Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with lawyers asking Pragya what she needs from Abhi’s property to divorce him. Aaliya says all those properties are bought before marriage, then why should Abhi give her property. Lawyer says he knows, but wants to clear it to Pragya and says they can start with 30% share. Pragya says she does not need property but promise from Abhi that she will allow her to meet Daadi, Raj’s kids and attend Abhi’s concert whenever she likes. Abhi hears that and walks into his room.

Aaliya says Pragya that she knows to trap people well and is using her brainwash tactic well, but she cannot fool them. Sarla comes and holds Pragya. Aaliya says they both should open a school to teach people how to lure people with emotional atyachar. Sarla says she should join it first, but she won’t be able to learn emotions as she is surrounded by fake people. Tanu asks how dare she is to call her fake people. Sarla says she did not take her name at all, then why is she taking it to herself.

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Pragya asks lawyer where to sign on divorce papers. He shows her the place. She reminisces their marriage, Abhi’s care for her, protecting her and her family, etc., and signs papers. Aaliya smirks seeing that and goes to Abhi’s room to bring him back to sign divorce papers. Abhi comes down to sign papers. Purab asks him to think again as Daadi may not like it when she comes out of her coma. Aaliya says Abhi is doing it for Daadi and asks him not to interfere. Pragya asks Purab to be silent and asks Abhi to sign papers. He signs them. Aaliya and all her puppets smirk seeing their plan working well.

Sarla cries saying Bulbul that her Pragya got divorced and she does not know what will she do now. Bulbul consoles her and takes her towards car. Sarla sees Purab and apologizes for misunderstanding him, says she will not forget the way he helped Pragya and gets into his car.

Pragya in he room looks at Abhi’s pic and cries holding it. She reminisces Abhi calling him to check if he has white hair. She pulls white chair. He asks why did she pull it as there is a myth that surrounding hair will go white. She says she does not know about it and will not believe him as he is not a scientist or astrologer. He says he will take revenge by pulling her white hair. She says does not have any and runs. He catches her and they both fall on ground and romantically look at each other. Pragya comes out of flashback and thinks this room reminds him of Abhi always and she has to go out of it right now.

Taiji and Tanu get nervous that Pragya has not come out of her room yet. ATanu says she will get her out. Aaliya says she must be consoling herself andreminiscing her past and will have to go out at any cost, so they should relax.

Pragya looks at Abhi’s jacket, throws it on floor, picks it back and cries again. She folds it and keeps it in her bag. Serial’s title song.. plays in the background.

Precap: Bulbul says Sarla that Pragya will not open up in front of her and will hide hear tears, so she has to be her support. Sarla nods yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th!!!!! What is your PRIZE for being 1st & 2nd???

  1. 2nd 🙂 🙂

    1. f**k off

  2. What f……….. nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Whats up with the bad language if you had a bad day tough deal with it , about the serial Eish is all I can say soon I am going to stop watching.

  4. this is the worst soap opera I have ever seen. A 4 year old can create a better storyline. This is total crap, same thing going on FOR ONE MONTH!!!! here is a tip I WILL STOP WATCHING THIS SERIAL I JUST CANCELEED THE CHANNEL.

    1. Mine is up in January and when it is up – I wll NOT renew. It started off well and went down hill really FAST…..

  5. rubbish serial thinking we are fool to watch this .

  6. Total nonsense

  7. This story is following the exact story line of “Ankta” in Pavitra Rishta and we all Know what happened to that serial….It was Canceled!!! This one is headed down that same path…. “SMH”

  8. hey guys!! i read somewhere that this divorce and all drama is purab and pragya’s plan to reveal the truth .

    1. wait are you serious if you are i wish i knew where you were i would come and give you a hug and thank you for this good news

    2. Don’t Believe the Hype!!

    3. you are right but they fails to reveal the truth they had planned that when lawyer ask pragya for property she will instead demand these promises which will help in reveal of truth and abhi must understand how much pragya love him and how much she is truthfull but unfortunately abhi is still in foolish state because of aliya and he don’t understand the matter ,
      so pragya and purab truth revealing mission fails and divorce is done

  9. same thing now Pragya and Abhi is divorced damn
    kab thak ?????

  10. i think this is good. I had assumed they will drag the divorce for one more month. then it will be a dream sequence or stuff.good they got divorced.
    Now they can start the new drama of abhi staying with Tanu and missing pragya. hopefully realizing how much he likes her 🙂

    1. You were reading my mind..
      Also i wont be surprised the divorce papers arent even legit.

  11. yes i am
    i came to know it while surfing about upcoming twists and turns of serials

    1. oh noooooo no more dragging drama .

  12. Rubbish serial !!!

  13. When granny comes out of her coma she is going to put her foot up somebody’s Ass.

  14. Mia ….U won the crown of kkb…enjoy..and plz maintain it..

  15. Tired u are really good yaar..

    1. Nannie you are really good yaar too…

  16. chandni panchii

    Worst part is going

  17. Hyree a bid hug for u

  18. I juz read upadte n now I guess that also wont abhi sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Why is everything going on around their grandmother ??? Every time abhi is saying that he’s tolerating pragya because of dadi !! What rubbish!!! Dude and please make pragya wear some good clothes this the 21st century no women dresses like that nowadays

  20. Pragya needs a makeover.

    1. Absolutely

  21. fan of the show

    How will they make the truth come out? Do you think Abhi will feel bad about how he cheated Pragya from day 1? I don’t think so. And how will he treat the evil twins Tanu and Aliya when he knows what they did?

  22. So, finally, the rickshaw-puller got divorce from dishwashing lady. Good. BTW, does anybody know when this stupid show will end – soon?

  23. Pragya is shown the door many times, its good thing that she is going……..or maybe another 2 to 3 days of last minute packing before she goes…….or maybe its just a dream you never know. I think the writers are not creative enough, they are afraid if they move very fast they will have nothing to show in the future, that’s why they need to buy time. Everyday Abhi was wishing for her to go away, writters let her go away already, we are tired with the same dialogue every single day.

  24. Sabawoon Khan

    I love kumkum bhagya I know it has becomed a bit dramatic but it happens in every serial and if you guys hate or don’t watch the serial don’t comment on it

  25. Sabawoon Khan

    And I’m happy that they are divorced now we can see some change in the story chill guys wait every thing will come on track

  26. Now that the divorce have occurred. Sarla will give Abhi hell when he tries to come near Pragya and he surely deserves it.

  27. the story wil get intretsed wen the truth is out

  28. I bet Abhi will bring back pragya and they’ll pretend they’re married in front of Dadi and eventually abhi will fall for her something bakwas like this

  29. ok you get that

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