Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu insults Pragya and take Abhi home

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The Episode starts with Tanu and Aaliya coming to King’s house. Tanu rings the bell and then knocks on the door. Chachi opens the door and asks them why did she hit on the door and asks if they want to break the door. Tanu insults her and says this house is of Mr. King and asks her to move from her way. Chachi stops her from getting inside. Aaliya asks her to tell Abhi that they came to pick him. Tanu asks her to ask Pragya. Chachi says he is not here. Aaliya politely asks her to check once. Chachi says when I went to Pragya’s room, I saw Pragya and Kiara only. Tanu says we will see with our eyes and says I came to take Abhi and will take him. She pushes Chachi and goes inside. Tanu knocks on the door. Pragya is sleeping with Abhi and Kiara. Pragya opens the door. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Chachi

says I told them, but they didn’t listen. Pragya says he is inside. Aaliya says I am disgusted by you, I didn’t believe when Tanu told me that bhai might be here. They see Abhi sleeping with Kiara. Tanu tries to wake up Abhi and tells that she won’t let him get trap by pragya. She scolds Pragya and asks her if she wants to mentally torture her and take revenge. She says she is Abhi’s wife and will take infront of her husband and family. She says I will enter your life next time and settle the scores. Pragya says she has answer to all her questions. She tells that Disha called her and told about Abhi. She tells that she left phone at home and brought him home thinking they all are outside. Tanu asks Chachi to keep an eye on Pragya and stop her for her family and their family. Chachi thinks why Tanu is upset? If she knows about their affair. Aaliya and Tanu lift Abhi and take him from there. Chachi tells Pragya that she gets insulted by that woman because of her. Pragya cries and hugs Kiara.

Chachi thinks this girl has crossed all limits and thinks she must have thought about King’s respect atleast. She thinks to call King and inform him. She says I have to make King believe when he comes home. He thinks tomorrow is Tarun’s sangeet and thinks King will break off the alliance hearing about Pragya’s affair. Disha is worried for Abhi. Purab comes home and tells that Abhi is not with his friends. Disha says then where is he? Purab says if he came to know about Kiara and drinking in bar. Disha says this shall not happen else he will think Di wrong. Aaliya and Tanu bring him home. Purab asks Tanu to let him take Abhi to room. Tanu says she will manage. Aaliya asks her to let him take her. Aaliya and Purab take Abhi to room. Tanu tells Disha that Abhi was in Pragya’s room. She tells scolds Disha and tells that Pragya was fooling them and then asked you about him. She blames Pragya for giving him some medicine. Disha says may be she found him after I talked to him. Tanu says Pragya wants to take revenge. Disha says Pragya can’t think of this ever. Tanu threatens Disha and tells that she won’t go far from Abhi. She asks her to ask Pragya. Purab asks Disha to end the matter. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will ask Pragya herself. Aaliya says we shall hope that bhai gets consciousness in the morning.

Chachi waits for King. King comes home and greets her. Chachi says she wants to talk to him. King says I wanted to meet my princess and thought something will happen to me if I don’t meet her. Chachi feels bad for him. King goes to pragya and king’s room and thinks I missed you both. I came to know how much I love you. Chachi thinks King loves his family a lot, but Pragya is fooling him. She comes to King and tells that she wants to tell something important. King asks her to let him see Kiara first. Chachi says the matter is very important.

Abhi gets dream of Kiara and reminisces moments with her. He wakes up from sleep taking Kiara’s name. He thinks if it was real or the dream. He thinks Kiara is my daughter and it is real. He thinks Pragya gave me the daughter of my dreams, but she didn’t tell me. I have to find out. Chachi asks King to break Tarun and Neha’s alliance. King says how can we cancel the function and says they are grown up now. Chachi says she is helpless now after what she has seen. King says I am going to freshen up. Chachi says yesterday night Abhi was in Pragya’s room. King is shocked and turns to her. She tells her that when she heard some noise coming from her room, she went there and asks Pragya. She tells that Pragya opened the room a bit and didn’t tell her anything. Tarun hears them. Chachi tells that Tanu and Aaliya know about Abhi and Pragya’s affair and came here to search him. He asks him to do something and stop this affair. King recalls Tanu asking him to keep an eye on Pragya. Chachi asks if this is right on her part to bring someone’s husband in drunkard state and make him sleep in her room. She says once Tarun and Neha get married, Pragya and Abhi will continue their affair. She says I care for my daughter and tells that if you have seen him in the bed room then what you would have felt? King asks her to stop it. Chachi says you both sleep in same room, but that doesn’t mean she shall call some other man. King gets angry and shouts Pragya’s name.

King asks Pragya what Abhi was doing in her room. Abhi tells Disha that he will talk to Pragya. Pragya decides to tell truth to King.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I luv how tanu keeps talking bout HER husband and pragyas lack of morals. How many tumes while pragya was married to abhi did tanu try to get married to him? How many plots did she and aliyah hatch including her gettin pregnant for someone else and claimin abhi as d father while pragya was married to him? Im notlying eh if I was in pragyas place tanu and aliyah both wuda gotten several slaps from me. Cachi pretends to care bout king wen all she cares about is money and stopping tarun/neha wedding. Of course her indignation is understandable with her believing king and pragya r married and kiara is their daughter so I believe d best ting is to let her know d truth after pragya has told king everyting bout her and abhi. I luv king hes a gd man and deserves bestbut in sll fairness pragya has been totally honest with him from d very start she may have left out some key info like who her ex and kiara father is but he knows she still luvs her ex and is not interested in anyone else not even him despite his new found feelings, sad but true. I reallycant stand tanu I really wish someone or everyone slaps dat bi.ch. Aliyah and all deserves some slap cause she rather see her brother live a loveless painful life than b with d one he luvs. I guess she tinks I cant b with mines so y should I let u b with urs hmmm

    1. King never knew about Abi all he knew was what Paragya wanted him to know Mumbai Guy who was stupid

    2. Too funny Leisa! ” tanu keeps talking bout HER husband… ” Right, that husband who won’t share a room with her, who tells her not to touch him and who walks away from her as much as possible. Tuna fish is desperate and delusional. More Mehra Mansion murders on the way! I truly wonder what alia and Tuna fish did to Abhi to force him to marry the toddler monster.

  2. Laxmi jhariya

    This is the worst serial in the world, never seen this serial. How can people bear this nonsense.

    1. The same way they bear you!

  3. Wow!!! Look who’s calling the kettle black!!! Tanu!!! What a boldfaced wretch!! It’s the same role she played in Pragya’s marriage so long ago, you’d think she’d realize the symptoms of a homewrecker…at least she remembers taking Abhi away from his suhaag raat with Pragya… I wish ohh how I wish Pragya could stand up to this plastic sl*t and give her a dose of some reality!! …now, Pragya keeps saying that she doesn’t want Abhi, at least that’s what she tells Tanu so why did she bring Abhi into her house and into her personal space? I wish she could unequivocally say to Tanu that she’s back for Abhi and settle the playing field and fight like a tigress for him if she’s honest enough to admit that she still wants him in her life!! These writers possess fricking convoluted brains, they are driven to torture Pragya till the end.

    1. Hey Naz, good to see you! I did reply last friday/Sunday. Just entered my comment and then saw yours! Worst part is that Pragya doesn’t even have to fight like a tigress. All she needs to do is report the history of the tuna fish, Aliyah and Mithali. then she can ask the courts for anything she wants. Alia and the tuna fish are from the worst dregs of all humans. These two at the very least need to put into a toilet (larger size) and have the general public use the toilet. They will be with exactly what they are. Hopefully they will ‘drown’. Or suffocate! Oh! The images. (tee hee… my mind just went to work, figuring out the scene)

      1. Oh yes Akituster, I did read your comment…i don’t think that album would ever be produced… I can imagine too, flushing Aliya and Tanu the sl*t, down to toilet bowl, they can use the bathroom tissue to try wiping off their sins while going down..

  4. I like today’s episode. Chachi is right in all that she’s said.. How devastated King is going to be now with this knowledge of Pragya’s betrayal, that’s exactly how he’s going to feel… If only, if only she had been utterly honest with her past and Kiara’s paternity, she wouldn’t have been in this boat today.. There’s a dose of realism in today’s episode, no trying to justify anything, this is a real situation playing out here… Pragya was supposed to ask Purab to take Abhi home to his house, what did she gain from bringing him in her personal space? She has therefore opened up a Pandora’s box…but what has to happen, will happen and one day the truth always finds a way of revealing itself….as in the precap… It’s left to be seen whether Pragya tells King or not…the ball is in her corner now!!

    1. What about King’s truth? He has been lying to his family as well.

  5. Well Leisa, you are correct in your assessment. It is odd to see vampire evil actually having developed some manners. I’m sorry but the manners simply do not disguise the fact that Alia is an evil psychopath killer, thief and liar supreme. What? All of a sudden wealthy well dressed (not necessarily tastefully) women get no recognition for the crime that gets them into their exalted position??
    We are just to forget the clothing covers pure simmering evil? And of course the fish is her usual ugly spoiled brat murderer, thief, liar, self. The pout, which has been reigning supreme is heavily at work today.In India, CRIME PAYS BIG. ALWAYS. Yet another scene of Bi*tch
    Tuna and Creepy Criminal Aliyah ‘saving’ Abhi from Pragya. Is this the third time we have had this scene?? Worse still, it is not even a flashback!! Will B*tch Tuna ever celebrate her sixth birthday?? Or do we forever have to have this 5 year old run every script? And the Tuna fish’s little speech? Leisa has already pointed out the obvious.
    Can someone find a pink horsewhip to match her dress and whip this b*tche’s face right off the screen? Just pause her facial expressions every few seconds throughout her little speech. I can assure you there is laughter available in the exercise. You can tell she is on the upswing of her yoyo dieting lifestyle. It’s even funnier watching her finish the speech, look at Aliyah for approval and take a step,so pleased at how well she did on the speech. That was the actress, not the character. Pity. When you watch her frame by frame you can tell that nothing moves on her face except her pumped lips which aren’t as pumped up as usual today. Her eyes don’t change. Yup. That’s good acting all right! I am assuming that you know I am being facetious. When Aliyah asks Disha about Pragya being honest so they (the fish and the Kardashian vampire) must be liars, I burst out laughing. Did the script writer take drugs before he wrote this? So nothing new today excepting that we know the sangeet of Neha and Tarun is ‘tomorrow’. Whoopee! another chance for the fish to ‘shine’. And I am wondering how many young female viewers are practising the fish pout in front of a mirror. What an acting career! You need to know how to pout and screech… working hard to lower the tone of your toddler voice. Those young viewers are likely also practising the finger move. Using your finger like a sword to make your point. We can look forward to different outfits, soon. I guess that is something.

  6. I wonder if these writers take drugs when they put this BS in a script… where is your humanity when you write utter crap?

    Ekta had a fat lot to say about Game of Thrones and compared it to her shit shows, guess what the Khaleesi is going to take over Westeros and she made Jon snow bend the knee what does Pragya do apart from cry, lie to King then cry some more. I actually have no respect left for the actors playing Pragya and Abhi

    1. Oh Kalika! I’m sure you are my sister at some level!! You too, recognize, that the actors themselves have some responsibility for the production. They are the faces of stupid brutality, imprinted on every viewers heart. And clearly have no understanding of Karma…. and I am not talking about the ‘modern’ bullshit Westernized God-man understanding of Karma where Westerners now claim that they are Yogi. A yogi who while drinking wine checks on their stock portfolio. These God-men who re-packaged Hindu teachings so that Westerners would buy into their scams. A few European westerners are beginning to see beyond the scam. I truly hope that viewers of KKB will see through the scam of this serial.

  7. Akituster, can you give me the name of the medical condition you had mentioned about some time ago, I think it’s stenoid or something like that…the medical term for the condition associated with the bad headaches, nasal drip…

    1. Sorry Naz, while commenting on the dec 5 episode, I wrote my reply to you in tomorrows (dec 5th) comments without thinking. Just as I pressed the button to post, I realized…

  8. We are tired to see alia and tanu playing the same game and get away. And when abi will man up and become wise like purab
    We are waiting for alia and tanu punishment

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