Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi takes out his pain infront of King

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Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya coming to King’s room. King says he was writing songs for his new album. Pragya says she wants to talk to him for 2 mins. King says Chachi said wrong things and I felt really bad, and you would have also felt bad, but didn’t tell her anything. Pragya says she wants to say something about Chachi’s words. King asks her not to say anything and says he don’t want any explanation. Pragya says I want to tell you truth. King says I know the truth that Abhishek and you are good friend, like we share the same relationship. Pragya says I value our relationship and that’s why want to say this, she says Mr. Mehra and I….Just then Kiara comes there. King says sorry and tells that I was not with you when you need me. Kiara says but superman was with her and he didn’t

make her miss him. King says I have to meet him. Kiara says I will call him. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells that I am sure that Abhi knows that Kiara is his daughter. Aaliya asks from where you heard. Abhi tells that when she was with Abhi, he called pragya as if she was with him. When I questioned him, he told that they never broke up and their relationship is much stronger now. Aaliya thinks I don’t think so and says he is already attracted to Pragya since he met her again. Tanu says my gut feeling is saying that this is truth. Aaliya asks her not to make mountain out of a tiny thing and says if he comes to know then he will tell Dasi, and have brought Kiara and Pragya. Then they would have stayed as a family and kick you out exposing your fake marriage. Tanu says if they come there, she will make their life hell. Aaliya asks why are you wasting my time, let all come infront of us.

Abhi thinks Disha told me about her helplessness, but why did Pragya hide from me. He thinks of Kiara and says your Papa loves you and will tell with all the rights. He recalls his moments with her and meets with an accident, but stops car at the right time. Nothing happens to him and thinks I miss my daughter’s childhood. We will make new memories, so that I forget everything. He thinks Kiara will be happy to know that her superman is her father. He thinks I am coming there. He thinks how to talk to Pragya, with calm mind or anger. He thinks to talk to her with calm mind and says may be she has some legitimate reason. She must be waiting for me to take her home. He comes to Pragya house. Pragya looks at him. Kiara sees Abhi and runs to him calling him superman.

Abhi brings cookie for her and gives her. Kiara says I gave it to you so that you don’t be alone. Abhi says your cookie will stay with you and my fuggi will stay with me. He asks her to pack her bags and says we are going to picnic. Abhi says Kiara got her cookie, will I get my fuggi and wife. He asks do you want to return in my life? It is his imagination. He is still in car and says will you come back to me. Please say. Pragya says I have moved on in life and can’t come in your life. She closes the door. Abhi thinks I won’t let you close door on my face. I will take Kiara with me and will not plead infront of you. He is driving the car.

Tanu follows him and wishes she is wrong. She thinks she sacrificed her house, family and career for Abhi, and he can’t do this with me. Aaliya calls Tanu and asks her to take U turn and return home. Tanu asks how did you know and asks why you want me to return home. Aaliya says I know what you do. He says bhai went to Pragya and if he sees you then he will take out his anger on you and then will talk to Pragya lovingly. She says you are the big reason to unite them and asks her to not to unite them permanently. She says abhi will question Pragya angrily and asks her to return home. Tanu says I will return and thinks she won’t let them unite. Abhi stops his car again and walks to King’s house.

Abhi comes to King’s house and rings the bell. Chachi opens the door. Abhi asks where is Pragya? King sees Abhi and asks him to come inside. Abhi walks towards him. King asks Chachi to arrange tea or coffee. Chachi goes. King asks Abhi to come inside. Abhi asks where is Pragya? I want to talk to her. King says you want to thank Pragya as she helped you last night, but she was scolded much by Chachi. He says you can’t thank her as Pragya took Kiara to school. He says Pragya and I will always support you. Abhi says he don’t want support and says one shall not trust woman and says you think you know everything about them, and when you come to know about them then it is too late. King says I understand. Abhi says you don’t understand and says you can never know what I am going through. He says he can’t bear the pain and says how I will bear the pain of betrayal and says I want to ask her why? King thinks he is talking about his wife and asks him. Abhi asks how do you know? King says your eyes are telling all and ask him to find a way to resolve their problem. Abhi says she didn’t leave anything, now there will be a fight for rights. He thinks King doesn’t know about Pragya and me, I doubt if they are married or not. He thinks why do I get jealous when she is with King.

Pragya comes to school to drop Kiara and asks her to finish lunch. Kiara says ok and smiles. Pragya asks why is she smiling. Kiara says just like that. Pragya asks where is tiffin? Kiara signs at the car. She says she is having stomachache and don’t want tiffin. Pragya asks her to bring tiffin. Kiara brings tiffin and asks if mogambo is happy. Pragya recalls Abhi calling her mogambo. Kiara says I will eat it and asks her to be happy like mogambo. Pragya says I will beat you. Kiara says I will complain to Superman that you are torturing me. Pragya teases her and asks her to call him. Kiara says sorry and says I love you. Pragya thinks she called me with the name by which Abhi used to call me, mogambo. Abhi comes to school in his car and looks on.

Abhi asks Kiara if she knows why she wants to call him dad and why he wants to call her daughter as he is her dad. Kiara hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well, Abhi has definitely returned to being pompous and dishonest. Pragya is getting into guilty victim mode. Tuna fish is being Tuna fish, a little girl scam artist. And they are making Alia make an attempt at clear femininity. Her dress colours don’t work together that well. the romantic type sleeve and bow do not match the jewllry which i a more classic style. This actress should not be in fluffy romantic clothes. She looks ‘real’ when she dresses in classic lines with a dash of drama. Today was a set-up for a fight. Seeing that tomorrow is Friday… well, we are all already clear on the script writers pattern. If they are not on drugs yet, maybe they should try drugs. Some kind of hallucinogenic which might kickstart their creativity. Pragya and tuna fish are really becoming stereotyped. Will their careers survive KKB? Likely, we are talking about India. Now that we have been exposed to several possibilities for tomorrow we’ll have to see. Will Abhi play the *sshole? Are you kidding me? You are what you are! Will tuna fish have a car accident on the way home and die? No. of course not. Somebody wants to make this actress a star. Try harder, it’s not working. Unless maybe she start working with that Pewdiepie fellow.. What will Pragya’s torture be this next week because this is only the morning of Neha and Tarun’s sangeet. And Pragya who never gets to speak still has not learned how to shout. Wouldn’t that be great? Pragya actually turns into
    a real person instead of being a part of a matching dolly set.. Good, dumb and pretty Pragya alongside her creepy fat lipped evil fish doll. Pragya always in adult clothes and the evil doll always in fantasy toddler beauty queen fare.

  2. This serial for the last 7 years have not change a bit. Tanu and Aliyah should find a man and moved on. Tuna is hoping that Abhi will love her but if he didn’t in 7 years I don’t think he will now. She is a pathetic woman who is trying to get someone to love her. Anyways Pragya too is stupid for making Aliyah and Tanu get away with their evilness. She needs to fight back. Get back to the Mehra house and fight for what is yours!!

  3. Leisa s morris

    I really thought dat after abhi found out d truth dat d writers would let us see how pragya met king (although I believe he saved her wen she tried to jump of d cliff) and how and y abhi married tanu. But as usual d writers leave unfinish scenarios as with murders,kidnappings and so forth. Anyways wat does aliyah mean by fake marriage ? Is it as abhi and tanu dont share a room much less a marriage or r dey not really married hmmmm interesting!

  4. Leisa s morris

    Abhi as usual has forgotten d wrong he did. Not only did he throw pragya out his life but told her he never wanted to see her face again yet hes wondering how she could keep d fact dat she had his daughter a secret? Wat was he expecting fir her to use her child like tanu and trap him back into a relationship? Im sure even if she did think bout coming and tell him d truth she would always remember wat he said bout killing dadi and never showing her face to him again. Yet hes thinking dat hes d one dat rong has been done too and not even thinking how pragya must have felt being thrown away like dat then finding out she was pregnant and not able to share it with him. It was all his fault yet hes acting as if she left in her own and kept it from him outta spite. Then we have pragya who instead of letting d clown know dat he is solely responsible for not being in his daughters life is feeling guilty for not letting him know. And even after meeting him back just d fact dat he is married to tanu and his psychotic sister is still in d house is enuff to fear and not let it b known. Guess hes forgetting he has those two narcissistic baffoon who never thinks twice bout hurting anyone to have their way living in his house.

  5. Abhi is behaving childish and acting all emotional. He was d person that threw pragya out of the house and never wanted to see her again, but now he is angry that she hid his daughter from him…what did he expect her to do before?

  6. Fail to understand when this aliya and Tanu chapter will get over . Abhi’s behaviour is so sickening , he is more of a villain than a hero. He was the blo*dy one who had kicked Pragya out of his life calling her manoos and saying that since she had come in his life he has been doomed . Don’t know what is stopping pragya from saying her mind. Abhi always says that he cares for his family but he does not know what is happening under his nose in his house how the two b*t*hes aliya and tanu are making life miserable for his family and how their life is always in danger because of these two b*t*hes and now he wants to harass Pragya and take away her daughter, how do you think he is planning to take care of his daughter when he could not save his marriage and safeguard Pragya ,how is he planning to safeguard kiara .Pragya what is your problem why are u behaving so vague and weak and meek. You used to fight tooth and nail with the two b*t*hes and now you are letting them treat you like a dirt. Fight woman it’s for your pride and daughter give them back and make them pay for all the sins including Abhi. The two have got away with murder kidnapping etc and now they are have become so bold that they feel they can do anything Uber the sun and get away with it. Also how can u let yourself get so degraded. Shriti I am a great fan of yours and the fact that you are so well learned and well read. Also read somewhere that u used to do Shakespeare. Then what’s this shit thing of a serial you are doing . Money may be good but this kind of nonsense. Please either tell the writers to change the track and make you strong enough to put an end to aliya and Tanu track else leave then serial. Don’t insult yourself as an actor. Ekta is sick in the mind and hence all her serials are where the women are just decorative pieces . Also there is no link to her serials everything is let loose and no connect. All investigations are just let half way and Abhi such a jerk had promised kiara that he will find the person who had tried to kill her but
    as usual that all willl be forgotten.


    this series as well as Kundali Bhagya can give somebody stress. the way they drag this story on and on . You writers are giving people high blood pressure . Why can’t you find a new story line .

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