Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya searches for Priyanka’s diary

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The Episode starts with Aaliya taunting Dasi and asks if she is happy seeing their fight. Purab asks Dasi to go to room. He asks Aaliya if she did Disha’s accident? Aaliya says it was a mistake. She tells that he had told her that he will leave her. Purab tells that he respect the marriage and is not cheating on her. He tells that if she does anything to Disha then he will go far away from her life, like he was never in her life.

Pragya comes home and calls Shahana. Madhu asks her not to call her and tells that she blackmailed her and made her rest. Sarita behen comes and tells that she asked Shahana to make tea, but is still waiting. She asks her about Disha. Pragya tells that she was with Disha in the hospital as she met with an accident. Sarita behen says you would have told me. Pragya says you would have got worried. Rishi comes out and brings newspaper. Pragya sees Priyanka’s news and takes the newspaper from his hand. She thinks to check Priyanka’s diary. Madhu comes and serves tea to Sarita behen.

Dimpy asks Rhea to come for the party. Rhea tells that her mood is bad. Dimpy tells that she saw Prachi on the road. Rhea goes to Prachi and stops her from sitting in the cab. She tells her that she got Buji freed from the police station and unnecessarily talked to her. Prachi says you will soon know your Buji’s truth. Rhea tells her that she will ruin her life. Prachi tells that she will not be affected and goes. Rhea scolds her friends for coming down the car and tells that Prachi don’t take her threat seriously. Dimpy says that if Sanju’s plan would have been successful then this wouldn’t have happened? Shaina asks where is he?

Sanju tells his friend about his plan of honeymoon. He says you have one sided love with her and none of you have each other phone numbers. His friend tells that the waiter is villain in his love story. Waiter calls Sanju and asks him to bring 10 lakhs to him else he will tell everything to Prachi. Sanju gets tensed.

Ranbir comes to college and sees Prachi. He thinks she will give him lecture again. Prachi asks him to stop and asks if he is drunk? Ranbir says no. She asks if he has stolen question paper. Ranbir says no. Prachi tells that it is a crime. Ranbir says I know, if Aryan had done this then I wouldn’t have talked to him. Prachi asks why did you do this? Ranbir tells that he went to take revenge on Principal and to throw the things. He acts sweet and tells that today you called me thief and tells that he will meet him in office today. He acts to be crying and gives flying kiss to a girl. She smiles. Prachi thinks Ranbir is crying and this girl is smiling, how insensitive.

Pragya asks for the diary. Madhu brings her diary. Pragya tells that she needs Pink diary. She tells that she will search. She asks Shahana to search, but not to read it.

Pallavi comes to Beeji and asks which game is she playing? She says she is sure that she is playing crush game and asks her to come and sleep. Beeji says she will not sleep as Ranbir and Vikram haven’t come home. Vikram comes home and asks if Ranbir haven’t come. He tells that he might come after I go to sleep. Beeji asks Pallavi to go and warm up Vikram’s food, till then Ranbir will also come. Vikram calls Pallavi and asks her to come. Pragya is in the house. She sees Sameera coming and opens the door. Sameer tells that she is getting married and shows the wedding card. Pragya says I thought you will marry Veer and asks about Ahan. She asks are you sure what you are doing? She says don’t tell me that you don’t want to hurt Ahan. Veer comes there and tells that he parked the car and came. Sameera tells Pragya that he is Veer. Pragya asks him to tell more about him. He asks her to watch their Alt Balaji show.

Prachi comes to Ranbir’s cabin and thinks he might have left. Ranbir is sitting down and tells that he is here and feeling comfortable. Prachi smiles and tells that Sweety told him that he is hiding from his Papa. Ranbir says Papa will scold me.

Precap: Aaliya tries to emotionally blackmail Abhi and Purab. Abhi asks her not to blackmail them and says he knows that she did Disha’s accident intentionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sumeira Shah

    I don’t understand why does Purab have to give reason to Aliya rather than just get out of Aliya or Mehra’s house and leave alone with who ever he/she loves forever

    1. Because this show portrays Indian men to be either criminals or milquetoast… weak, frightened little boys with no common sense but happy to obey their mother’s wishes.

  2. So today we were treated to another episode of Kum Kum Klown Kostumes. I heard myself exclaiming,”Oh no. they can’t be serious… no no no…the designer must have been on crack…. well at least they finally figured out the right bang length for the little witch’s hair. Too bad they can’t do personality transplants because we know the girl is not acting, this is her personality bubbling up….yuck … desperation served on a platter of big botoxed lips and hips…although she doesn’t likely add botox to her hips…..” O.k. sure, pathetic albeit funny thinking. What else is this show offering? Well, Purab is once again becoming a slave thinker. Is he being secretly given pills to remove his manhood so that he will remain a slave to Abhi and Aliyah … forever? Purab was a real man when this show began, but when you live with poison this long (Abhi/Aliayh) you must lose your right to call yourself an adult male. And I wonder if all of Ekta’s ideas about ‘story’ are just a run-through of the relationship that she and her brother share. Or is Ekta in her efforts to try and westernize India s*xually, supporting the little jerk-off excuse for a human, from the film industry, who wants women to carry con**ms always, so that they can support their own rape in order to prevent the rape from becoming violent. Someone should remind the little jerk-off that rape itself is THE violence. Ekta and her friends and her community are the leaders in promotion of Indian thinking. Very sad, but true. So they try to ‘hide’ their natural hatred, arrogance and general stupidity by dressing up reality stars in goofy clothes, give them surgeries and botox and try to convince the viewers that the klown show is some form of reality. The KumKum Klowns.

    1. Verma4

      I like the Ku Klux Klan kostumes …lol.
      Ekta has the Ku Klux Klan costume on.

  3. Where else in the world, can you find national television which exults itself in dehumanizing it’s own men and women, daily, relentlessly. Supposedly the ‘best’ women they can find have to be surgically changed, botoxed etc and covered in thick mask makeup before they are shown to be Indian women.
    There is something very wrong with this picture. Can’t forget the ‘white’ pills!!! Sounds like a culture of utter shame…. always trying to be something that they are not, rather than celebrating what they honestly are. One must be taught to hate oneself first… if one remains so busy erasing what you are into some fantasy creature which is a lie. Thank-you British Raj. The legacy remains strong.

  4. Lawd Gawd have mercy this thing still showing?? Like my grand children will grow up and have their children and this go still be showing hmm ????.

  5. Verma4

    Who the fcuk does Rhea think she is ? why doesn’t Prachi take me seriously , because of that clown nose and elephant thighs??

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