Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi goes to meet Pragya

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Abhi turns back, Pragya opens the door, she is standing and doesn’t say anything just invites him in, she asks what he wants to know, he thinks of what he can ask that he called her jaan and how can another man call her with the same name, he gets confused and nervous, she has something to her face he reaches out to remove it, they both share a romantic moment she says thankyou and they both leave.
Nikhil thinks that what he did was wrong and when he opens the door she is still standing, he says sorry and when she comes in she says that the eyewitness is Kiara, who is the classmate of sonny, he starts to laugh and says that she can handle a little girl, she listens to his plans and then says that he must stay inside and cannot leave his house, she says that he must go underground and must not come out, she then says that she has to go back and he must listen to what she said.
Abhi says that he listening to her voice feels that she is happy and okay, he starts to walk away, then turning says that how can someone else call her Jaan but then saying sorry again starts to walk away and then asks the same question and how can he call her jaan and why did she gave him this right, she thinks that he is talking of Kiara and then goes to sit down, he says that why she is laughing and the he says that he is serious and she must not call King Jaan but she starts to tease him saying that she will as hey both stare husband and wife and that she will surely call him, he says that he will also call Tanu Mogambo but Pragya realizes this and also plays his game and says that she will bring water for him, he says that he understand and will call her Pughi he thinks that now she has gotten jealous, Pragya says that he will not call her by this name and van gave her any name he wishes but not this, he says that he will call her by only his name, she hears the pressure cooker , and tells to Abhi that she will come back and he must think of another name, Abhi say that whatever happens she got really angry when he called Tanu by this name.
Tanu is rally happy that Abhi called her Jaan and gets into the car, the car doenot start and she gets worried, she thinks that she will ask Nikhil to drop her.
Abhi goes to the kitchen saying that he didn’t finish, she says that she is doing work, he asks her to make coffee for him, he asks if he still drinks coffee at which he says that not so much but whenever he gets a chance, she then thinks of what her daughter said and starts to prepare coffee for her, he then pulls her hair back. They both look into each other’s eyes, she asks him what he wanted to talk about and if it was something important, she gives him the coffee and he starts to deink it with large sips, she ask about it he says that it was the same and he felt the same taste in it.
He says that he wants to say sorry because was attacked in his house and he will find the person who tried to hurt her. Abhi says that he promised to stay away from her but now he has to break the promise, he knows that she needs him and he must do this, when she ask the reason he says that she means the world to him and he will help her and she is his responsibility, Pragya disagrees but he does not listen to anything she has to say.

Precap: Abhi is helping Pragya in the kitchen when the flour pot drops on his face.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. O.K. There we have it. Fridays you can generally count on the scene…a rather delightful and fabulous one today with Abhi and Pragya… which is the ‘dose’ to keep the addiction alive. And today there was more Pragya/Abhi than there has been for ages. The music is a huge part of this. It triggers movement in your nervous system. The visuals, the blowing hair helps you to feel the gentle touch on YOUR skin. (I really wasn’t yelling, just trying to emphasize). There is much more to the manipulation. It has been a science for a long time now. You do not need special talent to see this. And finding the perfect actress Pragya makes the work easy. That way, you the viewer, have the weekend to consider, feel, think…. how you need to keep watching because Pragya and Abhi are worth it. Pay attention to your body the next time a scene like this comes along…. sense where in your body things tingle or tighten. I will write more deeply about this so it becomes usable information. (website/blog) Then of course comes all the trash (Tanu and Aliyah, bad scripts) and Ekta’s job is to give viewers just enough…barely enough to keep the viewer coming back, hoping, begging for that ‘love’ you know does exist somehow even within all the trashy abuse. Doesn’t that read exactly like a relationship of abuse? Unfortunately, ingrained into India’s patriarchal nonsense which sees girls, women … taught to believe that they are not quite fully human and thus must accept any and all abuse, obediently. Sanskari, shoo shweet. Many women in India do not have a way out much less a space to heal in safety. Many women do not understand why they feel so trapped, so useless because it’s hard to be a half-human. Ekta sells and polishes these particular beliefs through this series. And from what I read in the comments, likely with all her shows. She definitely hates men but she also believes that women need to be kept in their place. Her public words speak the opposite regarding women but her actions (creative productions and what we ‘hear’ about her personal activities) make her beliefs frighteningly clear. At a very deep level, she hates herself. Every abuser hates themself first. I’m sure that a part of the public sees this. It is the fanboys and fangirls who live in the addiction that don’t see the game as yet. And that is natural on this planet. The whole reason we are here is to clean up the emotional addictions within ourselves in order to become thinking, feeling, creative and intelligent adults. People like Ekta (and the NWO) can’t let that happen. They need us to be easily manipulated, always in ‘need’ and thus always obedient to their directions. Humanity is being attacked/abused at every level currently. Emotional adults can move beyond this game and enjoy their full adult humanity. Many very educated people are emotional three-eight year olds. Look at politicians. Anyone corrupt.
    Anyone corrupt has not met their adult self as yet and likely won’t in this lifetime. Wanna’ take bets on whether Ekta will actually grow up and lose whomever or whatever is continuing to pump her up with deleterious need/demand? You see, she already has money power so in her eyes there is no need to become an adult. She can already do whatever she wants. Becoming an emotional adult brings far more. And an emotional adult would simply not produce the level of hatred/malice that Miss Ekta brings to the world, regardless of any excuse that she’s trying to open the minds of India. Doubt it. More likely open their wallets for her benefit. Feel sorry for her employees. I’m sure some of them recognise her for what she is but cannot lose their job. The only reason she is dangerous is because of her access to large sums of money/power.
    I’ll be back! Too many errands as I have spent a little too much time here in the last day or so. But damn, I like the conversation here.

  2. p.s. It’s not just women who have been subdued all over the planet. Men as well have been taught to remain as children, emotionally. They are the other half of the mess. This is not really a female issue or male issue it is a human issue.

  3. With all this romancing going on and we all know it won’t last, the question i’m raising is what is going to happen to King? as much as i would LOVE to see Pragya happy with king the facts remain that this is a show about Abhi and Pragya, so the options are, kill him off either by murder or terminal disease, he turns negative and colludes with Alyia and Tanu..or he turns crazy obsessive with unrequited love/lust for Pragya…all been there done that plots…Thoughts on the fate of King anyone?

    1. I think the spoilers and teasers have hinted about a connection to Dadi, who is still alive and arranged for King to rescue Pragya. Dadi had the help of the presiding doctor. I don’t see how that could have been but other than staying with King to protect Kiara from the Mehra Murder Mansion perhaps guilt regarding Dadi’s ‘sacrifice’ could keep Pragya with King. After all Dadi spoke before her death, something about finally saving Pragya’s life because she had saved Abhi’s life so many times. A very open ended statement. After today’s episode in a normal production you might believe that the production is coming to a swift end. Leaving on a high note with Aliyah and Tanu receiving their very just rewards. Possibly because Chachi has now seen Pragya/Abhi together, she and Tarun may exert some pressure to preserve the family or the family honour, nudging King to fight for Pragya. If Tanu and Aliyah are dead I am sure that Pragya would reconsider Abhi. But thankfully her daughter is more important than Abhi. Abhi’s presence is dangerous for her and anyone she loves. Pragya has finally figured that out. And I don’t believe that Abhi or his family have the common sense to dispose of the pair of *****. The poor actors. Can you imagine having your role turned into a non-role?

    2. Wow did i ever miss a lot of nuances in the story, i ‘ll have to admit that i wasn’t a consistent viewer of KKB when the storyline was revolving around the trial and Abhi being jailed for murder…i often skip shows while a plot plays out that has no interest from me, last time with KKB was the Pragya look alike story that was going on…So i missed most of the dialogues of Dadi and Pragya before Dadi was “Killed”…now i’m super intrigued.

  4. The story line these days is more like that of “Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki”, the just concluded series. I believe it’s from the same producers.

    1. i just read the wikipedia summary of Kasam. Omigawd…you are right. The story -line is fully the same. The same theme. Are you kidding me? Are all of Ekta’s productions just repeats? And viewers keep watching? Is it that easy for Ekta to
      be successful? I often compare Joss Whedon (American producer) to Ekta Kapoor in my mind. They appear to be doing similar type of work in entraining the viewers minds into specific false beliefs and behaviours. Joss Whedon (1997-2005 work) is way more talented than Ekta. His stories have you sitting on the edge of your seat and are actually cohesive and intelligent. His dark subjects always include some humour/love etc. At that time he was even writing some of the music and scores for several of his productions. But yes, he was absolutely doing the same type of ‘real work’ as Ekta is doing in India. Americans were being prepared for war and normalizing violence in the younger audience to provide for future soldiers. His manipulations through his stories were much better hidden. Ekta seems to wish to put viewers on a merry-go-round where male and female roles will never change in India. Keeping men and women forever in a competition. At the same time she keeps insulting the intelligence… of everyone. How is it that she continues to be honoured for doing….nothing.

    2. That’s not all dear Akituster. Like you I used to hear people talking about how Ekta’s work follow the same formula. At first I thought maybe they or talking about all those familiar stereotypes we find writers use especially in crime and romance genre. And that’s ok even if creatively speaking it’s weak lazy writing and bad performance art. Actually it’s worst. I knew that when I saw a clip from Kasam in IG. It was the same bathroom scene we had in Kkb in ML track. THE SAME with all the details, I don’t know if the dialogue wasthe same, too shocked to notice. But my curiosity was already triggered… “how the hell can Ekta get away with that?” So I watched random more episodes and I found more copied scenes and dialogues… And there is something else Kasam is a new show so I went back in time and watched an old show “Qaayamat” with Shabir in it. And once again you have all the same subplots, some actors expressions and same heavy lectures about marriage and family values…
      Like you said :

    3. I forgot to mention the other day Akituster, that the DESIGNS on all colored ID’s are uniquely different, I know I’m sounding delayed but I missed clarifying that, sorry friend…




  8. Anu, do you hate Pragya or is something stuck somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine?

    1. Even you come across as crude and offensive Mohandas where you draw anatomical reference to the viewer, I don’t need to fight anyone’s battles but as you are a man….by your name…it doesn’t sound nice, we are here to discuss the serial and the people who pass trashy content as entertainment this was a good serial once upon a time but it’s been butchered and when we speak out it’s our rights to do so without being offensive to each other personally…let’s leave this argument here….

  9. Hey Jodi, just caught your message from 2 days ago. Absolutely! Which department can you lead? I think that Kalika might be good in selecting the sites in the world where we will be filming, This is an international project and is going to be lavishly funded. ; ) So what is your talent?

  10. MARIA…. This is what I keep saying… How the heck Ekta’s serials win year in year out?? This is classified information I guess…all of her serials are copies of each other and the heirachy behind the scenes are probably paid to perform this deed just to stroke Ekta’s egotistical image.

  11. Coming to the serial at hand… This is a much better episode since weeks, we got to see Pragya and Abhi hit on each other…and even though I hoped for much more romance, this was better than nothing…however, it was the longest 6 minutes of hair pulling ever in a scene, Abhi looked more pained then Pragya when his wrist band stuck on her earring. Looking at Tanu and Nikhil….does she feel starved of a romp in the sack? How the hell is she living, maybe she’s wearing a chastity belt? She was horning Abhi with Nikhil while Abhi was busy making Pragya life a hell back then and got pregnant for him, and now that she still can’t lay Abhi on the bed, she should try having an affair with Nikhil, he’s not bad looking, in fact, he’s more good looking than the last one, in this way she’ll be more occupied so she won’t think of committing so many murders and definitely she’ll be more relaxed …writers ought to let her have a torrid romance with Nikhil.. Seriously!! AKITUSTER… I didn’t know that Tanu couldn’t conceive anymore… I had stopped watching the serial by that time, it’s only since this new season started , I began watching all over again ..on the sly…..my daughter would laugh at me for coming back here…so I watch on my tab, not on the TV…. Hey ANU…. Say your piece dear, don’t let anyone rain on your parade….your comments are legit…. Don’t know how an educated teacher or professor like Pragya ended up being such a wimp…. Whatever happened to progressive women…these serials are devoid of educated women, they all end up being cotton candy, brainless, whores, murderers, kidnappers, mistresses and home breakers…. The only character in the serials that I watch who is smart and educated and puts her brain to work is Zara on Ishq Subhan Allah…..

  12. Naz, ofcourse Anu can say her piece but atleast do it clearly and not so loud.

    1. Mohandas… Anu has her own way of voicing her thoughts, while she could come across as being aggressive, I’m sure she just is as fed up as all of us at Pragya’s character for allowing herself to become so weak and helpless during the years despite being an educated woman, in these serials women should be an example to others, many of whom probably see the character as being a submissive one instead of advocating for women’s upliftment. How much can Pragya bear? Inwardly, she’s a strong woman and possess an immense capacity for forgiveness and tolerance but her strong mind isn’t reflected in her actions, she’s allowed Aliya and Tani to screw her time and time again…pardon the pun… When would she stand up to them and hit them where it would do permanent damage? Why does her dialogue and vehemence in defending herself come across do weak and pathetic? Why is she so submissive in her body language that’s why the wretches take advantage of her, because they know she doesn’t have the balls to defend herself with the force of a fighter… Pardon the pun once again…as with Abhi, it’s only because of smart thinking King that he believes someone in the house wants Pragya to be killed it certainly doesn’t need a rocket scientist to see the similarities in the previous accident years ago…with the same damn chandelier for goodness sake…where is the creativity in Ekta Kapoor’s serials, all the scripts are siblings to each other… Mohandas, I hope I didn’t offend you, it’s just a little defense to Anu’s comment although I’m sure she’ll say to me that she can defend herself… It’s just that all of us are entitled to voice our opinions and while some may be subtle and tempered, others are still bit more flamboyant and colorful…..its our individual expression of how we are seeing it…

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