Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya decide to give their ring to Neha and Tarun

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The Episode starts with Pandit ji doing the puja. Abhi thinks our love was incomplete, but you made Tarun and Neha’s love complete by uniting them. Pragya thinks she couldn’t be successful without his help. Dadi asks Disha to go and bring the ring. Pandit ji asks them to hurry up. Purab says give some time. Disha comes and says rings are not found. Pragya tells Abhi that you would have given to me. Abhi says Dadi asked so I gave. Neha cries. Pragya asks her not to cry. Disha understands Mitali has stolen the ring. She comes to the room and recalls Mitali locking the cupboard. Mitali comes to the room and asks what are you doing here? Disha says you know and tell that a person is unhappy with the alliance. Mitali says what do you think that I have stolen the ring. Disha says why don’t you let me open the cupboard. Mitali asks her to go. Disha says they love each other. Mitali says Neha is childish. Disha says Neha didn’t forget Tarun when she went to hostel. She asks her to leave her stubbornness and see Neha’s happiness. She says I will make you end your stubbornness. Mitali thinks if she gets the ring then she will tell everyone. She stops Disha. Purab comes and calls Disha asking her to come with him. Mitali thinks to keep rings at safe place and takes out the ring and goes.

Tanu tells that Pragya promised to get Neha and Tarun engaged and says it was her responsibility and not of Abhi. Abhi says Tanu. Aaliya says Tanu is right and asks where is the rings. She says if the engagement don’t happen now, then it can happens in 7 months. Disha says nobody is doing anything to search the ring and blaming Pragya. Dadi says she kept the rings and now it is missing. She coughs. Abhi makes her sit. Disha sends Purab to buy ring.

Mitali sees Pragya wearing the ring which Abhi gifted her on karwachauth and looking at the moon through it. A fb is shown, Abhi makes her wear the ring and asks her never to take it off. He asks for his ring. Pragya says I didn’t bring. Abhi says I thought we both will wear and was getting excited and romantic. Pragya shows the ring which she brought. Abhi asks why she didn’t tell him. Pragya says you looks cute when gets upset. Abhi says I may get upset forever. Pragya keeps hand on his mouth and then makes him wear the ring, says she will always love him. Sanam re plays…Abhi kisses her hand. Fb ends. She says I will not take it off. Abhi also promises her to wear the ring always. She tells him that they shall go. Abhi says if you take out this ring then….Pragya says then love will end. Abhi says how love will end. Aaliya, Tanu and Mitali hear them and asks if love happens like that. Fb ends.

Mitali gets an idea. She thinks they are wearing the ring even now. She tells Tanu and Aaliya. Aaliya signs at Tanu. She says I am not playing blame game, but rings are missing. She asks Abhi and pragya to get them engaged, Tanu thinks what is she saying? She tells Disha that Neha is closer to her more than her and that’s why she wants Pragya to get them engaged. Pandit ji says mahurat is ending, just 3 mins left. Disha says he will bring. Dasi asks can we give our ring. Pandit ji says no couple will give their rings and single person ring is inauspicious. Dasi says we don’t believe this. Aaliya says no couple will give their rings.

Pragya looks on. Tanu looks at her ring and says Pragya will give her ring. She says if you really want Tarun and Neha’s happiness then give your ring. Mitali says Tanu is right and asks Abhi to give his ring to Tarun. Abhi recalls Pragya making him wear the ring and their promise. Pragya also thinks the same. Song plays…tere bin jee na pawunga…Tanu asks Pragya to hurry up and give the ring. She thinks just as this ring comes out of your hand, your love will end. King talks to Kiara and she says she is coughing. King asks her to ask Servant to make her drink ginger and honey juice. He says I will check. Kiara asks if you are Dadda or Mumma. King laughs and says I will come and check. Chachi tells King that they shall leave. King says I am talking to Kiara. Chachi says mahurat is almost ended. King says just 2 mins. He asks her to drink it. Kiara promises him.

Tanu tells that Abhi and Pragya will make the engagement happen. Chachi comes and asks why this tamasha is happening when there are no rings. She asks Tarun to come. Neha asks her not to do this. Chachi says nobody wants this engagement to happen. Mitali says now this engagement can’t happen. Pragya says this engagement will happen. Chachi tries to take Tarun from there. Abhi stops Tarun and asks if he wants to marry Neha. Tarun says yes. Abhi asks him to leave his mum’s hand and holds Neha’s hand. Tarun holds Neha’s hand. Abhi says we will fulfill the responsibility so that nobody doubts on our intention or their love, we will give our rings. Aaliya and Tanu smiles.

Abhi’s ring drops off from his hand and falls near Pragya. Pragya picks it up and looks at Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Leisa s morris

    Ooh shucks I had thought pragya and abhi would give their rings but not being forced to by aliyah and her hang hmmm. So d gang believes dat giving d ring will mean an end to pragya and abhis luv now dats childish as now their luv will strenghten ten folds as dey r helping to unite a couple and everytime dey see dem dey will b reminded dat their luv made their union happen plus as I stated before dey have someting more sustainable dan a material ying their daughter,guess tanu and aliyah forgot all about dat. Mitali is d worst mother ever actually stanfing there and watching ur daughter go through pain and bein proud of it hmmmm. Where d hell is raj

  2. Can we just get rid of Mitali? I am sick of her vile character.

  3. Leisa, your comment yesterday was great! Especially the last line. I have wondered about Bunty as well. And Rachna/Akash? They disappeared because of Abhi’s memory loss but you would have hoped for their return. After all both of them were young, beautiful and vibrant. The current Disha and Purab of course aren’t given the screen time to become a real part of the show, yet. And today. Mithali is being ugly Mithali. She just can’t bear her ugliness to be made public. She never thinks of anyone else. Only her own greedy little power struggles matter… as long as they remain secret. The trio (Aliyah, Tuna fish, Mithali) try to blame Pragya for something that she has nothing to do with. We are back to Year One, where that is all they did. And the fake flashback? Come on, writers. Their first Karva Chauth was cruel to Pragya by Abhi and the b*tch Tuna fish who had been putting chilli pepper in Pragya’s food. There was no love scene. There was just a new actress playing the Tuna fish. The 2nd Karva Chauth was ‘secret’ with Pragya playing Mogambo. No love scene .We were never shown a 3rd Karva Chauth. Pragya’s outfit was from the first Karva Chauth. How fake. First they don’t finish off any plots and now they are making up past plots to cover for the fact that they don’t have any new plots. We are back to Monsters Bhagya. Tuna fish may have a pretty face but really this character is one of the ugliest women alive. Those ugly expressions/personality/walk make and keep this character as ugly. Why can’t someone send the three b*tches on a spa day and blow up the car. Maybe the writers would begin actually writing something with an actual plot. Is getting permission from the boss that hard? Is the boss that hard to deal with?

    1. there was a 3rd karwachauth when pragya exchanges with munni (epi 940 onwards). so there is possibility.

    2. thx Gyan, you are right! what about the outfit? As well munni would never have accepted the ring or spoken about how their love was forever. As well, that ring looks like the one that Abhi bought for Pragya on BulBul’s insistence and asked Pragya to try it on. She thought he wanted to try it on for size because he was giving the ring to Tuna fish. Abhi then insisted that she keep the ring as it looked good on her. He did not tell her that he purchased it for her. She accepted the ring but not with love or joy rather with the knowledge that she was 2nd choice to Tuna fish. She did not wear that ring on a regular basis. This was when Abhi was thinking that maybe he loved Pragya but wasn’t ready to say anything as yet.

    3. sorry if i am misunderstanding something but flashback does not look like it was that far behind. it could be their 3rd kurwachauth where they give rings to each other. by the way your are right about flashbacks as there was no timeline of those but this flashback can be genuine unlike others.

    4. and also in that 3rd kurwachauth there was no munni it was pragya. prgya had replaced munni that time

    5. Hullo Gyan, I did the research and it is a fake FB. It was the outfits that gave it away for me and also the Tuna fish’s weight. I do pay attention to the fashion and jewellry. Can’t help it. I was a fashionista type before my accident. And the ring! I remember that ring but do not have the time to do the research on the ring. Pragya did not wear that ring daily.
      Real Kurwachauth was on Oct 8 2017. I began to read the updates from #940, Sept 28, as per your suggestion. Yes there was an episode on Oct 25, beginning the story. So I started watching… with a lot of fast forwarding! October 31, 2017 , episode #962 Tanu is wearing a light blue coloured one shoulder affair, mimicking a sari sort of. Tuna fish is slim during this time. Pragya is wearing an orange-red sari. Normally she wears blue-based red. It is Pragya pretending to be Munni. You are correct about that! Aliyah is wearing a dressed up salwar chemise dark or black coloured. Tanu brings in Chutka and Chutki just as Abhi and Pragya are about to exchange morsels of food.
      Episode 963 on Nov 1 2017 fight whether Pragya is Munni or not.
      Episode 964 nov 2, 2017 Episode 965 Nov 3 2017 ends with Dadi crying asking Pragya/Munni to tell the truth about her identity. #966 ends with Tuna fish and Aliyah mocking Pragya/Munni #967 Nov 6 2017 ends with Tuna and Aliyah still in the same outfits.. driving to look for Munni #968 and #969 same outfits, the family is in the hospital thinking that Abhi had a car accident. Pragya has gone in search of Munni. . #970 Nov 9 2017…next day, new outfits. That FB did not happen. Obviously, when the fake FB was being filmed Pragya changed her voice to sound like original or early Pragya. She’s slimmer now than she was back then. Tuna fish is heavier now as compared to then. The FB features a heavier Tuna fish. Thank-you! I like mysteries!

    6. all know that the flashbacks( 7years ago) does not mean that it was shot 7 yrs ago. flashback shoot is also being currently shot with current story but its just for us to understand according to the story line that it is flashback of abhi and pragya. Regarding those episodes if in those episodes this flashback would have shown then there would not have been any point of this flashback now. All flashbacks are shown that has not been shown(but may be occurred) in previous episodes. We have to ignore these minor things like outfits and bodies figure as we already know it. flashbacks should have just perfect timeline. rest everything can be overlooked.

    7. Fair enough Gyan, I do accept and understand what you are saying. They can and do add a bit more to the story, offering more detail to the story. But the timeline doesn’t work in this one. This is extra that couldn’t have happened. Pragya and Abhi didn’t complete their karwachauth ritual. It was interrupted. They did not go back after Tuna’s drama and complete the karwachauth. What they did here was to change the story in order to accommodate the newest plot. That’s cheating. My focusing on fashion to trigger my memory is like someone else looking at the clock/timer at the bottom of the screen just to know where they are in the show. It is not my motivation for watching the show. It is a guilty pleasure which helps me mark the time and track of the show. During the last year especially, we know that a new day has arrived (even if that takes three to four weeks) when the acting crew is wearing different clothes. Thank-you for the chat! I’ll check back for a reply.

  4. I checked the link Cathy… It looks very promising. Lakshmi says that she’ll do the translation for me so as soon as I’m about to start with the first episode, I’ll let her know…that’s just in case I don’t get subs through the link you gave me…. Thanks dear Cathy ???

    1. Cathy

      I have been searching for the english sub, when i google the show WITH english subs the sites are either taken down for copywrite infringement or i can’t tell how to turn on the subs…so frustrating, there are some sites that want you to download an app for english subs but i don’t know enough about computer stuff to tell if it’s legit. i’ll keep trying though. Lakshmi is so good doing the translations…in fact i think she could earn extra money doing it for youtube..LOL

    2. You are so right, she’s the boss when it comes to translation, I remember on JGTPM she used to give you the full translation of the serial but then I just didn’t know that it was that good…anyways, I’ll give her the green light to give me a condensed version because it’s a lot of effort and time to type and she has enough on her hands to handle… Thanks Cathy, you are a good friend…

  5. I think they should take tanu ring n gave it to them

  6. Cathy, I used the link you gave me and I found the serials with English subtitles. There’s one section with serials, one with soaps (what’s the difference) movies etc… I couldn’t find Khaani ,seems to have been pulled off and there are those spanning from 2016 to this year, so I’m going to give it a try, all the serials are finite and there’s lots to watch so I’ll do my own thing. Thank you for the link, it’s greatly appreciated.. Khaani is on YouTube BUT no subs as you are aware of, only Lakshmi can help..

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