Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Sushma breaks her relation with Prachi

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The Episode starts with Rhea telling Shaina that she never wanted to marry Sid, and whoever she wanted to marry, is getting married to him now. Shaina asks then why did you marry Sid before? Rhea says Ranbir had married my sister Prachi before. Dida hears her and asks her to tell fully. Rhea introduces Shaina to Dida and says she came from Bangalore. She says I felt that you are confused and says I will tell fully. She says Ranbir and Prachi used to love each other, and that’s why he got married to her. Shaina says I felt that Prachi has snatched Ranbir from Rhea. Dida says opposite thing has happened and says this Rhea has snatched Ranbir from Prachi. Rhea asks mehendi designer to apply mehendi to her friend and comes to Dida. She asks Dida what is your problem? Dida asks didn’t you know? Rhea says you just hate me. Dida asks her to come to the point and asks why are you playing games? She says wrong thing have happened with Prachi in this house. Rhea says you will not agree that wrong thing have happened with me as Prachi has filled your ears against me. Dida says I was against you from day 1 and knows everything about you. She says I don’t know to do conspiracy against you, else I wouldn’t have let this happen. She says there will be some solution for our conspiracies, and when this happens, then your real face will come infront of everyone. Rhea says I have to get mehendi apply on my hands, of Ranbir’s name. She says when the color is applied on my hand, I will show you as I heard that saas and husband love me the most. Dida says Pallavi loves Ranbir a lot and that’s why kept you on head and says the day you fall will be very hurt, and that day you shall get haldi applied too, it will work for the healing. Rhea says once the marriage gets done, lets see who gets to get haldi applied. Dida feels helpless and says I know who has done conspiracy and who got betrayed and punished. She says I am helpless, do some miracle, this marriage shall not happen else this house will break. She says send someone, don’t get this marriage done.

Sid asks Sushma, why did you cut the call and says I was calling Ranbir. Sushma asks which Ranbir, who called Prachi as characterless, broke his relations with her and even threw her out of the house. She says do you think that they will be happy to know about the baby, and says Prachi is dead for them. Sid says Ranbir deserves to know. Sushma says do you think that he will be happy. Sid says may be. Sushma says if he don’t get happy then what? She says the expectations are the root cause of all the problems and I have seen her crying all the time. She says everyone has moved on, but Prachi is still waiting for Ranbir. She says now the last hope is gone and says don’t know whom he is marrying. Sid says with Rhea. Sushma says if he didn’t get any other girl and says if he has heart or not. Sid says sometimes the baby unites the parents. Sushma says I don’t want Ranbir’s sympathy as he will sympathize with her for the baby and I don’t want his sympathy for her. She says let him marry Rhea. Prachi comes there and says the marriage will not happen. She says this baby has calm down my anger. She says Mummy must have said this to make Sid angry. Sid says this marriage is confirmed. Prachi says Ranbir will never marry Rhea. Sid says I told you everything. Prachi says I am returning to Delhi and will not let this marriage happen. Sushma says Pallavi will not let you meet Ranbir or step on her doorstep.

Pallavi asks the Servant to clean Ranbir’s cupboards and room and asks her to show Prachi’s pics and stuff. The servant says this girl is lovely. Prachi threatens to throw her out. Servant says sorry. Pallavi recalls Ranbir leaving the house for Prachi, and then recalls Rhea’s words that they were on the bed in the hotel room. Ranbir comes there and asks what is happening? Pallavi says you left us for Prachi. Ranbir says it was my life’s biggest mistake and I have apologized already. Pallavi hugs him and asks him not to leave her for anyone. The Servant finds prachi’s pic in the cupboard. Pallavi asks her to throw the photo out. The Servant goes to throw it. Ranbir gets emotional. Pallavi says I asked her to throw everything related to Prachi and says I don’t want you to get even her thought. He says I don’t miss her. Ranbir says you got the room cleaned after she went, may be you didn’t find this pic before. She asks him to learn to be happy and goes. He recalls Prachi’s words that everything is perfect in life, etc.

Sid says Sushma aunty is right, everyone is against you. He says I told what Rhea, Ranbir and Pallavi aunty have done with you. Prachi says you told me. Sushma asks if they have done hotel drama, to kick you out and says what kind of people they are. Prachi says Sid haven’t heard Ranbir saying this, and takes his side, and says he can’t do this with any girl. She says he will be happy hearing my pregnancy. She says let me go. Sushma says they have sent divorce papers and wants to get rid of you, and Ranbir doesn’t want to see your face and you feel that he will stop the marriage seeing you. Prachi says yes, he has three dreams, one our marriage, second baby and third his start up. Sushma says his only dream is money. Prachi says he loves this baby even before it came. She says I don’t want to deprive my baby from his father’s love. She says I won’t let the same thing happen with my baby, and says my heart says that he will accept me. Sushma says I have gone to their house and told them that you don’t want to have relation with them, and asks her to think what her words will be valued. Prachi says my baby’s live is more than your words. Sushma says you are talking like Priyanka and says Pragya is in this condition. She says I don’t want to lose the third daughter and says if you leave from here, then will lose me forever. She says you have to choose either Ranbir or me. She says if you go from here, then all our relation is over. Prachi says you love me. Sushma says love will never end, but relation will. She says I will not stop my car, if you meet me accidentally. I will make myself understand, but will not keep relation with you. She asks her to decide, whom she will choose, maayka or sasural. Prachi says whatever you have done for me, will can’t be done by anyone. She says I have to go to Ranbir for my baby. Sushma asks her to remember that they will never have relation. Prachi says Badi Maa. Sushma calls off her relation with Prachi and asks her to leave. Prachi says sorry and is about to leave.

Precap: Rhea tells Sushma that she had heard long before that your Kumkum Bhagya is written in your kundali at the time of the birth. She says Prachi feels that her destiny has Ranbir in it, but not in my destiny, but I have changed that destiny. Prachi comes to Kohli’s house. The decoration flower falls down. Ranbir holds them and looks at Prachi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mahabubul Alam

    how much more humiliation prachi will suffer and she will be bold?really now it has become irritating.even pragya became strong but this prachi

    1. She is just like her silly Aunt, Preeta

  2. Mahabubul Alam

    i have never seen such a stupid character like prachi.

  3. I felt a pinch in my heart when prachi said she dont want to let her child suffer as there is no fault of baby 🥺🥺 & leave without a dad like she lived without abhi (her dad) all her life 😭😭 but girl you should have some self respect also 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ , like yesterday I am agin hoping ko sid takes her away before anyone notices her 🤞🤞🤞 because I think the precap is dream of ranbir/prachi 😏😏

  4. Will prachi ever become bold like old days prachi arora ????🤔🤔😤😤

  5. Wth….
    Now Sushma too broke her relationship with Prachi, over this ??

    Was this necessary?? Didn’t expect Sushma to be so childish. Agreed that Prachi is again doing the same mistake but those close to her should understand her mental condition…. she received the news of her pregnancy and not 5 minutes later received the news of her husband’s, the father of child, re marriage !!! Even the most steel hearted girl might find her resolve weakening at such moment, and Prachi was never that !!!

    I wished Sushma to stop Prachi making this mistake, I never thought Sushma would act vengeful at this time that choose me or Ranbir and if it’s Ranbir then our relationship is over !!!

    If she knows so certainly that Prachi is going to fall on her face then she should be there to take care of her after that, not break the relation !!!

    I wonder what Pragya would have to say to Sushma about this

    1. Exactly Susana aunty behaved so childish , tbh I never expected or imagined that , she can do like this ☹☹☹☹

  6. & one more question, what do you all think till which episode prachi gonna think that ranbir is not involved in the conspiracy??? 🤔🤔🤔 just like last time ranbir trusted that rhea is blackmailing her but his trust broke after a point of time (prachi-parth) , so when is prachi trust on ranbir love going to break ?????????? What major drama needs to be done for that ??????😤😤😤😤😤😤

    1. Even if someone tells Prachi that Ranbir is bad, even if Ranbir humiliates and insults Prachi, she will always be on his side and will justify all his terrible actions. If someone was waiting for a strong Prachi forget. Prachi will remain stupid and blind, about which everyone will wipe their feet, there is no longer that Prachi from the 1 series. Today she proved it. Her husband is marrying her sister, although he is still not divorced, and she has no thoughts about this, she got it into her head that a child would fix everything.

  7. Mahabubul Alam

    seeing the wedding bts of rr i do not know how much angry i am ri8 now.i feel like killing that naggu

    1. @Mahabubul Alam
      Are there any new bts of RR wedding ??

    2. Her trust will break after she witnesses RR marriage. If she does inform Ranbir of her pregnancy, that is the moment it will shatter like glass. I really wished Sushma was a bit more understanding of Prachi’s situation (although she is a bit blind and dumb). It’s quite ironic how life turned out. Prachi trusted Ranbir during his molestation phase, and even after seeing embrace Rhea twice .

    3. Mahabubul Alam

      look at zee 5.you will feel like cursing nagpal ….

  8. Looks another attempt of makers to make Prachi suffer…….after all she has lost everyone else , her mother is in coma , her father disowned her 2.5 years ago only , her husband has left her , so why not Sushma , her last remaining pillar.

    So…………hold on. Prachi is owner of Pragya’s property , thanks to Sushma only , right ?? So if Sushma has breaken her relationship with Prachi , will she let Prachi stay in her house after Prachi returns empty handed from the Kohlis , will she let her be part of her business ??

    Or will Prachi stumble out like Pragya did years ago , with 3 days old Prachi , having nothing of her own.

    At least Pragya got to have her delivery in good hospital , Prachi was daughter of Mehra family for at least 3 days. Looks like Prachi will have her baby in some public nursing home , with no one else to around to care for her

    YAY to more Prachi suffering.

    If anybody’s willing , let’s have an appointment with the makers and conduct an interview, if they have some special grudge with Prachi’s character that they keep inventing new ways to torment her 🙂 🙂

    1. Mahabubul Alam

      dont worry sushma will not leave her alone..sushma will stand for her….they are going to london maybe…yess prachi does not have any sindur or mangalsutra wearing with abhigya scene maybe…maybe when that scene happens abhigya will wake up

    2. I feel makers really have some issue with prachi & the actress playing prachi after their fav pooja banerjee came 😤😤 prachi character went upside down , from bold & sassy prachi arora to timid & emotional fool prachi mehra/kohli 😡😡 & the dress of muggs are 3rd class or I can say last class , no one , I say no one in the tv industry playing girl gets a plain saree or a full sleeved bakwass blouse 😡😡😡😡😡 they all get good & hot dresses like sleeveless blouse & saree or kitties & sometimes western too , like recently Lakshmi also wore in bhagya Lakshmi for less period of time , So I 100% BELIEVE THAT THE MAKERS HAVE PROBLEM/ISSUE WITH PRACHI AS WELL AS THE ACTRESS PLAYING PRACHI 😈😈

    3. If they don’t have budget for prachi , let mugdha wear her normal dress only she will look much better 😏😏😏😏 as they always get out of budget in prachi case always giving her too much covered & simple clothes 😡😡😡😡

    4. @Ankita They did the same thing to Pragya. It’s part of their formula. the current favourite of the producer, always gets the best costumes, the most screen time and any extras that they might need… acting lessons and or cosmetic interventions. The ‘favourites’ generally are given the role of the nstiest and dumbest evil woman. Aliayh (original and new) and the tuna-fish both had the VIP treatment as well when bollywood articles were reporting these individual actresses as being ‘close’ friends of the producer.

    5. @Akituster
      But I don’t think they ever made suffer Pragya as much as they are doing to Prachi………e.g. consider this episode. Was it really necessary to make Sushma sever ties with Prachi over something as this , that do like I say else we are strangers ??

      This from Sushma feels as unreal as Ranbir’s accusations on that day. The guy who stood like a rock with Prachi on multiple occasions when her character was put to question, that too before he even fell in love with her and married her would have never doubted her so completely and with mundane finality after one incident , after being married to her for 2 years and knowing her well enough to know that she’s not the cheating type

      Ranbir’s distrust was invoked for no other reason than that they HAD to bring a separation track but couldn’t make up some other , more decent twist to bring it into play and Sushma attitude is downright redundant. A woman with motherly instincts who wants to protect her child at any cost and KNOWS that her child is running headlong towards a pit will be there in advance to apply ointment to the wounds. She will not abandon her child knowing that she is going to get hurt

    6. Hmmm Colin, you made me think. And I do agree with what you have said. I think that might be like trying to compare apples and oranges… sort of, perhaps. it was set up differently for pragya. her finding out that her marriage was about being punished for having an affair with Purab (mistaken for her sister) and not being able to tell anyone, as bulbul would feel guilty, her mother and Dadi would both have heart attacks and everyone in the mehra family was trying to hurt her. her wedding night/wedding… What kind of cruel punishment is it when you worriedly search for your husband and then get lectured by his mistress about the reality of the marriage, on your wedding night. then having to protect your criminal husband because you couldn’t allow Dadi to die from shock, shame etc. Her daily cruelties were horrendous. the mistress receiving gifts and getting pregnant… The mistress actually staying in your sister-in-laws bedroom… Remember her being shamed and humiliated after the memory loss leap with the effeminate man (who had ‘discovered’ Abhi). Pragya’s abuse was cruel, malicious and daily by Abhi, Aliyah, tuna-fish, Nikhil and Mithali/Raj. They tried to murder her mother. they murder her sister bulbul. they threatened her with rape. With the first director, the use of music, a number of VERY good supporting actors…and some comedy… the dances… (pragya and Abhi are what made this show a hit) I see that there was far more ‘depth’ in the previous production. that might be why it is so easy for abhigya fans to brush away the current story. when I was watching…current… you can clearly see that a few of the actors are very capable of doing more. but we all know that all the demand for Rhea’s screen time is hindering a more interesting plot. How long is one supposed to stay interested when they are telling the story of a freak-a-zoid mental patient who’s kinda’ dumb and is playing children’s games with other people’s lives. Rhea is a whiny simpleton with too much money. Who wants to watch a mean dummy? Lol… better add Pallavibeaver to that list. And I firmly believe that the plot has been made silly (Sushma dumping Prachi… and even Ranbir dumping Prachi) simply to accommodate the needs and demands of the producer’s latest pet. I will say that with this 2nd director there is less malice in the attitude of the production (Shika singh was masterful at malice, you had to wonder where the acting stopped and the personality was showing). There is just less quality all the way round, with this 2nd director. So, i do agree with you, but clearly, with several proviso’s. I feel sorry for prachi/ranbir. The characters and the actual actors. i would be upset that the producer’s latest princess is prancing about the set, ruining the opportunity for a better storyline.

  9. Mahabubul Alam

    i have decided not to see this shit for a month until rr marriage is over….totally shit..now rr marriage will take place for whole month maybe…bye bye kkb and yeah i wanna curse nagpal somewhere

  10. In zee5 app we can see a thumbnail of Rabin anf prachi marriage…does anyone have any idea of it

    1. It’s a dream of ranbir as he imagines prachi in rhea

  11. *ranbir and prachi

  12. https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/kumkum-bhagya/0-6-127/kumkum-bhagya/0-1-6z552231 , zee5 playing with fans emotion by keeping the caption ” who will ranbir marry ??? ” when we already know that RR are married , but i am feeling this time the trick wont work , no audiance will get fooled this time & trp will surely drop

    1. Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage is just a dream for Ranbir.

  13. The new Zee5 bts shows that during the entire wedding sequence from doing the rounds to putting the sindoor/mangulsutra on, Ranbir was imagining Prachi the entire time which is sweet. Hopefully Prachi is shown more in the sequence than Rhea that would be better for the fans. The track is obviously going to be a long one but if anything positive comes out of it, Ranbir will never accept Rhea as his wife though he married her he’ll stay away from her whilst this makes Rhea life hell. And another will be that Prachi will finally realise her worth and will give up and now focus on her child. There’s no way that after so many accusations that will happen in the wedding from humiliating her and assuming her child to be Sids and may call her child illegitimate and whatnot she will never go back to them and will leave their lives forever. She may go to london or just continue the business wirh now becoming a much bold person. Soon after that’s when Ranbir will realise and will try to get Prachi back but she won’t accept him and torture him a little but he won’t give up for her and his child.

  14. abhigya fans are so mean on tweeter , making rheanbir edits to troll pranbir fans just because they free as abhigya is absent , how much hate they have for a fictional character /actor ???????? chhiii

    1. Can’t expect anything else from them. Those abhigya fans have always been malicious even towards Doosri peedhi actors.

  15. I’m not really mad about what’s going on I just want the wedding track to be done and over with cos we all know Rhea just invited hell to herself. Her life will be a living hell with Ranbir she will try all her might to get close to him but he’ll push her away. And also Prachi could change after this. I hope Sushma accepts her again she’s the only person Prachi has by her side. Will Sushma really leave her alone after the Kohlis insult and threw out Prachi again? She knows Prachi is stubborn but has no one. And she’s Pragyas daughter and Pragya is special to Sushma she won’t leave her daughter to fend for herself. Maybe Prachi decides to forget about Ranbir now after he accused her again and her and Sushma go to London. But then again Prachi would never leave her parents so I’m guessing she continues with the business this time becoming more strong and cold.

  16. The bts was beautiful on pranbir’s part of course. I’m glad they are showing Prachi’s face during the entire sequence. I’m sad about the episode though Prachi lost her only support. I get where she is coming from she was thinking about her unborn child and ranbir is the love of her life they’ve been together for long but sushma wasn’t exactly wrong either. She is just concerned about her as she knows Prachi will get humiliated again and she knows what that family is like. Secondly, the old bts of Prachi wearing that blue sari when she was by pragyas bedside why is she still wearing mangulsutra?? This is obviously after Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Hasn’t she still given up on him by then? He has moved on now she should think about the baby. Maybe because she is still married to him their divorce isn’t done yet so she will still be waiting for that to be done perhaps. Divorce track will come though maybe after that blue sari look.

  17. Spoiler Alert

    BIG TWIST! Rhea to try to CONSUMMATE her marriage with Ranbir in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya
    Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya is all set to witness a major twist in the story.

    By Harmisha Chauhan
    29 Nov 2021 09:56 AM

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    MUMBAI: Zee TV’s most-watched drama show Kumkum Bhagya is always high on drama with interesting twists and turns in the story. 

    After Rhea and Aalia’s ugly plan, Ranbir and Prachi get separated. 

    While Prachi decided to move on in her life and concentrate on her business, Ranbir also did the same. 

    Furthermore, Ranbir decides to marry Rhea for the sake of his mother Pallavi’s happiness.  

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    ALSO READ: What a twist! Prachi refuses to step back and to live with Ranbir and Rhea in their house in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya

    Meanwhile, Sid met Prachi and told her everything about Rhea’s plan and how she managed to separate her and Ranbir. 

    In the previous episodes, a pregnancy twist was witnessed as Prachi is now expecting Ranbir’s child. 

    Earlier, Prachi had decided to keep the baby and move to London forever away from Ranbir’s life. 

    Prachi is sure that this new phase will bring her and Ranbir together again. 

    Prachi is hopeful that their child will bridge the gap between them and clear their differences. 

    She excitedly looks forward to beginning her new life with Ranbir. 

    However, she gets the shock of her life when Ranbir doubts the child to be Sid’s, not his. 

    This breaks Prachi’s last hope and she walks away from Ranbir’s life forever. 

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    Sadly, Ranbir gets married to Rhea for the family’s sake but will have no love for Rhea. 

    Rhea gets frustrated that her every attempt to get close to Ranbir is getting ruined. 

    In spite of being his wife, Rhea is not able to consummate her marriage with Ranbir. 

    Rhea goes mad as all her attempts to seduce Ranbir fail while Prachi is pregnant with his child. 

    Now, this leads to frustration between Rhea and Ranbir. 

    Will Ranbir and Prachi ever reunite? Will Ranbir consummate his marriage with Rhea? Tell us in the comments. 

    1. RR shaadi is illegal as Ranbir and prachi are still legally married and sid-rhea are still legally married, so I think this track will be like kzk2 track where anurag marries komolika but the marriage is announced illegal as prerna took help of ngo ladies to declare she is anurag legally wedded wife and prerna hid her pregnancy from anurag throughout the entire track. Here too I think similiar thing will happen with prachi hiding her pregnancy from ranbir and getting ngo help to get her wife right and declaring RR shaadi illegal.

  18. I assume viewers will even tolerate this new RR wedding track and Ranbir not trusting Prachi’s child to be his………. so long as Prachi does get to have her child and becomes strong and independent.

    But if , they show that after delivery the child gets stolen or snatched away from Prachi , then I suppose THAT would be the final grain of sand for the most viewers. It would be completely unnecessary and it would be proven that the makers have no intention other than making a particular character suffer as much as possible

    1. the producer has a penchant to make the leads (Pragya/Prachi) good, educated, kind, honest women to suffer and be defeated, punished and scapegoated endlessly. Good men have to be turned into fools. I find it ridiculous that I found this same attitude only in one other place. Having had many, many gay friends in my circle and drag queens… there was a tiny group in every club, mostly disliked by the community who were angry, creepy and hate-filled. These loud, belligerent ‘swear-word’ people directed their hate loudly and vociferously at ‘breeders’ (their word, not mine) or main-stream hetero-s*xuals. That is the only other place where i have witnessed this particular flavour of KKB hate.

  19. It’s more frustrating that Sushma’s words to Prachi more than rabir’s accusations on Prachi…… This is not fair for Prachi. In this hard Prachi needs Pragya to be her side. Why still she’s in coma.? Before the separation Ranbir’s character was praised, but the makers spoiled his character now they did the same with Sushma, why? Please bring back Purab, the ever strong supportive person of Pragya. It’s just frustrating much without the main leads. We are already knew that Ranbir is not going to accept the child as his neither Prachi as his love, but Sushma ji.?

  20. @Colin… and that in itself is interesting, while being very creepy and telling.

  21. After the wedding, Prachi will go to Kohli’s house and live there claiming the rights of Ranbir’s wife. And she’s still wearing that yellow sari. It turns out she’s not going to any London, at least not right now. The question now is whether she told Ranbir about her pregnancy before the wedding or hit it. And what kind of presap is another dream and this long sequence of dreams is already infuriating. And what will happen Sushma, Abhigya, Pragya business?

    1. Everything is so confusing here, Prachi was talking to Ranbir and Rhea in a yellow sari, after their marriage. But, at breakfast, Prachi was in a transparent sari. Was it after the leap? Does Kohli’s family know that Prachi is expecting a baby? Why did she decide to return to the Kohli family if Ranbir and the whole family believe that the child is from Sid? It would be better if she started all over again away from all of them. She could just divorce Ranbir if her baby is going to be taken away from her. They abandoned him before he was born, so they have no rights to him. I can’t understand Prachi Ranbir’s wife, Rhea Ranbir’s wife, Prachi is expecting a child from Ranbir, but if suddenly Rhea also turns out to be pregnant, even from Sid, but now she is Ranbir’s wife, and this automatically means that Ranbir will have to accept Rhea’s child as his own. Before they do all the tests that may be fake, will they risk their reputation if it turns out that way. By the way, Aliya came back, and she didn’t look like a slum dweller, she was wearing an expensive suit, hairstyle and all that.

    1. @Noor Fifi
      Doubt it
      If Pallavi accepts that the child is Ranbir’s then she will have to accept that there was no affair between Sid and Prachi. But if she does that then she will have to accept she was wrong to oust Sid and Prachi , that she did a horrible sin by doing Sid’s last rites. Is Pallavi big hearted enough to do that ??

      BTW , how did Pallavi find out that Prachi’s child is Ranbir’s ?? The news says that Ranbir himself , refused to accept the child , and that should have been enough for Pallavi and Vikram who do not want to accept Prachi at any cost , so this topic of Prachi’s child would have been over in Kohli house , Prachi supposedly left them all behind gave birth away from all of them. So how exactly did Pallavi find out about legitimacy of the child ?? Were there DNA tests ?? Who did them , if Kohli believed the child to be Sid’s and Prachi no longer interested in proving anything to them ??

      And how is it an ” emotional game ” ?? Emotional game is what you do to a person to get what you want , but is disadvantageous to that person. Pallavi accepting Prachi’s child as Ranbir’s has clear implication of PRANBIR uniting , which Pallavi doesn’t want at any cost. Once Ranbir knows that Prachi bore his own child then Ranbir is not going to marry Rhea at any cost , no matter what blackmailing. Nor can Pallavi give Prachi’s child to Rhea’s since this act will not be supported by ANYBODY in the family , neither Dida nor Ranbir , nor can she do it discreetly and without anyone’s knowledge i.e. snatch away Prachi’s baby , give it to Rhea and make everyone believe that it’s Rhea’s , since Prachi is pregnant and Rhea is not. And even if Rhea’s pregnancy is revealed soon then all will know Rhea’s child can only be Sid’s since RR didn’t have s*x at all.

      TL;DR , there’s no way Pallavi can make it look like Prachi’s child is RR’s. If she wants to have Prachi’s child , she will have to have Prachi as well

      Pallavi is actually at losing end in this game , unless the love for grandchild has actually transformed her and she is ready to accept Prachi and PRANBIR’S union to keep Ranbir’s child at home

    2. Mahabubul Alam

      serial gossip is a huge lie…at first we need to hear new leap is going to take place or sth like that.pooja will be leaving in two month’s i guess most probaby at the end of january and she will not be replaced hence this track is out of question.since they are not going to replace pooja

    3. If Prachi tells about her pregnancy and that it is Ranbir’s baby, than maybe Pallavi will give Prachi a chance to prove it and ask for a DNA test, but we all know how it will be. Rhea will fake this test and it will show that this child is Sid. Prachi will once again be disgraced and kicked out of the family. Then a trip to London may take place. But then Pallavi had to stop this wedding until all the circumstances were clarified, but she didn’t.


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