Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi plans to marry Pragya secretly

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Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Disha if Pragya said that she will marry me, and says she don’t accept that Kiara is my daughter, so she will not agree. Disha says this time you have to marry her and she don’t want to marry, but there is a twist, you have to marry her by cheat. Abhi says this is wrong. Disha says if you don’t do this then King will propose Pragya di. Abhi asks how do you know? Disha says she is a woman and knows seeing Pragya’s face. She says now Kiara is your daughter and says once you marry Pragya everything will be fine. She says just as Tanu doesn’t matter to you, King also doesn’t matter to her and says if you go to her then she will go with the flow and says she needs that confidence.

Pragya looks at her mangalsutra and thinks marriage means Abhi to her and that’s why she will never let it away from her. She sleeps. King comes to her room and thinks he has bought same design mangalsutra for her and will propose her with it after Neha and Tarun’s marriage. He gives her flying kiss. Abhi tells Disha that he is ready to marry her and says he will take all vows and rounds with her. He says I will make Pragya mine with everyone’s blesses and the happiness will be doubted. Disha says happiness is lifetime return. Purab comes and asks if this is your idea? He says I loved it and gets happy. He hugs Abhi and congratulates Disha. He says one daughter will go and other will come. They hug and jump. Abhi says lets do it again, and they jump happily. Tanu hears them and thinks what they are talking.

Kiara comes to Purab and says good afternoon. Pragya says afternoon. Kiara says it is afternoon for you and tells that superman called and asked when you will come to his house. She asks why is he waiting. Pragya says why? Kiara says I am ready and asks her to get ready too. Pragya says you have school. Kiara says today is Tarun Chacha’s marriage. Pragya says it is in afternoon and asks her to attend the school. Kiara gives her kiss and asks her to buy mangalsutra for her. Pragya asks if superman asked her to give her a kiss. Kiara says no, it is good morning kiss. Pragya says she has to go to Abhi’s house and decorate the mandap. Abhi tells the decorator that there is two marriages here. He says he is getting married today. Decorator asks Bahadur. Bahadur congratulates her. Dadi is making rangoli. Abhi compliments her. Tanu sees Abhi happy and says why is he happy today. Aaliya comes and asks her to let him be happy. Tanu says he is very happy and looking 5 years younger. She says he is acting as a lover boy and excited as if he will bring Pragya back. Aaliya says bhai is always excited in family functions and says I don’t have more energy to make you understand. Tanu thinks to go and check in Abhi’s room. Abhi sees Pragya coming there and talking to someone. He looks at her. Tu sona sona plays……Dadi calls Pragya. Pragya comes to her and keeps her foot on the rangoli. Dadi says it is good and says this house thinks of you as the bahu. Pragya says sorry and gets inside. Abhi thinks to welcome her.

Pragya walks inside stepping on the rangoli. Dadi gets happy. Abhi puts garland on Pragya’s neck and asks her to put on his neck as he has to tie it. Pragya puts garland on his neck and smiles. Allah wariyan plays…….Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and thinks she is sure to get some clue or proof from here. Disha is going from there and hears the sound. She peeps inside and sees Tanu searching there. She thinks if she is searching real DNA report or something else. Tanu thinks to search what Abhi was hiding from her. Disha thinks she can’t take chance and throws something on Tanu. Tanu comes out of the door, but Disha hides. Tanu goes back. Disha thinks why I shall hide? She goes to room calling Abhi. Tanu asks what are you doing here? Disha asks what are you doing here? Tanu tells that Abhi sent her to get his brooch. Disha tells her that Abhi is having brooch on his kurta. Tanu says she is searching her earrings and says it must be in drawer. She is about to open the drawer.

Pragya asks Abhi why he is doing this work. Abhi says you shall do the work. Pragya says she came for Neha’s rituals. Abhi asks her to climb on the stairs and do the decoration. Pragya says don’t think that I will slip and you will catch me. Abhi says this will happen. Dadi comes and asks her to do. Pragya climbs on the stairs. Abhi holds her waist. Pragya asks him to leave her. Allah wariyan plays….

Abhi asks Pragya not to cut his talks after marriage. Pragya is surprised. He pulls her closer. Chachi comes and asks whose marriage?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want to finish this serial plz

  2. I actually think that I’m capable of murdering someone …in the literary world.. I have one victim on AKAJS and now I’m adding Pragya and Disha to my Craigslist… Pragya, for not having the ovarian freedom and fortitude to walk away from her abusive cum screwed up attraction to the pathetic excuse of a man named Abhi and Disha, for pushing her nose in another couple’s relationship as if Pragya doesn’t know what to do with her messed up life juggling between the devil and an angel.. SERIOUSLY…if King doesn’t turn rogue, my precious time here will go down as wasted in all the times I’ve spent here.. I must be vindicated! Disha …ohhhh gosh, I just can’t stand her anymore, she needs help. In hindsight Aliya should have given her some more trouble, clearly Disha didn’t have enough to worry about..

    1. I don’t even know what this Disha sounds like but I can’t stand her… I don’t watch this, this is not even a serial anymore it’s either going to kill those who have high blood pressure or further kill the brain cells of those without mental strength

  3. I don’t watch it…I would rather pluck out my nose hairs one by one. It’s less torturous than this serial.

    1. OMG Tango, your comment is hilarious.. I can see you doing it in my mind’s eye!! Good one, short and sweet!!

      1. I totally agree with you Naz, abt ur reaction to Tango’s comment. Spot on it was. I still haven’t stopped laughing. ????

    2. hahaaha gud job.

  4. Worst ever serial of world history. Disha is overacting&irritating. Poor king and chachi. Now shameless pragya and amul baby abhi will unit. King will lost kiara. Blood is thicke than water. King you go man. This serial is full of shit. The hindi viewers are so pathetic to watch abhigya

    1. No pathetic u know something even if they give overside of abigya it’s not working now I hate dusga than tanu in the serial don’t know whether she assks fr SS or not irriared with her and abhi trp has gone to 10 from 5

  5. …and look at how pathetically painful to watch Abhi has come, he has to secretly remarry Pragya… That’s the best he can do. See friends, he ain’t man enough to come clean with King and battle it out, so he has to do it covertly.. LMFAO..

  6. “All is fair in love and war” These are the words of cowards who are willing to lie, cheat, steal and kill for what they want. A justification for their bad behaviour. And sweet little Disha is vying to replace Tuna fish. Great. Pragya is brought back to the murder mansion, Tuna might be gone, but what the heck… here’s another bimbo to make decisions for other people without their permission or knowledge. Is that house cursed? (Yes). King is a very attractive gentleman as he plans and wishes to make his family a legal family. Kiara is sweet. This time the trick to help keep Pragya in the murder mansion is when she walks through Swarni Dadi’s rangoli. TF (tuna fish) is suspicious and being the world’s best stalker, eavesdropper and magnificent trouble maker, TF’s fingers are everywhere they have no right to be. Why isn’t this one in jail? Better yet, deceased. Come On, she should look for another job! Abhi tries to resurrect some old scenes. I really need to beleive that the writers are just as bored as we are but have no choice but tofollow instructions. If they use drugs to help their creativity, they truly need more drugs. I would think that is one of those filler episodes with great scenes that feel like they’re old scenes.

  7. I found a new job for TFA (Tuna fish and Alia)! The US gov’t needs them! The US gov’t is once again about to destroy a country… again. They use lies, theft and murder as well! TFA will be happy in a job like that. And hopefully if they are sent to help the us, TFA’s incompetence and pettiness will get them killed. And then the writers, if they get permission from Ekta Aunty, can develop an actual new storyline!

    1. Better yet Akituster, Tanu, Aliya, Disha and Pragya are all full of dog poo for brains , any one of them can replace Sarah Sanders and skeleton Kellyann Conway….

      1. Hey Naz! I get the idea! LOL But I do not go near mainstream news. It is pure propaganda and half truths, well most of it is the same type of brain as mentioned above! I have no idea who Kellyann is. Sarah Sanders? White house press ? I do read 2 hrs/day but on my fave sites, which through the years have proven to offer truthful news. There are still a few journalists who have not been murdered because of their integrity, dedication, courage and truth telling.

  8. You are right abhi is showing signs of depressoon coz of boredom
    Another bored soul showing signs of depression is sahil in aapke ajanese. He started off very well now he is as ordinary as they come. ???

  9. You all are criticize kkb unnecessary you had already made your mind that kkb is stupid this is that.And what happened that abhi throw pragya out of mehra house he regret that mistake already.Everyone make mistakes in life.If you watch with keeping your thought side that it was stupid then seriously you could understand that it was becoming interesting.

    1. Dear Kunwar, I can only speak for myself… but… The problem is that we have already seen the interesting parts, well, over and over again. When you can’t speak about plot or character development you turn to speaking about other features which populate this production. Many commentators have admitted that they are here more for the conversation as often the conversation is fun. And the tone of the conversation varies. I hope you write back and specify how you found it interesting. Likely other commentators will welcome you contribution and reply!

      (Pls note that Abhi did far more to pragya than throw her out of the house. That moment was the final criminal act of a very long history of crimes, tortures, humiliations and physical, emotional and mental abuse perpetrated against Pragya.)

    2. How many mistakes has Abhi made? How many times has he tortured doormat Pragya because he is an idiot? I don’t even watch this serial we come here to discuss the subtle brainwashing effect this soap has. I don’t think many people care for this serial, the media whitewashes all the negative sentiments regarding it. KKB is not simply a serial, it’s a tool to subtly implant ideologies into the minds of the mentally weak.

      1. Dear Kalika, many are oblivious to the effects of the machinery of that which is evil, infiltrating into the unsuspecting minds of the weak, gullible & impressionable. That which they see, alas, is the superficial presentation, not the dreadful & deadly depths of the ravines that is lying beneath it, gearing up to trap them & send them into a space far removed from reality.

    3. Kunwar ji.. I have been here since day one of KKB and I can tell you that this serial isn’t the average love story or whatever, what started off nicely quickly turned into a story of mental torture for viewers ,you think that we want to see in a serial what we already knows happens in the life of a career woman like Pragya, who had a profession as a teacher, one of the nobliest jobs on the planet, who was subjected to emotional manipulations by her in laws and HUSBAND! A husband isn’t supposed to treat his wife the way Abhi did!! In Indian families, especially Hindu homes, women are looked at as the Lakshmi in the home and honor their marriages till they leave for the pyre eventually.. In case you didn’t know, Abhi has emotionally, psychologically and mentally tortured Pragya from day one.. Is it ok to leave your wife on her wedding night and go to another woman?..make that a sl*tty one…FYI, that’s what Abhi did and from then onwards, Pragya’s life has never been the same again and she has bent backwards for hundreds of occasions just to make the Mehra’s family and the man child named Abhi look good! Serials are supposed to give us a degree of negativity but positivity should always triumph over the evil! KKB has the most torturous plot ever and we shouldn’t discuss it? You need to do some introspection, that even though it’s a serial, women shouldn’t be treated the way Pragya has been, you call this happening as interesting? It’ll become interesting if Pragya were to throw Abhi’s ass out of her life and marry a man as good and kind as King Singh!! She can share her daughter with Abhi but should teach him a lesson in life and this should be a teaching point for viewers like you who do not see anything wrong happening here and who thinks that Abhi made a mistake and should not have to pay a high price!! Remember, Abhi didn’t ill-treat Pragya on one occasion and repented, he’s done it over and over again! Fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice and shame on me…that is where Pragya stands now, not because she has a child with Abhi that she has to stay with him forever but if she thinks that her abuser is the best thing for her, then she deserves everything he’s done to her in the past! She shouldn’t have left in the first place, she shouldn’t have flown the coop, if she knew she’d be back right where she started off in the first place!! I hope you understand what the conversation is all about!!

      1. Array naz do u know something after leap even when that dumbo and this sunni met atleast this female dumbo has some self respect that she vent he angee totally in him in kings first part while introducing to abhi as king wife remember and also when dishrab anniversary also somewhat then after totally she lost her self respect and made herself love sick puppy of hi nit true to king and abhi that is where Prague stands noe ft all she is shameless

    4. Oh hello y i don’t know what even interests u more in this kkb seriously i this u are the only person to comment tis so if you would have seen kkb from the first how it was and now hoe it is u wil get mental that it but we are laughing her ,are we going to critize even this joke stupid dumb leads and dragging bhagya unnecessary who even will critize this type of idiot shows even shit when he had regretted sign of hin completely regretting and reddening is only if he throws that garbage lady out of that house no one is ready to critize anyone its just the story that if he is legally married to tanu fr 7 yrs what wil y say for that

  10. arey kitni bar shaadi kroge kamino yaha ek bar nahi ho rahi

    1. Dear Mini Really True, Even Ekta Ki ki bhi nahi ho rahi hai.

  11. Dear Kunwar, I read ur comment & understand why u r saying wht u r saying. Am going to add my take on thz & hope tht it helps u see it d way sm of us do. U r most certainly welcome to disagree coz thz z aftr all one’s opinion in a forum. Apparently ur view z tht Abhi threw Pragya out of his life, home etc., in a fit of rage & now tht he hz cooled his heels & his rage hz evaporated he wants her back. As simple as tht. BUT itz oversimplifying wht happened. After so much of suffering, trauma, abuse, murder attempts et al, Pragya had just started to live with Abhi as man & wife, & he deals her a deadly blow, evn calling her as inauspicious, I think, besides blaming her for Dadi’s death. Remember her suicide attempt? He shd hv bn chargd wth abetting her suicide attempt. I do accept tht ppl regret wht they’v dn in d past & evn feel remorseful. But tht dsn’t change wht hd already happend especially in d victim’s life. Yes, forgiveness is possible but it dsn’t necessarily mean picking up from whr one left off. Wht wd hv happend if she hd bn killed/married someone else evn begotten children/if nothing else, begun a new life for herself?? Wishful thinking dsn’t bring on changes in life with a flick of fingers, dear Kunwar, coz life z nt a matter of one’s convenience. I know thz z merely a serial but smwhr it deals wth lives evn tho itz fiction. Just tell me please, wht stopped Abhi frm earnestly searching fr Pragya aftr his bull’s rage came down? Why didn’t he pursue her in despair, realising how he hd blundered blindly, losing d one woman who shd hv bn precious to him? It took him 7 long years wth all his wealth, yet heshowed no will to seek her out? He didn’t wait for Pragya, did he? Instd, he married Tanu. Does any self respecting woman live with her husband’s mistress under d same roof? A marriage z a marriage not only legally but is built on commitment, trust & mutual respect btwn two ppl & cannot be one sided. Before he met Kiara & felt d pangs of nt havng an offspring he cd call his own, he wsn’t exactly pining fr Pragya, ws he? He didn’t evn want her name to b uttered. Every person hz to show growth nt only physically, but also mentally, emotionally etc., Evn a character in a serial, tht too d lead male or female hz to show growth. Othrws itz stunted. Abhi wanting Pragya & Kiara z like a package deal. As for me, Pragya need not evn get married to King as a lot of ppl wish for. I think it should be her choice. And d choice z not just having to choose btwn Abhi & King, but she also hs d option to be on her own. And am sure, as King’s character hz bn portrayed so far, he may respect her decision & perhaps be supportive of tht too. Let her make her decisions for herself regarding her life, instead of all & sundry making decisions for her. I wd like Pragya’s character to be strong minded with spine & a mind of her own instd of letting herself be putty in everyone’s hands. That’s all. Besides, d nevr ending criminality thtz shown in KKB cn come to a befitting end alongwth d serial. Ciao for now.

  12. I totally agree with you. I also want First Pragya became diginity woman.

  13. Cathy

    My goodness, you quit watching this show for mental health reasons and look what happens LOL Tango!! you pluck your nose hairs and i’ll buy a lobotomy hook for myself, Naz and Akituster! greetings friends, had to take a break from the forums it was doing my head in literally, i’m watching 2 different shows on different channels as i find Zee tv serial tedious and mind numbing..think i’m on the verge of cancelling my zee channal..i can keep up on desitvflix. Naz…is Lakshmi still posting on the forums? i do miss her input, i hope she and her family are well..I’m watching a new ETRETR..was shocked at the blatant rip off of our beloved Rani and Raja…we shall see how it plays out. LOL, keep posting everyone i’ll try and make more of a effort to do more then pop in. Love Y’all!!

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