation leap we fed up with this generation leap. What a worst track with generation leap. Sister in law loves brother in law. What a worst relationship. Sister in law means just like mother and brother in law means just like son.same track is going this serial will end very soon. We want abhigyas love story only. Focus on abhigya and abhis chawl friends it’s very good entertainment. Otherwise end KKB. Don’t Weaste abhigya hardwork

    1. Yes you are very right, without any critical voice they are broadcasting all shameful immoral things by blessing

  18. At this moment the best course for Prachi is to leave the house , with or without Ranbir.
    Let them all live with Rhea for a few days , they will automatically see for themselves what kind of person she is when she won’t have Prachi to make look bad or steal credit from.

    1. Yes, then they can all whisper how Rhea had problems as a child etc etc…. LOL . You are forgetting Colin, that these are not humans with human attributes. These characters are inhumane, rather lacking in basic intelligence and are a ‘little’ overwrought in their demand to follow traditions, which have been made into ridiculous ego centered pantomimes with no inherent meaning excepting as a faulty worship of whomever is playing ‘host’ to this grandiose drama of complete utter horseshit… unless of course you want to believe that Indians and Hinduism live in a regressed world where no one is allowed to mature past the emotional age of five years old. And I am laughing as I write!! at how ridiculous the production is (Ekta’s mind exposed) …versus Indian ‘culture’ being exposed. Please India, do something about Ekta Kapoor!!

    2. I agree, Prachi should leave… but she has been brainwashed to believe that her ‘good’ identity relies on the judgement of perfect idiots and stupid, greedy, criminally insane women with plastic faces that don’t move very well.

  19. If this is going to happen then I will not watch this show anymore because it’s really irritating to see prachi been humilated again and again am not satisfied with this episode please stop humilating prachi and pleaseee let sid know rheas truth and Please change the track Writers it’s getting worst.
    Not liking it
    The old abhi pragya track was better than this prachi ranbir and rhea


    1. …and the rest of the Bollywood club that worships the Peacock King. They have even dev’l a quick solution to any actress/actor who won’t play ‘ball’.

  21. Does Prachi enjoy suffering?!
    Now she has a rich mother and her parents live together, what on earth obliges her to receive humiliation and stupidly saying it’s my fault I deserve it !! Does she think she’s the Christ and should bear the worlds faults !! Pathetic
    I miss Shahana

  22. I think it’s EK principle that no Matter how rich you get , growing poor is an unforgivable sin , and that you can never cross through the social strata. Rhea growing up rich makes her always in control and she’s always believable and has credibility. But poor girls the likes of Prachi and Pragy would always and forever be humiliation worthy , and they have no place amongst the rich .
    Maybe this is the message ment with KKB & it’s sisters. If Kumkum ties the rich and poor they will never be united . They will never be seen as equal human beings. It is a strong advice for everyone to abide by their social stratum or hell is awaiting them

    1. You found the magic purpose!! This program is fully a social engineering project which teaches false beliefs (regressive Hinduism) on a listening and mostly (so I have been told) unaware public. You have identified one of the false beliefs that this program is ‘teaching’ through indoctrination… in this case, through repetition in the visual/mental part of the brain.

    2. @Akituster I agree with you because the same ideology is shared amongst several shows at zee and other tv channels like Anupama and Tera Meera Saath Rahe on star channel . Normalisation of this concept has been running for years !

  23. Leisa s morris

    Maybe did might realise rhea did something to the prasad and made it over,sighhhh one can only hope. Prachi and ranbir has been married for two whole yrs and she has never done any mistakes yet as soon as she moves in with rhea all she does is make mistakes? You mean to say no one notices rhea doing any if the things she’s doing right there in their presence? Maybe sid has seen enough and maybe he may realise that rhea still wants ranbir and not him and he may decide to let her do as she pls cause then he might get prachi

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