Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Akash hitting corporator’s goon/kidnapper and asking him to tell where is Abhi and Pragya. Ugly minded puppet vamp Tanu asks ugly filthy evil minded Aaliya to stop Akash, else goon will take their names. She goes and tries to stop Akash, but Purab stops her and asks Akash to continue hitting goon. Akash gets road adn is about to hit goon when goon says his boss is behind kidnapping. Abhi and Pragya eloped from them and once they are recaught, boss shot them and they fell from cliff. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Goon says they thought Abhi and Pragya are dead, but boss asked to find their dead bodies. Purab says Abhi cannot die, asks daadi not to believe goon and he himself will go and bring Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya panics, tells he is lying and pushes him on floor. Purab starts driving and thinks Abhi and Pragya cannot die.

In Aaliaya’s room, Tanu tells because of her Abhi is killed by corporator. Aaliya says corporator is not that courageous to kill Abhi. Tanu says corporator to save himself must have killed Abhi and it is all because of her. Aaliya says it was her plan instead and Mitlai brought corporator sayand she knows nothing has happened to Abhi. Mitali says police caught goon in jungle, corporator must be in jungle itelf and to save himself must have killed Abhi and Pragya.

Daadi starts crying vigorously and says her grandson is dead. Daasi tells Abhi is not dead. Daadi says photoframe broke from her hand and it is a sign that her Abhi is no more. God would have taken her instead of her grandson. Daasi says she is sure Abhi is not dead. Sarla says she got a bad dream and knew something happened to her Pragya. She with great difficulty got Pragya married to a good guy and her happiness was short-lived, who will call her and ask if she is fine, who will drink her ginger tea, etc….etc… Daadi reminices Abhi taking care of her, tells if Abhi will not come back, she will come to him. Akash asks her to calm down and Tauji says Purab has gone to find Abhi and he will bring him for sure. Purab while driving car reminisces his childhood days with Abhi and their friendship and thinks Abhi will come back with Pragya soon.

In the morning, Abhi wakes up and sees Pragya sleeping on floor next to his cart. He tries to touch her, but stops. He goes out of hut. Police continues searching Abhi. Corporator also continues searching Abhi and tells he will search Abhi again and will him. Abhi hears sounds, gets back into hut and tells Pragya he heard some sounds, so it must be corporator and his goons, so they should run from here. She says his wound has still not healed. They hear door knock and hide in bathroom.

Ugly minded Aaliya calls corporator, but he does not pick call. She thinks of calling Purab. Purab stops at road and asks a man about the village. Man says it is 20 km away. Aaliya calls him and asks if he reached the place. He says he is on the way. Tanu starts crying vigorously. Aaliya asks her to stop as she is distracting her.

Bulbul asks Daadi to drink water, Daadi says no but agrees on Daasi’s insistence. Sarla sees Pragya coming and thinks it is her imagination and tells Bulbul that she can see Pragya. Bulbul sees Pragya and sees Abhi coming from behind and asks Sarla if she can see jiju. Sarla gets up seeing them. Pragya hugs Bulbul and Sarla. Daadi wakes up and is surprised to see Abhi. She walks towards him slowly limping and hugs him emotionally.

Precap: Pragya sees Tanu hugging Abhi and kissing him. Abhi sees her and gets embarrassed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Coool episode !!!!! I love it !! I hope jald se jald Aaliyah will get caught and Purvi will come back 🙂

  2. Thanks HaSan ! 🙂

  3. Finalis back home

  4. Quick update. . thank u..

  5. finally the shit is coming to an end

  6. abhi and pragya are back.. hope ab purab kidnap na ho jaayen..
    writter’s brain has no brain.. and he is also going towards corporator

  7. abhi and pragya are back.. hope ab purab kidnap na ho jaayen..
    writter has no brain.. and he is also going towards corporator

  8. Well,Well! Abhi and Pragya is back home and it feels good.Now I hope these deceitful frauds will be exposed now.I cannot wait to see this happen.We should be getting some excitement now.This episode was not bad at all,

  9. So boring ya.. How vome all evil culprits escapes easily oly n serialz!:-(

  10. So boring ya.. How come all evil culprits escapes easily oly n serialz!:-(

  11. Finallyyyyy :)……… nw abhi’s reply to pragya will be after one month…. same like kidnapping story

  12. Rubbish continues

  13. OMG!! dragging ..

  14. Finally they back at home and abhi is realizing his feelings for prags

  15. Rubbish how the hell after everything pragya and abhi went through they write a story where the evil tanu hugs him and kisses him. Bull shit writers even after pragya confessed her love to abhi he had no reaction. This is such a disappointment.

  16. I hope all goes well with Abhigya! Tanu should move out of the way and be exposed for her coniving tricks with Aliya and Mithali. Still a lil hope is left! Writers… dont let us down

  17. Oh yes finally something nice happened

  18. Nasty and stupid serial aliyah get away what happened to purvi bull shit purview needs justice her character is worth keeping tanu should be write off this show

  19. Finally the kidnap drama has been finished… good..
    now atleast aliya sand tanu should be caught and purvi’s innocence should be proved.. Long time only evil things have been shown in the show.. now want some majic and good should happen.

  20. Still not sure if this is a dream of Abhi and pragya or not because no scene of them escaping was shown… But then again everyone sees them but how could they reach home so fast?????? I think Abhi and pragya are imagining this or something cuz it doesn’t seem like it’s in time with the other scenes. What the hell can we plz get a scene with Purvi too!! Aliya needs a good slap too

  21. bit good episode

  22. Ab agar yeh wapas aane ka drama kisi ka sapna hua toh yehi drama phir se dekhna padega

  23. Ufffff … shukr aa gaye abhi or pragya .. or tanuu ko bhaga dena chahiye ab ..

  24. It’s just a dream don’t bee excited

    1. haan ye dream hi hai..ye writer hakikath kam aur sampane jada dikhata hai..

  25. haaaaaaaaa………. dream..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stope this jangal me mangal episode ,,,,,,,please…. bring them out

    1. o jangal se bahar nahi aane val..muje ye nahi pata chala..last unune Amrood khaya tha..uske badse o bhag hi rahe hai..o ab jad aaya abhi ne gooooli bhi khae thi shayad use hi unka pek full full hai..

      1. arrey…aur pragya ka kya vo bechari kuch bhi nahi khayi , goooli bi nahi……

  26. arrye pragya ne without x ray surgery ki thi na..tab abhi ki gooli khae..writer ji ab to pragya aur abhi ko khuch khila bhi doo

  27. They are making us April Fools in advance

  28. Finally abhi and are back aliya and tanu will be caught soon what an amazing episode it is

  29. f**ked up boring, unbelievable impossible story from a rubbish writer.. Not worth spending 20 minutes for this serial.

  30. Can someone please tell me what happend today in kkb I haven’t got the updates please….thanks if someone does so

  31. finally abhigya are back hope it will go on smoothly lyk how it was before.

  32. this episode is very awesome

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