Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla asking Pragya what did she say. Pragya says she does not want to marry. Sarla slaps Suresh and asks him why did he love someone else. Pragya says Sarlat that it is not Suresh’s mistake. Sarla says she believed him as his son and asks him why did he agree for the marriage. PRagya says it is her mistake. Sarla says Suresh is not fit for him now. Pragya says she told Suresh that she loves him as she thought slowly he would start loving him and their relationship will boom. Suresh asks sorry and asks to give him another chance. Pragya asks him not to compromise. Suresh says he believes he will love her. Pragya says loves happens only once and she does not want to marry him now. Everyone is shocked to hear that, but maami smirks. Sarla says Pragya will not marry her and she hates Suresh now, she asks him not to show his ugly face from now. She drags him and pushes him out of her house. She warns him not to try to enter the house again and shuts the door on his face.

Abhi goes to Tannu’s house. Tannu gets happy seeing him and hugs him. She asks when did he come. He says when she was removing makeup from her face and says she did not know to make up earlier. Tannu says he taught him to make up. Abhi says he groomed her and made a super model. He says he likes her loving for money. Tannu says she learnt loving money from him and she is also money minded like him. Abhi shows a ring and says he wants to marry her. He asks if she will marry him. She says she does not want to marry him as she got a big contract and cannot deny that offer. Abhi gets angry and goes from there. Tannu thinks of asking Abhi to explain her situation.

Pragya sees Suresh’s gifted saree and crying hugging it. Pyaar hai ya sazaaaa…. song plays in the background. She thinks why did this happened to her, why destinty kicked her wishes. Abhi on the other hand throws the ring saying Tannu rejected her.

Bulbul comes to Pragya’s room and aplogizes her by saying she did not know Suresh was loving her and all her alliances broke because of her. Pragya says it is not her mistake. Bulbul says Pragya that she is the best and why people does not understand that. Pragya says if she would not have been there, whom she would have shared her pain and asks her not to blame herself. She says nothing can come in betwen them and they both hug emotionally.

Arvind sees Suresh seeing from the window and asks why did he tell truth to Pragya. Arvind says he did not want him and Pragya to suffer after and says Pragya should get a better life partner.

Pragya says Bulbul that she does not want to marry and fall in love again. She wants to be practical as before.

Abhi angrily says Aaliya that Tannu rejected him for money. He taught her everything, and she rejected him for a contract. Aaliya tries to cosole hime and says she will sort out everything. Abhi says he does not want to sort out and says he is feeling very depressed today.

Pragya says everyone’s heart breaks at someone and it is very painful and even correct path is not seen.

Sarla says Madhavi that she does not want to talk about marriage now. Madhavi says they have to sort out the issue and says Suresh is very tensed. Daadi asks not to take Suresh’s name as Sarla believed her, but he was the main culprit. Maami thinks of informing everyone that Sursh loves Bulbul and asks Sarla not to take tension. Daadi says people think there is something wrong in Pragya, so nobody wants to marry her. Sarla falls unsconscious. Everyone runs towards her.

Maami asks maama to inform Sarla whom Suresh loves. Pragya comes there and asks maama to bring medicines. She requests maami not to reveal whom Suresh loves.

Doctor informs Pragya that Sarla is under a lot of stress and to make sure she does not get any tension. Pragya asks Sarla why did she take tension. Sarla says she has to only relax now. PRagya says Sarla she would be worried about her marriage now and says she will marry a guy whom Sarla likes and will be practical and happy, she requests her not to get tensed.

Precap: Daadi calls her friend and asks her to let her meet the girl whom she reffered for her grandson’s marriage. Daadi thinks she will get a perfect girl for Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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