Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode with Abhi exercising and Tannu coming and trying to convince him. Abhi says she rejected him for 12 crore contract. Tannu says he is the one who convinced her to work hard. Abhi says he does not believe her now. Aaliya comes and says even she does not beieve Tannu now. Tannu says she did not think Abhi would propose her so early. She tears her 12-crore contract and says she will marry him. Aaliya asks Abhi when she loved money, it is wrong and when he loves money, it is correct. She says it is just one year’s wait and then says daadi cannot wait for 1 year. She says Tannu is ambitious and he showed her dreams, he cannot do this to Tannu. Abhi says he needs time to think.

Pragya sees Bulbul getting ready for office and gives her tiffin. Bulbul says she is going to office to just give some important papers to Purab and will come back. She calls aunty and asks if boss has come. Aunty says boss is still in office. Bulbul informs Pragya that Purab is in house and she will give him papers in his house. Pragya asks Bulbul not to inform anything about house to Purab, else he will be in tension. Bulbul agrees and leaves.

Aaliya asks Abhi what he has tought about his marriage with Tannu. Abhi says he is worried just about daadi now. Aaliya says it is just a matter of 1 year and Tannu deserves it. Purab comes there. Abhi asks what is his decision about marriage. Purab says he should marry whom he loves. Aaliya also backs Purab and says he can manage 1 year by postponing marriage. Abhi says ok and leaves asking them to enjoy. Purab asks Aaliya if she spoke to Abhi about them. Aaliya says since daadi is unwell, their marriage wille postponed, once daaadi gets well, she will speak to daadi. Aaliya asks Purab if they can go on a long drive in the evening. Purab says he has some important work and goes from there.

Abhi meets Daadi. Daadi asks where is the girl whom he wanted her to meet. Abhi says that giril is not coming and asks her to forget her. Daaadi asks if that girl went with someone else. Abhi says yes she went with someone else. Daadi says that is the reason she told her kind of girls run behind money and career and do not care about their husbands. Daadi says she will find a girl now and says his parents and grand parents had an arranged marriage and it has its own advantages. She asks if he is understanding her words. Abhi says he understood what she is telling and will have an arranged marriage with a girl of her choice. Daadi gets happy.

Pragya’s daadi asks the marriage broker to find a guy for Pragya and informs that Pragya’s marriage is broken again. Broker says Pragya will either get an aged guy or a divorcee. Daadi asks her how can she say that. Broker says she has to understand that. Abhi’s daadi calls broker and reminds her about the girl whom she had recommended. Broker says she is with a family whose girl’s marriage is broken and will speak to her later. Daadi agrees. Daadi says Abhi that she will find a best girl for him.

Aaliya comes to Purab’s room. Purab asks why is she here. She says she wanted to talk to him and his room is the best place. Purab says he has some work. Aaliya stops him and shows him earring. Bulbul comes just then and sees door opened. She curiously enters the house. Purab on the other hand asks Aaliya to stop it. Aaliya says she spent 1 year very hardly and even their family wanted them to marry. She hugs him forcefully. Bulbul sees that and sadly goes from there. Purab asks Aaliya if she has gone mad. Aaliya says he is her obsession and she cannot believe he wanted to leave her for someone else. She asks how can he believe he will marry a cheap girl and kept her in his office. She asks if he gives herr salary for job or enjoying with her. Purab slaps her and asks her to behave herself. Aaliya gets angry and says she will screw him now, he has no idea whom he has messed with, she is Abhi’s sister, she will ruin his life and it is her life’s motto now.

Suresh looks at Pragya waiting for auto. He then starts his scooter and goes. Pragya sees 2 kids fighting which way to go. She asks them if they lost their way. Kids say they lost their papa and last them saw him in temple. Kids say that they are hungry. Pragya asks where do they stay and what is their name. Kids say she should feed them if they want to know their name. Kid’s father calls Abhi’s taiji and informs he is not finding kids. Taiji says kids must have been kidnapped. Abhi hears her and calls kid’s dad and asks not to worry as he will ask police commissioner to search kids. Kids father sees kids entering into taxi with Pragya pushing them in. He alleges her of kidnapping kids and says he will call police. Pragya says she will instead inform police that he was not taking care of kids and vandalized them, next time she will herself complaint police.

Abhi is traveling in a car. Pragya comes in front of his car, driver stops the car. Abhi asks why did he stop the car. Driver says that lady suddenly came and sat in front of car. Abhi looks out and sees Pragya picking items from ground.

Precap: Daadi informs Aaliya that she selected a girl for Abhi and shows Pragya’s pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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