Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi pinning Pragya. He takes his mouth towards her, says she is lying and asks what is she hiding. She says she is not lying and says his seduction will not affect her feelings. He says he will seduce her and make her feel his presence everywhere. She thinks he does not know howmuch she misses him and runs from there. She thinks why she has to go away from him telling he does not love him, she is more in pain than him and she may not get out of this pain.

Pragya goes to Daadi’s room and sees her picking pillows. She says she would have asked servants or her. Daadi says it is simple work, makes her sit and says soon her responsibilities will increase. Pragya asks what responsibilities. Daadi says Abhi was very mischievous in childhood, but she never hit him as he used to smile when caught and she used to forget his mischief. Abhi is childhood is gone now, so she wants a grandchild who can smile like Abhi and she can run behind him. She says she has lived her life and wants to see Abhi’s childhood agian. She says when she will become mother, Abhi will respect her even more as she will give him happiness of becoming a father. Even motherhood is a great responsibility. She continues that Pragya will give her moral values in her child and will make him a better person than Abhi. She says she knows Pragya can do this. She sadly says she thinks she may die before seeing her great grandchild as she is too old. She apologizes for insisting to get a grandchild and says it is her last wish. She holds Pragya’s hands and asks if she will fulfill her responsibility. Pragya comes out of Daadi’s room and reminisces Daadi’s words. She thinks she has lost hope in herself, then how can she fulfill daadi’s wish. She reminisces Tanu that Abhi will not give her happiness of motherhood as he aldread made her mother. She thinks for this family’s future, she has to bring Tanu’s chid home and give daadi her happiness. Abhi sees her walking out and thinks it is good if she keeps away from him.

Tanu calls someone, but he does not pick call. She panics and thinks if she should take Abhi’s help or get h erself aborted. She picks phone, dials doc and says she has decided to abort her child after 3 days. She requests doc not to let anyone know that she is pregnant. Pragya comes here and is shocked to hear that. Tanu turns back and sees Pragya. Pragya asks how can she get her child aborted. Tanu asks her to stop her moral gyaan and says society does not like unmarried pregnant woman, especially if she is a model. Pragya asks how can she abort her child. Tanu says it is her child and she iwll have to do it. Pragya she will not let her abort. Tanu says she ruined her life and she should be happy instead that child is getting away from her life and celebrate. She shouts that Abhi kicked her out of room and is not picking call and asks if she told Abhi that she si pregnant. PRagya says she did not. Tanu asks why did he drink so much and asks what did she tell Abhi then.

Pragya tells Tanu that she lied Abhi that she does not love Abhi and she did it for this child as love, relationships, etc., are not more than life and she can let the child killed for her happiness. She cannot give a heir to daadi as Abhi hates her and loves Tanu. She wants to give this child to Abhi’s family as it is their legal heir. Tanu is surprised to hear that. She asks if her child will get Abhi’s name and asks how will it happen. She asks if she wants to keep this child in for 9 months and ruin her career and when the child is born, she will take this child to daadi and tell this is Abhi’s son. She asks when she is Abhi’s wife, why will they accept her child and says until she is related to Abhi, her child will not get name. This is her problem and she will find a solution. Pragya says her problem will increase and requests her to give some time to find a way, but not abort this child.

Tanu gets Abhi’s call. Pragya pleads to believe her. Abhi hears her voice and asks Tanu if Pragya is there. Tanu says she is not here. He asks why did she call her, if she has some work. She says very important work and asks to come and meet her. He says he will meet her tomorrow. Tanu then tells Pragya that she has 3 days and if she cannot do anything, she will abort this child, she will not tell about her pregnany to Abhi or anyone as she cannot take risk her and her child’s future. Pragya says she will find a way till then, thanks her and leaves. Tanu thinks if she will give her child Abhi’s name or is playing, anways in 3 days everything will be cleared.

Precap: Pragya hears Aaliya telling Abhi if he loves Pragya, he should tell Tanu, Tanu will crib for some days and will keep quiet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Boring boring plz stop this serial

  2. Guys don’t worry in past pragya suffered to show her love to abi now abi will suffer to show his love to pragya it will be fun enjoy guys don’t woory

    1. Oh HOW do You KNOW??? This back and forth has been going on long enough. Viewers have already dropped off!!!

  3. Tanu s gng to abort the child y u r stopping pragya…come on abhi u can prove u r rockstar not dump..kkb this time trp 3rd …

  4. Abhi will find out that Pragya is lying to him. He doesn’t know why is she pretending to be someone she isn’t, but he knows that his wife is lying to him. Abhi tries to get close to Pragya and she cannot resist but feel conscious by his presence. What’s worse is that Pragya cannot act, well Abhi finds out from Pragya’s behaviour that something is fishy. Will he find out about Tanu’s truth? Well, that is a little too soon to tell. But yes, he has figured out that his wife is lying about the April fool’s joke she played on him by faking her feelings. Pragya takes on Daadi and tries to insult her before everybody by going against her. Daadi slaps Pragya, but Abhi finds out that Pragya did this only to irk Abhi. He tries to probe Pragya, who is clearly not willing to divulge any details. In the upcoming episode we will see Tanu make a phone call to book an appointment with the doctor to get he baby aborted. Pragya is shocked on hearing this. But is this real or fake we shall find out soon…

  5. vashtie motilal

    what the hell….pragya you know tanu an abhi was f**king from day one an it did not stop you from going close to abhi

    1. Thank You!!!

  6. is case ko ek machina ten jhelo kyuki ekta kapoor ke serial me aisa hi hota Hai bakwasss serial

  7. is case ko ek mahina ten jhelo kyuki ekta kapoor ke serial me aisa hi hota Hai bakwasss serial

  8. is case ko ek mahina tak jhelo kyuki ekta kapoor ke serial me aisa hi hota Hai bakwasss serial

    Dadi got annoyed with Pragya and this has made Pragya very upset. Abhi brings water for her to calm her down. He asks her what’s going in her mind, that she got rude towards Dadi. Pragya does not talk to him. She started being rude to Abhi and his Dadi. Abhi tries to find the reason from her, as he knows Pragya is genuinely good. All this is because of Akash’s marriage and Pragya is doing this intentionally, so that everyone hates her. Abhi is sure Pragya is hiding some matter. Pragya makes him leave from their room, and sits crying by hugging Dadi’s pic. She starts apologizing to her for humiliating by her bitter taunts

  10. Dis goes as usual irritating TV serial ya…..think new which makes viewers feel happy always….

  11. This serial is the worst 1 atm, no life!!!! Same old shit all the time. Alliyah , Tanu still running free, why ar they not completing their problems, why is this writer leaving things undone (storyline). So so so boooooorrrrrIiiiiingggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OK, how stupid are these people…if Abhi starts drinking heavily after Pragya told him she does not love him, how many idiots does it take to figure out the only reason he is drinking is because he is in love with her now and is heart broken…what the hell does Tanu and her baby has to do with this…

  13. writers we the viewers are fed up of these childish games and tricks that abhi and pragya and bul bul and man are playing shit man abhi if you love pragya and pragya if you love abhi you all are already married get together and consummate your marriage and as for tanu you were throwing yourself on abhi tooooooooooooooo much forcing a love that was never meant to be so now that you are pregnant deal with it there are plenty of unwed mothers you are not the first but please do not force a point for abhi to marry you get smart and do the right thing and leave pragya and abhi alone so they can enjoy life dumbo

  14. Pragya was framed as too intelligent and also she wil deals the problem knowledge ably before….But now,she is framed as the biggest fool of the world.Knowing about Tanu nature,she is helping her and ruining her life.The writer could bring only this twist in the story..He wil never join both..When he joins both all wil loose their interest to watch it…. Wexed with kumkum bhagya……….

  15. Wat the…. Since wen pragya n tanu became best buds!!! Y is she making promises to tanu!!! Jeez pragya look at ur own life bfore helping other ppls life…. It jst got good….

  16. U don hv 2 b so bizzy body behenjii

  17. Nice seriya I like this seriy

  18. Nice seriyal I like this seriyal

    1. Divya u commented on balika vadhu?

  19. Nice acting abhi and pragya

    1. Tell me divya u nd bst were chatting dat day ryt

  20. When this dRama will be over…please someone tell me…and whats is the tOtal of this drama episode

  21. Boring boring boring boring and only boring

  22. Tanu dresses so stupid , those tight mini dresses wit sandals!!!! Ur a super model, no way!!!!!!! Pls dress her up properly!!!!!! And yes Tanu!!! Pragya is ready to sacrifice her future wit Abhi for U, u cannot believe it as u wud never had done that if u were in her shoes , infact u wud hav found a way to kill Pragya’s baby!!!!! Pragya u need to wake up and fight for ur marriage as Abhi loves u now an not Tanu, tats not Abhi’s baby neva!!!!!!!!

  23. please get the story straight now because it is becoming boring now.let abhi and pragya fine happiness and have a baby and lets see what tanu and aliya got to say about that.

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