Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranbir makes Prachi realize her beauty lies in simplicity

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarita behen calling everyone. Prachi asks what is the matter, as she is smiling. Sarita behen says she is an understanding girl and tells that Pragya will announce. Pragya tells that Sarita behen got a contract of a big Gujarati family. She says there is a marriage in the family after 15 days and that’s why Sarita behen and I will be shifted there. Prachi, Shahana and Rishi tell that they will also come along. Pragya asks them to do their packing nicely. Abhi asks Purab if he is going somewhere and tells that Aaliya said. He says when I asked you to go, you made many excuses. Purab says I want to go away from this city. Abhi asks what happened and asks him to say. Purab says I went to meet Disha and said whatever I told you and asked her to move on. He says she said that

she loves Hritik. Abhi is shocked and tries to pacify Purab. Aaliya comes to her room and asks Abhi what happened? Abhi says he is getting emotional and missing me before he is going. He asks him to go. Aaliya thinks Purab is hiding something from them. Aaliya and Purab leave.

Pragya asks them to pack the stuff. Shahana asks Rishi if he didn’t go to the office. Pragya says he stayed to help us. Shahana says we shall not go to college. Pragya asks them to go to college. Sarita behen and Pragya’s heads collide. Sarita behen asks her to hit her head on hers again. Pragya reminisces Abhi and smiles. Vikram calls Rishi and asks him to resume the job without questioning, tells that Abhi asked him to call him. Rishi says they are shifting and says he will come. Vikram says just as you shift, then come. Pragya asks what is the matter? Rishi informs her that he got his job back and thanks to her for not telling to Shahana and Prachi that he had the job. He thanks her again. Prachi says we are family.

Shahana tells Prachi that she shall wear the dress like that of Rhea. Just then Rhea comes there and you must not be knowing what to wear. She tells that she will wear the winning crown and asks her to back off, else she has to roam in the college with loser tag. She asks Dimpy and Shaina if she is wrong. They say no. Rhea tells that she knows new Hoshairpur people and nice to them also. Shahana asks her to go from the right as you are always right. Rhea says thoughtful and says my left is also right, but you don’t have the centre. She asks them to enjoy. Shahana tells Prachi that they shall go to the lab to make a formula to vanish them. Prachi says they will vanish themselves. Shahana asks her to select the dress from the magazine and goes.

Ranbir comes and asks Prachi if she is trying to impress him and seeing these clothes. He says he likes girl’s eyes, hairs, walk and not their clothes. Prachi says why I will impress you, I don’t like you. Ranbir asks if she likes the short dress. Prachi says she is participating in the fashion show. Ranbir asks why? Prachi says she is helpless and tells that Principal saw Rhea and her arguing and that’s why wants them to participate together. Ranbir asks her not to wear short clothes, but wears something in which she feels comfortable, and says your beauty lies in your simplicity. His words touch Prachi’s heart and she looks at him. Tujhe Kitna chahne lage hum plays….Ranbir asks her to stop seeing this magazine and wear clothes whatever she is comfortable with. Prachi thanks him. Ranbir goes. Shahana comes back. Prachi tells her that she will wear Indian dress as she likes it and says let Rhea wear western as she likes it. Dimpy hears them.

Dadi asks about Pallavi. Beeji says she is busy with Vikram. She says it would be good if she had done a job. Dadi says if she had worked then would have said that she should be a housewife. Abhi comes and tells that nothing is important than spending time with family. Dadi says you spend all time with family and 2 hours in the office, that’s why Vikram taunts you. Priyanka thinks Rishi is just hers and she can’t share him with anyone even if she is a friend to him.
Priyanka’s Dadi comes there. Abhi greets her. Dadi tells beeji that she is Priyanka’s dadi and her friend. Abhi asks how is her travel? Priyanka’s Dadi tells that her granddaughter don’t call her and always praises him. Abhi says I will take care of her. Priyanka’s Dadi gives him the responsibility of her marriage. Abhi says yes, he will get her married. Priyanka thinks to convince Rishi’s family and thinks if Abhi agrees then everyone will agree. Abhi sees Rishi in the office and asks him to do work in the office and not to repeat the incident. Vikram asks what happened? Abhi says he is attracted to Priyanka. Vikram says he is young. Abhi says attraction shall not become an obsession.

Priyanka comes to Sarita Behen’s house. Pragya sees her and says you are my daughter’s age and I want to tell you thinking you as my daughter….Priyanka says I love Rishi. Pragya says then why did you let him get slapped. Priyanka says I couldn’t know what is happenings and tells that Chucks kept him back to the job. She then takes out a necklace from her bag and asks her to get her married to Rishi, says my family will gift you many necklaces. Pragya is shocked.

Precap: Priyanka tells Pragya that she will trap Rishi. Sarita behen lies to her that they did Rishi and Shahana’s roka. Pragya thinks she is dangerous. Priyanka takes a big knife to stab Shahana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally,Prachi has started to fall for Ranbir🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    And i don’t think Priyanka is Ranbir’s sis nor KIARA🤔🤔🤔,,,,i think she is Poorvi’s daughter; Poorvi who was Jaanki’s daughter andPragya, Bulbul’s namesake sister,,,anyways there are a lot of relations coming from here and ther in this serial🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    And another obssessed soul through PRIYANKA😜😜😜
    Already there was one FOOL ABHISHEK MEHRA🤣🤣🤣 in this serial, i hope PRAGYA too doesn’t too comes into PRIYANKA’S WORDS and spoil’s RISHI’S life trying to save that devil woman😈😈😈 Priyanka
    And where the hell is Aryan???? i miss his and shahana’s cute nok-jhoks😭😭😭

    1. I think Priyanka is King Sing’s nephew’s daughter – the guy who married Maitali’s daughter. Why else would she call Abhi chucks. Purab&DIsha’s son used to also call Abhi chucks but I dont think Purab has a daughter.

  2. Priyanka’s character remind me of Aliya the way she was desperate of Purab only
    Priyanka could be Aliya’s bustard daughter with I don’t know who she slept with
    Lets hope Pragya doesn’t lissen to Priyanka and just do the wedding the way she is so Mahaan crap

  3. Hey Lisa, I agree regarding Priyanka’s parentage, the clues were either teasers (generally false) or that tiny snippet at the end of an episode where someone stated that she was Ranbir’s sister, which could mean anything. The twists and turns are littered with teasers. I don;t really care who’s daughter she is as she’s proving to be the latest Mehra addition who still looks and behaves like a hungry hyena. She’s just the newest excuse for conflict. Bribery. Her first act with Pragya. How very Mehra and ‘low’ class.
    I noticed that Abhi was lecturing how important it is to spend time with family. That’s how he knows Aliyah’s personality so well and is working so hard to correct it. LOL. and that’s why his daughter turned out the way she did… because of all the good family time he spent teaching her.
    His sister wears bi-polar clothing from the Kardashian Kloset and his daughter who constantly brags about being perfect wears a banana suit and stands pigeon toed. The hemline was an inch longer than usual. Before you claim that you look perfect, first make sure that you are. Otherwise you look like a braggart wannabe regardless of how much money or ‘class’ you claim that you supposedly have.
    I think we have goondas to look forward to at this wedding and possibly Purab and Aliyah will run into Pragya. Will Priyanka follow Rishi to the wedding or will the action stay in Delhi with Pragya out of the picture completely?

  4. Where is Purab and Disha’s son (Sunny) ?

    1. He will enter te picture with KIARA !!!!

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