Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi goes missing, Pragya panics

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The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Pragya’s home and calling Kiara. Pragya asks what are you doing? Abhi says how dare you to hide Kiara from me and says she is my daughter. Pragya asks him to listen to her. Abhi says whatever you say will be a lie and says I will not hear you, and asks her to tell where she is. Pragya says you are angry now. Abhi says I used to regard as you regard the God. He says I used to tell you about Kiara’s love for me, and shared my feelings for Kiara infront of you, and thought you will understand me and be happy. I go on speaking about Kiara, but didn’t you think of telling me. He says you hurt my heart many times, but have broken my heart this time. He says I had only asked a daughter and your love. He says you don’t love me. Pragya says this is not right.

Abhi says I used to ask you, if you love me, but I have seen your betrayal. Pragya says this is not truth. Abhi asks do you love me? Pragya looks on. Abhi asks do you care for me. Pragya nods. Abhi asks then why you didn’t tell me that Kiara is my daughter and asks if I had no rights on her, don’t you want to see me happy, if King told you something. Pragya says no, he is very good. Abhi says I don’t need his character certificate and asks why didn’t you tell me. Pragya says you have Tanu in your house and says she would have harmed Kiara. Abhi thinks Pragya is making an excuse and says Kiara is my daughter and do you think I will not save my daughter. Pragya says we will not go to your house. Abhi says who asked you to come and says I am taking my daughter with me. Pragya says she is my daughter. Abhi says Kiara will stay with me in my house. Pragya says I understand your feelings but… Abhi holds her hand angrily and says I stayed without my daughter for 7 years, and now you will stay 7 years without her. He asks where is Kiara? He goes to room and sees her sleeping. He holds her hand and kisses on it. He says Dada have come and takes her in his arms. Pragya says you can’t take Pragya from here. Abhi asks her to move from his way and takes Kiara with her.

It was all Pragya’s dream and she hugs Kiara, and tells that she will always stay with her. Kiara says I am with you only. Pragya asks her to sleep and thinks nobody has right on her more than me and even your Papa can’t separate us. She thinks she will hide the truth from him forever as Aaliya and Tanu will not bear her. She thinks I can’t let Kiara go to her Papa’s house.

Disha calls Pragya and asks if she knows about Abhi, and asks where is he? Pragya asks if everything is fine. Disha says I thought he came there. Pragya asks did you tell him about Kiara. Disha says I will not tell him anything. Pragya thanks her and asks her to call when he returns. Pragya says ok.

Purab tells Dadi that Abhi’s phone is switched off. Tanu tells Dadi that you have sent Abhi to meet Kiara. She says we have no relation with her. Purab says you know better. Aaliya thinks nobody shall know Kiara’s truth. Disha comes and says jiju is not at Pragya’s home. Aaliya thanks God. Tanu says I will not leave anyone if something happens to Abhi. Dasi asks her not to show as if she is more concerned for Abhi than them. Tanu blames Pragya for the happenings and calls her inauspicious. Dasi asks her not to utter any word. Mitali thinks she can expose them right way, but will take full advantage of the secret and kick them out of house. Purab gets a call and is shocked.

Disha asks whose call it was? Purab tells that he seeks Police help to search Abhi and now he is found in drunkard state. He says Police called someone from the family. Disha says we will go there and check. She thinks nothing can happen to him when he is going to get life’s biggest happiness. Pragya also calls Abhi and thinks he is careless not to charge his phone. She then worries thinking if something happened to him, and thinks he might have come home. She calls Disha. Purab, Disha, Tanu and Aaliya sit in the car to go to hospital. Pragya calls Disha. Disha tells her that they are going as Police found an unconscious man and called us for identification. Tanu asks Disha to tell Pragya that this is happening because of her. She takes the call and warns Pragya. She says you don’t know what I will do with you. Purab says enough. Aaliya takes the call and says we will talk later. Pragya comes to Kiara and tells that she is going to search her Papa.

Aaliya says you guys are unbelievable to fight and says who might be that man, if he is bhai or not. She asks Disha why she picked the call. Disha says Pragya di has more right on jiju, than Tanu. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya asks her to calm down and asks Purab to drive fast. Tanu asks Disha what she was saying, that Abhi will get his life’s biggest happiness. Tanu says whenever you lie, you are not confident. Disha says she thought Abhi will be happy as Kiara got happy. Disha sees Aaliya crying and gives her tissue papers. Tanu thinks she won’t let Disha and Aaliya become friends as Aaliya is her strength. Disha also cries and thinks jiju must be fine, his family have to unite still.

Purab, Aaliya, Tanu and Disha come to the Police station. Constable tells them that one more died due to heavy drinking. They get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lolalois

    Aaliya crying? Please do something more convincing, what has warrant tears and the fact that someone comes home late means he has met with a misfortune? If Abhi wants to die, he’s free to do so and Mitali might have a plan against Tanu after all. Aaliya and emotions are something new to me, really softening her character. What if Tanu call Nikhil to go and kidnap Kiara from the house while Pragya is away? I can’t believe she left her unwell daughter alone at home. I’m sure something crazy will happen, happy with the way Purab is putting Tanu in her place these days and Disha is such a darling.

  2. I think mitali will help them this time to catch tanu n aalyia

  3. Boring and boring alwz how can b*t*h call pragys manhood shit up u f**k nonsense irriatted like alw

  4. So it’s a bad dream. But it does illuminate some story facts. Abhi is his usual *sshole self. That part of him is unlikely to change. Blaming Pragya for his pain without remembering that he and his sister, his whore and his bhabi caused all the problems. Where is Chachi? Where is Tarun? Currently, Ekta has disappeared all of Pragya’s new family. I’m sure they will have an opinion. King has more money than Abhi. Abhi may not win this fight. And Alia having a ‘feeling’ that wasn’t based on owning Purab? Please. Psychopaths don’t do real emotion. They act. The thug Abhi needs to be stopped even before he gets started. Unless of course he wakes up from his drunken stupor and finally destroys Tuna fish, alia and Mithali. We know he is not dead. The star of the show, the stupid little princess who is still desperately trying to sound like an adult, needs her 2nd string characters (Abhi and Pragya) to keep doing her show. And Miss Ekta’s addiction dealing ‘pops’ of new emotion are hopefully not working as well as they used to. Two pops of drug-dealing emotional addiction in two consecutive days. Is Miss Ekta feeling a little insecure? Or is she finessing her art of emotional drug dealing? Or has Leena, given Miss Ekta some new demands to be fulfilled?

  5. I have a feeling Aalia will change and Tanu will be in this battle alone together with Nikhil. King and Aalia will share their frustrations together making them fall in love

    1. You are likely correct Freeduh. I hope not! Psychopaths don’t change. I think it would be a complete debasement of the character, King. It would be horrible for a good man like King to be joined with someone who is a criminal and who should be in jail or worse, being punished for her previous actions. Why do criminals experience happiness? Because ‘good’ people never demand justice? Are ‘good’ people really good? i.e. Pragya. It would be horrible if Pragya did not warn King that he was becoming friends with the ugly b*tch who began this whole story. Alia OWNS people. She is incapable of being with people. Instead of King she should invest in a company that sells those electronic s*x devices. Perhaps she can order a doll that looks like Purab. You would think that, this type of s*xual encounter is all that the character is capable of doing.

      1. Just think, instead of Miss Ekta pushing questionable olive oil and likely GMO poisoned chips for your children, she could advertise s*x toys! That fits with her mandate to ‘modernize’ India. She could even do a maha episode where Mithali, the tuna fish and Alia all choose and display their favourite toy. These three characters don’t seem to have any other hope, anyway. I sure do not want to see King turned into another object for Alia to own. Better she owns a s*x doll. They are built to not have any feelings. Perfect for Alia, the fish and the crazy clown Mithali. If these three are occupied with electronic fake bliss then perhaps the writers can get back to doing actual work instead of only offering the ‘appreciative smiles’ of the three criminals each time they hurt someone… Pragya or someone that Pragya loves. Haven’t you noticed how each time Tuna fish hurts someone, her pleasure seems to look like a mini-orgasm.

    2. How horrible… King is a nice guy why they want to load a she demon like Aaliya on him. Perfect story ending: Aaliya and Tanu try to Kill Pragya, Abhi ends up being the one dead. Aaliya commits suicide out of guilt and Tanu gets murdered by Nikhil who finally gets some brains cells then off himself for the crimes he committed and Pragya goes overseas once more with King and Kaira… It’s an organic end to a mess of a soap.

  6. Throw tanu out of home like very badly… I don’t like her… Why she doesn’t shut her mouth such a whore

  7. Lol, I don’t even have anything to say about this crappy serial, I feel frustrated just watching it.

  8. I’m so late with my comment but it’s better late than not at all… Only in Indian serials can reality look so real in dreams, it’s better that the entire serial be based on dreams, at least we can see progress and problems are tackled head on… Here I was, feeling so happy that the man child named Abhi got his balls back and confronted Pragya concerning Kiara but as a quick reader, within a blink ,the damn scenario turned out to be just a fricking dream!! Truly, Pragya can certainly hide Kiara from Abhi till thy kingdom come and if he hadn’t known the secret, Pragya would have gotten away but he knows and she’ll have to answer to him.. Logically speaking, I know we can point out a thousand times all that Abhi did to Pragya and remind ourselves over and over again, we can brainwash ourselves to justify a multitude of reasons why she shouldn’t tell Abhi about Kiara but that won’t solve anything.. what was meant to be, shall be…what should have happened was as soon as Pragya came there with King and realized that Abhi was in the picture, she was supposed to take her daughter and flee, from King too because clearly she kept this huge secret from him and poor guy just got hooked with the whole sordid mess, how is she going to explain why she hid this secret from him … If Pragya was seriously worried about Kiara, she wouldn’t have been around Abhi at all. Akituster, do you think that King and Abhi cut that fusion music album as yet?? That’s what he came there for right?… Because we are seeing everything happening there except both men working on their album. Pragya was King’s right hand secretary, making his deals and handling all his business affairs but now all she does is pretend she’s still Abhi’s wife, romance with him under the nose of King, run from Tanu’s hatred, duck from Nikhil’s bullets, pretend Aliya doesn’t exist, perform the duties of bahu etc etc… This serial is all over the place if one carefully analyze the storyline, it’s convoluted like Ekta’s brain cells, spewing pus and vomit in the name of entertainment. Pragya doesn’t want Abhi to know about Kiara but the fricking fool came right there and brought her there too and now her idea of keeping Kiara safe from Tanu and Aliya is to hide her from Abhi ? She should have hidden Kiara from the blo*dy witches instead… As Pragya is suffering from battered women’s syndrome, I guess this is how a woman in her situation would think…she keeps coming back for more!!

    1. Dear Naz, so good to read your comment! And of course Abhi and King have not done the album. There would have been some type of party. But you know who is running the show, so we have parties and sub-plots all based around her so she can be assured her screen time. But do remember that obviously King was never concerned about the real identity of the father of Kiara. He was just that bad Mumbai guy. I am sure that King deserved to be told that the Mumbai guy is Abhi.
      And the craziness of the non-plot? That matches almost perfectly the thinking style of the negative version of the creator’s emotional landscape. Whatever is ‘inconvenient’ can be forgotten, regardless of how many people or situations are left hanging in the balance. This denotes the attention span of someone around the emotional age of 3/4. Things do not need to make sense. What matters is that the reactive level of emotion is being satisfied. And this is the playground where imprinting occurs most efficiently. If your program’s intention is to normalise false and manipulative beliefs.
      Miss Ekta is doing a good job in this department even as the vehicle of her work contains pus and vomit! LOL that was too funny! And Pragya as the perpetual victim? She’s playing the role perfectly. The cycle can be broken through parenting her own child but Pragya has forgotten about parenting as she enjoys her besotted love ritual with Abhi. I wish someone would write in, Pragya, some balls again. She was able to remind people of reality, in the beginning of the program. She simply needs to state to Abhi that Tuna, Alia and Mithal means, no Kiara. Period. If Abhi causes any trouble then, “we will first need to deal with the fact that I am not legally divorced. That you kicked me out. That you announced that I was dead to you. So, if your rules are now changed, my rules are changed as well. Should we begin at the beginning and discuss in the media why you married me? How many of my family members are dead or destroyed? How you tortured me and my family with fake marriages so that you could play a drama-queen detective? When Tuna, Alia and Mithal are dead, give my lawyer a call.” Miss Ekta is working hard to make sure that everyone keeps playing tiddlywinks rather than graduating to some more difficult game, like for 12 year olds. If she gets away with it, just think, she can keep doing life without ever having to make the effort to truly work! She’s working with a large enough population that she can’t fail! Right? It’s truly sad when the cream is not rising to the top but rather the vomit and the pus. Just like in some Western factory farms producing dairy products. Not that I’m intimating that Miss Ekta is a…

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