Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi realizes Pragya isn’t married to King

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chachi telling Pragya that key is near your feet. Pragya picks the keys and opens the door. Abhi thinks he can’t take risk like before, and thinks to wait till everyone sleeps, then he will go. King asks Pragya to check the door and tells that Kiara opens the door and then closes it, though she don’t go out. He asks her to check the door. Pragya says she will lock the door. Abhi is hiding behind the sofa. Pragya takes the keys and tells that she will lock it now. Tanu thinks of Abhi telling that Kiara is his daughter and this is truth. Tanu keeps hand on the candle and says I hate you Pragya. She says Abhi went to Pragya’s home to find out if Kiara is his daughter, but I know that she is not his daughter, else Pragya and Abhi would have united. She thinks Abhi shall love and respect her, and tells herself that she is more beautiful than Pragya, and loves Abhi more. She says Pragya left him and went, but I was with him, and is faithful to him. She acts crazy and tells that she will love Abhi till she gets him. She thinks she is really a nice girl and loves Abhi truly. She thinks Suwarni Dasi will welcome Pragya if she comes to know about Kiara. She calls Abhi, but he doesn’t answer her calls. She throws her mobile in anger and shouts…..Pragya tells King that she has locked the door and will keep the keys. Tarun says he will keep the keys. Pragya asks him to go and sleep. She tells that Tarun is a child. King says he is going to get married soon. Pragya refers King as kid as well.

Kiara asks are you a kid? King says yes, mamma will drop us to school. He asks if his bed is ready. Abhi thinks how can Pragya talk to King like his family and gets angry. Pragya says your bed is ready. King says ok. Abhi recalls and a fb is shown, he asks Pragya if someone will love her like he do, and asks her to suppose if she goes away from him, then I will curse myself and will think that why didn’t I stop you. he says my love will get deeper always. Pragya says we will be together always. King says good night. Pragya takes Kiara to her room. Chachi comes. King tells that Pragya took Kiara to her room to sleep. Chachi asks him to make her drink kada. Abhi thinks this is Pragya’s family, she is sharing her bed with someone, thinks she is not his, but of someone else. He thinks he came to get his family, but. King comes and asks Kiara to have kada. Abhi thinks to question Pragya and thinks what if King sees me. Pragya asks her to drink kada for the cough. Kiara says she dislikes its smell. King says she is not habituated and says good night to them. He asks them to knock on his door if they want anything. Pragya says she will take it. King goes to sleep in other room. Abhi thinks King doesn’t share bed with Pragya and thinks Pragya has a family, but she has no relation with King which she had with me. He thinks if Pragya is mine.

Disha is restless at home. Aaliya keeps an eye on her. Purab comes and asks where is Sunny? Disha says he slept and tells that he saw himself becoming monster and was scared. Purab says he will be fine. Disha asks about Abhi. Purab says he will come in sometime and kisses Disha’s hand and thanks her for understanding his family. He says Abhi sees childhood Aaliya in you. Aaliya hears them and thinks she will fight for her right and will snatch what belongs to her. She thinks she will make Purab hers. Abhi looks at Pragya from outside the room and thinks of Pragya’s promise that only his name will be on her kumkum. Allah wariyan plays…..He thinks I was feeling wrong about you, and says you can break my heart, but can’t break the promise. He thinks even though you love me and thinks why she don’t she return to me. Pragya gets up in the night and finds album on the floor. She thinks if someone took the album out and thinks Kiara might have taken it out. She goes out. Abhi admires Kiara as she is sleeping.

Abhi tells Tanu that he came to know that Pragya is not married to King. King asks Pragya if he would be real father then would he be a good father?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The production begins with a lovely family scene. The criminal abuser is hiding in the house waiting to do more destruction. The music indicates that there should be an atmosphere of danger of trepidation. Just like any other family being victmized by a gang of criminals. The resident whore of the criminal gang and her fat lips made for B.J.’s begins the daily anthem of crime and hate against Pragya. “I hate you Pragya! I hate you Pragya!”. The dumb bimbo decides that “Pragya left Abhi”, forgetting that she murdered Dadi and her best friend the amazon shark told Abhi to kick Pragya out. The writers and producer of this …. make an effort for the viewer to feel some sympathy for the whore. She unconvincingly hurts herself on a candle. Gee! I thought she had all those fat candles in the room for other reasons! This one clearly visited her face sculpting doctor recently. The lips are especially full and pouty. They are just unnaturally too big. What does this woman believe? Her lips look like the handles on a woven shopping bag that you could purchase in most tropical markets. The actress attempts a serious melodramatic monologue. I’m not too sure why. There is no new information. She does not even do a ‘passing’ job on the scene. This actress, we know, is able to do better work in other productions. This actress serves no purpose in this production. Why do they continue to make a fool out of this pouty princess who continues to use ‘breathwork’ (blowing air out of her mouth or heaving her fake boobs up and down) instead of acting. I do not understand why this woman is still a part of the production. If this last scene doesn’t prove that the woman should not be allowed on the set, I don’t know what could prove ‘her ability’ is well, rather wanting. In order to garner sympathy for the head criminal Abhi, we are treated to another ubiquitous and famous flashback. Oh Joy. I can really feel the love now, amongst the jungle of abuse and criminality. (Not). Pragya’s own words of her never leaving Abhi, haunt Abhi. He tends to forget the consequences of his own stupidity. He kicked Pragya out. He always listens to the whore and his criminal sister. The sister, who very well may be ‘disappeared’ and forgotten by the producer. Like Robin, Bunty, Akash/Rachna etc. I’m crossing my fingers that his evil amazon shark sister is dead and decaying somewhere. Abhi continues his jealousy. The woman he unceremoniously kicked out has created a happy, perhaps not perfect, but a happy family. This is what Abhi must destroy. Pragya is his property as is anything she produces, even the child. Pragya is not allowed any happiness. Abhi is not happy even though he always does the right thing, like marrying a whore with B.J. lips. Abhi should be happy!! Pragya must suffer even further abuse!! We see a very short scene of family. Then the stupid hypocrite Abhi begins to go on and on again with his baseless ‘thoughts’. These are not thoughts. These are simple, normal reactions displayed by all abusers. These mental contradictions are appropriate for uneducated emotional children. Abhi is delighted when he decides that Pragya remains as his property. “She kept her vows!”. he does not think once of the vows he has broken. He does not think once that his sister and his whore are alive and being supported by him. Abhi has no rights. Abhi is a stupid, stupid criminal who deserves a lashing for each time he insulted or hurt Pragya. Let’s face it, he’ll be dead before the lashings are even fully administered. Oh gawd no! The shark is observing her prey. That killer sister is alive. You know the sister who thinks she’s smart. She’s not smart. She has access to a lot of money. That’s not smart. That’s being an efficient emotional blackmailer, with a lot of money. I do not understand why she is not in a mental institution…or dead. Her Peeping Tom habits are against the law in most countries. But the B.J. princess is still alive even with her own peeping tom habits. Civilized people see this as criminal behaviour. In India, it would appear that this is called love. Thank-you Ekta, for your continued and illuminating teachings. The psychopath, still stuck in a groove that was ’11’ yeas ago believes that she has a ‘right’ to a man who has never wanted her. Ever. Eleven years. All justified because she has money. Do you see how the rich blindly fool themselves into thinking that they are somehow ‘more’ as humans because they have more money? This low-level ‘thinking’ is typical of the rich and all other criminals. We get to hear her little “Yep” like one of those dogs that look like a dust mop. She has to agree with herself. No one else would, unless they were insane. Well, there is her best friend with the B.J. Lips, who is just as insane. Another flashback. The producer tries to tell us that this show is just as good as it was originally with the abhigya music. We finish, with Abhi gazing at what he perceives as his ownership of the child. He owns them both you see. They are his property and have no will, no desires or hopes or dreams of their own. They are only for his bi-polar pleasures. This is his property. Typical abuser, just in case you weren’t sure.

    1. Hmmm I’m so disgusted by this nonsense your comment is the only reason i visit this god forsaken forum i rather read what you write than the updates i dont even watch this crap only clips on ig…i feel soooo sorry for king in all this mess i only hope when it all explode in his face they don’t make him a villain too….at the moment i like him more than our two so call hero’s sriti and shabbir

  2. Wow Just dipped into KDB. Couldn’t watch it all. How is it possible that Ekta Kapoor has scripts written for 3-5 year olds and is able to turn them into productions for television. We already know that she thinks she’s smart and everyone else is really really stupid. Do you think perhaps it is Ekta that is lacking? Like really really lacking in brains, morality and heart?
    This is what really stupid people do when they are frightened that everyone will find out how dumb they are. They use their money to injure/wound everyone else so that they can insure that they appear to be the best and the smartest. Just like Aliyah and Tuna fish. Aliyah and Tuna fish are truly a mirror image of Ekta’s twin personality. (No personality, just money talking) Ekta’s gut keeps competing with Tuna’s lips. Yes. That is a downright insult. I figure it’s fair. Ekta’s productions are an insult to all humanity. I am speaking to and at the level of the playing field that Ekta continues to be allowed to create. (And the insult is funny, too!…Just imagine it!)

  3. Akituster you’re right. I’m glad that tanu makes all these things because this is all what she did with pragya in the past

  4. Hey Sam and Geeta, thank you. You are getting all the s*xual innuendos, right? With the cultural differences I’m not sure if those plays on words are recognized. ; ) I don’t think that Abhi ever had a chance to be a hero. He was a schmuck right from day one. How could you possibly think of yourself as an adult male with his two murdering attachments telling you what to do every second? Anytime he thinks for himself he does something criminal or stupid. He’ll never be an adult male until the two schmucks have been dead and long gone. He’ll need time after that to finally grow up. And Pragya? She has stockholm syndrome. She’s a lost cause. She has become one of the dummies. I wonder if Sriti Jha after seeing today’s ‘performance’ by the tuna actress will honestly think that this Leena actress deserves support. Today’s performance was really truly bad. Far worse than usual. More than ever I believe she was chosen for the role to make a fool out of the actress. I don’t think Ekta likes beauty coupled with sweetness, in women. Perhaps Leena is being punished because her sweetness is insincere? Who knows?!

    1. Yar some says thank he body is shaky like a vibrator see she got chance in some other websites then y can’t she got thee instead routing in this series really i don’t know about maayA2 because I don’t like this actress anymore alwz same exp same dialogue irritated

    2. Lol… you’re so right….to me the first tanu was a way better actor than this previous whatever she call whats she’s doing tanu….no real emotion just one facial expression to everything and ekta knows she’s incapable of real acting hence the s*xual way of dress it’s just too distract us from her terrible performance on a daily basis….they literally forcing her down our throat and the sad thing leena know she’s not liked by alot of kkb fans (which was expressed to great lengths on ig) but she have no kind of shame she down right insults them….i dislike her to the core not just her acting but her personality on the whole

      1. Yes even madurima was just nice i don’t but inwoudibjt judge her acting since she did only small role in this kkb if she was there it would have been this b*t*h is been supported by their coactors what to do mainly shabir who is the best his character ruined by marrying her sriti best actress ever seen for me has been ruined y they ae giving sympathetic and so called every dialogues which is alwz related to tanu oh god yesterday her dialogues what waa thay loyal and faithful what even them where was faithful and loyalty when a bi asked her about adoption

      2. She called them sadist fans and proved by posting a post that i will.give 100.percent performance on the screen for which her colleges and friends and actors supported her and encouraged her in which sriti just typed bravo for which she was been slammed like anything since shbaz didn’t type anything he escaped don’t know whether she asked her role in kkb or they are forcing her to do.it feel.pity for Tisha and leena seriously who knows about their real nature who knows

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