Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Prachi confronts Ranbir for his cheat

Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu coming to Pragya and says we know about it. Pragya gets up and goes. Tanu says I was about to tell her that she is strong and hardworking, but she didn’t listen and went. She says if Abhi bites like mad then who will stay here. Prachi searches for Ranbir in the college. Palak calls him and says sorry, tells that she told truth to Prachi by mistake. Ranbir says it’s ok, I will handle. Prachi comes to Ranbir and raises her hand on him, but stops. Ranbir asks her to slap him. Prachi says she is thinking when to tell the reason before or after slapping. Ranbir says you was praising me outside. Prachi says I didn’t know how was Ranbir Kohli in reality, calls him betrayal, fraud, and cheater. She says you tried to marry me in cheat. Ranbir says it would have been betrayal, if I had married you. She says it is same that you thought. Ranbir says but I thought about you and didn’t marry you. Prachi says how can you think this? Ranbir says I regret that I should have married you then itself. Prachi is shocked. Ranbir says I didn’t have any other way out, you always think me wrong. I told you many times that I love you, but you don’t understand, but overreact. Prachi says you was not like this. Aryan comes there. Ranbir says I was not like this, but today you will see new Ranbir Kohli. I loved you each day and you will see new Ranbir Kohli every day and tells that nothing wrong will happen with you, and if it happens when I am not with you. Prachi says I don’t love you. Ranbir says I love you. Prachi says she doesn’t love him. Ranbir asks Aryan to look in his eyes and tell. Prachi says I don’t love you, and tells looking in his eyes. She thinks of her deal with Rhea. She says the girl is not Prachi, who used to love you, and tells that she will see new Prachi every day and she will tell the same daily. She goes. Aryan asks Ranbir what did you do? Prachi goes out. Palak calls her and asks why are you upset with me, your sister Shahana was with me too, in this plan. Prachi is all the more shocked. Ranbir asks her to stop. Prachi runs and sits in the auto. Ranbir asks her to listen, but she goes. He sits in his car and follows her. Prachi thinks of his words.

Pragya comes home and locks herself in the room. Sarita behen is on call and ends it seeing her. She asks her to open the door. Pragya cries and sits shattered. She recalls Abhi’s bad condition, how he was beaten up by Aaliya. Sarita behen manages to come inside as the door opens and asks her to tell if she met Mr. Mehra. She looks at her hand and asks who did this? Pragya cries badly and hugs her. Sarita behen asks did Aaliya do this? Pragya says no, Aaliya didn’t do this? Sarita behen asks then who did this? did they call the Police? Pragya says he had bitten me. Sarita behen asks why? Pragya says whatever we was thinking was not right, tells that he is fine, but not fine. Sarita behen asks what? Pragya says maybe as he is shot on his head, he behaves childishly and can’t meet outsiders now. She tells that he got scared seeing me, but didn’t touch me until Aaliya came there, then he bit me. She says Aaliya had beaten him so badly, how she can beat him? Sarita behen asks why did you come here? Pragya says if I had stayed there, then Aaliya would have got doubtful. Sarita behen asks her to go tomorrow and find out why his condition is bad and asks her to meet the doctor as the caretaker and asks what can be done to treat him. She asks her not to come home and stay at their other home which is vacant. Pragya asks why? Sarita behen says if Shahana or Prachi see you in this get-up then? Pragya cries hugging her.

Prachi calls Shahana. Shahana comes there. Prachi blames her for betraying her and asks you want me to marry Ranbir by cheat? She asks if a sister do like this? She says you told me that Palak is marrying, but actually, Ranbir wanted to marry me. She asks her to go and not to come infront of her. Shahana says if I helped him then it is for you. Prachi says what do you think that whatever is he doing is right. Shahana asks about whom you are talking about? Prachi says Ranbir Kohli.

Ranbir takes out his anger on the boxing bag. Aryan says do you know how you was behaving with Prachi. Ranbir says don’t teach me, tells that he has changed himself for her, but I got rejection. Aryan says you know…Ranbir says yes, I know that she likes and loves me. He says she will be Mrs. Ranbir Kohli, I will break her stubbornness. Aryan says you was not like this. Ranbir says yes, I regret that I should have married her that day. He says everything is fair in love and war, tells that he will get her and will change the world for his aim. He says now the world will see..Aryan goes. Ranbir thinks of her words and thinks our love is one-way traffic, one you come there, you have to just go on. He kisses the ring and says be ready to become of Ranbir.

Precap: Sahana asks Pragya how are the kids in her school that she joined? No one is troubling her, right? Pragya thinks of Abhi and says there is one child who she needs to take care of. Aaliya tells Tanu that she needs to become a close friend of Abhi. So when he recovers, he not only forgives her, but also accepts her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. O God wat the heck I’m just speechless I dunno if I should be mad or hpy at Ranbir but srsly tho his behavior is freaking me out wat is he gonna do exactly…. and y can’t Prachi just tell him the truth 4 pete’s sake this is gonna be insane these 2 plus Abhi and Pragya this track is filled with madness….. 4 the 1st time I dont even know wats gonna happen

  2. I get y Prachi is mad but at the same time I understand Ranbir’s behavior like his patience has reached his limit when Prachi said all that wat I don’t get is y does Ranbir have 2 keep proving his love and himself 2 Prachi like y is it so hard 4 her 2 believe him I don’t blame him 4 having enough but even so his behavior was overboard

  3. Looks like Ranbir has finally had enough of Prachi and her behavior now the real ? is wat is he gonna do 2 make her say the truth and no offense but Ranbir did have a point of Prachi always thinking wrong abt him and misunderstanding him and she does realize that he stopped marrying her right in front of her right and again no offense but Prachi kinda brought this whole situation on herself like frankly the only 1’s who r thinking clearly r Aryan and Shanana

  4. Samaila

    Now we have 4 psychopaths in KKB: Rhea, Aliya, Tanu and Ranbir. I seriously want to kill Ekta

    1. Sweet_Shadow

      nah Prachi on the list too

    2. LOL. You can’t! The actresses who play Tanu, Aliyah, Rhea, Mitali and Tai Ji would chase after you. Especially that desperate actress who plays Tanu … the Tuna-fish. I guess her rich american husband and her attempt at sleaze elsewhere hasn’t worked out…still not enough money/status. These ones would lose their easy paychecks and self congratulatory parties… where they get to play themselves and dress up in pretty clothes and jewellery.

  5. The other 3 I get being nuts but y Ranbir Ik wat he did was wrong but think abt it he’s tired of being lied 2 plus he’s hurt with wat Prachi said 2 him

  6. Shelly2307

    Ranbir literally scared me today.
    It was so creepy!
    My hands are shaking while typing rn.

  7. aliya why you beat to abhi I told don’t do like that you can’t understand that what I saying for you aliya and you abhi came to near you tanu why you lock the door let abhi can go to meet pragya not you tanu only pragya.
    tanu why you came to kitchen to see pragya you do one think open the door than you can see the abhi pragya you can do it.
    pragya you can take abhi your house at night now see what I will do now that aliya you can’t such the abhi.
    aliya if you call the police to pragya she will gets upest so fast because of that aliya keep it your mind don’t do like that you just wait and watch.
    purab you come fast your house than purab you can salp the aliya face properly than you can throw form the house don’t waste the time okay.

  8. Dear Coolboy245… just in case you see this I did reply to you on the march 4 update. and I say hello to Mark Narain too! Haven’t been around… but felt a ‘twitch’ to check in… yesterday… tee hee I’m sure that I am psychic, as you had addressed me, in your comment. I will check back for a reply on the march 4 update. Wishing you well!

  9. Ranbir is scaring me….. My heart was literally racing and my hands were shaking watching this I get he was mad but using force like that wasn’t a solution…. He’s rly freaking me out wat r they turning him into

  10. It’s not aliaya .. Aliya shika is classy .. Not like this girl who dresses badly and wears so much makeup as that .. Sorry not to take it badly .. But that’s enough .. We pass Abhi to have a mental retardation .. Enough .. Why drag the series .. Why bring back actors like Leena when she wanted to leave the series .. In short, end up with Abhigya .. See tanu did not progress during his 20 years .. No husband no children .. Anyway

    1. Exactly my thoughts too, so for 20yrs tanu hasn’t moved on frm abhi no husband no child she was jst stagnant. Same old story every time pragya will take care of him nd after he gets better aliya and rhea will blackmail him into marrying tanu nd thn as always pragya will fight, plead ,humiliate her self nd cry to stop abhi marriage wit tanu. Tanu coming back is a very bad idea. The writer and producer’s has nothing new to offer, thy jst waste money nd time going round cycles

    2. Watch early KKB. Original Aliyah was not ‘classy’ at all. She walked like an ox, looked horrible and had a screechy ‘fish-wife’ (sorry, that’s old rude terminology) mannerisms. However, changed camera angles, different costumes began to make her look a little more sophisticated. But as soon as that woman opened her mouth any sense of sophistication blew away like the wind. I agree that the actress worked hard…botox and surgeries out the ear, acting lessons, deportment lessons… she did improve. ‘Class’ or grace comes from the heart. It is easy to pretend in between camera shots. The fact that (S. Singh) appeared in this program says far more about her heart/’class’ than any of her moments on camera where she was very studiously building an image. That’s not reality.

    3. Part of the reason that the tuna-fish left was because she was laughed off the stage. Her horrible acting, horrible costumes helped to make her a hated character. If you had followed tweets and comments before she left, then you would have seen how hated the character was and how badly the actress was being laughed at.

  11. What a freaking story he gets beatings like crazy and nobody to save him aren there mental hospital what dumb stories you are making now you brought Tanu in pic for what ???? Is Aliya crazy or cuckoooo is she like this in real life omg. Help the pple who get married to her
    Change the story and let pragya and asbhi meet and take your story from there.
    By the way where is Purab and Dadi


    1. Hey Mark, so glad to see you here with your truth bombs!


  14. Oh Tanu again when this shit will end,now abhi is mad when are we going to have some loving ,end ths show

    1. Exactly tanu again ..Alia can’t be serious and we are tired seeng pragiya and abbhi sad all the time

  15. This show is going backwards instead of moving forward with only cheat and lies

    1. A perfect reflection of Ekta Kapoor and her life.

  16. After reading the pre-cap I wonder, shouldn’t the name of the show be ‘Psychopathic sl*ts, Gold Digger Criminals of India’. Should be advertised on every tourist brochure. Maybe then the decent, thinking women in India finally might put a stop to this horrendous, dehumanizing horseshit. After reading yet another article on ‘honour-killing’, when people have asked me ‘what is India like?’, I have replied, “Get some popcorn and watch KKB. India takes pride in showing their truth to the world. This is what is important in India.”. KKB is a hit show, isn’t it?

    1. Idk why I am mad reading that comment about my country when whatever you said is actually true! We ourselves are not aware of the 80% incidents happening in this country and have put on a blindfold in our eyes, listening to how good this country is and believing everything without questioning!
      I used to get so offended whenever someone from an another country used to say bad about my country, because the society, that I live in is far better and protected than any village or slum in my country, and I for a long time assumed whatever the media told was true.
      Then I grew up, I turned 18, I stepped out from this castle my dad had created for me that kept me away from the harsh reality, I was introduced to some reliable sources and that’s when I realized I’ve been living in a world of lies! Of course! my parents and grandparents still believe everything the sold out media channels in our country say/shout, but I’m glad that I don’t believe in any of it now and do my research!
      So yes! Our country is a trash, ruined by the politicians, and the rich businessmen and the entertainers who also run everything, and can manipulate the system with money. And I know there’s nothing I can do except from moving out of this country which still has a backward thinking, still living in the 1920s and where men think a bit too high of themselves and don’t think about the women at all.
      I also know the problems my country faces is extreme, but, this isn’t the only country where crimes happen, because they have different faces in different countries and are at times more heinous than what we can think of!
      Whatever I just said is off topic, so, coming to the topic, this show is a fiction and I can bet on it that it is nowhere close to reality! We don’t have villains like Aliyah or Tanu or Rhea, and no wife can bring back their husband from death and we don’t have snakes, monkeys or bear as our pets!! But, we do have psychopathic lovers like Ranbir and they do go to different levels, I myself am a victim of this forcing the love after rejection, but that was managed in 2 days and didn’t went too far. The conclusion is only 5-7% of what they show is close to reality!

  17. Dear Anonymus, Thank-you for your time and reply. It is the attitudes being taught through this propaganda/indoctrination that I have the problem with. Yes, I understand a father creating a castle. My castle immigrated so at least I had the chance when leaving the castle, to understand the well hidden regressive attitudes being enforced. Emotional exploitation at it’s best. I do not see exposing indoctrination as being off-topic as the production itself is the vehicle promoting regressive thinking in order to meet political ends. Political ends which require the majority of the Indian population to be written off as useless eaters, so that the very few at the top may continue to reap their rewards at the expense of the lives of the many. Right now, in India the farmers continue to rightfully protest the hoped for theft of their lives and property. Don’t you see the same attitude of the ‘wealthy’ through the characters of Aliyah and gang? Some wealthy families are very good at making their castle look beneficent to the public so that the repression, oppression continues unabated. It is the repression of the family… or the population which keeps the wealth/power flowing to the very few on the top. Individuals who are trained to be obedient often do not even know which questions to ask, which information to seek in order to learn how to think for one-self. Some friends in India, educated, very well traveled, believe that they are modern individuals, yet still remain silent on decisions that affect their own future, to the decisions made by father, husband or brother or the most possibly wicked in the bunch their mother… even when their own knowledge, experience and creative intelligence are able to offer better solutions. Worse still, is the image that this production offers to international viewers. it makes it easier for viewers to dismiss India as a bunch of crazy people who deserve what is happening to them. I am thankful that India’s strong farmers are showing the international community that they are real working people who wish for an end to the dehumanizing tyrants who are trying to become richer through manipulative theft. Sounds like Aliyah and her gang, doesn’t it? She’s ALWAYS going to get her way. “Get used to it people, go about your business, you will always be less…because I control you!!”, say the Aliyah types. BTW, ‘romance’ which this show claims it offers, is one of the easiest vehicles for any government to teach or to keep viewers ‘busy’ while indoctrinating false…but convenient… beliefs onto an unwitting population. As you well know, from your own experience, it is not ‘romance’ or ‘love’ when lies, force, violence or manipulation are a part of the story. One of the many false beliefs that this show is teaching that lies, force, violence and manipulation are a normal, acceptable part of love and good family

  18. Could someone tell me what nonsense these writers writing my gosh it seems like they dont know what to write again so they just writing more SHIT; why on earth they did not just end the damn serial with abhi coming back to life and taking pragya and uniting with the two daughters and let everyone live happily ever after instead of making him become this ….from rock star/businessman to CRAZY MAN GETTING LICKS FROM HIS SISTER WITH A STICK…..this is sooooo Appauling what next…aliah who is the crazy one together with tanu in cahoots now again to get rid of poor pragya and as for myatali granny and the others all of them need to be sent to the looney bin for what transpiring in that house, Abhi turn dog now he held pragyas hand and bit it to tell the truth this serial is indescribable now no SUBSTANCE at all every storyline written is just a whole lota CRAP Ecta or whatever her name is need to go and get some experienced writers to take lessons from her storylines are always repetitious; the good always get kill off or reincarnated etc please we the viewers are appealing to ztv to bring this serial to an end once and for all.

  19. another thing why on earth did they bring sicko tanu back there is no reason for that the serial dont need her at all and where the hell is purab to save abhi while all this shit taking place man storylines are being introduced all the time with new actors coming in which aint making sense at all. This serial has strayed way off base from kum kum bhagya which suppose to be about pragya and abhi and introducing scripts which is not making sense and uncalled for’ ranbir his father and mother myatali and her husband who just stands the dumb the serial dont need them because their storylines just dont fit in properly like I said before this serial is lacking SUBSTANCE AND A GOOD EXPERIENCED WRITER then and only then things will change

  20. Das hat mit Kumkum Bhagya und Abhigya nichts mehr zu tun,
    Die Taten von Psychoaaliya und ihren Psychos würde jetzt besser passen.
    Seit Wochen werden Episoden (2 Wochen keine mehr angesehen, da man weiß was kommen wird) mit diesen Psychos Aaliya, Mitali, Pallavi und jetzt auch noch Tanu, die man weder sehen noch hören will. (da war wohl jemand ohne Engagement), wenn ein Psycho geht hat der nächste Psycho schon seinen Eintritt. Ist es eigentlich schon mal jemandem aufgefallen, stellt man Aaliya, Tanu, Mitali und Pallavi nebeneinander, eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit zusehen ist, ähnliche Frisuren, die Gesichtszüge ähneln sich und der Kleiderstil bei allen vieren ist auch gleich Grotten schlecht.
    Einen Eintritt für Akteure die Abhigha unterstützen und helfen wollen gibt es nicht, wurden entweder getötet, verschwanden aus den Episoden.
    Aaliya, Tanu und die anderen Psychos können morden, entführen und jegliche andere Art von Straftat begehen ohne je zur Rechenschaft gezogen zuwerden. Prachi und Pragya wurden indes ohne eine Straftat begangen zu haben sofort verhaftet, eingesperrt.
    Hauptakteure werden degradiert: Abhi wieder Gedächtnisverlust, Reha wird zur Alkoholikerin, gerät wieder in den Einfluss von Aaliya und Tanu, Prachi wird zur Unwissenheit verdonnert, Purab wurde wieder ins Ausland geschickt und Pragya zur Dienstmagd degradiert um Abhi mal wieder zu helfen gesund zu werden, was diese Psychos, Aaliya und Tanu für sich zu nutzen machen werden.
    Wer auch immer diese Skipts schreibt, sei gesagt, dass es auf der Welt nicht nur Psychos gibt, nein es gibt auch ganz normale Menschen, die diesen ewigen Psychomist nicht mehr sehen wollen. Soviel Kriminalität und psychopatisches Gebaren in einer Serie ist es nicht wert sich weiter anzusehen.
    Die Handlung soll sich nach dem 20-jährigen Sprung um die Familienzusammenführung von Abhigya und ihren Töchtern drehen, was bis heute weder ansatzweise gezeigt wurde oder wird.
    Solange Zuschauer nicht damit aufhören sich diese Episoden anzuschauen, wie Psychoaaliya immer wieder mit einem Stock auf Abhi einschlägt, die anderen Psychos ihren Akt dazu beitragen, wird sich an dieser Art Skript auch nichts ändern. Seit diesem brutalen Akt der Gewalt ist für mich Schluß, es eine Beleidigung für Augen, Ohren und den gesunden Menschenverstand ist.
    Ich werde KKB erst wieder anschauen, wenn diese Psychos mit ihren ganzen kriminellen Aktivitäten entlarvt wurden, verschwinden.
    Bye, bye!

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