Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea demands Prachi’s arrest

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The Episode starts with Pallavi asking vikram if he can’t see Prachi’s real face really. She says until I expose her, I won’t sit in peace. Shahana says let Rhea be your bahu, you really deserve her. Aaliya asks Pallavi not to talk to small people. Inspector tells that if Prachi is guilty then they will get proofs against her in the room. The lady constable finds the tools in the bag. Aaliya smiles and looks at Rhea. She recalls pretending to cough and then taking the tools bag and hiding in Prachi’s cupboard. Fb ends. She smirks. Inspector says screws were loosened with it. Shahana asks are you joking? Inspector asks what the tools box is doing in a girl’s room. Rhea says now everyone must have understood that Prachi had loosened the screws and then went out, so that she acts to be innocent. She blames Prachi. Prachi asks her not to blame her, and says she can’t bear anymore. Rhea says I can’t bear you now, you tried to kill me twice. She says problems increased on Maha Shivratri night, as she couldn’t bear to see Ranbir and I moving in our relation, and her hatred increased, and thought to kill me. She tells Inspector that Prachi tried to kill me through Nick and now through Balcony, and says I have made up my mind and wants to file case against Prachi. She asks him to file case against Prachi and arrest her. Ranbir tells Inspector that he can do the legal formalities, but don’t do this as Rhea said. He says Prachi can never harm anyone, though she can get angry and fight. He says if I tell that she loosened the screws for me, as I stay there. Prachi asks do you think that I can do this for you. Ranbir says no, and says nothing happens with my thoughts, I used to think we have much between us, but it is not like that. Rhea says I have fallen down and wants to file the case. Ranbir asks Inspector not to file the case. Inspector asks Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea to come to the PS. Pallavi says you can’t take my son. Vikram asks shall I call the lawyer. Inspector says no, he wants to get the paper work done, he is not arresting anyone now.

Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea come to the PS. Ranbir sits with Prachi. Rhea gets upset and sits between them. She says my hand is paining, it seems I have to show my hand to doctor. Ranbir says I will do something. He goes. Rhea says I didn’t complain about you, I just said that my hand is paining as I fell down from first floor. She asks if she is feeling strange, and says she is feeling strange for coming there for first time, and tells Prachi that she is habitual to come here. Prachi asks her to be quiet. Rhea asks her to shut up and says if I stay quiet then how Ranbir will see my pain. Prachi says how can you shed fake tears, when you are not hurt. Rhea says she is hurt. Prachi says how she can shed fake tears when she is not hurt and asks her to wake up from her illusion. She says we shall stay away from illusion and says reality is that you are coming between Ranbir and me, and says even if we are not together then also you can’t break our relation. Ranbir comes back and says come with me. Prachi gets up. Ranbir asks Rhea to come. Rhea gets up. Prachi gives her hand to help her, and also Ranbir gives his hand. Rhea holds his hand and looks at Prachi and him. She hugs him to make Prachi jealous and smiles. Ranbir is uncomfortable and looks at Prachi. Prachi looks on with teary eyes. Ali Maula plays……..

Ranbir takes Rhea from there. Shahana comes to the PS and asks where is Ranbir? Aaliya also comes there. Shahana asks where is Rhea and Ranbir, and why are you crying? Prachi says she is sad. Aaliya asks where is Rhea? Inspector says Ranbir took Rhea to the doctor of the PS.

Rhea thinks she asked Ranbir to call the doctor to gain his sympathy, but he brought her to real doctor. She thinks what to do. Aaliya comes there and asks Ranbir to go out, as she is with Rhea. Ranbir says if there is anything serious, then we will show her to our family doctor. Rhea says she is fine. Aaliya asks him to go out and handle Prachi, as she is crying. Rhea thanks Aaliya for being the life saver. Doctor says I have checked you, but there is no sign of any injury, you are mentally and physically fine. Rhea says when I move my hand, then I feel pain. Doctor says you are fine. Rhea asks him to bandage her hand. Aaliya offers him money.

Prachi tells Shahana that she was not at home, when Rhea had fallen down. She says I had gone through back door, and nobody saw me going and returning. She says she can’t tell Ranbir that she has gone to the gynaec. She says whenever I see them together, I don’t want to tell anything to him. Ranbir says I know everything, what did you think that you will hide from me. Dida thinks there is a mattress on the floor so Rhea has fallen on it. Pallavi comes there and asks Dida to tell Vikram that she has overreacted the situation. Dida says you have gone with Aaliya. Pallavi says I have come to change my slipper, but Vikram told that we shouldn’t support Rhea. She says she will not give benefit of doubt to Prachi and says none of us will feel safe if she is here. She says she wants Police to arrest Prachi and keep her in jail for years, so that we stay safe in our house. She says I am going there, to make sure that Inspector don’t leave her. Dida thinks if Pallavi goes there, then Inspector might come in her talks and will arrest Prachi. She acts to be hurt, and asks Pallavi to take her to her room.

Prachi asks what do you know? Ranbir asks what happened if I come to know anything. He asks why are you so scared, and asks her to relax and says I don’t know what you are hiding, but knows that you are hiding something and that’s why scared. He tells Shahana that he will not ask her, as Prachi might have swear you not to tell me, and says I will know it and is 110 percent sure that it is related to me. He says if you plan to hide this, then hide this properly and if I come to know about this, and feel that I shall know it before, then I can’t forgive you, and I can’t forgive anyone. Aaliya brings Rhea out and asks Ranbir to ask Inspector to do the formalities before, and tells that she is feeling pain. Prachi asks what are we waiting for? Inspector says we are waiting for Rhea. He says we searched in Prachi’s room and found the tools box. He says Rhea said that Prachi wants to harm her. Rhea shouts and says she wants to kill me. Inspector asks her to calm down, and says if Prachi really wants to kill Rhea, then she would have planned big, nobody dies from first floor. Rhea demands him to arrest her. Aaliya says arrest her now.

Precap: Prachi asks Ranbir, do you really think that I have done anything wrong? He says, I am confident that you have done something wrong. Later, Rhea tells Prachi, you have 5 days. After that, you are out of this room and I am in. It’s your delusion that you will take everything of mine away from me. I won’t let you take anything from me and that’s my reality because I have Ranbir, this house, everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I don’t like Ranbir’s repeated dialogue ” I know you are hiding something from me and and if I found later it was something I should have known first then I won’t forgive you or anyone ”

    Whenever (if!!) the pregnancy is revealed I want Prachi to hold her head high, look straight into his eyes and tell him to his face that she’s not ashamed or guilty at all for hiding the pregnancy, she felt he didn’t deserve to know and she stands by it.

    I WANT Prachi to be like this.

    1. He has no spine to accept prachi as wife, what right ask or get angry if prachi will not tell about her pregnancy. She is right all dumb kohli family proves that the kid is not ranbir and he accept. And all dumb characters dida, Vikram they cannot open their mouth. Alias who is outsider ruling all dumb people in KM

    2. And one more dumb prachi afterall dialogues she is asking Ranbir do you believe that I do this

    3. Here I agree with Ranbir. Whatever his faults are pregnancy is not just related to Prachi. Baby belongs to both not just mother, both have equal rights. So I 100% agree with the fact that pregnancy news is something Prachi should have told Ranbir immediately after she realized he won’t question the paternity. Right now Prachi is not hiding it for her benefit or child’s benefit. She is simply using it to punish Ranbir. She is only not telling him because he doesn’t deserve the good news. But it’s not about what Ranbir deserves or not. It’s Ranbir’s right to know and what’s best for the baby’s future.

  2. Will Prachi tell Ranbir about the child on they kingdom come day. Seriously

  3. Ranbir grows disgusting day by day. And Prachi is an even bigger fool for staying there even after all this? Why is she still there I don’t understand? She knows they hate her, she doesn’t want to reunite with Ranbir, she already said she will raise the baby by herself so why isn’t she f**king off?? The writers love to see her getting tortured unnecessarily.

  4. The only point in the story when I felt Prachi should now tell Ranbir about her pregnancy is Vikram Pallavi’s anniversary and he defended her. After that again all went downhill and again support Prachi’s decision to hide the pregnancy.

    Ranbir doesn’t deserve to know about the baby as long as he doesn’t take any solid and final decision regarding Rhea. So long as he let’s Rhea get away with calling herself his wife or him her husband , Prachi is right in thinking that Ranbir doesn’t deserve to know about the baby

    1. Ranbir may not deserve to be Prachi’s husband, but for a father there’s nothing like not deserve to know about his kid just because his married life has problems. For me only justified reason for questioning paternity. Once it was gone, whatever issues are between them, they are not reasonable to hide her pregnancy from Ranbir.

    2. Everyone here and Prachi keeps saying Ranbir doesn’t deserve to know about his child. He may be a shitty husband but he hasn’t been a bad father yet. He hasn’t done anything to hurt his child knowingly. On the otherhand Prachi has risked her baby’s life and still doing so just to hurt Ranbir. She does love her baby but actually she is the one who is risking their child’s life knowingly. So if anyone doesn’t deserve that child it’s Prachi herself than Ranbir. All I am saying being a shitty husband doesn’t equals to being a bad father and Ranbir deserves to know and a chance to show what kind of father he would be.

  5. The stupid, disgusting channel Zee Tv got Krishna and Mughda to promote the show today in a live video 😂 I mean can they stoop even more lower? They know how much fans hated this track and threatened to stop watching it and decrease their TRP. Therefore, Zee Tv held a live event for the actors and they promoted the show saying please watch it at 9pm blah blah. The disappointment of this track is visible in their faces. They couldn’t even talk about the track properly. Especially Krishna he looked embarrassed. But as actors they have no choice but to promote their show because this ungrateful channel said so.

    1. Of course it’s embarrassing especially knowing that such young looking actors are having to play out such cringey and regressive character arcs where actors that look even older than them play blo*dy high schoolers in western shows lol. This storyline is so incredibly revolting that there’s nothing for them to be proud of in this story, Their storyline was the best from start of doosri peedhi leap up until the point they both moved into kohli mansion on vikram’s request.

  6. Her pregnancy IS so strange, No progress . I Hope her pregnancy won’t be forgotten for 2 years as for sherlyn . If they don’t intend to reunite Pranbir or even to exposed their beloved Rhéa . At least it’s better than Prachi leave this hellish house for the sake of his child . I’m so fed up 😩😩 of these horrible scénarios where the women is humiliated . Pragya suffered a lot but I have the impression than Prachi suffers more because she is alone ( shahana , dida , Vikram are useless )

  7. pregnancy story is dragging out too long

  8. That dialogue of Ranbir in scene 😭😭 is he even kidding me “I’ll never forgive you” blah blah! Hun, who even asked for your forgiveness it’s not even needed. We don’t want any forgiveness anyway don’t worry. We just want Prachi out of your life 🙏

  9. Everyone focus on what Ranbir deserves and what Prachi deserves, no one cares about what there unborn baby deserves. That child deserves to be in a womb of a stree free mother, born to a healthy and happy family, grow up with a mother and a father in a comfortable monetary background, know his/her father and not to grow up as a fatherless child getting humiliated for it. Prachi is literally not giving her baby anything he/she deserves because she is only focusing on what she deserves, what Ranbir deserves and even what Pallavi deserves as Ranbir’s mom.

    Let’s say Ranbir doesn’t deserve to be in their child’s life because that’s the punishment for his behavior. Right now Prachi is not only punishing Ranbir she is punishing her baby for being his/her father’s child. Instead what Prachi can do is let Ranbir know about pregnancy and then file for official divorce. Use the evidence against Ranbir’s infedility (marrying Rhea while married to her, going on a honeymoon with Rhea, police complains they had on the day of Rhea-Ranbir wedding day, Manali police station, etc) to get divorce with 50% of Kohli’s wealth as alimony and child support, get full custody of their child and then leave the Kohli’s and raise her child as she wants. That way she can punish Ranbir and still give her child most of what he/she deserves – a comfortable life which is his/her birth right as a Kohli, father’s name so no one later questioning that child’s paternity, knowledge about hus/her father in case the child decided to get in touch with his/her father later and most importantly a stree free life until born.

    1. Fandomara, I guess I have explained it before

      Here in India the concept of co-parenting has not taken strong roots so the father of the child must also be the husband of the child’s mother.

      In other words if a man is not capable of fulfilling the duties of a husband then it’s assumed and accepted that he won’t be a good father as well

      Prachi is not doing something out of the world by hiding her pregnancy. For her, the father of his child must also be her husband, and if he can’t be one then he doesn’t deserve to be the other as well

    2. It may be another thing in India that international viewers cannot accept, just like two wife nonsense, mothers continuosly interfering in adult son’s life, etc.
      But for me I really cannot understand how the child can be better as a fatherless child than an absent father.

    3. Even then Prachi can still file for divorce, take alimony and raise her kid in secret. That’s still few things that child deserves even account to India. You have to accept that Prachi is actually not thinking about what her child deserves. She only thinks about herself, Ranbir, Rhea and Pallavi.

  10. Previously Prachi had valid reasons that’s related to the baby like Ranbir might question paternity, he may leave the child just like he left her breaking the child’s heart. But recently Prachi is only thinking whether Ranbir deserves the happiness of knowing that his 3rd dream is fulfilled.

    1. And tell me , WHY shouldn’t Prachi think like this i.e. whether Ranbir deserves the happiness of knowing that his 3rd dream is fulfilled. ??

      You are saying Prachi is being selfish. Maybe she is. But is Ranbir the model of selflessness ?? What is HE doing rn?? When he says I should know about things related to me do you think he is thinking about responsibilities that he needs to fulfil ?? Absolutely not. When he suspected Prachi is pregnant and thought he should be told about it , he too was thinking only about his happiness that he would feel on hearing the news. What comes after that was not even on his mind , now is it not his selfishness ??

      On one hand he is shamelessly roaming around , letting Rhea call him her husband , eating food from her hands , even letting her stay in the same room as himself in night when he could have totally sent her to Alia’s room , in short , giving all the rights of a wife to Rhea , in front of Prachi , and he is not even thinking about how Prachi would feel about all of it. And on the other hand he is trying to guilt trip Prachi into revealing whatever she is hiding. Isn’t that a double standard ?? He too is only thinking about himself, giving no regards whatsoever to Prachi’s feelings and emotions.

      And let’s assume Prachi told Ranbir in the next second that he is going to be a father. What drastic change is going to come into their lives , or what good , is going to happen to that baby if Ranbir gets to know about it ??

      Will he throw Rhea out of the house ?? Will he at least , tell her to stop pretending to be his wife ?? Will he take off her mangalsutra and wipe off her sindoor ?? Will he tell his mother , in no nonsense term and in the words of ultimatum , either accept my wife and child OR be ready to lose me as your son ??

      Unless and until all this happen , this child is not going to benefit at all from its father knowing about its existence.

      That raises another question , WHY does Ranbir need to know about his child’s existence to do all of this ?? All mentioned IS Prachi’s right by default and Ranbir should have done all that long ago. If he feels that house is not his so he cannot throw Rhea out , still he has full right to throw her out his life , and he still has not done that. What IS he waiting for ??

      If you say , if Ranbir had known about Prachi’s pregnancy then he would have done it immediately then I would say that would imply in Ranbir’s eyes , Prachi’s value is no more than to be his children’s mother. Ranbir would give Prachi her rights only if she is carrying her child else she can go to hell or suffer in silence for all he cares !!!!

      AND to counter this selfishness I totally , fully and wholeheartedly support Prachi’s selfishness to keep Ranbir away from his biggest dream. That child is better off without a person like Ranbir for his father

    2. I am not talking about Ranbir and what he deserves. I am saying Prachi’s decisions are based on what she thinks what Ranbir deserves, what she deserves but not what her child deserves and that makes her a bad mother just like (or even more than) Ranbir’s actions towards Prachi makes him a bad father.

    3. Right now Ranbir is a bad husband who is not fulling his duties towards his wife Prachi. There is no question about it. But there’s a possibility he would be a good father and choose to do the right thing for his child. For his child he may end the 2 wife drama, he may take a more active role against Rhea and Pallavi calling Rhea is his wife. Just because he doesn’t do it for Prachi doesn’t mean he won’t do it for his child. Husband’s love for his wife is different to a parent’s love for their child. By hiding the pregnancy we cannot know what Ranbir may or may not do after knowing so we cannot judge his paternal love and responsibility based on his love and actions towards Prachi.

    4. Colin, you said in India co-parenting is not accepted. In that case I am assuming there are many parents stay married just because they both love their children. Why cannot that be the case for Prachi and Ranbir? Why should their egos come before what’s good for the baby? Why should baby be better off without a father who would do things for him/her that he wouldn’t do for his wife? That simply means Ranbir’s love for his child is greater than his love for his wife. That’s not a crime, that’s reality.

    5. Fandomara , Prachi is also thinking that her child doesn’t deserve a father who cannot even take a stand for himself OR his wife.

      It’s more than punishing Ranbir. Prachi is actually having doubts about Ranbir’s capability of taking responsibility of a child. She is thinking , based on his actions as a husband , that he will also fail to be father. Just like he failed to give her justice he will fail to give rights to their child that it deserves.

      Prachi’s opinion is based on her experience , and you or I cannot invalidate it

    6. Child needs a father who would take a stand for the child. Anyway, Prachi was never shown to think or say something in that manner recently. It has only been Ranbir doesn’t deserve this happiness. And that’s not a good reason.

    7. @fandomara, I don’t know which outside country you’re from baby but that kinda “he’s the dad and he HAS to be around his kid…the mother HAS to let him no matter how f**king toxic and incredibly stupid he is” is a massive red flag from you buddy…..let me tell you from experience my dear…if a man cannot get his shit together as a partner or even be merely dependable like Ranbir…. he will NOT be a good father!!!

      This is especially triggering for me coz that Kind of thinking you’re exercising made my life and so many others around me a living nightmare…. having a parent exhibiting the behavior that that character called Ranbir is awful, you think being a dad will change him? That he’ll all of a sudden do a 180 and be as he was before? As things are now?…..that kind of “he has a right to know, she’s selfish” blah blah blah….that stuff gets people killed in real life homie.

      So yeah…..I don’t even watch or read this show anymore, just check comments once in a while and This chat of yours with @colin caught my attention coz you guys have nice constructive opinions and I enjoy reading them. I have not said these things to insult you, just to show you things from the perspective of a child who once was between two parents two parents like those two

    8. ” Child needs a father who would take a stand for the child. ” Yes , and Prachi doubts that Ranbir could be that father. She has said that, not in exact those words but something along the lines of ” We lived happily for two years and when the first ever storm came into our life (hotel incident) Ranbir left my hand , he who had promised to stay with me through thick and thin. If he failed to clear the first ever test as a husband then how should I trust him that he will succeed in being a good father ”

      I remember , she said this to Shahana after the latter pushed her toward confessing the pregnancy. This was after Ranbir’s outburst after the jail track , just before Lohri

    9. That is why I used the word “recently”. Ever since party track Prachi hasn’t shown thinking that way. So what changed? That reason was still valid when she decided to tell Ranbir at the anniversary party. But since then it was only about Ranbir not deserving happiness.

    10. ” Colin, you said in India co-parenting is not accepted. In that case I am assuming there are many parents stay married just because they both love their children. Why cannot that be the case for Prachi and Ranbir? Why should their egos come before what’s good for the baby? Why should baby be better off without a father who would do things for him/her that he wouldn’t do for his wife? That simply means Ranbir’s love for his child is greater than his love for his wife. That’s not a crime, that’s reality. ”

      I assume you know why ABHIGYA separated after Kiara’s death ??

      That incident had turned their love towards each other into hate but still both loved their twin daughters equally so why didn’t they agree to live together for their children’s sake ??

      Because mother and father are first husband and wife and we are not machines to emotionally separate the two roles !!!

      ABHIGYA decided to part ways because they felt they cannot live together , that will continue to hate and blame each other and their daughters will have to grow up seeing their parents hating each other and it would not good for their mental health.

      Staying married simply for kids when there’s no trust between you at all ?? So your child will grow up witnessing your constant fights , allegations and accusations ?? What is the mental impact on child’s brain who grows up in quarrelsome home ?? And you cannot say that they will not fight , because that’s inevitable if two people are forced to coexist against their wish

    11. Pranbir doesn’t hate each other. They have trust issues but they still love each other. I don’t know what happened with AbhiGya, but even there I always say they made the wrong decision. Separate for a year if needed but cutting off your other child from your life completely for 20 years. Their that selfish decision is the reason both Prachi and Rhea’s lives are destroyed. Rhea wouldn’t be this way if she got her mother’s love and Prachi won’t be this naive if she got her father’s influence. AbhiGya might be a good love story but they are shitty parents. And right now same is happenning with Pranbir. Ranbir is becoming a bad parent without even knowing and Prachi is becoming a bad mother knowingly.

    12. Fandomara no , Rhea wouldn’t be this way if Abhi had kept her away from Alia…….it’s not absence of Pragya that turned Rhea into what she is today but upbringing she got from Alia , made her what she is today.

      So many children grow up without mother’s love or even both parents’ love but not all turn criminals or obsessed lovers do they ?? No , because even if they were not fortunate to receive mother’s love , they are at least fortunate enough to not have Alia as a role model

    13. Abhi was a bad parent than Pragya, but that doesn’t mean Pragya is not a bad parent. She was a bad mother to Rhea. Everything Rhea said to Pragya during their confrontations were correct. Also she was a bad mother to Prachi in the latter part. She only focused on her husbnd when there were red flags in Prachi’s life during breakup track. Rhea turned to Alia because she was the mother figure in her life, because she wanted her mother’s love. True she wouldn’t be this way if not for Alia, but Pragya’s absent pushed Rhea to Alia.

    14. I agree. Both were bad parents in their own perspectives. Not with the twins but Kiara also. The little girl died and Abhi still married her murderer, didn’t leave her and they didn’t even get her jailed for it. No matter what happened or how she died, she still died when they were supposed to be looking after her. In the end, they both failed however. Especially Abhi. He died without making peace with his daughter after telling her he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

  11. Even in today’s i.e. 6th’s episode Ranbir said I don’t like to talk about my marital status. Why , buddy ??
    Why don’t you like to talk about it ??

    Are you ashamed of being married to Prachi ??

    Or do you fear your mother’s wrath if you insist that Prachi not Rhea is my wife , BUT you also don’t want to actually say that Rhea IS my wife so you take the safe way out i.e. let’s not talk about my marital status at all , I won’t call Prachi as my wife , and in exchange , you won’t call Rhea as my wife. Let’s have it neither your way nor my way !!!!!!

    From Ranbir’s this wavering behaviour and unclear stand , Prachi has full right to suspect whether he is even capable or mature to take up the responsibility of being a father. Right now Ranbir is showing hesitation to unwaveringly accept Prachi as his wife. What if he showed the same hesitation to accept the child as well ??

    What if , say , Prachi announced her pregnancy and Rhea started her drama that this child cannot be Ranbir’s otherwise Prachi would never have hid it , this is an illegitimate child that’s why Prachi didn’t tell anyone about it , this child just cannot be Ranbir’s etc etc , and Ranbir couldn’t say anything in front of her onslaught ??

    Let me remind of the anniversary episode , go watch it again if you need to : When Rhea announced that Prachi is pregnant and the child is not Ranbir’s , Ranbir did NOT jump to Prachi’s defence at all , he stood there just with bowed head. Only after the doctor proved Rhea a liar , did he think to speak up , and even then , his line was ” I’d feared that Prachi has decided to settle with Sid ”

    If , Prachi’s pregnancy was proven on that day then Ranbir WOULD have thought that the child is not his and that’s why Prachi didn’t inform him about it. This is the bitter truth , whether you accept it or not.

    This new Ranbir is not like the one before the hotel incident. He no longer trusts Prachi unhesitatingly , even if he also doesn’t believe in accusations against her blindly.

    Keeping Prachi’s real intentions of hiding it aside , if Prachi did tell Ranbir about her pregnancy while Rhea is not exposed and Ranbir is still gravitated towards trusting her , there’s much chance that Rhea will succeed in sowing the doubt in Ranbir’s mind , no matter how much Prachi explains to him the real reason behind hiding the pregnancy

    1. one correction , Ranbir saying don’t talk about my marital status is in 5th’s episode not 6th’s

    2. I was really manifesting for his character to not change 2 years ago when they had shown Ranbir stand up for Prachi,s character twice…the one time during the Diwali party, when he ALONE took her side while everyone in that room was blaming her and he wasn’t even in love with her…the second time when he fell for her and that MMS was leaked…he fought everyone who badmouthed her…but Ekta decided to make him a typical toxic male lead!! Though he was a playboy, college Ranbir was wayyy more mature and sorted than this man over here, who can’t even stand up for his love!!! One would usually get a character development. but Ekta leads get character degradation….Things would have been soo different if they maintained the college character and developed that!!
      Even Prachi!! She was righteous and smart and confident, she knew how to shut mouths, and this one is just….well…to sum up, she lost all her self respect as she grew up!!
      I miss their college days and bickering, that was better than this bigamy trash, even the Maya track gave us better Pranbir scenes than this!!!
      Someone commented right…this show has become “Rhea and buji Bhagya” because the so called leads get the least screentime!!!

  12. I don’t understand why Prachi doesn’t have pregnancy bump till now

    1. Considering Ekta’s track record of handling pregnancy tracks I would say it’s too early to have the pregnancy bump !!!

      Sherlyn from Kundali Bhagya was pregnant for around 1.5 years had the bump only last 3 or months out of it

  13. The day they took the 2 year leap and introduced Sid, I knew he was gonna be the reason for Pranbir’s separation…. and now we wait for him to come again for a frustrated Prachi to lie the child in her womb being of Sid, because we are finally entering the toxic male lead era of “Ekta Kapoor”???
    And this Prachi…..what do I even say?? She should have left the house already if she had the slightest amount of self respect… why does she want to torture herself everyday?? why does she want to have stress and complicate the pregnancy more?? The doctor had clearly advised her to stay away from stress, but she loves to call troubles for herself!! She had valid reasons to hate Ranbir, he cheated on her by marrying her sister and his actions are the worst…. THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL IN THAT HOUSE GIRL??? If she has so many complaints, then pack up and leave!!! The only good thing this track gave was Vikram’s change of heart, it was really weird to see him hate Prachi as he has always been supporting her and Ranbir, even before Ranbir told them about his love for Prachi…

    I’m assuming, Ranbir will follow her to the hospital and find out about her pregnancy, he will either forgive and forget everything and get extremely happy or extremely angry for lying to him, then the return of the heartless and selfish Prachi, whose only aim in life is to see Ranbir unhappy will say the child belongs to Sid and talk rubbish, he will get sad, breakdown and will oust her, and that is when she will finally leave that madhouse!! Another leap and we’ll see the ruthless Ranbir, clingy Rhea and a single mother Prachi with the support of a friend who eventually falls for her!
    Ranbir had said this “If it’s something I should’ve known, I will not forgive you” before too and he got really vulnerable when he assumed that she is pregnant…he literally begged her to tell the truth!!

  14. I also think that Prachi should reveal her pregnancy to Ranbir, it is his right. He is always like this. He doesn’t care about what others will say. in college also during that MMS scam, he told Prachi why are you giving importance to these people??? do they matter to you?? don’t think about them.
    When Rhea manipulated him for marriage and dida said to him don’t do this, that time also he said I don’t believe in this marriage. so according to him marriage with Rhea does not held any importance, so he believes Prachi should also not give importance to this marriage. Rhea doesn’t matter to him. What matters to him is PRachi and His mother.
    When Rhea shifted to his room, he asked prachi please let me allow to sleep in your room, just give me one chance I will sort out everything. But Prachi did not do so ( atleast Ranbir is not aware that Prachi waited for him)

    Right now he is furious with PRachi, because she does not trust him. PRachi’s trust has always been important for him. He believes whether she loves me or not, she should not distrust me, During Maya track also, when he came to know that prachi changed her statement, he was all devastated, because he thought Prachi does not trust him. prachi’s matter has always made him restless, and then he does not think what is right or wrong??? what is the long term impact of that. When Prachi was blamed for 10 lacs theft, he asked money from Maya- Any sensible person will not do this ,but he did that, he steal from his own company,. WHen prachi was blamed as drug paddler that time also he got arrested himself, though that time he was not understanding that back of his mind he is doing this for prachi.
    He is not understanding why prachi is not trusting him. I am sure if prachi goes to Ranbir and clearly say what is bothering to her, why she cannot trust him, he will definitely understand her and will do the needful.
    He has multiple time asked prachi, let’s sit together and discuss but prachi is not ready.

    I am not defending him, he is wrong at multiple time, he should have not let Rhea stay in his room. But he thinks, his intentions are not wrong, and prachi should understand that.

    One thing is very clear that he immensely loves prachi. PRachi is the only one matters to him. As far as pallavi is concerned he has told this to pallavi also, that he loves only prachi, he defended prachi against pallavi, and he also saw how pallavi reacted, still he wanted to leave with prachi, but prachi refused and asked him to stay away from her matters, she will solve it by herself.

    Ranbir is at fault right now because makers want to drag this track, other wise he is very much in his character. in today’s episode also, everybody is blaming him why he took care of Rhea????
    if Rhea is complaining regarding pain, what can he do??? just ignore that?? no so he arranged a doctor, he is not knowing that Rhea is faking her pain.
    Now imagine instead of Rhea it was prachi , do you think he will wait till prachi ask for a doctor??? No, on the contrary if prachi denies still he will insist for doctor. on pallavi- vikram anniversary prachi fainted and he was all restless.

    He should definitely stop Rhea from calling his wife, but in that case also he is such only since beginning, whenever prachi is blamed, he tried to speak but if his family shut him out. Only during diwali party he raised his voice.
    during Maya track also, when prachi cleared his mis understanding, but his family was not knowing about it, and when prachi came to KM to show video and did not find it, Pallavi and Alia aging blamed PRachi, he could not convince his family, he rushed behind prachi and try to make her understand.
    During 10 lacs theft also, pallavi stopped him going behind prachi and he went through window.
    but his attitude is more like, let the dogs bark.

    Prachi should also need to understand, how easily she gets manipulated by Rhea, she is also trusting Rhea over Ranbir.
    What is bothering to Ranbir is why prachi is not trusting him???? and prachi’s issue is why Ranbir is not understanding her feelings???

    1. ” He is always like this. He doesn’t care about what others will say ” this excuse is not valid when you are a family man and your actions , words affect others , especially your wife.

      ” When Rhea manipulated him for marriage and dida said to him don’t do this, that time also he said I don’t believe in this marriage. so according to him marriage with Rhea does not held any importance, so he believes Prachi should also not give importance to this marriage. Rhea doesn’t matter to him. What matters to him is PRachi and His mother. ”

      Yes what matters to him is Prachi and his mother BUT what matters to his mother , who matter a lot to him is Rhea. His mother is pushing Rhea forward to stand by him as his wife. Can’t Ranbir push Rhea away and say Prachi is his wife ??

      If someone is invalidating Prachi as Ranbir’s wife , and Ranbir is not cutting that in the middle then what should Prachi think ?? Wouldn’t she think that Ranbir silently agrees with his mother that Rhea is his wife ??

      And if this goes on continuously , if in every social function Rhea gets introduced as Ranbir’s wife and Ranbir accepts it silently then WHY should Prachi trust Ranbir with his child’s responsibility ?? If Ranbir doesn’t have guts to openly accept Prachi as his wife in front of family and society , if he doesn’t have guts to stand firm in the face of Pallavi and tell her that no , Rhea is not wife and your repeating it a 1000 times will not make it so , what’s the guarantee that he will take a stand for their child ??

      Earlier in the story Pallavi had blackmailed him and forced him choose Rhea over Prachi. If , Pallavi again blackmailed him to choose Rhea over Prachi AND their child , and threatened with suicide or death then what’s the guarantee that he will not bent in front of her pressure ??

      Prachi’s reluctance to tell Ranbir about her pregnancy is more than her desire to punish him. It’s stemmed from her deep mistrust of him.

      ” He is not understanding why prachi is not trusting him. I am sure if prachi goes to Ranbir and clearly say what is bothering to her, why she cannot trust him, he will definitely understand her and will do the needful. ”

      Oh please , that excuse is not valid at all. If it was valid ever then their confrontation in 4th May’s episode has made it absolutely clear about why Prachi is not trusting him and Ranbir has no longer any excuse to act naive.

      Prachi told him in clear words that his words and his actions are in complete contradiction. He tells Prachi that she is his wife , he loves etc and then he lets Rhea do all the things that are Prachi’s right as a wife.

      If , even after all this , Ranbir is dumb enough to say that he doesn’t understand why Prachi is not trusting him then I seriously doubt his mental growth

    2. I am not defending Ranbir but I think what Prachi said after about never wanting to marry him broke him. Whenever Prachi invalidate their past he just become crazy and ends up doing things that only make everything worse. That’s his pattern.

    3. @fandomara…..ati what she said broke him lmaooo💀💀💀💀, it takes two to tango baby ..so what? He can dish it out but he can’t take it????????? He can do and say allll the hurtful shit on the planet..as LONG as it is based on their present right?…..but Prachi is EVIL for BrIngIng uP tHe PaSt…give me a break man

    4. And everything is not resolving because of communication issues and the reason that Prachi refuse an honest communication with Ranbir is because she is hiding her pregnancy from him. So everything is leading to Prachi hiding the pregnancy and things can truly only be better once the secret is out.

    5. Fandomara , LOOL no , Prachi refuse an honest communication with Ranbir is because she is hiding her pregnancy from him , but because Ranbir is not kicking Rhea out of his life even after professing love to Prachi. Even after this kidnapping track Prachi was ready to reveal his pregnancy to Ranbir in hospital , but then she found out he left for home with his family AND his wife.

      Then at home when she tried to shift in with him , Rhea and Pallavi didn’t let her , Rhea repeated being Ranbir’s wife and recalled the Mahashivratri incident and Ranbir , due to under heavy medication could not intervene , leading to more misunderstanding (which was unfortunate)

      But Ranbir had the opportunity to set things right the next day , but he didn’t.

      He could have confronted Rhea and Pallavi for yesterday’s events , but he didn’t.

      He could have ousted Rhea from room after regaining consciousness , sending her to Alia’s room without any argument or if she wouldn’t go , himself going to Prachi’s room , but he didn’t. Instead he ALLOWED her , even gave her condition on which she COULD stay in the same room with him , which is beyond understanding.

      When entire family came to his room for breakfast he could have sent for Prachi , but he didn’t.

      He could have refused to eat from Rhea’s hands , but he didn’t.

      When Alia said that now you are married so your mother will not feed you , your wife will feed you , he could have retorted that but my wife is not feeding him even now , it’s my sister in law who is feeding me , but he didn’t

      When Prachi came into the room and Rhea insisted him to eat from his hands , he could have instead ask Prachi , whether she would feed him , but again he didn’t

      When Pallavi said to Rhea that you are my bahu and Ranbir’s wife , Ranbir could have said to her that Rhea is NOT my wife , Prachi is my wife , instead of taking the coward’s way of ” let’s not talk about my marital status ” , but again he didn’t

      Everything is not resolving , not because of Prachi hiding her pregnancy but Ranbir not taking a firm stand for Prachi. Prachi has now at least two times shown willingness to reveal her pregnancy but every time Ranbir has been faced with the occasion or opportunity when he could call Prachi as his wife , he has stayed mum let Rhea project herself as his wife.

    6. Fandomara , I think Ranbir said to Prachi that he knows that she doesn’t actually mean the things she is saying , she is saying them in anger so he knows in his heart that those things are not true so they cannot break him irreparably

    7. Sometimes what you know in your heart doesn’t matter. Prachi knows in her heart that Ranbir only loves her. But that doesn’t stop her from believing Rhea’s lies every single time. But again I am not defending Ranbir and I don’t know the exact corcumstance of this confrontation as I haven’t watch KKB since Monday.

  15. Where does Aliya’s infinite supply of cash come from? Just flashes money and pays bribes…
    Is she working the nights perhaps? No doubt for desperate blind men…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈🙈

    1. Oh No! LOL. Must have missed your comment when I first read. Thank-you for the chuckle and the very unladylike guffaw I just experienced. Since I’m not watching, I’m not sure what she looks like now, because her face changing was a fairly regular series of events… both Aliyah’s actually!

    2. 🤭👍👍👍
      Don’t watch also…
      Glad to bring chuckles though?🤭🤭🤭

  16. Colin, instead of listing all the instnces Ranbir was wrong (because I am not saying otherwise), can you truly tell me what have Prachi done for the benefit of her child? Because I can list several things she is doing that harm the child. Even now she is willing to goto jail when she can give herself a albi simply because that means pregnancy news would reach Ranbir. On the otherhand I cannot see anything Ranbir did knowingly to hurt the baby. His actions would hurt baby indirectly by hurting Prachi. That’s why I said knowingly. So as of now I see Prachi as a bad parent than Ranbir. But I do accept Ranbir is a bad spouse than Prachi.

    1. No arguments there !!!!!
      I do accept that Prachi has not anything for the benefit of her child , on the contrary her actions ARE causing that child a harm. My only point is , revealing pregnancy is not a magical solution to all the problems that you and many other are saying it to be. Instead it could lead to even more problems. Right now Rhea is targeting Prachi in general. Now , Ranbir getting to know about the pregnancy means everyone including Rhea will know it. What if Rhea specifically targeted the child inside Prachi’s womb itself ??

      Because , let’s face it , even assuming that Ranbir accepts the child and PRANBIR unite but that doesn’t mean Rhea will leave from their lives. Unless PRANBIR leave KM Rhea will always be around them. What if she slipped something in Prachi’s food that would be harmful to the child ?? Or arranged Prachi’s accident in a way that wouldn’t be threatening for Prachi’s life BUT for only child ?? Then she can again claim that Prachi is an irresponsible mother etc. I feel that child is safe from Rhea only because Rhea doesn’t know about it (Actually she does , she has just forgotten about it)

      BEST Prachi can do is , just leave from KM at least till delivery

    2. It may not be a magical solution, but it could lead to the correct solution. At least it would stop Prachi from doing things to hide it which in turn actually hurt the baby.

    3. I actually think Rhea won’t harm the baby.

    4. Fandomara , if Ranbir appeared to accept that child as his and Rhea failed to convince him by any means that that child is not his then she loses Ranbir forever !!!

      If she still wants to get him then what choice is she left with ??

      Harm the baby , kill it if possible and as usual , tag Prachi responsible !!!

      That hits two birds in one stone :

      1) The baby who could have been a link / a thread to join PRANBIR , that link is severed forever

      2) If Prachi proves to be responsible for severing that thread then Ranbir will not want to have any other link with her

    5. Rhea might hate Prachi but that baby is her family. She hate Prachi because according to Rhea Prachi stole her mom and dad’s love. But that baby hasn’t taken anything from her. Unlike Alia Rhea always has a reasoning (they mosty doesn’t make sense but she does have them). She did love Prachi’s mom though she hated Prachi before Alia interered. Similarly I think aunt’s love will come out. That’s the only way writers can make Rhea not fully evil.

    6. Fandomara, have you forgotten the anniversary party sequence ??

      When Alia and Rhea wanted to do Prachi’s pregnancy test without her knowledge, they needed to knock her off first.

      The tablet Rhea had brought for the purpose, Rhea said it will make Prachi unconscious but will not harm the baby. Alia asked Rhea whether she’s feeling attached to her unborn niece and nephew , to which Rhea very coldly replied, how to feel love or attachment for fruits or branches of a tree when you hate the very roots of that tree !!

      Then she explained the meaning behind her words, that she wants Prachi baby to be safe not out of concern or love but that child’s existence would like a slap to Ranbir, a constant reminder of Prachi’s betrayal

    7. She said that. But that’s what make me feel that Rhea actually won’t hurt the baby. In KKB words and actions don’t always mean the same.

  17. As I said since the second generation has appeared in the show, Ranbir is a person who is an incapable managed by her mentally ill mother. He has never kept his private life as his privacy and hasn’t held under his control and hasn’t defined clearly the boundaries of his private life. Being independent what Prachi is doing he has to clarify the disgusting partnership with Reha. Each character in this show is disgusting and has not had any value, all of them are brainless and behaving according to their primitive impulses, in other words they do not have any quality to be considered as an human being. There is no community on the planet earth surviving an illogical life. This show is an insult of love and humanity. Please stop to call the relationships of any pair in this show as love .

    1. Sorry for incomplete sentence.
      There is no community on the planet earth surviving an illogical life as it happens in this show (if we do a generalization and say Hindi series instead of this it wouldn’t be a big fault)

    2. LOL. It has been reprehensible since the very beginning. However the first generation had a bigger budget, a larger and more experienced crew/actors. Excellent Music and far better directing and editing. The quality of abuse and criminality was, well… outright sociopath criminal!! But Pragya never went to the police having been brought up to believe that she was responsible for EVERYONE’S happiness. The dialogues were a bit better. And although Aliya was the unspoken star, she had to compete for attention with abhigya and of course the raging kewpie doll who was the resident sl*t/whore… Abhi’s little ‘secret’. The old crew was able to enhance the production because some physical comedy was written in. Characters were shown to have interesting personalities through the script, music etc. e.g. Anxious Mithali the secret criminal, the greedy mother-in-law, the exercising pretty boy Akash, funny pleasant Dasi and of course Bulbul’s laugh which resonated right into your heart. Although I am not watching, these new characters …especially from what I did see are all pudding. Stuck with a stupid script. All of them had a ‘make me really really dumb’ pill added to their personal pudding. And the star, Aliyah/creature that calls itself Rhea, pudding face Pallavi also received ‘petulant liar, obnoxious, filthy, greedy’ chemical enhancements in their pudding. Their job…why they are being paid… is to put on their costumes, go out and debase themselves and all of humanity in the most stupid fashion possible. What is worrisome is that some of these actors actually take them selves seriously enough that they believe that they are doing something important!!! What’s even worse, is that a good percentage of India thinks this is entertainment and offers this whole KKB criminal gang, applause and praise. To those of us who are not living in India… well… this is an unfortunate reflection of India. The attitudes displayed..just can’t be REAL India. Right? lol. Except it is, obviously. Savage barbarism reigns. Especially in the ‘better’ classes. Success in India? Must be determined by how criminal you are willing to be. Stupid, ugly, trashy people win because they are the best liars and thieves. Mehra family is expert in producing murderers. Stupid murderers. Stupid Police. Stupid service people. How very common. (Aside from the jewellry and the house staff). Very common criminals pretending that they have superior value. I would imagine that all those chemical fillers in their faces etc. have leaked and are affecting whatever brains and intelligence they used to have when they joined the KKB team. At least the original actors for example, bulbul and Purab got the hell out of Ekta’s kingdom ( Sewer? ‘Wokeprincess’ land? garbage dump land?). SewerLand? Omigosh… that’s the first thing that people in North America think about… India and it’s sewers. Does Ekta have her face painted on India’s sewers? Could we seek donations and form a committee to guarantee that Ekta’s face is painted onto every sewer station in Mumbai? Oh. Pudding face Palllavi may be a misnomer because when I was catching the odd episode her face was completely revamped EACH TIME. Last I heard, her face currently looks like a Beaver! But it’s been two months so the actress could look like another animal by now.

  18. The BTS they showed during yesterday’s live was -It was like Rhea blamed prachi for steeling her mangslsutra, prachi came with it, looking at Mangalsutra Rhea said, it is her drama, she has not found it, but stole it, so he asked Ranbir to tell the truth, Ranbir said her that why don’t you tell them by yourself??? She said I have no issue, but they won’t believe me, if you say the truth they will believe, so tell them, Ranbir said there is so much noise here I couldn’t hear sorry, so she said I didn’t say sorry, Ranbir said exactly, then prachi said please so Ranbir told everyone that prachi didn’t steel it, it was stuck in towel

    1. So even when Prachi is already facing serious allegations, this man will first force her to bow in front of him

    2. It wasn’t a serious allegation, it’s just Rhea saying Prachi stole her mangalasuthra. Serious allegation was Rhea claiming Prachi tried to kill her. According to written updates Ranbir talk for Prachi’s side without any apology during that.

    3. If Prachi found it how did Ranbir knew. And if Ranbir found it why didn’t he return it. Did they locked in the bathroom again.

    4. Towel was not in bathroom, the dilogue of Ranbir was the manglasutra was with a towel which was lying on sofa. Pallavi, Alia abd Rhea were accusing prachi. Dida was defending her.
      I guess before this scene, prachi must have said something to Ranbir like I don’t need your help, I can manage by myself etc.
      So when prachi was handing over MS and Rhea said she must have stolen it, then Prachi looked at Rabbit so he said you want me to say
      something??, and then he said something like whatever you have to say it say it by yourself, which was not audible and he was trying to leave, so prachi said I can say them but they will not believe me. Whenever you are supposed to speak you don’t speak and whenever it is not needed you speak, so you have a permission, you can speak.
      Ranbir said there is so much noise here I couldn’t hear please which prachi said so prachi said I didn’t say please, he said exactly, then prachi said please.. So he came forward to Rhea and said Rhea prachi has not stolen your MS, it was with towel which was there on sofa. Then prachi said something like you must have used towel and then BTS ends.

  19. TRP has dropped- it is 1.5 and KKB is no more a slot leader. slot leader is Saath Nibhana Sathiya- 1.8

    1. Wonderful, know they will be force to listen to viewers view and stop all this drama.At this point they might introduce leap

    2. Mimi, it again depends on what’s shown after the leap.

      If , for example, they showed Prachi or Ranbir unable to prove Prachi innocent, Prachi forced to request Rhea and Alia to withdraw the request and in exchange divorce Ranbir and track ending with Prachi leaving and Rhea getting finalized as Ranbir’s wife, it wouldn’t work for trp.

      I don’t think the audience want the change in story as much as they want positivity. So if the changed storyline also has negativity then it won’t matter much

    3. It’s time to change the track. I hope they realised now. I don’t think they’ll bring a leap as of now tbh. They’ll probably cause one last big misunderstanding where Prachi finally leaves and moves on

    4. I have heard that Ranbir is going to know about pregnancy soon. Actually someone asked Nitin Bhatia (Nick), is Ranbir going to know about pregnancy??? He replied
      yes soon. I don’t know how reliable is this information, because Nitin is not shooting anymore but the video was posted almost 8-10 days before so I don’t know

  20. more than leap exposure of Rhea and Alia would bring back TRP. Still PRanbir is not united, what will they show in leap??? audience want Pranbir to be united, since last 7 months they are separated so this is the time to expose Rhea and bring some male villain. Now I want PRanbir to fight against villain be it male or female, not as Prachi or Rnabir, they should collectively fight against all odds.

  21. https://www.serialxpress.com/daily-soap-gossip-40070-a
    Read this to have a good laugh. But this article whoever wrote it, it’s totally true!☺️

    1. This is actually true. I was talking about this the other day. It’s clear that everyone acts like she’s the lead on and off screen. The actress herself gives me bad vibes

    2. Thanks for the link. Obviously the new Rhea actress has a special place in Ekta Kapoor’s heart/home… Likely, she is Ekta’s latest pet. And only Ekta (plus close friends, co-workers, family) knows the relationship between her long unending list of female ‘pets’. I really wonder? The more they please Ekta. then the more screen time they receive? Sure appears to be that way.

    3. @akituster
      it’s always every Rhea actress who happens to be Ekta’s favourite! Whether it’s onscreen or offscreen she gets the limelight. Even the actress herself has too much pride. She promoted the show by posting the montage (just because she was in it) and said keep watching. Even the leads didn’t bother, maybe because of the dirty track. Who would wanna promote this crap? And it seems some people ship her and the male lead. I feel bad for the Prachi actress. I hope she sees everyone is doing injustice to her and leaves. Ekta only cares about her villains and the actresses who play them. People like Sriti, Shabir and Mugdha she doesn’t give a flying f*ck. I’m glad Sriti-Shabir left the show and moved on in their career. Mugdha should do the same. Then Ekta will be left with the unprofessionals and we’ll see if they can still give her TRP for her beloved show.

    4. Angi, I agree but am no longer hopeful as you are. The show will continue to appeal to those with emotional attachment to one or more of the characters. I had originally planned to watch for a few months just to upgrade my spoken Hindi. I identified with Pragya, and thought, “this works, looks like I I have some personal emotional releasing, still to do”. You know, if you become overwrought then you must have some attachment of some kind to the emotion that’s being projected. As I completed my emotional work (1-3 month period, while watching) I became appalled at the fact that there is such a deep quality of abuse occurring. “No. This can’t be real!!” I began researching all kinds of things about India, Bollywood and speaking with friends, in India. Then I decided to turn my time into a specific research project because I recognized some commonalities with other vehicles of indoctrination. So my normal geo-political interests began to include India. The TRP is simply used as a rudder on a boat to adjust the direction of the script. The TRP was beautifully explained one or two days ago by another commentator. Ekta Kapoor, if you watch and have any knowledge of astrology, the script, the timing does match perfectly important astrological shifts and has been doing so, right from day one. Ekta Kapoor receives very good astrological advice. The astrologer who is serving her, clearly thinks “well this is India’s karma. The whole world is in Kali yuga!!” in order to justify the negativity and harm that the astrologer is helping to create. This program is accepted because there is some truth to the attitudes being taught or ‘downloaded’. Like every country, India has some growing up to do and Ekta Kapoor is not helping. She really is an anchor, right into the dark side.

  22. Fandomara so you are saying , if she is faced with the two choices :

    1) Forget Ranbir forever
    2) Kill Prachi’s child if want Ranbir

    She will choose the 1st option ??

    1. I don’t know why this is even something to think about. It’s obvious who that criminal will choose. She has been obsessing with Ranbir for many years she will kill anyone to have him. This baby is the hope for Pranbir’s reunion or at least Rhea will think that. Rhea wants her and Ranbir’s child. She wants her child to be Pallos first grandchild. This baby is of Pranbir. Half of the woman she immensely hates and half of the guy she is overly obsessed with. She’s never going to not do anything. Why will she find out about the baby and let it go? She will harm the child and won’t lose the opportunity to make Ranbir hers.

    2. Unless show povide information otherwise I think she will not kill the baby but run after Ranbir as she is already doing.

    3. Fandomara but this time Rhea knows for sure that running after him is useless since he might have left his wife once BUT he will never abandon his child for anyone.

      So , so long as Ranbir’s child exists , Ranbir will never become Rhea’s

    4. Would Alia kill Abhi and Pragya’s children just to separate them. I don’t think so. She would still do everything else to separate them. I think it would be the same with Rhea.

    5. Fandomara ??
      You are asking will Alia kill ABHIGYA’s child ?? Who IS Prachi then ??

      Reason doesn’t matter , the fact is , Alia DID try to kill Prachi.

      And in case you don’t know , yes , Alia also tried to kill Prachi just to separate ABHIGYA , but that time also she cloaked her actual intention with trying to help Rhea get Ranbir

      I am talking about the first attempt that Rhea made on Prachi’s life , right after Maya’s case. You know right , that Alia was the mastermind behind that attack , she literally instigated Rhea to the point of provoking her to try to kill Prachi , and before that the thought had not entered Rhea’s mind at all !!!

      Not only that , while Prachi was fighting for her life in ICU , Alia was busy in thinking , how to stop Abhi from visiting Prachi’s mother to offer consolation , how to stop him from attending Prachi’s cremation , the 10th day ritual , the 13th ritual etc. Because if ABHIGYA came face to face due to any reason then all the efforts exerted by Alia , to the point of knowing plotting murder of her own niece would have gone to dust !!

      Yes , Alia DID try to kill Prachi , just to keep ABHIGYA from uniting.

    6. Prachi was different. Alia hated her even before knowing she was Abhi’s daughter. But she won’t kill Rhea even if Rhea tries to unite AbhiGya, she only locked Rhea in store room. I don’t know about Kiara. But did Alia tried to kill Kiara as she brought AbhiGya back together?

  23. What do you guys think about new precap? I am 100% sure the wrong thing Prachi did according to Ranbir is not trying to kill Rhea but hiding pregnancy or fighting with him.

    1. of course !!
      I don’t know what Ranbir means by that but surely not attempt on Rhea

    2. Can you please translate that new precap in English plsss

    3. He must be talking about the matter that she is hiding. He knows prachi, that she can’t do anything wrong, but as she is hiding and he has noticed that she is scared of that matter also. So he means whatever you are hiding from me is wrong. Even during party also he was scared that god forbidden that prachi is not suffering from death threatening disease, so he must be talking about the matter that she is hiding.

      Whether prachi tries to prove her innocence or not, Ranbir is going to find the proof of prachi’s innocence, that is 1000% sure. As he believes prachi is his responsibility.

    4. Well she is his wife so she is his responsibility.

  24. Regarding the pre-cap. How many times has Rhea given that ultimatum to Prachi? “You have ‘x’ number of days to ….” The nice thing about being a KKB villain is that you only have to learn your lines ONCE. After that, for every episode, you are only tasked with repeating the same lines with exactly the same plot. The only thing that changes is your outfit! (Except for Mugdha. she’s forced to wear the same costume repeatedly) . Ekta’s pets get a special bonus… more jewellry, more cosmetic surgeries… when they especially please Ekta! Thank ‘gawd’ this show is on the air still! It’s a wonderful place to have a good laugh at the abysmal dreams and questionable tastes of Ekta Kapoor. Oops I meant ‘Aliyah’, who represents Ekta. Notice that Aliyah doesn’t coach any young man… only females. And I have no problem with alternative preferences/lifestyles. I do have a problem with sleazy, inappropriate behaviour which hurts other people just so one can have their hurtful addictions satisfied. Paying these pets well, doesn’t excuse the disgusting abuse of the rest of the crew. I need to believe that some of the actors are actually respectable people stuck in a very bad work situation.

  25. Many people may disagree…. But horrible husbands/ wives are actually horrible people in general… and this nature of theirs is present in all relationships.. and if its not then they are pretending… coz you see Aliya… horrible in all relationships.. she doesn’t even Rhea… you see Rhea… she also doesn’t love anyone.. I guess not even herself… also Pallavi.. what bad mother she is … she has vowed to destroy Ranbir’s happiness just because she likes Rhea….

    So this applies to Ranbir too… you see why does he have to wait tor Prachi to tell the truth.. isn’t he influential enough to find out himself… He boasts he loves Prachi.. but doesn’t care for her yaar… I mean she keeps on falling sick and he doesn’t even come to know ever… what kind of love is this…. Shouting 2000 times a day I love you Prachi doesn’t prove love… You have to ensure happiness trust and peace…

    If prachi was not ready to leave the house.. he can go… and see how doesn’t prachi come with him… and anyway he will not be able to father that child properly… coz his horrible won’t let him do that… uski life b uski maa jese barbaad kar denge… what is the use of telling… when he would definitely prove a horrible father

  26. We should not blame Prachi for not telling Ranbir he never ever reprimanded Rhea for putting Prachi down she screams all the time i am so disappointed with this storyline the villians always get spared making everyone look like fools they saw Alia putting the matress below the balcony my goodness making all the actors look like fools

    1. In the case of Aliyah and the others that get the surgeries… maybe KKB pays them extra or pays for their surgeries if they willingly do the distasteful!! lol Maybe they get small bonuses for being willing to pretend that people are that stupid in real life. Let’s face it… in a REAL story, a character will of course create conflict so that there can be a story. This KKB which is called entertainment but is not… it is being run by an algorithm, one can imagine, and astrological data and ALL it is… is non-stop abuse, lies, theft and attempted murder. And they tell women that they need new faces because the ones they already have are not good enough.

  27. Not going to lie I don’t like all three actresses who played and is playing Rhea. Their true colours have been exposed. I don’t understand why they have too much pride. First of all they don’t accept their character is a villain, they ship themselves with the ML and they get most of the limelight both on and offscreen which they seem to be proud of. The actual FL doesn’t even get this much attention as much as they did. I don’t know why there’s so much biasedness. I’ve noticed it a while now.

    1. I actually like first Rhea. At that time Rhea’s character has both good and bad. Sometimes I even felt bad for her. She was a spoiled rich girl who is feeling jealous about the new girl in school. Naina actually represented that character accurately. After that Rhea’s character went good/bad to just bad.

  28. Shanbagavelli Poobalan

    Why does Ranbir keep quiet for everything Rhea says like he is frightened for herPrachi get out of the toxic Kholi house i cannot believe one can put up with so much of insults

    1. 😂😂then hiw could they drag the drama, the are gona roll the same plot over a year and then only she will come out of house and pregnacy for 2 years
      Dono from which mental hospital which patientbtheybselected as storywriter instead of himself being mad he is making us mad too

  29. I have seen many bashing Ranbir about caring for Rhea when she got hurt. Let’s take a moment and look at things from Ranbir’s perspective who doesn’t have all the information we do.

    1) After 2 year leap Ranbir still hated Rhea but Prachi wanted her sister back in her life. After everyone moved back to Kohli house Prachi convinced Ranbir that Rhea has changed by talking about how Rhea helped her with house work. So eventually Ranbir’s perception of Rhea changed and he started treating her as his sister-in-law/brother’s wife/chief’s daughter.

    2) When Rhea tried to tell him about Prachi and Sid, he didn’t believe her. But then he saw them and in contray to his normal chaaractristics he believed what he saw. But for him it wasn’t a Rhea’s plan, it was Prachi betraying him. So according to Ranbir, Rhea was also betrayed by her sister and her husband. And it wasn’t Rhea who mentioned Ranbir-Rhea marriage. It was Pallavi. Rhea just agreed to it because I am assuming in India, it is not easy for a divorced female to remarry otherwise. But Ranbir still refused.

    3) After showing the video of Prachi and Sid in the restaurant, Rhea guilt tripped Ranbir by reminding him that she came to him when she suspected their affair, but it was Ranbir’s faith in Prachi that destroyed her marriage and her life. Which is again true as for the information Ranbir had at that time. Seeing Prachi moving on with Sid destroyed Ranbir’s belief in marriage. Until then Ranbir only wanted to marry once because he believed in marriage. But Rhea still believed in marriage. She wasn’t madly in love with Sid. Situation made them husband and wife but Sid betrayed her. But she still believe in love and marriage as a any normal good person in that situation would do.

    4) And in contray to what Prachi said, Rhea’s suicidal drama is acceptable to be considered as true. For a person that doesn’t know Rhea’s involvement in hotel drama, Rhea’s parents are in a coma, her own sister betrayed her by having a affair with her husband, she is divorced months after her marriage, she has no where to go and still lives with her ex in-laws. She is the definition of a girl society would laugh at. To top that she just saw her sister and her ex-husband having a date in public. Given her previous suicidal tendency (she did actually tried to commit suicide twice previously) it would push her over the edge to end her life if she cannot see a future for her. Ranbir gave her that future by asking her to marry him, only because he stopped believing in marriage and to save his family. So even here in Ranbir’s mind Rhea didn’t forced him to marry her. She had a mental break down and he choose to marry her for his family’s benefit.

    5) It doesn’t matter that he didn’t want to marry Rhea in his heart and that he was imagining Prachi when he applied kumkum and tied mangalasuthra. He did marry Rhea without Rhea forcing him. His father threatening him is not Rhea’s fault.

    6) After the marriage he found out Rhea forged Prachi’s signature and lied about his divorce. This is the first time Ranbir knew that Rhea did something wrong. But Rhea manipulated the situation by saying she was tired of waiting without a future. Again it is equally his fault for not confirming his divorce before marrying Rhea and he also cannot just blame Rhea when Pallavi was also involved. He was angry at Rhea but he still saved her that night when Rhea was about to fall because that’s the normal action of anyone that see someone tripping.

    7) I don’t remember everything after the wedding day so I might miss somethings. In reception party Pallavi announce Rhea as Ranbir’s wife. He didn’t object because humiliating Rhea by saying No is wrong when he is the one who did wrong by marring her. Again in Ranbir’s mind Rhea never forced or blackmailed him to marry her. He did it for his family and because he was broken over Prachi. I think that along with not creating a scene in public is the reason why Ranbir never try to correct Rhea or Pallavi when they announce Rhea as Ranbir’s wife.

    8) After reception party he found out Rhea and Pallavi drugged Prachi to sign divorce papers and guilt admittance papers. This is the second time he noticed Rhea doing the wrong thing. But it can also be considered as the actions of a person trying to save her second marriage after her first husband betrayed her. By this time Ranbir has started to question his actions regarding suspecting Prachi. But that doesn’t make Rhea wrong for believing Prachi and Sid betrayed her.

    9) After Lohri, Ranbir started his stupid jealousy game. Again he played with Rhea’s emotions, he made Rhea believe that he wants to have a honeymoon with her, start a family with her. He was the one at fault not Rhea. Rhea just wanted her husband. So it’s acceptable that Ranbir called Rhea as his wife to save her from raid and took time to explain things to Rhea before applying kumkum in Prachi’s forehead. According to Ranbir, they were in that mess because of him, he initiated the honeymoon.

    10) After the drama Rhea played in the anniversary party, Ranbir was actually not ..casual with Rhea. He was actually upset with Rhea. But then Mahasivaratri drama happened. Even there Rhea convinced Ranbir that he forced himself on her and she was the victim. Ranbir doesn’t even know what Prachi and Sahana knows, so for him Rhea is not at fault. He suspected her but couldn’t find anything. So now he had wronged her again by sleeping with her against her will as well as putting her in this mess by marrying her. So Ranbir does feel somewhat responsible for Rhea.

    11) I haven’t continuosly watched after that. So I don’t want to talk about new episodes. But I don’t think Ranbir found out any other wrongs done by Rhea. So he only knows about Rhea forging divorce papers twice. It’s nothing compared to what Ranbir thinks he did to Rhea, he manipulated her, gave her false hopes, broke her heart multiple times, apparently raped her under influence.

    Rhea is in Kohli house as his wife because he married her by his own will. So eventhough she is not his legal wife he has a responsibility towards her. That’s the main reason Ranbir cares for Rhea whenever she get hurt. And his casual behavior towards Rhea is because according to him Rhea is not responsible for the mess they are in right now. It’s his mess and Prachi makes it worse when she refuses to leave with him. Again Ranbir has done many wrongs and this is not whitewashing him. But his casual behavior and caring nature towards Rhea is acceptable given that according to him Rhea is also in this mess because of him and his actions.

    1. Objection is not towards his caring nature towards Rhea (well not exactly) BUT towards NOT stopping Rhea from pretending / calling / behaving as his wife.

      Whatever maybe the reasons due to which he decided to marry Rhea , what’s the today’s status ?? That he considers Prachi as his wife and wants to live with her , right ?? Then it’s his moral responsibility to make Rhea accept the truth and keep telling her again and again and again so long as she doesn’t accept.

      He letting Rhea to act as his wife in society when he himself says again and again that she is not his wife , shows his double standard. Simple thing. If he doesn’t consider Rhea as his wife then why does he let her call herself that in society ?? Is he worried about his reputation ??

      But if his lifetime plan is to live with Prachi then sooner or later , society will have to be informed that Rhea is not his wife , right ?? Then why not sooner instead of later ?? What IS he waiting for ??

      Let him care for Rhea as his sister in law , no problem but he never tells her to stay in her limits nor does he stop her , that’s the crux of the problem

    2. Like I said Ranbir has lots of faults. I didn’t talk about him letting Rhea act as his wife. But he did try to explain to Rhea few times. He could have done a better and more convincing job of course. But there is a limit you can try to explain same thing over and over again. Anyway I only talk about his caring nature towards Rhea and just give the reasons why it seems reasonable to me.

    3. Prachi had never had any problem with RR spending time together before the hotel incident and RR’s wedding because that time trust was between them , which is not now.

      I agree that Rhea needs to be taken care of when injured or unwell but why does Ranbir has to be the caretaker ?? Aren’t there other people in the house and family ??

      And I am not talking about just police station incident. Ranbir completely knows now that Prachi doesn’t like when he goes close to near Rhea , she gets upset seeing them together , yet he only does what he wants to and then goes on wondering why doesn’t Prachi trust him !!!

      On one hand Rhea asserting her right on Ranbir on every public occasion she gets , on the other hand , Ranbir never taking objections to the wifely things Rhea does for him , then HOW will Prachi trust him ?? Should we believe that Ranbir the business tycoon is really this dumb to not grasp the basic human emotions and reactions ??

      Ranbir needs to prioritize things in his life. Does he want Prachi in his life , or does want to fulfil the responsibilities that HE feels he has towards Rhea. Unfortunately for him , only one of these can be possible , it’s up to him what to choose.

    4. Hopefully he will choose one soon, but we cannot ask him not to feel any responsibility towards Rhea until he finds out what Rhea did, because as of now he is the guilty party from both Prachi’s side and Rhea’s side. And he has a responsibility towards both of them.

    5. Fandomara , Ranbir has a responsibility towards Rhea , as what ??
      I mean , as we saw in BTS Krishna said that Ranbir feels responsible for Prachi because she is his wife. I mean he said he considers as his wife

      So , what is his relation with Rhea , by which he feels responsible towards her ??

      Responsible as a friend , responsible as brother in law or responsible as what ??

      And if , he feels responsible towards both the sisters then whom should he logically prioritize ??

      I mean , keeping aside the fact Prachi is Ranbir’s wife OR Rhea’s is NOT his wife , there’s entire array of people who jump at pampering Rhea. Pallavi , the head of the house leaves no stone unturned to ensure that not a single tear should fall from Rhea’s eyes. Let’s not talk about Alia at all. Even Vikram is indirectly helping Rhea by not exposing her.

      And whom does Prachi have ??

      Shahana , who has no say in family matters
      Dida who is as good as impotent , same as Vikram
      That leaves Ranbir.

      So who among these both is more needful of Ranbir’s care and responsibility ??

      Ranbir can delegate whatever responsibility he feels for Rhea , to Pallavi or Alia or even Vikram , they are more than capable of handling things. Whom does Prachi have , if Ranbir chooses Rhea to take care of , over Prachi ??

      No one.

      And anyways , I don’t feel that Ranbir himself feels any explicit responsibility towards Rhea. Yesterday when Pallavi tried to say to Rhea that even Ranbir your husband…………Ranbir cut her talk in the middle itself and told her to not include him or connect his name with Rhea

      Ranbir should first sort things out with Prachi , keep trying till her anger doesn’t fade , unite with her completely , regain her full trust and THEN he can denote as much time to taking care of Rhea or others as he wishes. No harm would be done.

      It’s totally illogical for a husband whose married life is already in jeopardy , to ignore his wife and worse , pay more attention to the girl who IS the reason for disturbing and ruining his married life

    6. Because Ranbir propsed to Rhea and did marry her. Just like Rhea highlighted in one of recent episodes, she didn’t force Ranbir to marry her. He did it on his own will. So he is responsible for Rhea being in this mess (if we forget about all the the things Rhea did that only we know). Rhea was only having a mental breakdown that day and Ranbir asked her to marry him instead of killing her self.

    7. Colin, that’s the thing we know Rhea is responsible for ruining his married life, Ranbir doesn’t. According to him and Prachi, only Ranbir is responsible for ruining his married life.

    8. Are you sure you’re watching the right show? Half of what you said doesn’t make sense, didn’t happen and is untrue!

    9. If you mean me. Yes I am watching the same show, but I was talking from Ranbir’s perspective only. So things we as viewers knows about Rhea and things Prachi and Sahana know but never told Ranbir doesn’t count. Now you tell me which is untrue or didn’t happen?

  30. Actually makers are the biggest culprit here. They have ruined this entire plot. Even audience was so excited for this kidnapping track, but it turned to be the worst track. some one ask Nitin Bhatia ( Nick) on his video, which he used to post on his youtube channel, is Ranbir going to know about pregnancy?? he replied yes soon. the video was posted 10- 12 days before. I don’t know how reliable is his answer????

    Now I don’t trust even any of the actor/ actress also, because they know fandom is upset and to promote the show they generally say this, interesting twist is coming up . Now fandom also don’t believe them.
    Recent facebook live was a promotional strategy only, where PRanbir was promoting the show only. it was very visible that they were avoiding a question related to Rhea’s expose, over this two wife drama, pregnancy revelations, pranbir reunion.
    Basically they did not answer any question of audience. even the best pranbir moment that they think is also from before pranbir marriage.
    it was clearly visible from their body language also that they are forced to promote the show, even they are also not liking the current plot.

    Mughdha was telling some small small challenges are ok, but show is going to witness a huge twist, but on social media fandom is not believing this, they want a positive change in a story, pranbir re-union, exposure of Rhea and ALia.
    so if nothing positive will be shown, even if they introduce leap it won’t work.
    Makers may claim that TRP has been down due to IPL but it is not true in case of KKB, TRP of other shows like ANupama, Gum hai, and Yeh Rishta has increased.

    I personally don’t like acting of Tina,. every time screaming, sheding of fake tears, . Acting doesn’t flow naturally in case of Tina. it is not only about the character Rhea but the acting of Tina also.

    I also feel Mughdha and PRachi both have been sidelined since Tina has joined. Even during SBS segment also Tina is always there for interview.

    1. It goes without saying that the makers are THE biggest culprit here.
      Their unexplained and out of the world obsession with Rhea’s and even Alia’s character has completely and irrevocably ruined the story.

      Even suppose the change comes and it’s a positive change , unless it remains for at least 4-5 months , the story will not recover from the negative feedback it has garnered.

      I mean , even if Rhea goes and another villain comes in just 2-3 weeks and again fights / quarrels / separation between PRANBIR is there , so negativity still not gone so how would that be a good change.

      The producer shouldn’t have dragged this sautan track this long. At least , when Pooja had to leave they should have exposed and removed Rhea temporarily , followed by PRANBIR reunion and pregnancy celebration.

      That anniversary track after which Pooja left was in early March so if they’d removed Rhea that time , so we would have got a two full months of happy and positive track : March and April , and we would have been ready to face negativity and PRANBIR separation again.

      But unfortunately the producer’s obsession with Rhea’s character didn’t give us that and the negativity that started in last year’s October end has reached its peak and viewers are completely fed up

    2. Ranbir will definitely find out about Prachi’s pregnancy, the only question is when exactly, in the near future, either when Prachi leaves home, or after the jump, when he finds out that Prachi has a child and that this child is his. But Ranbir himself needs to solve all his problems with Rhea and with Prachi first. And then, he swears to Prachi in love, promises to put the whole world at her feet, but in fact, what can he offer, just buy her a globe, let her sit twirling it and enjoying it. But, the creators will not have a chance to bring back all their viewers if they believe that the fall of the TRP is connected with cricket, and not with the storyline. They should know for sure that any event during the broadcast of the series or holidays in which the series are not shown have tangible consequences, if the audience is not interested now, then next month they will not be forced to return, so now they must make every effort to the maximum. It’s possible that it’s not the negative characters they put in the first place and give them too much attention, but the actresses who play them. Of all the three Rhea, the first Naina was the most normal, although she did bad things, but she seemed just a spoiled girl who was deprived of her mother’s love and she was the only one of all who directly stated that she did not like her character, although at that time he was not so cruel at all, like now. With the arrival of Puja, the character of Rhea began to be put on the foreground, she began to have more replicas, more screen time, judging by how they said that she was approaching Ekta and was friends with the creative director, and also her character began to turn into a monster, apparently the creators could not stop there and did the character of Rhea, I don’t even know what words you can pick up here. But, here they could expose Rhea and give her a chance to take a breather by making some positive track, it is possible that they could return Pooja to the series when it would suit her. And then they found Tina, I do not know, I do not follow her, I do not know what kind of connections she has, but I heard that she is not an actress at all, but has a diploma, either an engineer or an architect, but she really loves to play, apparently she is a fan of herself and of her game, I also heard that she had a two-year idle, where she was not filmed anywhere. Therefore, a very strong question arises, how a person, not an actress, without an acting education could get the main role of either a villain, or the wife of the main character, or someone else, then everyone will decide for himself. She has no talent at all, she is moderately cute, but she is untalented an actress, I saw in one video where she says Aliya to kill Prachi, every time at such moments she looks like a rabbit with red eyes. It is possible that she has no connections with Ekta, but there is a sponsor who wants her to advance as an actress, in exchange for financial support for the series, since they have problems with financing, now many do so, they do not know how to play, but money does everything. It is possible that with the actress played by Aliya, the same thing, there is someone who wants her to play no matter what, but to be honest, I like this Aliya in her game more than the previous one. I don’t want to slander in vain, but there are a lot of questions, either Tina has someone who promotes her and she doesn’t care at all, or she was taken only because no normal actress wanted to play Rhea, since this character is the most the ugliest of all the bad characters I’ve ever seen. After all, actors are also responsible for their characters, and I don’t understand at all if someone likes a character like Rhea, I just feel sorry for such people, and I can’t even imagine what values they have if they like it all, and even more so for actors who idolize their characters. There are a lot of examples when an actor playing a negative character says that he can’t accept it, that he doesn’t agree with what his character does or how he behaves, and here Pooja was crazy about Rhea, I don’t know how things are with Tina, probably also crazy about everything that is happening.

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