Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and King sign the world album contract

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya hitting the terrorist and runs out of room with Sunny. Kiara comes to Pragya and tells that doll chor saved her. Terrorist is about to come to Pragya, but he runs back seeing Police. Kiara says doll chor is not safe and tells that terrorists are with him. Abhi fights with the terrorists. The terrorists hits Abhi on his head and aims gun on him. Pragya says she will save him just like her Papa used to save her. Police enters the room and asks the terrorists to surrender. The main terrorist asks police to go else he will shoot him. Abhi asks Police to shoot terrorist. Terrorist says you will not agree so soon. Pragya gets worried and looks at Abhi from window, but don’t see his face. She throws paper weight on the terrorists to make him fall, just as he shoots bullet. Bullet hits the glass window, Pragya shouts as she gets slight injury on her hand. Abhi hears her voice and comes near the window, but she is taken away by someone. Song plays….Police arrests terrorists. Inspector thanks Abhi. Abhi says this was made possible because of the woman who threw paper weight and saved me. Inspector thanks him and leaves. Abhi thinks why you will come and save me. Pragya and Kiara come out.

King reaches there and calls Pragya. Pragya says Kiara is fine and she is with me. King worriedly rushes to Kiara and hugs her. He gets tears in his eyes. Kiara asks if he is crying? King says your hairs went in my eyes. Kiara says she will change her hair style. King says no. He asks everyone not to think wrong. He thinks Kiara is more than a daughter to him.

Disha, Purab and Mitali are in the car. Disha is crying. Mitali says nothing will happen to Sunny. Abhi calls Purab. Sunny talks to them and says he is fine and is with chucks. He says nothing will happen to me until chucks is with me. Disha cries. Abhi asks Purab to handle Disha and tell her that he is bringing Sunny home.

Tarun comes to King and says I really like you. King asks what happened to him? Tarun says you gives so much preference to your family and Kiara and that’s why I am very happy. King says Kiara is my little princess. Kiara comes to King and says Mamma is very happy with me, no rules today. King says we are shifting to our new house. Kiara says she will do packing. Pragya smiles. King says did you get Mumbai guy and says you have some strong connection with God, that you got Kiara and asks her to forget the past. Pragya says everything shall happen good with her.

King, Pragya and Chachi come to see new house. King asks where is the real owner? Kiara. Tarun says she is playing game with Tarun. He tells about the game. Kiara comes and says she likes the house. King says your all favorite things are kept in that room. Kiara runs to that room. Chachi says we will have women party tonight and asks if it will look strange. Pragya says no and tells that they will go to watch Veere di wedding. King says we will also come.

King and Abhi meet the organizer. They tell that they haven’t yet decided. Organizer asks them to give 200 crores each or sign on the contract. He says prove that you are best infront of each other. He says 200 crores is not important to him, but music is important. He says your different performance will be unique and gives his lucky pens to them. Abhi and King sign on the contract. Organizer asks them to read first. Abhi says he thinks from his heart and the reason is important. King says even he has important reason, ie, you. Abhi says now you have accepted that I am important. King says you have become now. He says your career will end after competing with me. Abhi says music is my passion and I am an artiste. King says you are egoistic. Abhi says I am proud of my work and on myself. King says I don’t lose competition. Abhi reminds him that he don’t break promise.

King invites Abhi and his wife to the party and says I want to see which woman is bearing you. Abhi says I will bring my wife, but she couldn’t meet your wife, and says who will marry such an arrogant guy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Daily I should ask the same question Ekta pls answer when will u end this stupid story hand handsoff to u to think like this story if it’s hurting u I’m sorry but this is the truth

  2. Thiya, i understand your frustration but i doubt Ekta will reply to your inquiry.

    1. She won’t reply dam sure here after I won’t ask this question I will see when she will complete this story and ya she said I will end this serial by 28 th may 2018 but she didn’t end the serial I didn’t expect that she will break her words so easily I thought she would fulfill that words but I’m wrong and I’m waiting for her to complete this story that will be really beautiful for her

      Still I don’t how can she write like this kind of ridiculous story ?? It is so amazing no one can worst story like her

  3. I really would like to no how many years before they meet this is really dragging and so stupid !

  4. thiya cathy she wont reply or respect our opinion she and gulkhan know only to lash out the viewers

    1. Mellu

      Yeah you are right

  5. I don’t really wanna know when Abhigya will meet….because that question itself is a stress
    King really won my heart….King and Kiara scene?????Pure love
    Love you Mishal…You rock

    1. Can you please tell me where you watch the full episode because for me it’s only 3 minutes.

  6. Kavya Chinnari

    A small doubt i guess abhi already knows that pragya is kings wife as he saw her in police station that night…then what is strange to him

  7. Not really watching television serial.. Reading updates once a week.. No change.. The story does not move ahead…. Read today’s update where king arranges a party, so guess that pragya and abhi will meet.. The once again misunderstanding since king will introduce pragya as his wife… Also read in one spoilers alert that tanu will tell everyone that she is pregnant… So tube story will go back 3 years when we all had to bear the tanu pregnancy drama for 18 months… Guess the writers are confused… As of now in the story line abhi and tanu though married are not sharing the same room and guess have no physical relationship, so how is tanu pregnant… Totally messed up serial.. Spoiled such a beautiful story and good actors. Actually wanted to see more of abhigya chemistry, and the bond with abhi and Kiara and their happy family life and nokh jhok.. Wanted to see Aliya suffer looking at abhigya and Kiara happy in their life, wanted to see tanu downfall as a model, but nothing of such will happen.. Last 4 years tanu and Aliya had 70% of the screen space.. Pata nahi why and what are they doing to get this space…. Keeping writers warm looks like… Now since all viewers are upset with the story they will put an abrupt end to kkb… Just show the abhigya Milan and tanu and Aliya getting punished… But thats not we want we want to see more of abhigya and Kiara together and the sweet nokh joke… And something where being good pays

  8. Jab se abhi ne tanu se shadi ki hai, tab se mujhe abhi ke kisi bhi baat aur kisi bhi scene mein koi interest nahin rah gaya hai…Pahle main abhi-pragya ki wajah se serial dekhti thi, ab main sirf pragya ki wajah se serial dekhti hoon…main king ko abhi se upar ( top par ) dekhna chahti hoon aur abhi ko haarte hue….abhi ko tanu se shaadi karne ki sazaa ( punishment ) toh milni hi chahiye…

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