Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rhea blames Prachi for Aaliya’s arrest

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The Episode starts with Door bell ringing. Pallavi and Vikram come to hall. Pallavi says who came at this time. Meera comes and tells that she will check. She opens the door and finds Inspector standing. Inspector gets inside the house and tells that they have arrest warrant against Aaliya Khanna. He asks Meera if she is Aaliya Khanna. Meera says no and asks what is the matter? Pallavi asks what is the matter, tell us. Inspector says she hit a lady and ran. It is a case of hit and run. Purab tells Pragya that when Doctor asked suddenly, he said…Pragya says you said what your heart feels and tells that mind knows, but heart doesn’t know and speaks with eye or tongue. She says its ok. Purab hugs her and cries. Pragya asks him to sit. She asks Purab not t cry and asks him to make his heart understand. Purab says he was waiting for her since 20 years and feels like everything is slipping off from his hands. He says he has a life, but nothing in it. Pragya asks him to have patience and says everything will be fine. Purab asks do you think this? Pragya nods her head. Meera tells that she will bring Aaliya.

Aaliya tells Rhea that Police came. Rhea asks her to hide and says they behave badly. Aaliya hugs her and says I love you more than anyone else in this world. She says she will deny everything. Rhea says ok. Meera comes there and tells that Police came. Aaliya asks why? Rhea says Bu ji didn’t do anything. Aaliya says I am coming. Meera comes downstairs and asks Inspector to wait. Aaliya comes down and says she is Aaliya Khanna. Rhea asks why you want to arrest her and says she is innocent. Aaliya asks Inspector to say. Inspector says you hit Disha with your high speed car and ran away. Dasi asks if she is Disha singh? Inspector says yes. Aaliya asks her to be quiet. Dasi says why Aaliya will do her accident. Inspector says then only she did the accident and asks lady constable to arrest her. Rhea takes handcuff from the lady constable and throws it. Inspector says if she interferes then we will arrest her too. Pallavi says she is a kid and says she can’t see her buji arrest. Inspector tells that she hit Disha Singh with her high speed car and then stopped her car at a distance, and then escaped. He says he has an eye witness and says she is Prachi. Rhea says Prachi is a big liar and lying. Lady constables are taking Aaliya out.

Rhea shouts and tries to stop her arrest. Inspector says I am silent thinking her as a kid. Rhea hugs Aaliya and asks her not to go. Aaliya tells Rhea that she didn’t do this accident intentionally. She asks Rhea to meet Prachi and asks her to take back the complaint. Inspector says if Prachi takes the case back then we will leave her. Rhea shouts. Aaliya asks Vikram to call Lawyer. Rhea shouts as Aaliya is taken away by the Police. She comes inside the house and tells that they all like Prachi, but Prachi took enmity on her family member. She counts whatever her family has done for Prachi. She calls Prachi and tells that she will make her pay for this. Vikram says I will go to Police station and get her bail. Rhea tells that her Bu ji can’t do anything wrong, this is all done by Prachi. She shouts and tells that she will make Prachi pay for this. She says she has no idea what she is in and will confess her crime infront of Police. She says I am so angry and will tear her etc. Meera asks her to calm down and hugs her. Rhea cries and tells that Prachi doesn’t know whom she has taken enmity. He says she will not leave her. Meera says nothing will happen to your Buji.

Sarita behen asks Rishi if he called Police. He says yes. Door bell rings. Prachi and Sahana come home. Prachi asks Madhu what happened to your hand. Madhu tells everything that when she was going to kitchen to get food for Rishi, she went to his room and someone attacked her. Shahana asks who was he? Madhu says I couldn’t see his face. Rishi says I had called Police. Sarita behen asks where is Pragya? Prachi says I will do, tell me. Sarita behen says I am having fever and Madhu is injured, Pragya shall be with us now.

Rhea calls Prachi. Sahana cuts the call and takes phone with her. She says Rhea might be calling her to scold her. Prachi gets upset with Rhea and tells that she wants to slap her and make her understand what is right or wrong. Sahana says she is neither your sister nor friend and don’t deserve your lecture. Prachi says yes. Sahana asks her to shower her love and lecture on her and appreciates her for her presence of mind and taking the car number plate’s pic.

Rhea tells that Prachi is not picking the call. Meera tells that she will call her. Dasi asks what you will tell that your Buji did her maasi’s accident. Rhea misbehaves with Dadi and asks if she is Prachi’s Dadi. She says you all are blaming my Buji and nobody took her side. Pallavi says it is not like that. Vikram says you are not letting me call lawyer. Rhea tells that she wants her Buji to come clean and tells that she will handle her on her own. Dasi asks Pallavi to bring her phone and tells that she will call Disha’s number. Meera tells Vikram that either Prachi will take back the case or Rhea will ask us to call lawyer. Pallavi brings phone. Dasi calls on Disha’s number and tells that nobody is picking the call. Meera tells that the matter is going to be complicated this time.

Rhea comes to Prachi’s house and rings the bell. Madhu opens the door. Rhea comes inside shouting Prachi’s name. Prachi is in the bathroom. Rhea calls her. Sarita behen says Prachi is not at home and asks her to say what happened. Rhea pushes Madhu. Shahana comes infront of Rhea. Prachi comes and asks what happened? Rhea looks at her angrily.

Precap: Prachi asks Rhea not to make anyone fall again in her house. Rhea asks her to get ready for punishment.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This serial is hell bound to show only NEGATIVITIES???, today I wished tat the police should have put Rhea too behind the bars, she was really acting like a b*t*h.???
    And wat abt ARYAN???, he is the 1 who should be REALLY concerned rather than that a*sh*le woman Rhea, when he is not even shown, as he stays in a totally diff PLANET???.
    The script writer of KKB has really gone out of stories, tat is y he/she is just goin round and round over Rhea-Prachi enemity which is just absolutely DISGUSTING.???
    Pls shut down this CRIMINAL SHOW???, which is just good for showing ONLY CRIMES???, now this RHEA-PRACHI fight will go for another 2-3 weeks to just play with the mind of its viewers.
    Actually we are the real FOOLS who are just watching such f**king stupid shows and keepin up its trp???, we should really boycott this goddamn KKB & KD???.

    1. Geetanjali Kullu

      I agree with your comments. It shows only crimes and l the negativities. Director should show the positive points and motivate people and the society.its all a bullshit.

    2. MaddieDaddie9966

      I am still surprised to see that ppl are still watching it..I already stopped watching KKB long time back…I just happened to go through KKB updates and came here just to realize that there are viewers still watching this stupid, idiotic, dumb, senseless show….
      Its time for you ppl to stop watching this show…This show is getting unnecessary TRPs…Senseless story…instead of showing good prevails over evil…they are just showing the opposite…evil prevails over good…
      How is Kundali Bhagya going, Lisa? I haven’t even watched a single episode of Kundali Bhagya as I believed it be another crap of KKB….I am sure it would be another bullshit just like KKB….

  2. Y they often keep party n bully drama create with evilness? so much expectations at beginning of this serial has spoiled by lot of dangerous love/ attraction/posesiveness y only this topic is more important in all drama ?

  3. I guess there’ll be some more filler episodes. There is no breakthrough in the relationships of any of the couples. Pragya/Abhi or Disha/Purab or even Prachi/Rohan. Am gonna just read written updates, till something interesting happens.

  4. Mini-Aliayh does a wonderful job of showing how ‘high-class’ the Mehra women really are. the mini-Aliyah behaves like an uncultured fish-wife. this ‘batcha’ who dresses like an adult sl*t began the scene with a hairstyle ERROR with a TOO TALL bun. Clearly someone noticed how ridiculous the proportions were and quickly the bun was redone! Real class. And her ‘big scene’ !! Mini-Aliyah should be told that she is horrible as an actress. Omigawd! I was laughing, so hard. Does this ‘little girl’ actually believe that she’s acting?? Real class, of course. Because educated people with class can be that dumb, dishonest and that mis-behaved and generally disruptive. Yup. that’s classy, all right!! A family of guttersnipes ended up with some money so they think they’re classy. that’s why mini=Aliyah extends her temper tantrum and runs to Prachi’s house so that she can continue to behave like a cheap guttersnipe… in her pyjamas.

    1. Stevka

      Aki!! I’m a big fan of your comments, PLS do read my ff on KDB Journey.

    2. O.K. Stevka! Today I will make some time to take a look!

  5. To me I find that they should of ended this serial either when abhi found out that munni was pragya or when abhi and pragya reunited after 7 years. They are just dragging the show along and its leading to no where. Aaliyah can never change as far as this show is going and Rhea is following in her same footsteps. So I really dont know what the script writer is doing.

  6. Hi Arkituster whats up girl….. sorry to hear that you wont well …. I did not know anyway I am glad to know that you are feeling better now and I will remember you in my Prayers…. I want to know something….are you from India because you speak like you know exactly about their life styles… by chance do you watch harmri bahu silk…the last I saw is when that psycho kidnapped paki and then it stop showing so what took place after that ….did the psycho killed paki and her husband… I lost contact after that…if you dont know could you find out from one of your other forum friends what happend with that serial

    1. thanks for your wishes, Sapphire! Yes, born in India, immigrated as child. Brought up Western on the outside and antiquated Indian ideology on inside. Indian in my heart and so very thankful for the Western part of me that was able to thrive, in an environment where equality (male/female) is respected far more. I’m a hybrid, of both worlds! My gardens are all here in the cold North! I hope to have a ‘garden’ in India, as well. I did originally watch a few different shows but now just catch KKB/KDB. And for the next 4-5 months I won’t have time to do more. But each time you and RV describe a new story-line… even both of you speak to how they are always the same for plot lines and the regular incidence of, “Let’s just drop the story without an ending or conclusion”. It just reminds me that the Indians I have known within families do that very thing all the time with issues which involve shame or bad behaviour of a family member/friend!! I find this more than coincidental. ; )

  7. Verma4

    Bugee ke jail mein bhajiya bani. Mini-Aliya is such a spoilt brat. did someone just stick a frog down here throat. such over acting. b*t*h.

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