Kumkum Bhagya 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya’s lives are in danger

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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Pragya that abhi wants to marry her for Kiara so that he can keep Kiara with him for forever and kick her out of the house. She says Abhi will ruin you and will prove you a bad mother, and will ruin King too. You can’t go to court too. She says your happiness is too short and you will cry all life once this happiness ends. Pragya is shocked. She looks at Disha and thinks of Tanu’s words. Disha sees her and tries to talk to Pragya, but someone interrupts her. Pragya looks at Abhi and walks near him. She falls in Tanu’s words and is walking out from there. Disha stops her. Pragya says you wanted my marriage with Abhi without my consent and says I shouldn’t have trusted you. She tells that she will come later after 3-4 for Neha and Tarun’s marriage. Abhi

asks Disha to let her go.

Chachi takes Tarun to room and asks him to call King and tell him truth. Tarun asks what? She tells about her conversation with Mitali. A fb is shown, Mitali takes her to side and asks her to stop the marriage and says if this marriage happens then Neha and Tarun’s home will be set, but King’s home will be destroyed as Abhi and Pragya will unite. Chachi asks if they know each other. Mitali says they were husband and wife and was separated due to some reasons, but they met again due to Neha and Tarun and their love rekindled. She says king’s heart will break. Fb ends. Chachi says they are married. Tarun says I know everything, Neha had told me. He says even nobody can separate them, not even God. Chachi says I will not hide anything from King, and he will break your alliance.. She takes phone to call King. Tarun hits vase on her head to make her unconscious and tells that he did the same when Pragya tried to separate Neha and him. He says Pragya and Abhi will unite too.

Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words and thinks he had once said that he will do the same thing with me. She thinks of Tanu’s wirds and thinks nobody can separate my daughter from me. She gets Kiara’s call. She tells that she is calling from peon uncle’s phone and asks her to get her uniform tie from mall. Pragya says ok. Kiara says I love you. Pragya says I love you too. King calls her and asks if she is fine? Pragya says I am not there, and is going to mall to get tie and then will pick up Kiara from school. He looks at her mangalsutra and tells that he wants to tell her something. Pragya says even I want to tell you something. Dadi and Dasi ask Abhi to stop Pragya and take two steps ahead. Dadi asks him to go and bring her, else don’t come alone. She says I want to see you both together and not separately. She says we want to see you together. Dasi says even we are with you all. Disha says lets go and call Di back. Dasi says our Pragya will return. Tai ji and Taya ji ask them to bring Pragya and Kiara home. Disha says we will convince Di. Purab says you will stay here with Kiara. Raj tells Abhi that he was against them and don’t want them to unite, but when he comes to know about Kiara, he thought she shall get both her parents’ love. Neha says yes, and asks him to go and call her. She says if you don’t bring her then I will not marry you. Pragya thinks of Abhi hugging her and Tanu’s words. Abhi tells that he will go and bring his bride. Tanu gets angry.

A sharp shooter tries to shoot Pragya and aims at her car. Pragya stops her car and looks on. Tanu pretends to commit suicide. Aaliya slaps her and says you don’t deserve to die. Tanu says either I will get love or death. She says if I don’t win, then I won’t let her win and if she wins then you shall kill me. Abhi is on the way and thinks to talk to her lovingly and thinks why she was upset. Inspector checks Pragya’s car and says some terrorist eloped from Jail. Pragya says she will return soon. She comes to the mall to buy the tie. Terrorists also come there to change their clothes.

Security guys get tensed seeing the men in jail uniform. One of the terrorist tells that they are shooting for film. Security guard tries to inform someone, but the terrorist kill him. Abhi thinks why her phone can’t be reached. Pragya sees Abhi’s call and tells that her phone is not reaching and asks her to change the service provider. Terrorist tries to threaten the shoppers. Pragya tells abhi that she came for shopping and asks him to check in the mall. She hears the terrorist voice. Abhi thinks she is so egoistic and thinks to meet her at home. He thinks to go to Centra mall and talk to her. He thinks to play music and uplift his mood. Abhi hears about terrorists attack in Centra mall and gets shocked.

Aaliya tells King about Pragya loving Abhi since she was his wife. King gets shocked. Pragya tells Abhi that they shall get married. Goon asks them to stop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what new goons, OMG.

    1. No Zo, new goons, old technique. Perhaps d mall wz having an on going sale, u know d type, whr it says, u buy 1& take 2 free !! Tht shd account for d goon load. 😂😂

  2. How many times has Pragya been almost killed now??? I haven’t got enough body parts to keep count…..(said while rolling eyes)

    1. Evn if shot & rushed to d hospital, operated upon to get d bullet out etc., thrz evry likelihood of her getting discharged tht same day. Haven’t we seen it enough times earlier?? 🤨🤨

  3. Isaaq

    I have a feeling after 5 years, Tanu’s character is finally coming to an end. She’s been losing all the time ever since the start of the show. It feels like Tanu is finally losing patience of all her losses.

    They’re going to drag the mall scene for a week. Then Pragya And Abhi will escape into a jungle. But this time, I feel like Tanu will be the one with the gun to try and kill both Pragya and Abhi. I have a feeling Tanu will die or be arrested.

    Although Tanu can never reach the standard of Urvashi’s Komolika, She has been the main antagonist and she will go crazy in this final showdown. I think she’s had enough of Pragya and will attempt to kill by her own hands.

    I won’t expect Abhi or Pragya marriage until March because I feel like Tanu will definitely interfere and trap them both. I hope she doesn’t succeed because I don’t want a reincarnation track of Pragya and Abhi.

    They need to get married and live happily ever after with Tanu being destroyed once and for all.

    1. Tuna Fish needs to take Aliyah with her. Aliyah is the one who started the whole mess. Tuna Fish has been a useful idiot for Aliyah. It was only later that TF began to try and think for herself… by telling Nikhil what to do.

  4. same drama different day

  5. Tuna Fish gives herself away. As she’s abusing Pragya, her voice is not able to maintain her “I’m an adult” sound. You can hear her true self …squeeky little creepy demanding little girl voice… her real voice. Notice the producer’s new trick? The booming echoes. Like every trick they use, they tend to go too far. It would appear that Tarun will easily get along with the Mehras. He just hit his mother over the head. Oh yeah, the young man is a ‘Mehra Murderer in the Making’. Aliyah prevents TF from committing suicide. DAMN!!! Finally an opportunity to get rid of the B*tch and all it is, is a cheap tease. Then TF makes a weird monkey face. Oh. That’s her pretending to cry, sort of. Why am I writing so much about the b*tch? The show is over the half way mark and I have seen more of ‘IT’ than anyone else. It becomes obvious that this actress who has a lot of trouble actually acting has been to see her facial sculpturist. Should we actually greet the big fat s*x-doll lips? Do we have a choice. What is wrong with this actress? Which dummy is giving her advice? Well, some of the goons are attractive. Here, we go. The prey, Pragya, is about to be reminded that she is prey in ‘The Tuna Fish Bhagya’ show. I guess it pays well, to look like a plastic s*x doll made in Japan circa 2000’s if you are a Bollywood actress. I guess this is what director’s, writers and their casting couch really want. Live, breathing s*x dolls. TF has the right mouth and lips to get the job done.

    1. What do u means dr i m thinking yesterday alia adviCe her may be 25 yes leap take place do that this character also will be there ,somr one said that may be they (kkb)cast is trying to make her best actress till they get her done may be het since her acting is not appreciable avs irritated i don’t know y she is this much pathetic I’m negative in font know no one wants to se her ub the serial ,Aki Sori fr disturbing u can u even elect this actress to be best vamp abs negative when everyone ignored her personally

      1. Ishu, I see the actress as being bad. I am disgusted by people like her where everyone hopes to get her an award that she does not deserve. I believe that she was hired specifically for her personality which ‘just happens’ to match her role. My opinion is influenced by energetic knowledge and some understanding of astrology. I have no personal problems with women who are in the s*x industry. The majority are victims. The few women I have known who were in the s*x industry had beautiful hearts, had been victimized and were doing everything possible to free themselves from a life they did not ask for. I do have a serious problem with so-called ‘good’ women who use their looks to get rich husbands, awards they don’t deserve and favours from people based on their looks and their simpering ‘sweetness’…rather than their efforts/abilities/personality. For me, these are the socially acceptable pr*stitutes. These women are not motivated by love. They are motivated by money and the use of their manipulative skills. I agree, that I could be 100% wrong, but at this time I see this actress as being a socially accepted pr*stitute. And a very good one at that. Their ‘sweetness’ belies their heart. I have watched women like this use everyone around them and keep them all smiling… until of course their victims have realized that they have been used. That happens when they find a richer man or a better opportunity to push their status higher. No. I am not jealous. During my dating years I was very regularly, offered gifts, jewellry, apartments, income, fur coats, holidays etc. . I always refused, with a polite thank-you. I would not date those men. Who would want to be with a man who thinks that your time, allegiance can be purchased? For the more persistent men I would finally just say, “Listen, go find a pr*stitute because I am not that.” I believe that women like this do a great disservice to all women because of their greed and laziness. If you want something, go out, work and earn. Be responsible for yourself. If the crew of KKB are trying to help her get an award, I would suggest that the little doll is an excellent first class manipulator and India is stuck where it is because this attitude remains strong in the culture. ‘Women are objects.’ They don’t even dare show their real face. It’s covered up in a layer of plastic. TF and her little s*x doll image damages life for real women. The best vamp actress? Vamp maybe, as in vampire. Actress? Not for this role. She was far worse than inadequate. I understand that she does well with simpler roles where s*x acts are required. And the KKB crew? These are actors. Superficiality, is their work. Putting on a act for their fans and the public is what they do. I’m not sure if integrity is a factor in the decisions that they make. Certainly not for the female leads. They are part of a team which is selling and entraining regressive thinking onto an unwitting population. Without any protest. Without concern for the messages they send to a population where women are raped, enslaved and daily treated with contempt. They forget 50% of the suffering population but are happily pushing rights for the LGBTQ community… who deserve human rights… but not at the expense of ignoring the more blatantly obvious need of Indian women. How ironic The crew goes on about LGBTQ rights to make themselves appear like they have big hearts while helping to destroy the lives of women. Hypocrites, would be a suitable term.

    2. yes d the point you said ne she has been roped for her personality yes really it fits her well some of them also said that just her white skin and her exposing costume around,that house makes her win that it ,even madurima was classy an good her personality is not that much but i liked her as tanu than this lady .

      1. Agreed Ishu. I liked the first Tanu as well. She appeared to have more acting experience. The TF became the perfect visual foil for Aliyah. I have seen Monisha from KDB about 5/6 times. She is a TF type character and I believe she has far more skill than TF. She’s believable and beautiful even as she portrays a silly, evil, dangerous vamp. Her role, however doesn’t require her to wear ballgowns to breakfast. Thankfully.

    3. You just killed me with your comments

  6. It seems like I don’t have to wait for Sunny to get older to murder Tanu, she wants to speed up the process herself !! Good idea! …ans WTF, Tarun hit his mother over her head with a vase and caused her to become unconscious? All for the abuser Abhi? Now I believe for sure that Abhi’s toxicity contaminated Tarun..the innocent looking young man has become an abuser too and his first victim is his mother!! In all… I’m happy that the fricking secret is out… King knows the blo*dy top secret and since a long time, I’m happy about something happening on kkb…

  7. I think that Tanu will eventually self destruct in true Mission Impossible style…

    1. Oh Naz! You and Mission Impossible! LOL. That was always a nice, safe controlled burn out. I want to see TF act out some serious pain! But since we know about her acting ability, we may have to settle for a quick and rather sedentary death. I’m not getting my hopes up… this little tramp knows how to play people. I wonder if her lips and face would burn? I can just see it. A small pool of whatever it is they inject into her face… left, to mark the place of her death. Good to see you here m’dear! How was that wedding?

  8. Can’t comment much since we have all been expressing our views and disgust on how the show has been moving on and how it promotes evil 👿 over the last 4 years
    Heard that there is going to be a leap of 25 years but going by the standards and the thought process evil will still prevail and crimes done by aliya , Tanu and Nikhil will still be unnoticed and they would still be free to commit crime and now they have a new kiddo joining them that’s Tarun who just knocks anyone who try to separate him and Neha just like how tanu and aliya do , but no worries maybe after the leap he will be a hardcore criminal .Abhi and Pragya still won’t be together and kiara wil never know that she is Abhi’s daughter and then after 25 years when the writers would bring in the new kiara who as per them would be 20 years old instead of 30 + since now she is 7 years old and 25 years leap would make her in her early 30,maybe somewhere she would know about Abhi and Pragya and then try to bring them together but then as the show has been always promoting evil some more new evil characters would be brought in along with the existing Tanu and aliya . SHIT SHIT SHIT . This serial should be banned. I really feel ashamed when I read comments wherein the viewers based on this serials are forming a negative image of India . All the good points of India it’s diversiy, its culture is all lost somewhere along the way THANKS TO blo*dy EKTA..

    1. Ekta Aunty. She’s old now. : ) Good to see you Alka. Been missing you.

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