Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid inviting his friend for a card party at his home. He continues to talk over phone and tries to eat eat and toast breakfast. Pragya sees that and feeds him egg. He eats at the beginning without noticing, but when he notices it, he stops her and says only Tanu can feed him. He continues to fight with her but stops seeing Daadi coming there. Daadi asks him if he brought diwali gift for Pragya. He says no. She gives him necklace and asks him to make her wear it. Pragya reminisces their marriage when he dorned her mangalsutra. He thinks only Tanu deserves necklace from. Pragya thinks though he has not given her any rights, she has given it to him.

Pragya’s daadi waits for auto to reach Pragya’s home, but does not get one and starts scolding auto drivers. Suresh sees her and says he will drop her to Pragya’s house. Daadi hesitates at first, but agrees.

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Abhi sees house well decorated for diwali pooja and asks Daasi if she arranged everything. Daasi says yes. He sees Pragya and Daadi and walks out from there. Daadi tells Pragya that pooja muhurath is around 8-10 p.m. and once Abhi’s card party is finished, they should start pooja. She gives keys to Pragya and says it is her responsibility from today as she is tired of responsibilities till now. Taiji sees that and thinks earlier it was difficult to extract money from Daadi, now it will be even more difficult to extract money from Pragya. Pragya happily walks towards her temple when Abhi clashes with her and scolds that she is unlucky for her.

Abhi starts card game and informs about the rules to his friends that no one will leave game until they lose all the money in their pockets. He asks where is his lucky charm. Tanu and Aaliya come and sit next to her.

Daasi sees Pragya near temple instead of sitting next to Abhi in card game and asks her to go and sit next to him in place of Tanu. Mitali says Abhi will not Tanu move away from him as he thinks her as his lucky charm. Daasi says says he does not know Pragya his his lucky charm. Abhi loses his first card game and his friend says he cannot win always even with his lucky charm next to him.

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Suresh drops Daadi at Pragya’s house and says he will wait outside until she comes. She says she may take a lot of time and asks him to accompany him in. Abhi’s daadi greets them both. Daadi gives Pragya’s daadi about Sarla. She says she could not come, so she came with diwali shagun. Suresh says he will meet Abhi. Daadi says ok.

Abhi’s friend continues win and Abhi is annoyed. Suresh comes there. Abhi asks him to join him. He says he does not know to play cards and thanks him for saving Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Abhi jokes that he must be eyeing on the hall. Suresh asks what does he mean. Abhi says he is just joking and asks him to walk out as he is busy with game. Abhi is tensed that he is losing continuously and asks Tanu to show her charm. Tanu says she will go to washroom. Abhi waits till she comes back, sees a girl standing next to him, shows cards and wins game. He hugs her saying she is his lucky charm and is shocked to see Tanu standing in front of him and he hugging Pragya instead. He starts scolding he why did she come and sit on his lap. His friend says he should be thankful to Pragya instead as he won double money which he lost and says Pragya is his lucky charm and not Tanu. Tanu gets irked hearing that and walks out. Friend asks him to let Pragya touch his card and play then. He does so and wins again. Friend says she told him already that his wife Pragya is his lucky charm. Abhi says he will play one more game and asks Pragya to touch cards again. Pragya says she does not have to stay next to him and asks him to close his eyes and remember her if he wants to win. He closes eyes, imagines Pragya, wins game and thinks he did not get these kind of cards in his life till now and it is all because of Pragya. He continues to play and wins all games.

Precap: Abhi says Pragya that she is unlucky for him. She says he won card game because of her. He asks if he has to give her 50% share. She says no. He thinks of getting locker keys from Daadi to keep money, but sees keys in Pragya’s hands instead.

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  1. D same borin’ stuff as usual !!

  2. Writers are very immature…boring irritating show…they have gone mad…sick story line with bunch of idiotic characters and nonsense twist and turns …also very weak story which have no warmness…no charm…

  3. getting tired of watching the same ole same ole…

  4. I checked the ratings on this show…..and it is fairly high….no wonder why the writers not changing the stupid plot!!!! Does that mean this is the direction the show will continue to go!?!??! sigh

  5. Some viewers probably like this cat and mouse game between Pragya and Abhi that’s wht the rating may be high. However what goes up must come down and if the shoe continues in this direction, the ratings would definitely drop

  6. Boring…

  7. abhi you are in love with pragya admit it soon….i can’t wait

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