Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sarla blaming Pragya for Bulbul’s death and says you was jealous of her and that’s why you let her jump to death before we came here. She says you are not a good sister, nor a daughter, and curses her. She says I will snatch your identity, and says I have taken care of you both after your father’s dead. She says you are now Pragya only and says Arora surname doesn’t belong to her anymore. Pragya is shocked and cries. She recalls Bulbul jumping in the valley and cries. She recalls Sarla blaming and accusing her, and curses the day when she was born. Sarla cries looking at Bulbul’s photo and says my heart says that you have hidden somewhere and will return for sure. She asks her to return and apply ointment on her face and says she will get cold. Janki says Bulbul is dead. Dadi cries. Abhi comes to her. Dadi hugs her and cries. Aaliya and Tanu are talking about fashion.

Raj comes and informs them that Bulbul had jumped from the cliff and died. Aaliya is shocked. Tanu says you should be happy as it is a good news for you. She says your problem is out from your life now. Aaliya says I don’t know it will happen. Tanu says Bulbul is gone and no one will blame you. Aaliya says Bulbul is dead and says I am so happy. She takes the champagne and says she will celebrate this day every year. Tanu says you got your life back. Raj says if something ends then something starts too, and it is nature’s call. Purab cries seeing Bulbul’s photo and asks why she has done this with him. He tells about the promises and asks why did she break promise and left him alone. He says I will not forgive you and cries.

Ronnie asks Pragya to open the door. Abhi asks what happened? Dadi says Pragya is locked inside and crying. Abhi says she must be acting. Dadi says Bulbul was her sister and is in pain because of her death. Dasi says Dadi is saying right and says we couldn’t feel her pain. Dadi says one should support others in painful times. Dadi says she might rectify her mistake and get better. Abhi says she is acting and says he will prove her truth infront of all. He goes inside the room and sees her crying still. He asks what you are doing? Stop doing the drama and says everyone knows how much you love Bulbul. Pragya stands up. Abhi asks why she is acting when nobody is here. Pragya asks him to leave her alone. Abhi says everything is thinking that you are affected by your sister’s dead, but I know that you are feelingless and doesn’t care about anyone. Pragya asks him to leave alone. Abhi asks if you want my sympathy, and says you are acting as I am emotional. He says I could understand the truth and acting. Pragya refuses to go anywhere and asks him to understand her. She says she doesn’t care about anyone’s thinking, and blames herself for Bulbul’s death. She cries.

Pragya says I saw her jumping from the cliff and dying infront of her. She says Bulbul was born infront of her, and she saw her dying. She says Bulbul died because of me. I have snatched her life, and says nobody understands my pain. I am all alone now, and says nobody can stop her from crying at her sister’s death. De De Koi Jaan Bhi agar…Rabba song plays……Pragya says I don’t have any answer for your question and cries. She hugs Abhi and cries.

Abhi realizes that her tears are genuine and hugs her feeling her pain. Purab asks Police to search the area properly. Police team tells that they couldn’t find her. Sarla says she must have been hidden somewhere and asks to search properly. Purab says they are trying? Sarla cries and asks Purab to ask them to search properly and bring Bulbul back home. Janki asks her to come inside. Sarla cries. Police Inspector tells that there is no chance of survival. Purab asks about body. Inspector says may be some animal have eaten her body. Purab feels pain.

Rachna comes to meet Pragya. Pragya hugs her and cries. Tanu wonders why Pragya is crying and says if she is acting or genuinely crying. Aaliya says I think she was acting before and was with her sister. They were after bhai’s money and now she doesn’t know what to do to get money alone. She smiles. Pragya cries miserably.

Purab tells Pragya that he will fulfill Bulbul’s last wish, and gives her letter. Pragya reads it, Bulbul asks them to be strong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Emotional episode…..pragya did a good job

    1. Its realy too late to expose reality

  2. super episode….
    i din believe til they show. i hv thought tat might b a dream seq bt it s real
    i hope so next wil brin sm nice twists
    bulbul plz cum back
    no words to express abhigya acting

  3. Couldn’t tolerate the happenings in this serial……… this is the serial in which lovely nd good happenings are dreams or imaginations & sad nd horrible happenings seems obviously true………… i thought that pragya will reveal her secret when abhi said that she is acting . But all my thoughts are in vain . Can’t hope anything abt this . How can they do this to the parallel lead of this story? evils enjoy victory over victory here in this serial.

  4. Very emotional episode. Specially sarla maa, pragya, abhi and purab’s part. They all performed so well. Specially abhigya scene. It was very painful. Poor pragya already sarla maa have broke her relationship with her and now she has snatched her identity arora name too from her. Sarla maa’s words was heart wretching for pragya and no body will like it but her words were right but only difference is that it should b for dadi becoz she is the responsible for what is happening with pragya and bulbul. Sarla maa does not know anything and without knowing anything and without listening pragya, telling harsh full words to her daughter, that was only her mistake. Taaliya’s scenes were annoying obviously. Pragya’s blurting on abhi was so gud. She has expressed her feelings and pain so nicely. Finally rachna and akaash r back. Gud to see them. And in precap, what purab was talking about with pragya that bulbil wants that they do not become weak and in fact become more powerful. I hope it is about finding culprit and punish that person who is behind pragya’s life and who is responsible for Bulbul’s condition. And in this process abhi help them through which abhigya comes more closure and their differences gets finished slowly- slowly. Now waiting for Bulbul’s re- entry.

    1. Best part is Pragya giving back to Abhi on why no one should dictate terms to her in current scenario. Hope she told same to Daadi n her mom also long back; even if it is for ur loved ones, at times it is not worth being a door mat.

      Every one takes Pragya and her feelings for granted, everyone else around has feelings n emotions but she is always expected to be take it from others.

  5. So sad for pragya.the evil ones are enjoying

  6. what the hell..agr bulbul ko mrna tha thm what was the need to replace her.and also in spoilers they told that pragya has saved bulbul on time..thn whats going on

  7. So so sad episode. . If bulbul’s body cant identify then she is alive somewhere somehow.. today pragya’s emotions was very very notable.. such a talented actress sriti.. speechless seeing her acting.. as a drama part she is such a superb actress.. hats off sriti. . And purab khanna very very pity to see you.. his feelings towards bulbul is heartbreaking. . At last all d actors rocks in their own way.. bt duno whether d director and writer rocks by changing d track?? Becoz evil things as per cvs they r showing correctly bt as per cvs they are dragging to say positive things..god only knows. .

  8. A very sad episode. …hats off to pragya ‘ s acting….superb. abhi can be very insensitive at times…esp with pragya n thus is one such time. Taaliya too much. ….this serial is getting too negative too much of evil winning over the good…..no sign of taaliya n raj getting caught. Stupid Cavs….I hate the way they ‘re taking the story….n where did rachnaa suddenly come from I ask? I mean out of the blue?….Cavs suddenly after another 150 episodes of Taaliya winning over pragya will dramatically end the serial in the most stupid manner….????

  9. today abhigya’s moments just melted me..
    abhigya rockzzzzzz……!!!!

  10. Vry sad…vry emotional…For Bulbul’s demise…

  11. Dint watch the episode
    Bt on readn the update itself I got tears in ma eyes

  12. Is bulbul really dead or shes gonna come back..coz her body is not yet found..is there nay replacement stuff?

  13. I am not watching this show until Pragya and Abhi reunite. This crap of six months needs to be done. Ruined the essence of the show with this dragging track. They ruined even more with Bulbul’s suicide

    1. Yes!!! You’re right. They have been dragging this for so long. I stopped watching after a while. It’s the same thing every episode

  14. Ohhhhh……so bulbul is going to come like sid in jamai raja but with a changed face……I guess at least she can find solutions to all the problems let see what happens after this

  15. what really bulbul died?

  16. Ok. This is jus like kasam se wen bani changed her face. Bulbul is alive. She will com back with a different face to teach aliyah a lesson.

  17. Dadi plot a drama with bulbul to get tanu and Aliya trapped. Bulbul’s new appearance is unknown to all. Except for dadi and the her alone. Interesting episodes awaits. Abhi senses something amiss as he realises that Pragya was crying genuinely. He wonders whether or not she has changed to his fuggi.

  18. Thanks hasan for the fast update

  19. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooooooooo saddest episode……. ????
    Aise bhi Aliya, Tanu and Raj baaj nhi aayenge… but can’t understand ki Pragya k mummy bhi usse nhi samjg paa rehi h ki bulbul ke marne me Pragya ka hath nhi hai, usme Aliya ka hath hai… ??????

  20. Shraddha Sharma

    But kya koi btayega ki bulbul marr gyi hai wakai ya koi new bulbul aane wali hai??? agr new aa rehi h to socite ka drama kyu dikhaya?? Surgy k baad hi face change kr dete…????

  21. Bakwas…height of bakwas serial… i dont like this drama. Jisme koi 4cheezo me se ek sach bhi samne ni aya. Bekar kr diya writer ne…

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Agreed to your comment…..

  22. Supb acting pragya… Really awesome she made me cry… Abhi too joined joined with her… Sarla maa Purab super yaar… But little disappointed with Dadi… But don’t know y… After this situation if dadi continues his lecture really it ll b irritating yaar.. Some gud things and lot of of bad things in today’s epi… But how that shameless tanu and aliyah r speaking. They didn’t act also… Like crying r feeling bad… They both luks lik they were in party mood.
    Nobody notice that also… y writers making always the female lead to cry… So pity..

  23. Stupid story.stop encouraging this stupid suicide in drama .people has to learn some gud things .very boring story and too idiotic

    1. praveena Palanisamy

      Too too boring .for the lot two year Aaliyah and Tanu are not got for the crime they did . .what happened to purvi ? ..did they identified the culprit . .

  24. josphine muthoni

    very painfull but i know replacement will be a sweet one waitng to see kajol

  25. Such a painful episode….pls bulbul come back soon….??for ur pragya di’s sake….and she is very lonely… Nw….

  26. So emotional episode today. Hope so bubbul will return soon.

  27. Will bulbul be back soon??????

  28. Anyone tell me will bulbul be alive,?????

  29. Will bulbul be alive???

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